Metropolis Messenger Bag

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Original. Iconic. Our largest messenger bag with quick-release seatbelt buckle. Built like our Pro bags. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.

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1 Great Bag

Review by Tohrment

I've had this bag for 7 years and counting. It's spacious and comfortable. I use it for fun and work.


Best bag NA

Review by minty

I've had my Metropolis for over 4 years now, even through rough times it's still held up, everything works like the day it was new! Black with White Stripe, the white stripe gets a little dirty, but cleaning it takes about 20 seconds. Best bag I've ever owned.


10 years, still kicking.

Review by b.

Bought a metropolis in 2006 after debating between it and the citizen. At 6'5", I'm glad I went with the metropolis. The bag hugs my body very well. I've been all over the world with just this as my luggage. It can fit a change of clothes, computer, toiletries, necessary tools, extra snacks and a bottle for water. It'll haul two weeks worth of groceries for a single person, or fill it with ice and good beer for summertime porch barbecues.


Built like a tank and stupid big

Review by retrofuture

The fact that it's made in chico makes a big difference. the quality is much better than my soyuz. I use it everyday on my bike and not a single sign of wear after three months. a dedicated u lock pocket would have been nice though.


Built like a tank

Review by WannaBeMessenger

Straight up workhorse. Extremely large bag.


Almost 10 years strong, same bag!

Review by Chris

If I'm not mistaken, I've had this same bag for nearly a decade. It's gotten me through college, parties, grocery shopping, cross country road trips, and most of it all, whilst bike riding, rain or snow. Not once have I had to have this bag repaired, no punctures, no stitching, nothing. Highly recommended bag that's guaranteed for life.



Review by Big Jon

Think you need a bag? Like a really big bag? This is it. Don't look somewhere else. This. This is it. Be warned though, if you plan on using this for school to haul all your stuff like I do, books and notebooks only take up half of the bags size. You'll be left with a lot of extra room that can turn pretty uncomfortable on your back if the books shift while you are riding. Stick some extra shorts and a shirt and you should be solid. This bag is what I would call, lit.


Great bag

Review by ED Z

I recently bought this bag.It fits all my books as well as my laptop and it looks cool!


Built to last, these bags kick ass.

Review by Verbal Ham Radio

This is my second Chrome messenger. I have had the Citizen for about 7 years now. Was just not big enough and I always wanted the Met. It was on sale so I swooped it up. This things is great for all my Go Pro gear and mic equips I use on shoots and big enough to take 3-4 days worth of clothes to travel. Love these bags and they are built to last. If you buy one, you will never regret it. I will drfinitely be plugging Chrome's brand, stores and site on my next podcast!


Great bag. I'd buy it again.

Review by Kc

I got this bag 4 yrs ago after a accident destroyed the one I was riding with. I went to City Bikes in Adams Morgan (Washington,DC) looking for another bag when I saw the Metropolis. I've had it ever since. It's my goto carry.It's strong, weather resistant and comfortably no matter how I stuff it.


Best bag out there

Review by Riley Dagger

Bad Ass in every way!


Just speaking the truth.

Review by Dave

Have owned this bag for ten years. Bike commuted daily for years from Golden to Arvada in Denver as a teacher. Traveled with it more than I can remember due to the beverage cart. Now use it daily as my work bag after my short drive (sorry for the petro use). Still lookin good and going strong. Tried a Kirov for comfort, but went back to the basics. Thanks.


Can't Go Wrong with this One!

Review by Bones408

I got the Olive Green, its beautiful, durable and everything you should expect from Chrome!


Great, Reliable, Bag

Review by DC

Bought the grey and black bag, I love it! The grey is reflective and has a metallic look to it that does not show in the photos.


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