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Kursk Black/Black Bike Shoe

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
Chrome Krusk, The Riding Shoe You’ve been waiting for!

It took me forever to decide whether I was going to spring for the Chrome Kursks. At $70 they were something I really had to decide on. But man I’m glad I did.

Ride Function:
These shoes were built for rides. As far as function, the shoes really started to reveal the difference from my other favorite pedaling shoes (I wear a lot of onitsuka tiger) with the quality of the sole. It’s significantly thicker and reinforced and strikes this very sweet balance with a pair of MTB cycling shoes and a pair of sneakers. You get much more stability and support and so my foot is moving around much less when pedaling.

Excellent Quality:
The quality of the shoe really starts to show in the details. Steel tipped laces were a nice touch. The material doesn’t feel cheap at all. The soles are also much more tacky and have great traction, but that might wear off in the future. Even small things like the lace garage (which is just an extra strap to tuck your laces in…) was a nice touch, although really it never occurred to me to tuck my laces in the first place. The solid construction of the sole feels pretty indestructible and also adds almost an inch to your height too. (Black/Red sneaker + 1” extra height = sexy bonus) Although, because the sole is much thicker / solid, you don’t have the same amount of ‘feel’ as you would a pair of chucks or slip ons.

The fit is great for me. It reminds me to be closer to a pair of adidas or tigers rather then a pair of chucks. Which is good because I hate riding in chucks.

While I was hesitant to buy at first, but they’re everything I could have wanted and more. I’m completely ready to get my next pair.