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Kursk Black/Black Bike Shoe

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
These are great shoes. They are the first pair of shoes that I have been able to use everyday for biking in and walking in and not worn out within 2 months or less. I currently own three pairs (Black, Green, and Red), and they are all doing fine. The rubber strap that surround the sole has come off of my first pairs (Green), but unlike other shoes this is not a structural part so the sole is not falling off the shoe.

*Structurally sound even if you ride every day in all types of weather.
*Stylish, I personally love the way these shoes look.
*Rigid. They have a nice hard plastic stiffener that extends from the heal to the middle of the arch which really helps you put the power down on the pedals.
*They fit nice in my pedal straps.
*The shoe lace strap is a great feature.

Cons (Nothing's perfect right)
*As I mentioned, the rubber strap does come off of these shoes fairly easily, but don't fret, the shoes still function fine.
*I want all the colors, but they don't offer them all the time, I guess I just have to wait and grab lots when a new color comes out.