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Great Stuff

Review by Geniusjoel

Need to increase size to allow Otterbox style phone covers.


Amazing Quality, but to small

Review by Phillip

This case, just like everything else Chrome makes, is top notch quality. All the fabric is fantastic and sturdy and like their bags has no intention of breaking anytime soon.

That said it's just to small to be useable. I have a One Plus One and even though it supposedly has the same screen size as an iPhone 6, it doesn't want to fit into this pouch. I was pretty disappointed that it didn't fit as I was really looking forward to receiving this in the mail. Now I have to return it.
Also, one suggestion, you might consider creating a small intent or hole to accommodate a headphone jack.


Too small, but nice.

Review by JR

As a few have mentioned, larger phones don't fit well. I had to add a piece of velcro higher than the existing one so the flap would shut. Great protection, but would be great to have a small, medium and large sized options.


Great pouch

Review by Zerosedation

This is a great pouch with one little draw back, they need to increase the size to accomodate for larger phones ...


Needs to be bigger

Review by Gerry

Great pouch, but it needs to be updated to a larger size. I have an iPhone 6 in an Otterbox case, so it's a bit beefy. That being said, I don't know anyone who doesn't put their iPhone in a case of some sort. If they made this just a bit taller and wider, it'd be a killer pouch for me. As it stands now, I can't fit my phone into it unless I remove it from the case.


Dear Chrome, not everyone has an iPhone!

Review by dm

This is a great case with a great price and a great addition to my pack but it BARELY fits my Galaxy S5 with a slim case. I've been search for a case like this but everything seems to be built around iPhones which is extremely annoying. The velcro does close with my phone inside but just by a few small pieces right at the edge of the flap and edge of the velcro. If the flap were longer it wouldn't be a problem. I'm probably going to have to sew on my own velcro strip to get it to hold more securely. It's a shame that us non iPhone users can't get quality items to fit our phones.


wish it was a little bigger

Review by Phil

loved this pouch while it fit my iphone 4 when i went to th the 6 it didnt fit that well but still made it work


Too small for modern phones

Review by Keyesy

Does not fit iphone 6, samsung galaxy series, or any phone larger than an iphone 5.


The one and only pouch.

Review by Kenny

Best phone pouch. I feel very safe having my phone and credit cards in this pouch. Key ring is so clutch !!!! Simple and Secured.


used and love it for iphone 4 and 5

Review by Samurai

wish they made sizes for iphone 6 and 6 plus cuz i changed to 6 plus and the pouch been sitting at home now


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