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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
I've had this messenger bag for a year. I was split between this or the Ivan. I settled for a Citizen because I thought it looked cool. I got medium because my older non-Chrome bag I had was way too big for going to school. I could fit my ThinkPad, notebooks and folders, and spare clothes in the main compartment. Its great when packing relatively light, but becomes a pain when you put too much heavy stuff in it. I get sore shoulders when I over-pack the bag. When you start walking, you feel the uneven weight distribution. But its not too bad, because the padded shoulder strap is pretty comfy. Once you get on a bike though, the weight gets distributed all over your back once you're hunched over.

Sometimes I use this bag when I go hiking. Its not too bad if the load is not over 10lbs. This is the reason I'm getting the Ivan next, so I can use it as a hiking backpack.

Another feature I like about this bag is that it's waterproof. I've ridden in pouring rain with no fenders a few times, I got splashed with more water and other crap from the rear wheel. The main compartment stayed dry.

This bag is a little bit pricy but it is worth it. Its very stylish to the point that I started seeing other kids wearing them since I got mine. I even saw some kid with the same color bag a few months ago. If you're split on a backpack or a messenger bag, consider the weight you're going to be carrying. If its not too heavy, get this. If not, get a backpack. Either way, as long as its Chrome, you wont regret it.