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Review by Raven

Best wallet. I beat up my wallets and this one has been through everything! I'm tempted to get another just because it's so fairly priced.


As others said, frays, tears, just a weak wallet all around

Review by Mark E. McInerney

Don't bother with this wallet. After a month, the edges fray and tear. Even though it appears well constructed, the material is not well suited for day to day use. I don't expect this wallet to last a year. As someone who has been really satisfied with Chrome Bags for a very long time, I am very disappointed in the Rook.


Looks better than it lasts

Review by Denrael

The Rook Wallet has been very disappointing. I bought the wallet thinking it would hold up well to the constant travel I do. Instead most of the threadwork is unraveling along the top and some of the front between the white and black. Even my girlfriend commented on the fact I need a new wallet after only 5 months. I must say, this is the first Chrome purchase with which I have been disappointed.


Chrome for you money

Review by Eric

Perfectly awesome wallet. Not flashy, a great place to store you cards and cash. Will last you till forever. Love this wallet.


Not quite for Europe

Review by theonlydrew

Big enough for the Euro bills, but it doesn't have the coin pouch to hold all those 1 and 2 Euro coins - which are often half of the carried currency. Maybe I should add a velcro pocket myself. Not functional for Europe, but on the other hand, cool looking and durable enough for America.


Not quite there... yet...

Review by Darren K

I'm a huge Chrome Industries fan. I'm always impressed at the simplicity, beauty and practicality of their designs. Their Cobra Hoodie and either the Dually backpack or Citizen buckle bag are with me all the time.

Being pretty unsatisfied with the wallets out there, I'd always hoped that Chrome would give the world a wallet (or two) so I couldn't have been happier than when I saw that the Rook wallet was being intro'd.

First though, I should talk about wallets. Wallets are a really tough accessory to get right. They have to look good, be unobtrusive, hold lots of stuff without being uncomfortable, fit in the pocket, endure being sat on everyday, and probably a few other things that I'm not thinking of.

The Rook succeeds on a few of these and, not so much on a few of the others.

First the good:
*The rook looks great. It's definitely a chrome product and with the patch of colored vinyl reminds the user of the bags, with their flap of contrasting vinyl.
*They are made of excess material so are nice and environmentally friendly.
*They have plenty of pockets and compartments and can hold all sorts of good stuff.
*Like the bags, the wallets are made with a whole rainbow of colors on the front flap so each wallet is distinctive.

Now, for the not so good:
*While the material feels very nice and light when the wallet is empty, when the wallet is full of cards and bills, it becomes very stiff, especially since it's very hard and thick at the edges. This means that it's not so comfortable to sit on.
*The material isn't flexible and doesn't mold to you the way that leather or a softer material might.
*The wallet is well-made but the top of it is a bit unfinished so it keeps fraying. It's made from a polyester material so the fraying can be stopped with a lighter, but, a user shouldn't necessarily have to apply fire to their wallet in order to finish it.

The Rook Wallet is a cool, nicely designed wallet and better than a lot of the stuff out there. It's got plenty of space for whatever you carry around and isn't made with animal product so, besides looking good, it's vegan friendly.

I would be really happy to see Chrome take things further. Cordura, their signature fabric might be a more flexible material for a wallet. And if they were to experiment with a design that rounded some of the corners and sealed either with some of their heavyweight velcro or with a small version of their ykk zipper (another SF bag company, that will remain nameless uses a zipper on their wallet and manages to achieve a low profile), it might make for a wallet that's more comfortable in the pocket, both on and off the bike.

Yeah, am I asking for a pocket Dually? Maybe so, but I love the big one, why not have one to fit in my pocket?

Just the same, it's a great wallet. I'm probably just nitpicking...


Just what I needed...

Review by D

I bought this wallet after my old one kerploded. The Rook wallet IS a bit stiff, but I prefer that to the opposite end of the spectrum. And I'm sure it'll 'loosen-up' after a bit of use. The card slots are also stiff at first, but once stretched out with a few cards, they work flawlessly. The little coin slot works fine for a couple of coins, but I can't say I'd ever want my wallet to be filled with handfulls of change. That's what pockets are for. I'm stoked it's also big enough for Euro bills since I go back and forth fairly frequently between the States and Europe. Overall it's an awesome wallet that looks like it'll last for years with the standard Chrome quality I'm used to.


A review addendum

Review by Darren K

One of my points in the review below was that the wallet isn't as flexible as it could be. it's definitely become more so, as I've used it more. As with all wallets, keeping it from becoming a brick is all about not carrying around lots of plastic.

But, the material is definitely flexible and it'd definitely become more comfortable to use as time has gone on.



Review by Nick

As soon as I saw this at my local shop I knew it was meant to be. Tough as nails. Stylish, and smartly made from what are obviously the remnants of bag production. Love everything about it. Get it


Best Wallet Ever!!!!

Review by Jeff

I received this wallet as a gift. I already owned a pretty dope wallet made by Montbell. But that wallet was soon forgotten. The Big plus of this wallet is the watter-proof bag liner they make it out of. I was at first put off. I was like "Really?! The best they could do was use Truckers Tarp!" But If you are like me, you don't own a car and you ride Everywhere. That means that you work up a good sweat. Long story short: long rides = damp cash = not cool/gross. : ( This wallet fixed that immediately. Montbell may make the best backpacking gear on the market. But even their wallet pales in comparison.

Though I give it five stars, the only hitch I've encountered is that some times my credit cards and such like to cling to the synthetic material inside. But that is a minor sacrifice for keeping my sweat out of my savings. This is the best wallet you can buy if you ride a lot. Good Job!


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