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Rook Wallet

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
I am a fan of the colors available in the Rook. Black w/ grey and white are a slam dunk as far as color options go in my book. When I unpackaged the wallet it immediately had an intense vinyl smell to it that some may find a minus, but its obviously unavoidable seeing as that is what the product is made of. I like the embossed/stamped Chrome logo on the wallet as opposed to the standard red and black. Although the logo appears somewhat understated and subtle, it's branding is reinforced by the black gryphon logo stitched into the dividing folding section. I like the divider in the wallet as well, being a person that likes to keep both receipts and cash in their wallet, I found this a plus.

The Rooks ten compartments to stash your personal affects seems like a bonus for the person that likes to pack a lot into a wallet. I personally prefer something more slim and compact. Aside from the initial stiffness and large size of the wallet, I was thoroughly satisfied, especially for only twenty bucks. A customer will surely get longevity out of this product.

I like the use of salvage bag cuttings to create another usable product. It shows Chrome is waste conscious; from the employee standpoint, I like the idea of using something that would normally go to waste.