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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
My day consists of: weight training at the ass-crack of dawn, school, and occasional social outings. My bicycle transports me to all three. Thirty miles in all. Accompanying me is my Citizen bag. Clean clothes, books, and calories all fit perfectly. All together, with those damn books, I am hauling about twenty-five pounds. I cannot loge a single complaint to the comfort department. Every pocket has a purpose and none are ever empty, no matter the activity. I often feel disappointed whenever I have to take the bag off. I enjoy it that much.
The interior is the greatest of all. If you sometimes carry foul odorous items like me, cleaning the stench is a breeze. Just spray and wipe. The truck tarpaulin liner is a gift. Being so effortless to clean you never get that,"your bag stinks" comment.
Rain: Whatever you place in the bag will remain fulling dry as well you placed it in their. The exterior does well to repel water as well. So wherever you may arrive, at least your bag is not dripping everywhere. However, if you are hopelessly dependent on your bike as I am, one slight issue may arise. This is only the case if you are bothered by minute issues. My only complaint is how easily the padded strap becomes water logged and stays so. Riding after a extremely raining day can be some what irritating with a squishy-wet strap on my shoulder. A possible solution might be to line the shoulder strap with Cordura.
Regardless of the pad issues, which is only me being picky, I would not hesitate a moment to recommend this piece of beautiful workmanship. Do your self a favor, quit reading reviews and buy this bag!