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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
i bought this bag so long ago I don't even remember the year. Maybe 5 years ago or something, in this rad neon-orange and white color combo. Anyway, i think the point is that it's still in such good shape that I don't know how many years I've been carrying it around for. Also my back is in such great shape (this bag is comfortable up to an unreasonably heavy load), that my body has no idea how long I've been toting it, either.

The list of why this bag rocks goes on and on. I've traveled the world with it strapped to my bag. I can put my laptop (in a chrome sleeve, of course) in it with just ridiculous amounts of space to spare. This bag is way bigger than you think it is, but not so big that you'd find it outrageous. This bag can be carried every day with just a few things in it, or be strapped to the gills with all kinds of stuff.

I like to show up at summer picnics or parties with a classy cold bottle of vino bianco, or a few good brews, and all I have to do is chill it overnight, stuff it in a paper bag, toss it in this amazing messenger bag, set off to my destination either on foot, in the metro, or on my bike, and when I arrive I am the heroine of the hour as I magically extract a corkscrew from the little front pouch and pop the top in the park.

I recommend this bag to everyone and anyone.

You need it; you just don't know it yet.