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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
I was initially pretty excited to get this bag, but since I have been using it for four months many things have started to get increasingly irritating. First, the buckle though it looks has been used by me once ymmv but for me its just added weight. Second, the adjustment strap for the shoulder has no place to stay, it just hangs and flops around in the wind, I use a caribiner to secure it. Third, the bag has no padding on the back, be aware of this if you carry anything other then flat smooth objects or you will feel them dig into your back. Fourth, the pockets suck ass, here is why; as soon as you put pens, or a wrench in the slots the zipper to open the one pocket is now behind aforementioned pens or wrenches and is difficult to open with removing them. Also the other inside pocket is directly behind the zip one and if the zip one is full you wont get anything into the second pocket.

Here's what I do like, the sway strap does the job perfect, but even this is screwed up in its execution for some reason the clip receiver on the shoulder strap folds over the the strap and covers the chrome logo, weird. The interior of the bag is waterproof completely I know this cause I had a bottle of water open inside of it and it was a pool in there when I opened it. The padding on the shoulder strap is great as well.

The construction of the bag is rock solid, Ive been using it for four months as my working messenger bag and there are no tears, frays, or workmanship problems of any kind.

For 200$ it would be nice to have more pockets especially a waterproof one for a cell phone with a headphone passage.