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Review by Guido

I´ve been using this bag for a week now. Right here in Argentina, we dont have retailers of Chrome, so everyone seemed very surprise of my Buran bah while i was riding to university. It´s comfy to my back, and the design is just great!
I´m not a person that buys a BRAND, and with Chrome Industries i found that, i can be one. I´ll be buying more stuff from Chrome in the future!

Guido! (Riding from Argentina, South America)


7+ years and Counting

Review by streetdweller

Back in 2009 I purchased this bag after weeks of looking for "the perfect messenger bag". I'm rough on things in general and known to go through a bag in a good 4 months and ultimately revealing a bags "quality of build" so to speak. Like any rough guy....I drag it from time to time, smack the random street thug with it to fend of theft, use it as a crash pad when I fall off my bike, and spill loads of coffee on it at the local coffee house when Im tired. I ponied up and paid what I thought was a ridiculous price for a "man bag" almost matching the cost of my wife ridiculously priced purses. But after the first year blew past, i realized you get what you pay for, and with Chrome; quality and durability definitely comes with it. With all the bags I have purchased throughout my life, I was deffinately getting use to the standard "buy -use for 4-5 months and buy anew " cycle that typically comes with todays products as most are mad elf poor quality. so after 7 years there is not a bad thing I can say about this bag except it could use a different pocket set up.....but hey the new designs have answered that.
So its 5 + stars from this bag. Chrome is true to there word. This bag has not ripped, broke, fallen apart or deteriorated in anyway over the last seven years. But I have to get a new one because I like the new black buckle lol. Probably gunna also get a few slings for my military buddy across seas. The design will definitely hold up in the field. Thanks Chrome for proving all companies are not bad.


Perfect messenger bag

Review by Ernest

I bought this bag because it was on sale. I already own another Chrome messenger bag and absolutely love it. I got this bag because as I said it was on sale but now that I have had a chance to use it i have switched from my citizen messenger bag to this one because it is perfect for me. I am Professional artist and as such I carry a lot of stuff from my laptop, Wacom tablet and other art supplies to water and lunch on a daily basis. So the organization of this bad is perfect for my needs. It is also a little smaller then the citizen messenger bag, which it turns out is perfect for me. I am 5' 10", 200 lb with a muscular build. I also love that this bag has a handle, which I think all Chrome messenger bags should have.

I also commute on a motorcycle and at time I am going fairly fast 80 or more. So the fact that this bag (and all Chrome bags for that matter) is made so well was a big selling point for me. I also love the fact that it is American made.

If you want a messenger bag that is well made, looks good a is not very expensive I would recommend the Buran laptop messenger bag to all.


100% satisfied

Review by MS. Millie's Son

I'm a long time chrome user. The Buran is my fifth bag. Why some many one may ask. Because I usually surrender my old one to one of my admiring friends. Friends don't let friends Rock Junk. Lol. The Buran , all the convenience, and durability I need in a laptop bag. As will as giving my space to bring along a nice read. I really appreciate Chrome's commitment to waterproof materials. And there in-store customer service. (Soho,NYC ). I wish the company all the success.


Western Oregon Proof

Review by Keith

This is a good fit for my needs. I commute by bike and carry my laptop back and forth to work. I commute year-round so half of it is in the rain. It's big enough to hold my laptop and my rain gear (when I'm not wearing it). My only complaint is I couldn't swap shoulders when I was recovering from a broken collarbone.


Solid Construction / Bad Design

Review by Mike

I've had the Buran for just over a year now. I'm an illustrator and a web designer so I need to have space for all my pens and laptop accessories. Previously I had a SealLine messenger bag, and absolutely swore by it.

I have a Surface Pro 3 and keep it in the dedicated laptop area. Unfortunately it really is made for 13" Macbooks, because now the corners and sides are floppy and bent. The bottom of the laptop pouch is also always like, crunched and folded. It works, but if you don't have a Macbook pro it doesn't make sense.

The pouches in front do a pretty good job of organizing stuff, but I'd kill for a zipper pouch or something in the main compartment opposite the laptop sleeve. But it's a nice big space for water and a sweater if you wanna stash one.

The strap is big and clunky but very, very comfy on bike rides. That's really the main reason I got it. I've been in some heavy rain and nothing's gotten soaked either. The bottle opener is pretty cool, but hard to use.

The back pocket isn't useful for anything other than putting some padding in there if you want. It's right against your back so unless you want a really lumpy commute, don't use it.

The gripes I have with this bag are the way the flap closes, and the snaps on the outside. I've had stuff fall out of the bag because I didn't close the snaps, and almost lost a laptop cord. Also, the snaps are constantly stuck to the velcro and beginning to fray. I dunno who's idea that was but it's a really bad design decision. If i have to use the snaps to secure the flap every time anyway, why have velcro at all? Especially if the velcro is slowly destroying the snaps?? C'mon Chrome.

That said, after a year of daily use it shows ZERO sign of wear (except for the snaps in front). It's heavy and awkward but it's solid, and it's American made so bravo!

My biggest complaint is the flap and those dumb snaps, I'd like to see another bag that has a hook or a release that's easier to use. The good ol' SealLine had these awesome hooks you could do and un-do with the same motion as closing the flap, and it was light as a feather. But this is definitely a well constructed bag that really is good for biking and day to day stuff.


fantastic bag

Review by Frost

great bag. I have used different laptop/messenger bags but the weight hasn't always been well balanced. This bag balances the weight and makes it easy to carry my laptop and other utilities


Great Bag in my Opinion

Review by Gloverboy6

I bought this bag used on ebay about a year and a half ago, and I love it. The main compartment is enough to carry a few books, a change of clothes, w/e. The integrated laptop sleeve fitted my old 15.6" laptop and my new 14" one, although Chrome says it can fit a 17" one. The side-by-side compartments on the front can fit my computer brick charger and two other device chargers in them, so I find them very useful. Lastly there's an organization pocket between the other two, which I've found fits all my little things well enough (pens, pain meds, etc.). Oh, and there's the document pocket on the back that I use often for... well documents. I'd say I'll wait and see on the build quality of this bag, but the person I bought it from had it for 2 years and I see no visible wear from it. Overall, this seems to be a great bag.


Kills my back

Review by Brian

The bag looks awesome, but absolutely kills my back. I have the left shoulder strap and it never sits high enough on my left shoulder so it's constantly pulling on that shoulder. The result is the left side of my back hurting a lot. And I'm not carrying much: a trade paperback with some pens, my glasses, and a spiral notebook or two.


Would like a bag size scaled for a (short) woman

Review by babs

I got this bag to replace a backpack that I lug all my stuff (laptop, water bottle, work stuff, supplies, umbrella, etc.) in for the city. I liked this for the lap top sleeve (Mac book pro) and all the compartments. BUT for 5'1" woman it is a bit overwhelming. It has some weight without any contents. I couldn't quite tell how it would function until I put it to use….and then couldn't return it. I use it when commuting by car now but rarely carry it all over like I did my backpack. I could use this same format in a more scaled down size with a little less weight. Maybe a hybrid of this and the classic messenger? It is a sturdy bag and has many great features.


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