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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
When I got my Citizen I told myself I would wait one year until I wrote a review. It's been a year and, so as promises should be kept, I'm keeping mine
So, dear reader, what could be said about the bag? It's been through a Midwestern winter, spring, summer, fall, and is now entering its second winter. I must admit that out of one year, the bag has been left behind a speculated two weeks time. And to be clear. The two weeks comes in fragments.
If you NEED the bag, you live out of the bag. If you have spent enough time with it, you understand what trust and love truly are. Mine has been poured (rain) on, sleeted on, been through a blizzard, submerged in water for hours, sat in the sun all day, drug, thrown, been in multiple crashes, and is finally starting to show small signs of wear. The bag will keep your personal belongings safe and secure no matter the situation. It doesn't let you down. Ever. And here are a few accounts of how it doesn't.
Personally, my bag has been through quite a bit of gnarly situations. I'll share with you my favorite two.
Gnar-time#1: Last march-when it was still freezing in the Midwest and goggles were required to ride - I was cruising pretty fast over a cobble stone pass through. I've had a couple beers and was feeling pretty loose and tough. I goosed it and at the top of every half-revolution the front wheel was coming off the rock just a bit. In a flash, my front wheel ejected off the dropouts and when I came back down on the wheel-less fork, it splayed out sending me OTB and down onto my right shoulder. Luckily I was buzzed enough that my brain didn't fight my body as it rolled over on its back where my helmet and AMERICAN MADE Chrome bag took the 20 foot skid, no problem, that would have no doubt sent me to the emergency room. There was hardly a mark on the bag. Don't ask me how or why, just chalk it up to love and honor. The bag will literally save your skin.
Gnar-time#2: If you have never heard of RAGBRAI check it out. It's roughly a 480 mile week long ride across Iowa in late July. A: Iowa is not flat. B: Iowa is not flat. C: Iowa is insanely humid and hot during late July. I was dumb enough to ride across Iowa on a fixed gear with a Citizen bag strapped to me, in an average of 90 degree heat, the entire ride. In the bag, I carried my tools, a 50oz. Camelback bladder, beer, clothes, food, toilet paper, a healthy supply of Cliff bars, plus a bunch of other random stuff needed for a ride like that. On average, I was drinking 200 oz. of water a day, and that bag sucked up a lot of my sweat without making a single complaint. Sure it stunk after the week, but I soaked it in a five gallon bucket of water and laundry detergent (don't know if that is recommended) and it came out looking/smelling like new. I don't know how to wear that thing down.
People who review these bags and say that they need this, or don't do that? Don't pay attention to them. They have not spent enough time with their bag to fully understand what it means to have a bag that loves riding on your back during the blackest of storms or in the sun that can melt tar. It wants to experience life with you and be there when you share the stories.
The bag will carry more than you think, will handle the harshest weather, and will always deliver your goods. You'll die before it does.