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Kursk Black/Black Bike Shoe

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
I'll preface this by saying I only ride flats pedals while downhilling/dirtjumping on mountain bikes. For road riding/messengering/commuting, I'm usually on some form of clipless.

That said, these are great riding (and everyday) shoes. The sole is stiff enough for power transfer to be acceptable on the bike, yet not so stiff walking is clunky/uncomfortable (like with a 5.10 Impact or clipless shoe). They rubber compound is sticky enough to keep you on the pedal through the shit, but not so sticky you can't adjust foot position (once again looking at you, 5.10).

Honestly, these are the best dirtjumping shoes I've found. The slightly burlier high-top Chrome models might be better for DHing, where more protection is required. I also use these everyday, and they're solid when used out of their element - like when I'm too lazy to throw on some clipless shoes and want to make a quick grocery store run on the roadie.

That said, my two issues with the shoes:
-One of the lace grommets in the uppers came apart. Not a huge deal, just kind of annoying.
-My pervading footstench has thoroughly infiltrated these. No amount of Febreeze seems to vanquish it. I'm going to start trying more extreme methods.

Anyway, Chrome - make an SPD-compatible shoe in the vein of the Kursk! Every messenger in the states would pick them up. Slightly stiffer footplate, recessed cleat mount...GOLD! They'd sell like hotcakes amongst us who prefer the efficiency/safety of a clipless system over cages.