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The smallest, 100% welded-waterproof, rolltop backpack in the Militia Series. Great for day trips and folks with smaller shoulders. The waterproof main keeps gear dry while external pockets allow for easy access. Made in USA.
• 15.75" wide x 20.5" height x 5" deep
• Vol: 27L
• Weight 3.5 lbs

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

The Chrome backpacks are better

Review by Braddelcat

The Chrome backpacks are better than the messenger bags if you're not *actually* a messenger. The backpacks are more comfortable than the messenger bags when hauling oddly shaped or bulky items as opposed to files and papers. Not just because of the padding, but the fact that the bag is not being pulled to wrap around the sides of your back. I can't tell you how many times I've asked my friends to adjust items in my messenger bag because they were digging into my back. Also, it's nice that you don't have to adjust these every time you put them on. The messenger bag clip moves every time you unbuckle it, and you have to cinch it each time you put it back on, in addition to clasping the side strap. I've had a couple occasions where I released the messenger buckle, and it swings down past my side and hits my bike and chips my paint. I love the look of the buckles on the messenger bags, but I think I'm done with them. The only thing I don't like about the backpacks is how the straps twist up when you put your arms through them.


more of a reason to ride in the rain

Review by Meredith

I am a 5'9" female who commutes on bike to-and-from through the rolling mountains of Western North Carolina. Weather (aka rain) is ALWAYS spontaneous - I mean ALWAYS - and my Orlov pack has saved the day many times. This pack also fits my torso and shoulder structure well, making my rides comfortable. The roll top feature allows for extra room when needed, and come on, who doesn't love the look of Chrome bags anyways? "You done good!"



Review by Derik

I had to retire my beloved Citizen bag after about a dozen years due to old man neck probs/one shoulder weight distribution, and am psyched I made this choice. The Orlov is a great size for work, day trips and supermarket runs and feels much lighter than a messenger bag with the same amount in it. I'm 5'9"/170lbs and the Orlov def isn't too small. Any bigger and might hinder visibility and be too bulky. It looks sharp as hell- esp w/the brushed steel front pocket hooks and strap adjustment clips. The strap clips rubbed against my inner arms a bit at first, but I was able to find a sweet spot. My only suggestions would be a way to tuck-in the strap slack and a hidden pocket. (I dug that I could open up the velcro on the Citizen and stash some nefarious ____ inside the lining.) The front pocket hooks seem like they'll get a lot of wear, so I hope the loops will hold up. Judging by how well my Citizen served me, I'm confident that they will.


Great looks and construction, not so great functionality

Review by HenryII

I have to admit, I admired this bag online for a long time before committing to buying it. I was really drawn to its straight-forward yet stylish design. I finally ended up buying it and have been using it now for over a year. Here are my thoughts: The bag definitely gets points for looking great. I would also say that construction and materials are quality; the bag has a rugged feel to it. Where I think where the bag falls short is in design. This is a fairy tall bag, but not one with a lot of depth. What this translate to is that, although the bag looks pretty big, you are kind of limited in what you can put in it. For instance, it has a divided main pocket, which is great for separating items. But like other bags that are designed like this, if you load one side up too much, it pushes against the other side, effectively reducing the amount of space available. So if you were to squeeze a wetsuit on one side (what they claim these bags were originally designed for), you would be hard pressed to put anything short of few small/ flat items on the other side. Same thing with outside zippered pocket. I tried putting my laptop and a thin book in there, and with the main pocket full, it is difficult to pull the laptop out. Furthermore, this bag does not handle bulky items very well. The opening is fairly narrow, and depending on what you pack, it can make the pack uncomfortable by pushing against the bag while you are wearing it. In the end, I would say this bag would work great for someone not carrying a lot of bulky items, but rather flat items like clothing or a few books.


a little bit of organization

Review by Eugene

I love this bag. It does what it has to do, and does so with panache (style), a signature chrome backpack. However these bags have been critiqued very much because of their lack of organization, but i think an improvement to this bag would be an accessory organizer that could be strapped on to the back of the main compartment with velcro.
Simplicity is beauty, but a little practicality wouldn't hurt.


Stylish backpack that can be used for work, the beach, traveling or a quick bike ride. Pros: well-made and waterproof. Cons: Some compartments are not functional.

Review by Herm

OVERALL: Stylish backpack that can be used for work, the beach, traveling or a quick bike ride. Pros: well-made and waterproof. Cons: Some compartments are not functional.

CONSTRUCTION AND STYLE: Bag is made of high quality materials that can take a beating and still look great. The compartments are waterproof and will protect your gear in a downpour; or keep your back dry when you’re carrying beers on ice in the main compartment.

SIZE: This is the smallest in the series but plenty to carry a day’s worth of gear. You can easily fit a change of clothes, a pair of shoes, and anything else you need for your day. While the extra room in the larger versions may be helpful; any more gear may be too much to ride around with.

COMPARTMENTS: The backpack has 5 compartments: main compartment, top zippered pocket that runs the full length of the bag, front zippered pocket, and 2 outside pockets.
- The main compartments holds everything that you need and is lined with a heavy linear. This makes the main compartment waterproof when the roll-top is used.
- The top zippered compartment and the front zipper compartment are mostly useless. Anything that is put in these compartments takes up the space of the main compartment. Chrome says that the front zipper compartment can hold a 15 inch laptop. In my experience that only works if the rest of the bag is mostly empty. When the main compartment is filled, I had a hard time fitting my iPad. The top zipper compartment has the same issue. The only use I have found for it is separating wet versus dry items. Also, you cannot open this compartment unless you unroll the top.
- The two front pockets are great. The metal latch on the front has a lot of style and makes these pockets easy to use. They are actually quite large and can hold all of your small items including my sunglass case. These pockets are large enough that they can even carry a water bottle.


I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CHROME BACK PACK AGAIN.........I can tell this one will last forever!

Review by CC

Upgrading from a North Face bag that has failed me. The stitching is precise and strong, material is top notch and it feels great to buy american made. The Orlov is "the smallest" but will easily fit everything a North Face Jester will and probably more. The rolltop design gives me confidence that all my stuff will stay dry.


Orlov Review

Review by Aaron

The Orlov is a great day bag. I have used this for when my girlfriend and I go on day trips or bike rides to the beach. I’ve thrown a bottle of wine in there and I was totally confident that even if the bottle leaked or broke that liquid would stay in the waterproofed seamed sealed main compartment. Over the weekend I went to China Camp State Park for a 4 hour hike. The Orlov held my hoodie, a long-sleeve shirt, girlfriend’s change of clothes, water bottle, camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, knife, and a lighter. Totally stoked on this smaller version of our roll-tops.


First rolltop I've ever met with visibility!

Review by Alex

As a long time messenger bag-user I have been eye-ing the rolltop packs for ages. The problem always was that as a 5'7" girl, my shoulder and ribcage were always narrower than the bag was designed for. Early rolltop packs stuck up outboard of my shoulder, and changing lanes became a new kind of terrifying. (Burrito delivery is a great way to test bags btw.) Smaller, cuter backpacks were not up to the challenge of my daily haul. When the Orlov came out I was super excited. My Chrome Metropolis bag has been faithful for many years, but my left shoulder and my various vertebrae have been dying for a change. The new rolltop is everything I hoped it would be. I have always loved the Chrome quality of craftmanship, and here it is in a rolltop pack that I can fit all my daily stuff in AND see around in traffic! True, the new visbility line and bag shape took a few days of getting used to, but my shoulder and I are pleased as punch with the results. Thanks Chrome!


Amazing upgrade!

Review by Sara

I had a jansport all throughout high school, and I wanted a bag that could take the weight of my college books/materials without killing my back. This bag is awesome. What used to feel like weight of brick on my back is easily towed around in my rolltop pack. Not to mention everything stays dry during rainy weather. 5 deep pockets altogether are great, even though small things will get lost in the bottom. So beware haha. More than happy with my selection being a 5'3" petite lass, and not to mention the crimson color. I'm indeed a happy camper. :)



Review by Alex



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