Kursk Black/Black Bike Shoe

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Worth the wait

Review by Benjamin

You may need to spend half of whatever's left of your life breaking these in, but once you do, you'll be glad you did. Once you get them softened up and they're not giving you blisters so bad you'd rather saw of your leg, they're amazing. I'm not kidding. You'll spend two months hating them because they kill and then they become the best shoes you've ever had. I seriously wouldn't wear anything else while riding. I have Odyssey Twitter Pedals on my bike, which are sticky and comfortable as it is, but the tread on these shoes sticks to them like glue. The best part is the drop in sock liner. Cushion for days. Plus, the outsole is really springy and returns energy a running shoe, which helps you get the most out of pedaling. On top of everything else, they're super durable. These might look a little like Chucks, but they take in stride what would make Chucks cry for their moms.


Good, Break-In Period Is a Little Annoying

Review by Josh

It's sad to see that chrome seems to be moving away from their line of shoes with these insoles- I owned nothing but midways for a couple years and was really bummed when they discontinued them as they were without question the best shoes I've ever owned.

These are great too- I bought a pair of the navy ones as they were being discontinues mostly because I like the brand, they were only $20 and I needed new work shoes. They took a couple weeks to break-in; the toe cap dug into my feet for a little while, but softened and they became just as comfortable as the midways over time.

I hope Chrome realizes they've got a great design here and start making more of these soon instead of phasing them out in favor of the Forged series, which are OK (nicer looking, I think), but not as comfortable or durable.


best dam shoe I've ever owned

Review by alreddy2

I have had this type of chrome shoes for about six or seven years and I could honestly say they are more comfortable than any walking shoe or athletic shoe. I've spent countless hours on my feet with these shoes and absolutely no foot fatigue occurs. The only reason I am giving this shoe a lower rating than highest is the design of the innersole and "crash pad". After several months the "crash pad" becomes loose and the rubber piece starts moving out of place. It's not stressful to put them back into position but it does get a little annoying when you have to do it everyday. BUT STILL IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE I'VE EVER OWNED even after months and months of use :) p.s: they wear a lot quicker when you use them to ride bikes....my advice: "DON'T". wear a cheaper and affordable shoe or buy a pair of cleats and replace your pedals.


Long-term review

Review by Dewber

Time to share a review for shoes that are still in excellent shape after 4 years of hard use. I wore these to work in a bike shop, riding to work almost daily, and then working as a wrench 9-10 hours per day. Hardly a thread has broken free. They're also comfortable. I was going to wait until they wore out and order SPD but looks like I better just pull the trigger. Thanks, Chrome, for another great product.


amazing shoes and customer service

Review by Ken

i recently visited San Francisco and long story short my vans got ruined and need a new pair of shoes ASAP. I walked over to the chrome store and bought a pair of midways on sale, i was walking around that night and a rivet popped, went back the next day and was just going to pay the difference for these and instead they did an even exchange for me. Not only are these shoes super comfy and did a great job walking and biking all over SF, but the customer service was top notch, chrome has a customer for life.


Rad Rad Rad!

Review by Matt Alvarez

These are my everyday wear and riding shoes, good flex in the sole for walking but stiff enough to ride in. Extremely comfortable and can take a beating!


Most solid riding shoes I've owned.

Review by Matt

I got these shoes from the Turds for Gold promo earlier this year and I couldn't be happier. These have taken me through races, group rides, commuting, and everyday walking with just a few scuffs and mud to show for it, no doubt these are going to last me quite a long time.


Tough Stuff

Review by Clark

These shoes look really fantastic, whether beat up or brand new. No matter if you are a cyclist or just a fan of good shoes - you will be satisfied with a pair of Kursks. The laces feel really durable, and have metal tips sealing off each side.

My only complaint would be that they make my feet stink. Although all shoes seem to do that.


Best sneakers I've owned

Review by David

I've had a pair since they were first released and a second from the turds for promo, and they hold up better than any pair of sneakers I've owned before (I'm particularly rough on my shoes). Well worth the money.


Bombproof Shoe

Review by Rick

These shoes were made to take the abuse of riding. The thick shoe fabric holds up well against scuffing and rubbing against pedals and toe straps. The rubber toe cap keeps hour toes comfy in the toe clips and doesn't get scratched up. The thick sole is a good balance between feeling the pedal and transferring power. My online complaint is that I really have to wedge that rubber toe cap into MKS clips but I do wear a big old size 11. I bet the shoe s would fit perfectly with Soma clips. This shoe will conform to your foot nicely after a few days and last way longer than other canvas shoes. I recommend them.


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