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Kursk Black/Black Bike Shoe

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
Let me state first that I absolutely love the way these shoes look and feel. They are exactly the style of shoe I had been looking for. I didn't hesitate to buy my first pair when I saw them at the SF store in August of 2010.

Unfortunately, within a month, the rubber that goes around the shoe began detaching itself from the shoe itself. Within 2 months, the back portion of the rubber was hanging completely off and I'd step on it when I walked.

I returned to the store and told the manager about my issue. He told me this was a known issue and while he couldn't confirm that the issue had been resolved he'd be happy to replace them in exchange for the old shoes. Sure! Keep 'em!

Sadly, my second pair has suffered the same fate in the same amount of time. I think the shoe needs to go back to the lab to fix the problem. And when it does, I'll happily return for a new pair of the new, improved shoe.