Citizen Messenger Bag

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    • Dimensions: 13.5"H x17"W x5"D 15L
    •Made in USA
    • Iconic quick-release seatbelt buckle with integrated bottle opener


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Best purchase I ever made!!!!!

Review by Da Crash bag

This bag is awesome!!!!!!!!! Fits more than I need to ever have and more. I have been through more bags than you can imagine. I got the messenger bag because I was tired of hauling around a cumbersome back pack that never seemed to be able to hold together I paid $100 nthe bag didn't last a month. I've put this thing through hell and it smiles back. Best messenger bagever


Amazing workhorse bag

Review by David

This is a no-frills messenger bag and it's perfect that way. It holds a TON of stuff and stays well balanced on your back as you ride (thanks to the cross strap on front). It's super durable and holds up to all the abuse you can dish out. Mine is several years old and barely shows any signs of use. I've taken it on tour across the country, oveseas, on several vacations, and just around town. It's never let me down.


Best Bag I've bought and will continue to associate with Chrome

Review by Creativechef25

I've gone through many backpack through my years and they always seem to good to be true, but then they begin to show there signs of worthlessness only after a few months.
Thankfully, this is not the case when it came to Chrome. When I first moved to Chicago, I've seen everyone having this type of bag and questioned whether it was a sound investment or not and when I finally got the bag I have regretted not buying the bag sooner than I did!!!!!! It's made with quality, love, care, and standards that should have been the case with every other bag brand out there. The saying "you got your bang for your money" doesn't do it justice, "I have gotten more for my money than I could have ever wanted". This has to be the best quality brand of bag that I wish I have bought sooner.

As for everyday use, I can haul around my laptop with cords and cables and a few other nick-nacks with some room to spare when I do errands.

Thank You Chrome for the bag that I will (metaphorically) bring to the grave with me.
I'm a chef by profession and let me say I can carry my pants, shoes, whites and some small kitchen equipment very well.


Fits what you need.

Review by Karl L

Bought the bag and immediately threw an entire case of beer in the case, the bag handled the 30 rack well as I took the underarm buckle back over the bag and snapped it into the lower/far buckle for safe closure. Not quite conventional but a good work around. I'm looking to keep this bag empty so I can fill it up around town. Naturally it's great construction and definitely up to Chrome specs.


I will no longer be buying bags from chrome

Review by Nico

Good enough to get the job done... I recently bought one of Chrome's newer Citizen messenger bags and I can't say I'm happy with it. I own many Chrome bags from years ago and have been very pleased with them. I love them! However, this bag is very low quality in comparison to the older generation bags. (Made in the USA or not)



Review by Bk Girl

My boyfriend has this bag and I love it! I just ordered the orange for myself. Classy, vintage style. A must have.


great bag

Review by mole

Pretty solid. no complaints yet after 2 years. there are a few weak points on these bags but you can get it fixed pretty easy.


Great for motorcycle use

Review by Ludwig von Buzzthoven

I bought this bag solely for when I was out riding my Harley. I love it. It's really well made, comfortable to wear, and practical for running errands / picking up small items around town. I didn't want to add any bags to the bike itself; this was a great second option.


Made is the USA & worth every penny!

Review by Ryan R

This bag was one of the best things I have ever bought myself. I got it ten years ago and it has never failed me in anyway. I have the orange and black bag totally my favorite. Has carried anything and everything I could ever hope for. Is totally comfortable while riding a bike or hiking up a mountain. I could not say more good things about this bag and the quality it was made with. I smile whenever I open it and see the Made is the U.S.A flag tag. Make me proud to know things are still made here as well as this.


Awesome Bullet Proof Bag

Review by Victoria BC Commuter

I have had this bag for over 5 years. Amazing craftsmanship. My only issue is sometimes the content of the bag can dig into your back. I have cut a piece of yoga mat and put it inside the liner to act as a buffer. Great bag for longboard commuting as we'll,


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