Kursk Grey Bike Shoe

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Durable stylish street shoe

Review by kimtheo

I love this shoe for fixie city riding or knocking around. They are a little stiff so aren't comfortable for all day walking. I've had them now about 2 years and even as they are worn in a bit, they've remained stiff....so clearly a durable shoe. I would certainly buy another pair!


Long lasting performance

Review by Brit

I bought a pair of these in high tops back in 2010... We're approaching 2016 and these beasts look like they're new.
I don't treat my shoes nicely. These things have biked, hiked, and generally been beaten the hell out of and are still just a strong as the day they arrived. Added bonus that they still look fresh with the occasional wipe down. They are worth the money.



Review by Agit

Indestructible sneakers. Great fit. Super comfy. Great style.

I have one issue — they squeak like mad! I cant sneak up on anyone wearing these.


Durable Shoe, Unique Styling, Lacks Washability

Review by Deacon

I've had a pair of these shoes for 4 years and they're still going strong. I use them casually and while commuting to work on bicycle. They were a bit uncomfortable at first until they broke in. I have a wide foot (D Width)I would recommend lacing them loosely if that is your case. They are not as washable as I would like. The filling between the insole and the rand is made of paper, so it breaks up when put through a wash cycle. However, they come out clean looking brand new. I stuff them, shape them, and dry them on no heat on the dryer shelf. Overall a great shoe.


My favorite sneakers on the bike and off.

Review by Agit

These are my most comfortable and bulletproof sneakers I own. The fabric never seems to get worn out and the rubber is heavy duty and indestructible. The laces are easy to tie and they even look fashionable.

I only have one complaint — which prevents me from giving 5 stars — they squeak 80% of the time when I wear them. Dry, wet, sockless or not I cant find the source of the squeaking and they squeak LOUD. My girlfriend makes fun of me they squeak so much.

But I love them.

Any solutions or recommends on how to reduce the squeaking?

— Agit



Review by todd

I have had mine for over a year, rock climbing..bike...long walking..mud..rain..anything imaginable.
I work outside with forest products and they just keep on taking it..
Its time for another pair for dress up


Amazing/Weird Sizing

Review by Dan

First off, these shoes are amazing, comfortable out of the box, ready to hit the streets and virtually bomb proof. I would have given 5 stars if the sizing wasn't a little off but to Chrome's defense, I don't live near a retail store and had to go by customer reviews for sizing so it's not Chrome's fault! Be advised though, whatever your foot measures in INCHES, then convert that to a shoes size, Google works, then from that go a FULL size SMALLER! The urban myth about what size you wear in Converse Chucks is absolutely true, these fit a full size smaller than what you measure at.
Having said that, I will only wear Chrome shoes from now on, I have Kursk spd's for riding and regular Kursk's for daily, I can't wait for winter so I can get work boots for the harsh Michigan winters.
Keep up the good work Chrome!


Great Addition for my Shoe Addiction

Review by Ben

These shoes are great looking-comfy-& cool. & built to last. As an admitted sneaker head these "Kursks" fit right in along side my Converse John Varvatos-Vans & Dr Martens Collections--5 out of 5


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