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Solid with a bonus

Review by jbucky

Im a product designer and a chrome purchaser for many years, having many chrome products. The brand clicks with me and the products are well done. One of my latest products was the small tool roll. I purchased this to have as a tool roll to carry inside another bag and I found I was pleasantly surprised at the extra functionality that I did not initially count on. I carry a tool roll every day, every time on the bike weather it be a short commute or a long distance ride. This means sometimes I have a backpack, sometimes not. To add a further level of complexity I have multiple bikes, so strapping one set of tools on a bike is not an option as I would need 5 sets of tools.
Firstly the tool roll is made well, it has two pockets on the inside, one large one smaller. Then there is a flap that covers the tops of the pockets with a small velcro the for security, this whole package rolls / folds up and is secured by a burley strap that goes around the outside of the roll with velcro on the ends.
I found I can carry tube glue, patches, tyre boot, one tyre lever, spare road tube and a compact multi tool without a problem and without it looking like a massive brick. Sweet this tool roll met all my criteria to throw inside a bag. Done. No - wait... theres more.... The tool roll actually attaches to the underneath of your saddle, on the rear rails quite beautifully, the large external and robust strap serves to hold the tool role securely on the bike.
Extra bonus right, well, I have had a lot of saddle bags and normally there is some flaw, with this tool roll, attaching to the bike 1) fits great 2) fits securely 3) looks cool and not massive. - the only drawback I found is to you it you have to completely unmount it to actually get in it (yeah obviously james, its a tool roll!) - not a big deal but not the connivence of saddle bags with compartment zippers or roll tops. It's also a killer deal. get one. Thanks Chrome designers, a super thoughtful product.


cool looking, functional, but could be a little longer

Review by chris

i fit: 1 tube, pdw co2 inflator, c02 cartridge, tire lever, and crank bros multitool. all the stuff just fits and just rolls up. i feel like if the roll was a little wider i'd throw another star on it. this basically goes in whatever bag i'm riding with and to my cross races. has saved my buddy who had a tube fail on a practice lap.


I love my new saddle bag.

Review by Max Whittingham

I love my new saddle bag! So many of them in my opinion aren't appealing. Not only does the small tool roll look sharp but it carries all the stuff I need.

Inside I carry:
Co2 Inflater
2 16gram Co2 cartridges
Relatively large multi tool
Patch kit
Tire boot
Tire levers
and a spare tube.


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