Kursk Pro Black

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Classic sneaker looks, with SPD compatibility. One of our most popular City SPDs. Wear it all day. Every day. Uncompromising clip-in pedal performance and walking comfort. All sale items are final.

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Great first impression

Review by Fat Bear

I've used spd shoes for years now and never had any as comfortable as these. Straight away they fitted like a glove and so easy to walk in. Not used for long, but first impressions are great. Will definitely buy again if they wear well.


outstanding shoes

Review by Liam

Just got my Kursk Pros today and took the out for a short ride. When they were first announced I thought that the soles would be somewhere between the regular Kursks and a regular cycling shoe. Turns out they're super stiff. I climbed a couple of steep hills and did a couple of hard sprints to test them and they worked just fine. Clipping in and out wasn't any more difficult than in my MTB shoes. The pros seemed to be cut a little wider than the regular Kursks, which I was thankful for, but be warned. I ordered a half size larger thinking that they'd fit like the Kursks and it turns out that they're too big for me.



Review by Harry

I bought a pair of these really excited that they'd rock my world. How wrong I was. The quality of the finishing was bizzarly bad, with stray threads sticking out through the recessed hole in the sole that had to be cut away to enable the cleetes to be fitted.

The sizing is too large, with a UK 11 fitting like a UK12.

Most disapointingly I found you actually walk on the clete more than in "traditional" MTB shoes, and that the soles are both very slippy and very awkward to move in.

And finally you put them on and you look a bit special. The shoes look cheap and plastic, and the extra thick sole makes for a weird look, that turns heads, but not in a good way.

One days riding and then in the bin.
Wate of money.


Great shoe. Bad sizing.

Review by Brendan

Personally I find the construction to be good. The shoe seems well built and durable... Time will tell on that account though.

Otherwise, the shoe is as good it gets for walking around and still being a bike shoe. You can only expect so much in terms of walking comfort and sound for a bike shoe. Contrary to Harry's review, I think the shoes produce very little sound while walking.

The BIG problem is the sizing. I purchased a size 11 and it is HUGE. I think I need to get a 10 despite the fact that I haven't worn a size 10 shoe since I was 14 years old. So be careful when purchasing on-line and consider buying a size, or at the very least a half size, below the smallest size you wear. For instance, I wear between an 11 or 12 US, whereas with the Chrome Kursk pro shoe I need a 10 or 10.5 US.



Review by Keith Skowron

Have rode these shoes 3weeks plus and am enjoying. I team them with "Crank Bros." (no noise Harry). Yes, I could have gone w/half size smaller, but older reviews mention they fit like "Chucks" so just added s pair insoles for snugg fit. Let's face it the main reason for these is style so you can go clipless and not look like a "Bike Dork"!



Review by HP

Found this shoe by accident ! I thought i was gonna be stuck in bicycle soccer shoes!! So when i found a local dealer in my city!! i smashed on over, they had my size & i hit the streets.. rode for an hour the rest is bliss! love the PRO ! it's very stiff & comfy , easy to walk in too!!! you have a fan for life thanks for making such a wicked shoe...


Excellent alternative to cycling shoes.

Review by Joergen

Heads up, these shoes run about a 1/2 size large! Not only is the foot bed wider giving the impression of a larger shoe but the overall length is also considerably longer than the stated size.
As far as function, these shoes work. Taking all variables into consideration (company, price, style, etc.) the Kursk Pros are worth it, if only by a hair though.

All in all, if you buy these shoes a half size smaller, pair them with some nice SPD pedals, and lace them tight you will surely enjoy them.


not perfect but good

Review by mike

nice tough shoes, but they have some issues IMO. my spd cleats hit the ground when i walk. shorter cleats might not do this. the front rubber part also scuffs a bit easy, but thats not really a big deal. the spd cleat, when pushed all the way back, does not allow you to clip into the pedal because it doesnt leave enough room in the back. Lastly, i had to use a hammer to get the cleat to slide front to back in one shoe. it might have been partially glued in. the other adjusted normally, but this was a real pain for me. when finally adjusted, i was generally happy with the shoes, but didnt like how they made a grinding sound on the ground.


Right on!

Review by SC

Go down 1/2 size and you will be happy. I have been commuting to work every day for the past 2 weeks. The sole on one is separating from the footbed around the cut out so we'll see how well or if they hold up to everyday use. Looks good rides good and comfortable to walk around in, I hope they hold up!!


First Time Buyer Long time Listener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Mark O

I kept hearing about chrome and the gear. I did some research and bought a messenger bag, like it. So I was hearing about these kursk pro series shoes. Though it is true that they run a little big, because I wear a 11 1/2 in other shoes. Regardless of the sizing issue this is by far the best cycling shoe that I have owned. Now I am a true chrome freak. Anybody that knows me know that I'm always Chromed out. So all in all, stop thinking about it and bite the bullet. They are worth it. TRUST MEE!!!!!!!!!!!


Freakin' genius

Review by Cheryl

Bought these shoes 2 weeks ago and have barely taken them off. Makes riding my classic bianchi feel oh so groovy. It takes a little getting used to walking since the soles are stiff, but once the canvas tops wear in a little, they get more comfortable. Recently got caught in the rain and was surprised that the camvas material is fairly water resistant - made it all the way home with dry feet. But, on further reflection, the shoes are made by Chrome for urban living, so of course they work in the rain. We have been very happy with the bags, merino sweaters, bike knickers...and now the shoes. keep up the great work - we're fans for life.


Good shoes for urban riding

Review by Caff

5 stars for style points - my friends are surprised they're cycling shoes. These are great to wear with street clothes, but I'm keeping my Shimano shoes for CX and XC riding.

Paired mine with new Time ATAC cleats - they crunched and were slippery for a week but now my brass cleats have worn a little there are no problems. I Had no problem with the plate, or installing the cleats into it.

Like others say, they are sized large (and long). I usually wear a 9 or 10 shoe, but with these I'm wearing size 8, and I still have to lace them tight.
If I tie them a tiny bit loose I do feel like my heel lifts out whilst walking or riding - when riding it sort of negates the stiffness of the sole.

I don't actually expect these to last ages, because friends with the regular Kursks have found the rubber parts to wear and separate from the Cordura quite quickly.
So far though, with everyday walking (~1 km) and cycling (16km minimum), aside from scuffs they seem to be holding up well.

Rain resistance is good, but I'll still be giving them a coat with silicone spray / snowseal.


Pretty good shoe

Review by Jonathan

Great shoe being an alternative to mountain biking shoes that I can wear around town. It works as well as most mountain shoes, cleat sticks out very little like most mountain shoes, but it feels nicer to walk on hard floors unlike mountain shoes. Everything works great except the heel pocket. If you dont lace up snugly your heel pops in and out of the shoe. I am very satisfied. I dont have to go places with a change of shoes anymore.
About the sizing, I checked a pair of shoes that fit, took that euro size and went backwards on Chrome's size chart and got the perfect fit, may seem small when you order but cross reference with the euro size on shoes you wear and you will be fine


They're ok...

Review by Shawn138

The shoe itself is a great thing. But the sole is not thick enough.
I am walking on my cleat. Bummer!


pretty OK

Review by eric_s

The cleat stands proud of the sole which makes walking, especially on hard stairs and slick floors, a treacherous adventure. I do appreciate the rubber sole more than the usual bike shoe dork-cleats. Based on reviews, I tried a full size smaller than usual, and they fit great.
pros: comfortable, best looking SPD compatible out there
cons: still tap shoes, still have the slightly funny shaped last.


Great idea, cool looking shoe, wish cleat didn't hit!!

Review by Steven

Cool shoe, a little weird at first getting used to the weight (the front is heaver bc of the cleat setup). Nice not to have to wear mtb shoes around but you still have the annoying grind of your spd cleat on concrete. They should make one that doesn't hit!! I would be totally fine with a thicker sole to get rid of that. But they do have better grip than mtb shoes and they look good. Glad they started making these!


overall darn good!

Review by HTXmess

I must say being a bike messenger in Houston these shoes ROCK! The sole is thick and stiff, i can feel a stronger pedal and when walking i notice the soft layer of cushion. Also with the thicker sole i feel less impact on my feet when dismounting or standing on the pedal. Safety is no problem with the non-slip bottom and the helpful loop to keep laces in their place. There is an easy scuffing issue but through rain, mud, or dust these shoes still keep a clean style.


Form and Function havn't been this hot since the El Camino

Review by Ace

Awesome shoe. i have been riding with Mavic alpine spd shoes which are comfy and all but still look like some weird velcro hiking boot hybrid. i am so stoked to have found the kursk pro! just got em in the mail a few hours ago, threw my cleats in em and hit the portland streets. Performance on these babies i give a 10, they lace up tight and the sole is stiff enough and slightly angled to give you tons of power. They look dope too! perfect 10's all-around.


Great stiff cycling shoe!

Review by Randall

These shoes are great! I've been wearing them everyday and I absolutely love them. Like another reviewer I too ordered the same size as the regular Kursk that I own (10.5) and wish now that I'd gotten a half size smaller. I'll probably order another pair soon.


The best cycling/walking shoe. Release can be tricky.

Review by Mark

By FAR the best shoe for cycling and walking. Tried them all. Have been using these with eggbeaters for four months daily and they are barely worn, very comfy, in rain, snow, hail, sun, exhaust. Agree with the half-size-smaller comments but have enjoyed the extra thick sock capacity in the cold. The one issue with the Kursk is the extra effort to release compared with SIDI's...be a little more conscious of your dismounts and you'll be fine. No problem with Crank Bro's cleats at all regarding walking. Get a pair while you can.


Really really freaking awesome

Review by M

I love these. I've only had them for a few days but they are so comfortable, supportive, and since I vastly prefer riding clipped, I can do so in relative style now! The sizing is a little weird if you're a lady (I found that the difference between half sizes was enough that one felt too snug, the one I ended up getting was a bit loose), but I made do with thick socks and tight lacing. I also kind of wish the cleat didn't hit the pavement, but I totally expected them to have some contact, so no big disappointment there. I took them 10 miles around town yesterday and they made it a breeze.

I have gotten tons of comments (nice ones) since coming in to work with them. They are hot hot hot and I love them.


2nd review

Review by sc

3 months down 5 days a week commute and holding strong. Called chrome about the sole issue (see march 15 review)and they said take a picture and we will take care of it. I have not done this yet because I don't want to commute without these shoes. I wear them after my commute around for hours before remember to take them off. Kursk pro is the real deal.


Good Shoes!

Review by Max McGee

I got these just the other day, have ridden to the post office and also on a 30 mile ride so far. I enjoy them quite a bit. Unfortunately for me, the cleat position is a little far forward and they kind of hurt my legs when biking, but that might just be my legs adjusting. In general I'm very happy with the shoe, and hope that the other reviews are correct in terms of their longevity!


Excellent SPD sneaker

Review by Bradley Foster

Bought these a few weeks ago after looking around town for a SPD sneaker... totally happy with them! They're super stiff and feel just as legit as my race shoes while riding on my crank brothers egg beaters. Sizing is a bit funny, I normally wear a 9-10 size shoe and had the go with the 8.5 in these and they're a bit snug (hopefully a break-in will fix that)... the 9 was too big. So I've got some cramped feet after long days at work. (otherwise, I'd give them a five)

As for the reviewers complaining of the cleat hitting, sorry to hear that! I'm using a standard Crank Brothers cleat and have nearly no cleat hitting (just once in a while when I actually try)

Bottom line - make sure you try them on to find the right size and don't worry so much about cleat noise if you're rocking CB cleats.


I really like my Chrome Kursk

Review by Torbjörn Karlin

It’s the perfect bike shoe for the every day biking around in Stockholm city and surroundings. Looks like a cool sneaker but performs like a stiff SPD bike shoe. I do around 30 kilometers a day and my Kursks are just perfect. Love them!!


What a great SPD shoe.

Review by Trogdor

I just took a trip to the new Chicago storefront two days ago and purchased these shoes, and already I have to remark on what a huge step up from my previous SPD sneakers these shoes are. They look fabulous. They clip in like a dream, the sole is stiff enough that it feels great when pedaling, and then, when I hop off the bike, I don't get that click-clack as I walk or hear the cleat grinding into the pavement (like I do with my Shimano sneakers), and the cleats, my cleats at least, are recessed enough into the sole that they won't scratch floors. They're as comfortable to walk around in as Chucks or Macbeths (though a touch heavier, naturally). And yes, I got them in silver to match my bag.

They run about a half size large, though; if you're ordering online, watch out for that.


Awesome shoe

Review by Randall Sprague

It is very refreshing to have a show I can wear to work then ride home. Good work. I am already thinking about the next pair I want to get when these ones wear out.


I Love These Shoes!!!

Review by Gary

I've been waiting to get these shoes for some time now and I'm quite satisfied with them. After already having two other Chrome shoes, i knew these would be right up my ally. So far, I'm finding that they are a great way to ease into having shoes that clip into pedals. They do run a bit big, even for me (i wear a 14). So far, wearing a second set of thin socks makes them fit perfect.


good urban bike shoes

Review by Julia

These shoes are really fun, and look great. I have ridden about 100 miles on them in the past week, with no break-in necessary. The tongue was a little stiff on my left foot, but I wore longer socks to get used to it.

The women's sizing is even weirder than the men's. I wear a size 9.5 or 10 in womens, and usually an 8 in men's shoes, so I got 7.5 men's sizing as recommended. Way too small. I ordered an 8 and it fits just fine.


great shoe overall

Review by fabian flores

Great shoe! It's a bit heavier than I expected but also more comfortable. One improvement that can be made is around the heel cup. If it had a padded heel collar (like most skateboarding shoes) the shoe would feel more securely placed around the foot. I bought a half size smaller and it fit beautifully. The Crank Brothers cleats only make contact when I'm tap dancing down the stairs of the Metro STN. Though they are perfect for hitting a bar or going shopping, I find myself changing shoes once I get to work. Great shoe. If Y'all come up with other styles I will certainly try them out!



Review by Andrea Naylor

Grocery stores are no longer a death trap slipping around in my SIDI's! The shoes are great for biking, walking and even working. I've worn these shoes everyday for over six months and will keep wearing them till they fall apart! I've never had any issues with the SPD! The sole is stiff enough for riding and breaks in a bit so it's comfortable for walking as well! I can't wait to try the mid-tops!


Best shoe ever? Not quite for me.

Review by Sam

Either I have freakish feet and never realized it for 28 years, or these shoes are made funny. I've never had problems with road shoes or regular shoes fitting correctly, but these suckers are strange. I normally wear 10 / 10.5 so I ordered 9.5 in these since the sizing is off. I definitely got the right size -- there is no way I could squeeze into a 9 . . . I can barely move my toes in these. BUT the HEEL SLIP is absolutely terrible. It's like I'm wearing flip flops. The back of my foot just comes straight out of the shoe every time I walk. Also, with regular Shimano SPD cleats I still get clickity-clack-cleat-strikes on both shoes when I walk. The whole reason I got these was so that I could have ONE pair of shoes for commuting. That's the whole point, right? Kind of defeats the purpose if they walk like flip flops and sound like high heels on hard floors. I imagine I'm screwed on returns since I already installed cleats. Waste of my $100. Sucks.


Decent? Maybe?

Review by Greg

So I bought these about a month ago when Chrome had there 16th year anniversary sale. I've used them every day for work since.

the good:
relatively cheap decent pair of clipless shoes
they look cool
the Codura outer shell is premium

the bad:
The heal slip succks.. wish I woulda gotten the Midways
The front rubber has started pealing off already.. I've had to super glue and ducktape it numerous times
The shoelaces should have a pocket to hide away into like many other cycling shoes, rather than the little elastic strip

I've been abusing these things like crazy, but according to there selling point, they can stand harsh abuse. not entirely true from my experiences.

happy i got them on sale, wouldn't pay full price for them again


3rd review. Real Deal.

Review by sc

Year 2. I have been commuting just about every day on them and they have held up. My only issue is the heel cup has broken up inside the canvas and is all lumpy and the material that is used in the cup has broken in to pieces and settled at the base of the heel.(this was not from sliding them off before untying them they fit to snug to do this)This has not stopped me from wearing them though. I have ridden my mountain bike on three seperate accasions on technical rocky NE trails for 2 hours on each ride with these shoes, twice because I forgot to put my MTB shoes in the car,. I thought my ride was over but realizied I was wearing my pro's, and once because I chose to wear them. They performed and felt like an old pair of nicly broken in sidis. Also the sole issue that I had in the begining has not become worse, the guys at chrome told me that they would replace them when I called them a year ago but I didn't bother.



Review by Jeff

so glad i got these for free. they are sewn together in the rear heal section with 2 pieces of fabric. they were the right size but right away they destroyed my heels, not to mention multiple of my favorite socks. was told to wear them in with water and abuse. rode them in the rain and also soaked them for a day and rode them with very thick socks. still same thing. in the end i traded them to a friend for a case of beer. he wishes he saved the beer.



Review by Jeff

so glad i got these for free. they are sewn together in the rear heal section with 2 pieces of fabric. they were the right size but right away they destroyed my heels, not to mention multiple of my favorite socks. was told to wear them in with water and abuse. rode them in the rain and also soaked them for a day and rode them with very thick socks. still same thing. in the end i traded them to a friend for a case of beer. he wishes he saved the beer.


Kursh Pro??? Kursh Amateur IMO

Review by Evan Olfert

I'm a size 10 and after reading the reviews I went with the 9.5. The fit is very snug and there's no room for my toes to move at all... That’s fine. But the heal slip is definitely not cool! My heel's slip with every step even with the super snug fit - and these suckers go through socks like they’re happy meals? WTF


Solid build

Review by fabian flores

I've been commuting and riding around town daily in these for a few months now. They barely show any wear and have not broken in or broken down. Nice and stiff for riding, and relatively comfortable for the market or a bar. I still take them off if i'm going to be off my bike for a few hours. Yesterday I rode with friends from Long Beach to Huntington Beach. Chilled at a Deli, had some beers. Walked out to a sand dune on Sunset Beach, and even out onto a jetty made of giant rocks. Didn't have to carry a set of shoes or even take these off.



Review by LP

Well, generally I'm not happy with these for the following reasons:

* I purchased a size smaller than what I normally take after reading many reviews - as well as being told by a Chrome staff member - that they run a full size larger than most shoes. Well, I think the full size is not quite right, it's more like half a size bigger, which means I have shoes that are a little too snuggly for my liking.
* There's little room in the toe box and the heel slippage is a real issue unless they're laced up really tight, in which case the circulation to the toes gets cut off. Mind you, the heel slippage has stopped somewhat since I've broken them in.
* SPD cleats protrude too much from the bottom of the shoe (even more than my worn out 4 year old entry level Shimano shoes) and there isn't enough material cut away from the cleat recess to get the cleats back as far as what I'd ultimately like.

On the plus side, they seem fairly durable and stand up well to a moderate soaking during rainy riding.
It's a case of the negatives outweighing these positives though, as far I'm concerned.
I expected better from Chrome. :(


Great shoes, if you can break them in

Review by Kevin

I've had these for nearly a year now and I love them! The break-in period is rough and long, but after about a month the heal-slippage issue is much less of an issue.

The sizing is a little strange, it would be nice if they simply went with industry standards rather than what ever they are trying to do, that said, I found the right size the first time.

I wish they were a little more water resistant/proof considering they are made by a leader in water proof bags. I can get in a good 20 minute rain-ride before my feet are soaked, then they are wet for days...

All of that said, these are built like a tank, and feel like they will last forever. They fit great with my Crank Bros clips. The "click-clak" is less than my road shoes but more than my mountain shoes, noting that they have a non-cleated walking surface so it does make them more quiet than my mountain shoes all in all.

They are super comfortable for stopping at the bar after work, but if your looking for something to wear all day comfortably, it doesn't exist. This is the closest I've found though!


I wish

Review by Bruno

I'm sorry to say this... I totally destroyed these in three(3) months. It was not in my best interest to do so as these things are, how shall i put it... sorta degentrofriskocorpromarkup o. you know like everything apple.
#1 The second day out of the box the cute little cr how do u fucking spell chrome! the cute little rubber tags(1 each shoe) fell off. Hey i got em back, i got super 77, right? so i lost those like the next day.
#2 Heel slippage. Toes numb feet blue. There's a fix.
#3 Third week in most of the rubber on the shoe is severely, audibly flapping!!! :- l It did, however, add a certain edge to my half wheeling technique.
#4 Last week The plastic sole f-#^#$ broke in half right behind the cleat.
#5 The cleat was always LOUD. Sounded like a $##^$#^#$%# HORSE cop commin up on u.
Thats it.
I really really LOVE Chrome. A week after i bought my first bag someone who needed it more than I.., got it, with a Full bounty! Money, cloths, tools, puter, desert I went to the warehouse to p/u a factory second for $40.00 bucks. Dude takes the cash no tax grabs the second out of my hands and rolls a brand new one into my greedy little clutches. I have 4 bags now. One for mom, daughter and two for me. I'm about to go belly up the $180.00 for that thing that rolls shut, you know the big bag. Just bummed about the shoes. So i am back to my shimanos that really smell bad. But they are almost 3 seasons old and I don't sound like a horse walkin the streets.
Style was cool for a couple o weeks.
have a nice day.


As advertised, nice urban shoe

Review by marc

Got these to commute to work, get the groceries and go out for coffee or beer with friends and they work out perfectly. I live and ride in the city and these fit the bill quite nicely.

I am used to super stiff mountain bike racing shoes so the kursks feel stiff but not so much that they are annoying.

I do have minimal heel slip. I think the heel cup could be a little more pronounced but i do not get discomfort when walking around. as other noted. Would not walk a marathon but hey, if you wanted comfy shoes and decent clipless performance, you will need to look on another planet because that combo is hard to come by here on earth...

I have Crank Bros pedals and cleats and i don't get any clicking unless walking on uneven ground. I've worn these at work all day this week with no issues. I do have a desk job and sit around a lot of the day.

On the bike they fell great, just stiff enough so that i can pedal with my eggbeaters without numb foot syndrome. Skidding and skip stopping is not an issue. Go ride, then get off, lock up and walk away without looking like a space cadet. Perfect.

In terms of sizing, i did not find them off that much. Initially ordered a sized 11 but really needed a size 12. For those who wear Shimano mountain bike shoes, i have size 12.5 (47 euro) and the Kurks size 12 is a perfect fit.

Quality looks good, i will have to report back when i have some miles on them. That will have to wait since it's still winter here and i need my boots... shoes don't cut it in -10 celsius weather!

Exchanging sizes was a real breeze. Shout out to Aaron at customer service who was super helpful and responded to my questions with lightning speed.


Great so far...

Review by william

i figured i would leave a review since i didn't read one that answered some of my questions.

this is my first foray into clipless, so i went with these shoes paired with crank bros eggbeaters. i wear a 10.5 in just about every shoe (vans, dress shoes, jack purcells, etc) and went with the 10.5 with these as well. i was concerned about fit, as i have a very wide foot (mostly at the ball of my foot area) and finding comfortable shoes can be a chore... they felt a little roomy, but i swapped the insoles for ones i pulled out of a pair of jack purcells and they got to perfect fit territory.

they are very stiff, i'm guessing this is a bit like what it would be to wear wooden clogs. i'm assuming "real" bike shoes are stiffer, but these certainly seem to transfer power to my pedals no-problem. before, i could feel a little bit of a bump where the cleat screws in, but swapping the insoles fixed this problem as well.

i did have a noticable amount of heel-slip, but this was another of the problems that seemed to go away with the jack purcell insoles.

i'm not getting very much tap-dance clacking when i walk around... it seems to be dependent on the surface (virtually nonexistent at home on my tile, but the concrete outside i hear it more often).

as for durability, i can't comment on that right now, as this is literally my first full day wearing them. i didn't wear them at work, i can't say they're THAT comfortable, but i'm certainly not uncomfortable. wearing them around the house right now in case i need to pop off and run an errand or two.

i hope to update this review at a later date and comment on durability some more, but otherwise, they are pretty awesome. several people i work with saw me ride in to work, looked at my pedals, and were confused how i kept my foot on them, so they definitely pass the "normal-looking-shoe" test.

i say, buy a pair, and if you don't like them, give them to me. i got grey, so i'll take a pair of the black in 10.5 please.


Incredibly uncomfortable

Review by Derek

They look awesome and feel like they'd last a long time however I found them to be incredibly uncomfortable. Too narrow pinching my toes together and the heel is so low my heel slipped out with every movement on and off the bike. I wish they would have worked out because they look really cool.
I guess I'll have to look into road bike shoes or just stick with my vans slip ins and cages.

So far I've loved both of my Chrome bags and hated the shoes and pants


I don't know what yall are talking about but...

Review by Brandon J.

...I love my Pros. I've had my for almost 4 months, and have experienced literally NONE of the problems that most people have brought up. Now, while most people would say "That's not enough time to break them in", I would say "You, sir or ma'am, are completely wrong".

In the time i've had these shoe I can honestly say i've put in a solid 300 miles. I wear athletic sock instead of cycling socks, so that may be helping prevent the dreaded heel slip. The cleat is nicely recessed in the shoe, so you don't really hear it when you're walking, depending on the surface. They're solid and rigid and stiff, which is awesome for transfering power.

I've gotta say that the elastic band on the tongue aka "the lace garage" is pretty handy but it loses its elasticity after about a month and a half. Chrome, yall may want to look in to fixing that or finding another way of keeping the laces secure. Maybe an overlapping velcro strap or something?

Like others have said, they're comfortable enough to wear and walk around all day in. Personally, I can only do about half a day. Haven't really deal with any rain or getting them soaked yet.

All in all, i think these are some pretty dope shoes. If you don't like the heel slip, buy some legit Shimano cycling shoes. If you like riding through the city in some casul clipless shoes, cop these.


Not well designed

Review by Alexis Faucher

I had another pair of chrome shoes (not spd) they were great, so I decided to spend the 100$ on these... I regret, this is why:

-Size is way too big! these size 10.5 are a lot bigger than my other chrome pair (or any other shoes I have ever tried)

-Way too heavy! heavier that my snow boots!

-Not symetric! One clip is "deeper" than the other one. I can feel it when I bike and when I walk its just ridiculous..:(

They look cool, but overall its a BAD PRODUCT
very disapointed :(


Gets the job done

Review by YBS

These shoes get the job done. I can ride in them and walk in them for a short period of time without clicking around.

People have this misconception that these shoes are meant to be worn to walk around in all day, news flash, THEY'RE NOT. I'm sure no one in their right mind would walk around in riding shoes all day. Working in these shoes would be dumb to do.

These are great to ride in, wear to grab a quick bite with your friends or even grab a drink. The whole point is to not wear your clunky cleats and these shoes help achieve that.


Like em alot

Review by Matt

Have been very pleased with this shoe. I previously rode mainly mountain biking off-road, all mountain, single track. Purchased a rigid 29er within the past couple of years that I have been riding on asphalt and cross country trails. My Fiveten shoes were a bit heavy. I now wear these shoes for all of my riding. They are comfortable, lighter than my other shoes, and the SPD aspect works great for me. Plus they look better than my other shoes. Toe area is stiff enough to deflect most rocks and trail debris. Have worn them approximately 30 rides with no visible premature wear. The tread on the bottom isnt great for hike a bike, but I have done so, with little problems. Would recommend these for most applications, for an all around commuter/XC trail shoe, that you can wear to the bar, I think they do great.



Review by Connor

Picked up a pair about three months ago, hated them til I broke them in and then became pretty fond of them. Over the past two weeks the sole on the right shoe has began separating from the rest of the shoe, I imagine I could get maybe another two weeks before they completely come off, since I bought them from secondhand from someone who wore them once and decided they were not the right size I cannot warranty them, very disappointed considering I have a ~13 year old chrome bag which is still in fantastic shape. These would be great shoes if they held up


pleasantly supprised

Review by vader

After reading negative reviews on these shoes I was hesitant to buy them. I was worried about heel slip, durability and comfort. people said they took a long time to break in and weren't all that great.... I love them... They were amazingly comfy from the moment I tried them on. I did get a blister in the first week on my right heel but only small and didn't last long.
they are comfy for riding or walking. I had to make an un expected pit stop on a ride and ended up walking around in them for a good 2 hours and they were fine...
Send me a second pair in another colour and I'm set!


Good for riding, could be better for walking/standing

Review by Nathan

Got a pair of the black kursks a couple of weeks ago and have been satisfied on the whole. They are great for riding and I've spent many hours riding in them at a time, for this, they're great. Once you clip out, the story changes...the stiff soles are not great if you have to spend all day on your feet at work after riding in. In addition, there seems to be a bit of a quality control problem with the cleat area of the sole. Once I installed my SPD cleats, I noticed that the cleat on the right shoe was a little tilted, this means that each step on concrete with my right foot involves some clacking. In addition, the exposed part of the cleat introduces a slick surface on the bottom of the shoe and could pose a problem walking on linoleum. Overall, not amazed, not unhappy either, just satisfied.


Great for touring around

Review by Crystal

Just got these a couple of weeks ago. I captain a tandem and city hot spot tour. The shoes worked great for holding the bike steady while my daughter climbs on, and for walking into shops or restaurants. Great fit. I was worried that the generic shoe would look bulky, but they wear like a solid sole tenny in the right proportions.


classy and kick-assy

Review by Steve Corona

been wearing these for about 3 months now, and i think i've taken then off once to shower. i got blisters the first week and heard they were uncomfortable from others, but after that they fit beautifully. i have put them through hell and they haven't complained yet. i wear a 10.5 in nike and found that a 9.5 fits best for the kursk pro. i've recommended them to others and will continue doing so.


These make you ♥ your

Review by aziob

The road bike has crankbrothers candy pedals. The cleats that came with those pedal are on these shoes. The cleats do not need the spacer. The stay recessed below the sole allowing you to walk however you wish. Shoe changes are no longer necessary. The suggestion to buy ½ below your regular size is good. I bought 1 full size below the size I usually wear in other shoes. These are *real* clipless pedal shoes. I am getting just about the same efficiency I would from most other peddled bike shoes.


The Best Cycling Shoes I've Ever Owned

Review by Duane D.

I've gone through so many shoes over the years that I've lost count. I've spent nearly a $100 on a pair of shoes that began to fall apart in just a couple of months because they weren't meant to be worn everyday. These shoes are meant to be worn everyday and I have done that for the better part of a year. My shoes aren't in showroom condition by any means. But, I'm confident that these shoes could last for another year before i have to replace them. These shoes are the kind you want to own if you ride everyday, especially if you're tired of having to buy a new pair of shoes every three months.


Pretty good compromise to form vs. function.

Review by Steven Kalinowski

These shoes are exactly what they appear to be, nothing more but certainly nothing less; if you want a casual looking kick while maintaining most of the extra comfort and efficiency of a clip-less system then these are simply fantastic. As others have noted, they simply aren't comfortable for walking any long distances, but then, that's not what they are for. They are for those of us whom bike to and fro to work, school, a library, etc., where we spend the majority of our time simply standing or sitting. They'll keep you from having to duck/penguin walk or carry around an extra pair of shoes while giving off the aesthetic of something more old-school.

Yeah, they're heavy, but would you compete in them? No. Yeah, there's a little heel rub. Just make sure the pair you buy fits really well and put on some thicker sport socks.

The pair I have look really, really well made, manufactured in China or not, but they are still a canvas-like material and quite a simple shoe. Expect the life expectancy to match the material composition and quality.


Just Arrived

Review by King Sluggo

A friend told me that he read a review that they were cheaply made. Mine just arrived and they look pretty solid and tight. I took them out for a spin and so far they are awesome. My only gripe is that they don't fit my Speedplays (love my Speedplays). But that's what exacto knifes are for :)).
Keep peddling brothers and sisters...


Spoke Too Soon on the Last Review

Review by Duane D.

After 14 months of almost daily use, the sole finally cracked on my right shoe and so I bought a new pair. Still, a year and two months is more than could be expected for any other brand of cycling shoes. I'm confident these will last as long as my old pair did.


Awesome SPD Everyday Comuter Shoe

Review by chmiko

If You Ride SPD In The City These Shoes Are A Must Have.
But Look Out For This Design Flaw, The Inside Heal & Piping Wears Quickly!
When Walking The Heal Slips Out Due to The Stiff Sole, This is Normal But Causes the above mentioned
I wish Chrome would reinforce the inside heal and piping with some sort of leather or Rubber.
Over All The Shoe Is Fantastic On And Off The Bike


Great shoe for riding but not so much for walking!!

Review by Kris

These are my first pair of bicycle shoes and love the clip-less. The shoes look great and appear to be made to last. I can see where the heel area might have more wear as others have mentioned but I'm fine with that. I have PF (plantar faciiatis) so I was worried about the stiffness of these shoes. The first 2 weeks of riding was rough due to cramping but today I barely had any so the shoes must be breaking-in some or my feet might just be getting use to wearing such stiff shoes. I bought these because I ride my bike to work and didn't want to have to lug any extra shoes. Problem is that the cleats stick out just enough to make it so I have to walk on my heels on hard surfaces. I can walk mostly normal on the carpeted areas. These are SPD cleats so I'm curious what styles of SPD are recessed enough so the cleat doesn't interfere with walking? I would rate 5 stars if the cleat didn't stick out!


I point them out all the time

Review by David

I work at a bike shop and i heard mixed reviews and didn't want to sell bad shoe at the shop. so i ordered some for myself to test them out. I love the shoes.
They do the job i wanted them to do. The are comfortable and I can't even feel the clip when walking. The only thing is when walking on rough gravel or up a slop you can hear the scratching of the clip. but after a few months of wearing them everyday the clip still works. Some say the shoe slips off. well get the right size and tie the shoe right, don't be lazy. ha.
Over all I love the shoe entirely and the small scratching is more than worth it.


Comfortable Clipless

Review by Evan

The shoes work great for clipless pedals. Granted they are not high performance race shoes, but aren't designed to be. They are comfortable, fairly warm and walk well. I do wish that the sole was thicker. I still hear the super crunch when walking on the sidewalk and sometimes notice a little foot slippage due to the cleat contact, which might be cured if the cleat was more recessed. Overall they are a decent street shoe adapted to clipless pedals.


I wanted to love them.

Review by Gabriel

I really wanted to love these shoes, but I just couldn't.
I bought my first pair in my normal shoe size, because i neglected to read up on the sizing down of the Kursk. I put them on, walked around, and mounted my cleats before I decided they were way too big, and wasn't able to return them. So I thought i would still give em a shot, I had no problems mounting my cleats with the exception of the stubborn cleat plate under the sole. My egg beaters fit perfectly in the recessed area, and worked great when I was on the bike.
The metal rings around the ventilation holes started to fall off within the first week which wasn't a big deal, but was rather surprised after hearing that these are "bomb proof" and would last a long time. My BIGGEST issue with these shoes though is the heal slip. Off the bike it really sucked. Got supper annoyed every time I had to walk around, and when I would ride to work, i had to bring a separate pair of shoes...which is exactly why I bought these, so I wouldn't have to do that. Because I really like the way these shoes looked, felt (at a stop), and rode, I decided to order another pair in size smaller(9).
Got em in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and bam...the heal slip was still there despite going smaller. I read up that fitting the shoes with a different insert could potentially relieve some of the slip, so I tried it with every insert i had from the shoes laying around my closet with both pairs, the 9.5s & 9s, and it didn't do squat. I knew if i went down another size (8.5) my toes would be way too cramped up, and would make for a real shitty ride. Sent em back, and got my refund. Super bummed all around. I wanted something that looks great (which they do), but more importantly fit well on and OFF the bike. I would really advise trying them on at a LBS before pulling the trigger. If there was no heal slip, easily would have been 4 or 5 stars.


Great Shoe, Strange Sizing

Review by Alex

I've had mine for a few months now, and really like 'em - durable (so far), comfortable, pretty warm, good looking, and easier to walk in than I expected.
I will say that you should *definitely* try them on before buying them - the sizes do not align with anything else I wear.


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