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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
This is a really good back for both on and off the bike. Several people have said that you sweat like crazy, and it's true but I was expecting that. This bag packs very well as long as you distribute things in it which depending on the load is a little tricky. Its the most comfortable when you have a medium amount of stuff in it; it's too loose when its empty and when it gets full it doesn't feel like it hugs your body. Ideal load(for me personally): notebook, basketball shorts and a T-shirt, some headphones and a few groceries. It does pack a lot and it sits really good when you're riding. As far as a full change of clothes(pants, shirt, shoes) I feel like the bag isn't quite big enough, it fits but its not ideal... keep that in mind if you'll be commuting. I was personally concerned about a water bottle holder on this thing, and it actually has a compartment when a 1 liter bottle fits perfectly(whether its intentional or not) when you open it up you'll see them. All in all its perfect in the right circumstances. If your putting less stuff in go with the mini metro and if you're hauling everything for an all day adventure in the city go with the metro. All in all its a really happy medium.