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Rook Wallet

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
Looks cool, been asked more than once where I got it, def not a wallet that every other guy is carrying. I was a little concerned about the size since I carried a small leather card holder from Eddie Bauer for a wallet for 10 years and kept my cash in my front pocket. But it's mostly molded to my butt now so I hardly notice it when I'm sitting. Only have 3 issues. 1: The coin thingy is not good for much, I thought it held more coins, and since I was going to be in France for 2 weeks I thought I could keep my euro coins in it, but no. But overall not a big prob. 2: As other review(s) stated, the wallet frays and the strings/fuzz have to be burnt off with a lighter. Again, no big prob, but it's a tad annoying. 3: The card slots are a little sticky but maybe that'll improve with time/use. Ok, one more thing. The white color is starting to wear off already. :o(
But overall it's cool, I'd buy it again for myself or as a gift.