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Kursk Black/Black Bike Shoe

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
A few salient points in no particular order:

1. These shoes fit skinny, yardstick-like feet (like mine, for instance) pretty darned well and are quite comfortable after an initial break-in period. If you wear orthotics or have especially wide feet, these shoes may not be the best choice for you.
2. The cordura uppers are attractive, and much longer-lasting than the all-cotton uppers commonly found on Chucks and their copiers. The black toe and binding offset the uppers nicely too.
3. The binding around the soles of my first pair (purchased spring 2010) shredded pretty quickly, but so far the shoe isn't leaking in the rain. Subsequent Kursks purchased have not been worn often or hard enough to compare as yet.
4. I've read a lot of comments here about "value" versus price and many complaints that one should get a lot more shoe for a $70 price tag. Here's my take:
--$70 today is not the same amount of money as it was ten or twenty years ago. Proof: More countries are devaluing their currencies, and more people seem to have $70 in their pockets to blow on a pair of sneakers these days, than a decade ago.
--Stop complaining about shoes being made in China unless you're willing and able to pony up three to four times as much dough for the same pair of kicks made in the USA.
--Stop complaining about country of manufacture -- China -- not being reflected in the USA retail prices; or stop buying the shoes. Chrome is owned by Keen, who make *many* shoes in China and sell them for what the market will bear. Based on how many people are buying the shoes, the market seems to be bearing up surprisingly well, at least for now.
--This is what capitalism looks like. If you don't like it, then don't play (i.e., stop buying the shoes, or find a way to get them for less than full retail).
5. I like the shoes enough that I now own three pairs. And no, I won't tell you what I paid for them.