Kursk Black/Black Bike Shoe

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Classic urban bike sneaker with military grade nylon uppers that are 25 times stronger than canvas and a nylon-reinforced sole. Performance and classic looks you can wear all day. Also available in black and grey

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Worth the wait

Review by Benjamin

You may need to spend half of whatever's left of your life breaking these in, but once you do, you'll be glad you did. Once you get them softened up and they're not giving you blisters so bad you'd rather saw of your leg, they're amazing. I'm not kidding. You'll spend two months hating them because they kill and then they become the best shoes you've ever had. I seriously wouldn't wear anything else while riding. I have Odyssey Twitter Pedals on my bike, which are sticky and comfortable as it is, but the tread on these shoes sticks to them like glue. The best part is the drop in sock liner. Cushion for days. Plus, the outsole is really springy and returns energy a running shoe, which helps you get the most out of pedaling. On top of everything else, they're super durable. These might look a little like Chucks, but they take in stride what would make Chucks cry for their moms.


Good, Break-In Period Is a Little Annoying

Review by Josh

It's sad to see that chrome seems to be moving away from their line of shoes with these insoles- I owned nothing but midways for a couple years and was really bummed when they discontinued them as they were without question the best shoes I've ever owned.

These are great too- I bought a pair of the navy ones as they were being discontinues mostly because I like the brand, they were only $20 and I needed new work shoes. They took a couple weeks to break-in; the toe cap dug into my feet for a little while, but softened and they became just as comfortable as the midways over time.

I hope Chrome realizes they've got a great design here and start making more of these soon instead of phasing them out in favor of the Forged series, which are OK (nicer looking, I think), but not as comfortable or durable.


best dam shoe I've ever owned

Review by alreddy2

I have had this type of chrome shoes for about six or seven years and I could honestly say they are more comfortable than any walking shoe or athletic shoe. I've spent countless hours on my feet with these shoes and absolutely no foot fatigue occurs. The only reason I am giving this shoe a lower rating than highest is the design of the innersole and "crash pad". After several months the "crash pad" becomes loose and the rubber piece starts moving out of place. It's not stressful to put them back into position but it does get a little annoying when you have to do it everyday. BUT STILL IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE I'VE EVER OWNED even after months and months of use :) p.s: they wear a lot quicker when you use them to ride bikes....my advice: "DON'T". wear a cheaper and affordable shoe or buy a pair of cleats and replace your pedals.


Long-term review

Review by Dewber

Time to share a review for shoes that are still in excellent shape after 4 years of hard use. I wore these to work in a bike shop, riding to work almost daily, and then working as a wrench 9-10 hours per day. Hardly a thread has broken free. They're also comfortable. I was going to wait until they wore out and order SPD but looks like I better just pull the trigger. Thanks, Chrome, for another great product.


amazing shoes and customer service

Review by Ken

i recently visited San Francisco and long story short my vans got ruined and need a new pair of shoes ASAP. I walked over to the chrome store and bought a pair of midways on sale, i was walking around that night and a rivet popped, went back the next day and was just going to pay the difference for these and instead they did an even exchange for me. Not only are these shoes super comfy and did a great job walking and biking all over SF, but the customer service was top notch, chrome has a customer for life.


Rad Rad Rad!

Review by Matt Alvarez

These are my everyday wear and riding shoes, good flex in the sole for walking but stiff enough to ride in. Extremely comfortable and can take a beating!


Most solid riding shoes I've owned.

Review by Matt

I got these shoes from the Turds for Gold promo earlier this year and I couldn't be happier. These have taken me through races, group rides, commuting, and everyday walking with just a few scuffs and mud to show for it, no doubt these are going to last me quite a long time.


Tough Stuff

Review by Clark

These shoes look really fantastic, whether beat up or brand new. No matter if you are a cyclist or just a fan of good shoes - you will be satisfied with a pair of Kursks. The laces feel really durable, and have metal tips sealing off each side.

My only complaint would be that they make my feet stink. Although all shoes seem to do that.


Best sneakers I've owned

Review by David

I've had a pair since they were first released and a second from the turds for promo, and they hold up better than any pair of sneakers I've owned before (I'm particularly rough on my shoes). Well worth the money.


Bombproof Shoe

Review by Rick

These shoes were made to take the abuse of riding. The thick shoe fabric holds up well against scuffing and rubbing against pedals and toe straps. The rubber toe cap keeps hour toes comfy in the toe clips and doesn't get scratched up. The thick sole is a good balance between feeling the pedal and transferring power. My online complaint is that I really have to wedge that rubber toe cap into MKS clips but I do wear a big old size 11. I bet the shoe s would fit perfectly with Soma clips. This shoe will conform to your foot nicely after a few days and last way longer than other canvas shoes. I recommend them.


get this one not that one

Review by HotTodduy

best bike shoe out - without looking like a pile of poo!


Best Riding shoes.

Review by Jim Jessee

These shoes were made to take the abuse of riding and take everything you give them.


Pretty solid shoe

Review by A Chicago Guy

Are those Converse? NO! Those would have fallen apart within a week of what my Kursks went through. Damned durable and something I can wear to work when off the bike. Glad to have gotten mike in the Turds for Gold promo. Will buy another pair when these wear out . . . eventually.


These shoes are amazing!

Review by Jason Austin

First, these were from the turds for gold promo. Couldn't have been a better trade. Absolutely comfortable from day one, and though my riding in them has been excessivily minimal, they haven't left my feet. I've been on tour all summer and these shoes have made it easy. Thank you Chrome, you've done it again.



Review by alang

these shoes are currently the only ones i own that don't hurt my feet! they have been super comfy and i have abused the crap out of them, but still they look good enough to wear to work at my office job!
this summer i have ridden with them nearly a thousand miles including an offroad tour on a pugsley. they are my favorite shoe i own by far. i won't hesitate buying a similar pair when i shred these.
there are smelling pretty bad at this point, but i can't really blame the shoe for that!


Solid platform shoe, with a few niggles.

Review by Nate

I'll preface this by saying I only ride flats pedals while downhilling/dirtjumping on mountain bikes. For road riding/messengering/commuting, I'm usually on some form of clipless.

That said, these are great riding (and everyday) shoes. The sole is stiff enough for power transfer to be acceptable on the bike, yet not so stiff walking is clunky/uncomfortable (like with a 5.10 Impact or clipless shoe). They rubber compound is sticky enough to keep you on the pedal through the shit, but not so sticky you can't adjust foot position (once again looking at you, 5.10).

Honestly, these are the best dirtjumping shoes I've found. The slightly burlier high-top Chrome models might be better for DHing, where more protection is required. I also use these everyday, and they're solid when used out of their element - like when I'm too lazy to throw on some clipless shoes and want to make a quick grocery store run on the roadie.

That said, my two issues with the shoes:
-One of the lace grommets in the uppers came apart. Not a huge deal, just kind of annoying.
-My pervading footstench has thoroughly infiltrated these. No amount of Febreeze seems to vanquish it. I'm going to start trying more extreme methods.

Anyway, Chrome - make an SPD-compatible shoe in the vein of the Kursk! Every messenger in the states would pick them up. Slightly stiffer footplate, recessed cleat mount...GOLD! They'd sell like hotcakes amongst us who prefer the efficiency/safety of a clipless system over cages.


Rad Kicks

Review by todd

Super comfortable and durable....and style!! The footbed is great for riding or just walking around. I highly recommend these shoes.


The iron curtain of shoes (whatever that means)

Review by Thomas Naranjo

I was skeptical about how true to size these shoes were. I put them on and all doubts vanished... they were spot on @ 10.5. Super comfy, also, these shoes are breathable and don't cook your feet to jerky when you're out on the city streets (mine are gray).
But it's the details that make these sooo great! I wasn't expecting the laces to come with METAL tips! SCORE! Also, you can store the loops of your laces in the elastic loops so they don't get caught in your chainwheel. The rubber sole is grippy and RED. But the part I like most is the board lasted sole that prevents foot fatigue/pedal poke when you're pedaling for longer periods of time. Every morning I look forward to slipping these bad boys on. They rock.


Simple, stylish and comfortable.

Review by Rene Gauthreaux

Got this shoe free from the mail in promotion. It is the 1st shoe I have had in 10 years that was not Etnies and it has made me a convert. Not only is the shoe comfortable but I have gotten so many compliments on it. I'd recommend this company to anyone looking for a solid comfortable tennis shoe



Review by Kevin Pennyfeather

These shoes are great, stylish, and functional.

The Tread on the shoe locks into most platform pedals quite nicely!



Review by Andrew

ive been kicking the crap out of these things on my bike and pedicab for months now are you can barely tell ive been wearing them at all



Review by JOSH




Review by Chris Ramsey

I've been wearing these everyday for the past 6 months. I found the size to be true to other shoes. When I pulled these out of the box I was surprised with the thick canvas and metal tip shoe strings. Truly built to last! Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. I can walk and ride in these all day without issue. Sole design keeps you from feeling any pedal discomfort period.



Review by Ryan

I absolutely love these shoes. The sole is stiff, and this shoes can definitely take a beating! They have a simple design which you can wear with just about anything as well!


Excellent all-purpose shoes

Review by Vlad

Having a somewhat stiff sole, these shoes are perfect for riding, while still being comfortable enough for walking. The shoes use good materials and the build quality is great, both in terms of appearance and function.


solid shoe

Review by helkimchee

i've been wearing the kursk at least 5 days a week for the last 5 months. out of the box, these shoes are stiff as boards but you come to appreciate this sturdiness when pedaling furiously on city streets. it definitely makes a different for me when riding on streets badly in need of some repaving. the shoelaces are ridiculously long, but i solve this issue by tucking them into the elastic tongue strap midway down the shoe.

major parts of shoe are solidly constructed.
fabric seems bulletproof.
can wear them with just about anything.

peripheral parts of shoe are peeling off (red plastic stripe and reflective backing).
break-in period can hurt your feet.


Bommber Shoe, But Narrow Sizing

Review by climb_ca

Shoes have held up well, I probably bought one of the first generation, so have had time to test it. One year of daily riding, no holes. Rubber around the flex points is starting to wear, but not like Vans or others alternatives. The cordura is kind of hot and it's sized narrow at least the 1st gen were. Have a hard time wearing them in the office all day if I'm sitting around. Have to take them off.


shoe love

Review by aye

i absolutely love these shoes! i find myself wearing them more often than not and they take a pretty decent beating. i tend to wear my shoes out in no time, but so far these are still going strong. the only downside for me was they were pretty stiff and took a while to break in.


Great Shoe, but it takes time to break in

Review by Rick

Off the bat, you can tell the soles are super comfy, but then you notice there's not a lot of give in the flex (good for riding!), and not a lot of flex in the upper (bad for comfort). I developed a few blisters breaking them in. But it's worth it. Make sure to get the right size, because these things don't stretch out. Apparently the upper is not stretchable, so while thats good for durability, it's bad for out-of-the-box comfort.

All that being said, I don't regret getting a pair at all. The pain is worth the lasting comfort.


The Perfect Riding Shoe

Review by Kevin Deng

Chrome Krusk, The Riding Shoe You’ve been waiting for!

It took me forever to decide whether I was going to spring for the Chrome Kursks. At $70 they were something I really had to decide on. But man I’m glad I did.

Ride Function:
These shoes were built for rides. As far as function, the shoes really started to reveal the difference from my other favorite pedaling shoes (I wear a lot of onitsuka tiger) with the quality of the sole. It’s significantly thicker and reinforced and strikes this very sweet balance with a pair of MTB cycling shoes and a pair of sneakers. You get much more stability and support and so my foot is moving around much less when pedaling.

Excellent Quality:
The quality of the shoe really starts to show in the details. Steel tipped laces were a nice touch. The material doesn’t feel cheap at all. The soles are also much more tacky and have great traction, but that might wear off in the future. Even small things like the lace garage (which is just an extra strap to tuck your laces in…) was a nice touch, although really it never occurred to me to tuck my laces in the first place. The solid construction of the sole feels pretty indestructible and also adds almost an inch to your height too. (Black/Red sneaker + 1” extra height = sexy bonus) Although, because the sole is much thicker / solid, you don’t have the same amount of ‘feel’ as you would a pair of chucks or slip ons.

The fit is great for me. It reminds me to be closer to a pair of adidas or tigers rather then a pair of chucks. Which is good because I hate riding in chucks.

While I was hesitant to buy at first, but they’re everything I could have wanted and more. I’m completely ready to get my next pair.



Fun shoe, procede with caution

Review by Matthew R.

I got my pair of Kursks about a month ago, and I really like them. They are comfortable, have good support and a very solid feel. They have great styling and what appears to be great attention to detail. My favorite feature is the lace loop that lets you tuck away the lace ends and keeps then out of the way of your sprockets or whatever puddles you might be traipsing though.

My only quibble is that they don't seem to be very sturdy. I've only subjected them to light use and minimal walking and the outside corners of the heels are already worn down. More disconcerting is that the tape that surrounds the outsoul is starting to peel off and exposing strings and threads all over the place. I don't know if I got a bad pair or what. It seems odd that they would break down that fast given the attention to detail.

Final verdict: I would recommend these shoes, just be aware you may need to replace them sooner rather than later.


Great for biking, ok for walking

Review by Grave Concern

I agree with another review posted - these are excellent shoes for cycling. The toe cap is rigid and durable, the sole has great support and the little things like the sturdy metal eyelets and elastic to hold the laces down are added bonuses.

I had no noticable wear after weeks of biking with these, its only when I started using these as daily (walking) shoes - the edges of the soles started wearing down and exposing threads. The tape with the red strip on the sides of the soles started coming unpeeled a little. I dunno, if you use these solely for biking, then you definately get your money's worth. I'm totally happy with them for that purpose, I just stick to other shoes for doing regular stuff around town off my bike.


Awesome but you have to brake them in.

Review by Madeline

These shoes are super sturdy and great for riding, but you have to brake them in for a week or two. Kind of rough to walk in for a few weeks. Socks mandatory.


Perfect for biking almost perfect for walking

Review by Alegiust

From Italy.
Super red sole - Super toe - made of cordura - yes you have to break them but all kind of shoes need some breaks.
Good enough confort for walking or staying up all day.
Great style. cordura+tough sole+toe = unique shoes for this kind.


Kick Ass shoes

Review by Sebastien Mignot

These shoes are really great, nice features (ie lace bridge, plastic cover for toe clips, etc.).

Two down sides (hey... nothing's perfect ;o):
1- a bit hard to break in;
2- When walking with it them, the rubber band near the sole get damaged easily exposing threads, etc. and the band of rubber comes off easily too... I'm more biking then walking with these !

So basically a REALLY good biking (especially if you use toe clips) shoe.

For the next generation of Kursk make the rubber band around the sole a bit more durable.


Chrome products are one of the best if not ZE best !


Shoes are awesome!

Review by LL

Fit is great. They were comfortable right out of the box. No breaking in period for me. Perfect for wearing on the bike and all day long.


Pretty good, with some sizing issues

Review by Liam Dennis

So far as a whole they have been very comfortable, great on my falling arches. My only complaint is that they don't size quite as I expected. They feel like they are 1/4 size to big, and I ordered them the same size as my converse. The only problem with this really is that for me the top edge has a tendency to dig in to my ankle. But seeing as I am stil in high school, I;m assuming that won't last long, haha. Other then that they are great. the power transfer is amazing, go so much faster now. Other then that minor issue i hope to figure out, I love them


Great shoes, will buy again

Review by Steven

I love these shoes. Comfy and always attracting compliments. Great for riding especially with rat-traps/toe clips.

As mentioned in another review, my only issue is the rubber lining around the bottom deteriorates quickly. The first pair I had (ordered a few days after these shoes came out) had to be replaces under warranty after 2 months. The second pair definitely addressed the issue and they held up for several more months, but still fall prey to the same issue. I'm not complaining since they replaced the first pair and the second held up as good as any other shoe I've had (better since I've been abusing this pair more than any other).

In short, more durable than Converse and a heck of a lot more comfortable. Will be getting another pair when this pair dies.


OK, but deteriorated quickly

Review by Brent Bublitz

I got a pair of these in the free-shoe promotion they held a short while ago after trading in an old pair of Docs. They look great and are really comfortable and I was supper happy with them. I'm not a bike rider, I just wear them to the office and back and not usually as my daily shoes. Less than a year later the stitching around the bottom has started fraying and the inside around the heal is torn up from wear. I'm still wearing them right now and they are so comfortable that I plan to continue to do so until they disintegrate completely. Still, would have been nice if they could last more than a few months.


Stick to making bags

Review by Jenna W.

The cusioning and power transfer is exellent when riding.

I bought these thinking of the flawless quality of my chrome bag. The rubber sidewall bumper is peeling off where it makes some contact with the crank arm and some of the red wall stripe is peeling off as well and I didn't have them more than 2 months. They have a tendency to be a slight discomfort to my heel when I wear them for long periods of time off and on because of that layer of reinforcement inside at the heel support.


Great shoes

Review by Yellow Jersey

Don't ever stop making shoes. These are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. I would love to see a BMX shoe with a little padding on the inside of the shoe between the crank arm and the ankle. However unless you're doing 360s down big stair sets it's not going to effect you.

I'll buy these again and again.


good shoes

Review by Chris

These are nice shoes for what they are intended for, i.e, provide more cycling function than chucks/top-siders type canvas shoes. Stiff at first, the heal almost gave me a blister, but they eventually break in nicely. The garage strap is pretty useless on mine, way too loose.

Chrome needs to make an SPD version. MW's stuff is too brown wasteland for me.


Great Shoe, not sure about the heel though

Review by Scott

I just got these last night. I was super excited and looking forward to them. After only wearing them a few hours, i did feel like the extra heel reinforcement was hurting my right foot. I am not sure if this is the "break-in" thing others were talking about, but I will wear them around the house a little more to see what I. The soles are nice and stiff and the insoles are comfortable without feeling like I am walking in marshmellows like most shoes like this. Not 100% sure if they will work for my walking and on feet all day needs, but a great shoe.


fell apart really quickly

Review by Lydia

I ordered these shoes a year ago. Since it was winter, I ended up wearing them while walking from my car to the office more often than biking. Within three weeks, the rubber around the soles frayed and came off. After a few more wears- the rubber was completely loose around the soles. They didn't survive until Spring.

Very sad- especially for the price.



Review by Stove

So I've been rocking my Kursk's for two months straight now and they are in a word, Awesome! I do bike delivery in all weather and these shoes never leave me feeling nervous. The soles are plenty grippy dry, they slide right in to my toe clips and off I go to my next stop. They repel all but the heaviest of rain and breath enough to not get too swampy. So far after daily wear and tear the seams and the vulcanized spots are all still quite intact . No fraying or separation of the sole from the cloth. These shoes are like converse or vans but actually durable and practical.

I do have a few minor quibbles bu it seems like everyone does( feet are all different?)
First off, they are just a touch too narrow. I don't have particularly wide feet, but they are pinched just a bit at the balls of my feet. Also, some of the seams inside the shoe and the tongue attachment feel huge when your wearing them. I wear thick wool socks but some days it was a bit much. Mine are broken in now and it's not really noticeable but it could be an issue for people who don't like thick socks. A model that is shipped waterproofed would be cool too, but that's the northwest in me talking. Once again these are minor quibbles and I plan on buying a new pair soon. No more cons for me, not when I can get a shoe that looks just as good and actually holds up to real life.

Thanks for making the shoe I've always wanted guys!


why do your shoes suck?

Review by Seth

so this is the second of my chrome shoes and both times the rubber band around the bottom fell apart with a quickness, which just looks plain ugly. i don't know if it's my drillium platform pedals that tear it up or what, but i've worn chucks that lasted longer. the crash pad/reinforced sole is awesome and the rest of the shoe is pretty bulletproof but they're not very comfy (granted i have duck feet) maybe a wide-size version would be nice. long story short, i'll never waste the money on chrome shoes again until the falling apart issue is resolved, but that's because even tho they're ugly looking now, i anticipate they'll last for a long, long time (and they're great in the snow)


After initial hesitations, I love them

Review by Scott

I wrote that I was hesitant about the heel and what not as I was not buying these with biking in mind. Well, after wearing them around the house for a few days at a time, I got them broken in and finally got a day without too much snow that I could wear them. Let me tell you, these are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes like this i have ever worn. They are nice and strong on the bottom so i do not feel every pebble or whatever on the ground but supportive and cushiony enough to hold up to a day of walking back and forth. I am thinking of a higher pair for the rest of the winter. love them.


these shoes are tanks, real solid

Review by sean

i have been riding with these shoes for about 4 months. they are supersolid great stiffness alround incredible quality work. a bit tight for my size but no big deal - i'll just go 1/2 size up next pair. never waver on quality - these shoes will always sell themselves . i'm so impressed ...rok on



Review by Devo

These shoes are nice if you use straps, and they're stiff for riding. I feel like they will last a while, but the rubber falls off after a week. lame.


Couldn't be happier

Review by Sean

The Kursk are great, they ride really well - stiff, pliable and grippy on the pedals. The pattern on the bottom must really help. Nice touch with the reflective strip on the rear. Around town they are just great too- love the metal tabs on the end of the laces. The uppers are sort of a waxed canvas- pliable yet still just the right stiffness. They shed dirt and water effectively, not perfect but still very good. I like the grey and red combo. Only complaint is sometimes I get a hot spot on my right foot where I had some slight nerve damage in the foot but at 280lbs the padding holds up. They run very true to size. I love them 8 months later as much as when they were new.


Great riding shoes.

Review by Landon Siske

When riding, they feel great. But for just walking around, they seemed to rub quite a bit. The Midways are better for walking in. Also the black ones stained a few pairs of my white socks black, but this only happened with the first few wears. They also don't get torn up in a crash, i've tested it...


five stars

Review by keith skowron

lets just say that the news today that the "KursK" is coming out w/SPD sole is a gift from GOD as I have dreamed of this fusion and am in need of new shoes because I put in real miles and use "eggbeaters" and I WANT THESE freakin shoes NOW!!!!


almost completely awesome

Review by Andrew

Great sturdy shoes; very durable. Perfect for riding but not the best for walking. The seam along the heel is kinda gnarly because the material is so heavy duty. This is ideal for longevity but not so much for one's skin. This hiccup could easily be solved by an extra pad or bit of material to soften the seam line. I love the shoes so i'm gonna take my pair to a shoe shop to solve this problem. I hope CHROME addresses this design flaw.



Review by Chris

Rubber lining fell apart and these shoes destroyed my feet. Everything else is really durable, but I have wide feet and developed a lot of blisters very quickly. Assuming Chrome is just new to this, but not trying again for a bit.


Awesome Shoes!!

Review by Ann

I'm a cyclist who is not a fan of "clipping-in", especially after total knee replacement surgery...so I've been using "converse low tops" instead of cycling shoes. I have "power grips" on my pedals and the cons slip in and out easily (but they lack any support at all). Then, I discovered your "con-like" shoes and bought a pair to try out. OMG...they are so comfortable!! They have a nice solid sole, good support, stylish looks and totally outperform the cons! They are especially PERFECT for long distance riding. I ride 30 miles plus, 3 times per week and my toes begin to fall asleep around mile 20 when I wear my cons! But, I haven't had that problem since I started wearing your Kursk shoes. As my cons wear out (I have at least 10 pair) I plan on replacing them with more Kursk Cordura. I understand you have discontiued some of the bright colors...I hope you will stock more color choices in the near future...because I love color...and this cyclist needs more Chrome!!


Awesome shoes

Review by Kyle

I bought two pair of these, in black and brown, over a year ago when they first came out. I have worn one pair or the other every day since then. They both are still in great shape, and besides a few scuffs on the toe, look practically new. I ride to work/school everyday and they have held up great. Will buy again, but, it probably won't be for a few more years!


fan for ever

Review by marc montoya

so i have been a fan of chrome for years ever since i found my chrome messenger bag. i kept saying i wanted to try the shoes but was afraid of payin 70 bucks for something that wouldnt be comfortable. well i finally bought me a pair of shoes, and now i am ready to order my 2nd. not because the first one is worn out, but just so i can have a different color since that is all i wear now. the shoes are comfortable both biking and casual wear. looking forward to getting my second pair.



Review by bread

I really like these shoes; they're comfortable and good looking. Build quality is kinda suspect...they wear down quickly.

These shoes are MADE IN CHINA. I'd prefer to buy shoes that are USA made and made without sweat labor and feature the normally bomb-proof quality and construction that Chrome is known for.

I wish Chrome were a bit more transparent about their labor sources. I wouldn't mind paying extra for US made shoes.


Totally Stoked

Review by BikingGel

My first pair of Kursks arrived today. Couldn't wait to get home and take them for a ride. It was WELL worth the wait. Supportive, sticky, slips in and out of my clips (my old shoes would jam on the nubs). Great shoes, can't wait to use them on my commutes.


Not for wet weather

Review by Alex Flores

First of all...MADE IN CHINA. One reason I love this company, was the little tag in my bag that said MADE IN USA. I opened up the package, but was disappointed upon finding no such label on the shoes. Now this didn't totally turn me off of them at first.

But real talk, I thought it would be the best casual bike shoe out there. It had reflective tape on the heel, but that wore out after 5 weeks of moderate (yes I wear other shoes) use.

The rubber soon wore out (thank you China), not that it was a huge problem, they still functioned well.

And...the kicker: These are terrible, I mean terrible for wet weather. I'm not talking about raining heavily, but even if the roads are moist. there were so many times in these conditions where it was near impossible to get into my toe straps.

These basically became a pair of glorified converse's


somewhat disappointing

Review by Dominic Antonelli

I bought a pair this winter because I just need a new pair of shoes and didn't get the chance to ride with them until today. I'm disappointed. For starters the elastic strap that supposed to hold the laces down, wasn't even on my pair. Second: make sure you have big clips because mine did not slip in and out easily. It was actually pretty difficult. Also with that you might want the Dresden or the Tobruk because the laces at the front got caught a little too. (I'm not talking about the loose ends)
Other than that they've been good to me as a basic pair of shoes.



Review by Chris O'Neill

I got these about 3 weeks ago looking for a water-resistant, breathable, durable cycling shoe for commuting everyday. So far so good. The soles are stiff enough for regular use on the bike, they keep my feet warm but not too warm. I'm really pleased EXCEPT.... The rubber band along the bottom of the shoe (mine has red stripes there) are already falling off! Both shoes... And there are little strings hanging off. What gives?


Good, not Great

Review by JC

They look good, consistently are complimented on them and are comfortable to ride in. I ride with Hold-Fast straps so after adjustment, slipping in and out is never an issue. The stiff sole actually makes a difference when riding, it comfortably spreads out the point of pressure on your foot.
The downside... stiff sole doesn't make the most comfortable walking shoe, although not a deal breaker. The deal breaker for repurchase is the quality of the construction. After a few months with them...The red lined band on my gray shoes have peeled off in some parts, the bottom rim of the shoe has separated from the sole on some areas. Maybe a glue issue.
Bottom line. They're designed well to ride in, just not constructed well. I'd repurchase with at least a 40% discount but not for full retail.


Amazing in function (5-star), but like everyone says, durability is an issue (2-3 star)

Review by Skylar

Received October 2010. Been my exclusive shoe till now, riding at least three days a week through Montreal winter.

+Someone complained about water-resistance, I totally disagree. These are obviously not water-proof shoes, but they are far better than your canvas Chuck-Taylor equivalent. With snow they stayed relatively dry, though my feet would get cold (I was using pretty meager socks though). Jumped into a puddle once, completely submerging them, was surprised to find them almost entirely dry 30-minutes later.

+For biking, phenomenal. Stiffness alleviates a ton of pressure on your foot. Using tiny track pedals (Wellgo's R-025s) my feet would start to ache a little after 2+ plus rides in my previous shoes. Never seem to have that problem now.

(-) Durability. Red lining is falling off. I don't really care too too much about that, the falling-apart grungy punk aesthetic isn't something I mind. What I do mind is that the rubber lining the toe area has started to peel off dramatically, to the point it sticks out perpendicular to my foot and even rubs against the crank when I'm pedaling (making a noise and causing a slight bit of resistance). I just finished super-gluing that rubber down for the second time in five months, which feels ridiculous.

(-) At $70, I would expect greater durability. If the shoes are going to be falling apart and requiring frequent maintenance, they should be priced accordingly. Maybe even only $10 less at $60. I figure $50 gets ya a pair of Chucks. These have about the style and durability of Chucks (start falling apart within 5 months but you can give them a run for your money if you get creative with glue and tape), but with the cycling-minded sole and cordura over canvas. That said, the Cordura + sole is enough to have me buying a pair of the pros (with hope that the pro also has greater durability than this one for the extra $25).


Stays Dry - Sick Kicks

Review by Ace Millz

I travel all over the world...from a casual shoe at a late night function to the shoe I wear to shovel snow off my car after a big storm, this shoe is the one-shoe-quiver. Best of all, I stay dry all winter long and it's a low top. Stoked on the all black!


Tough Ass Shoes

Review by Chris Whitcas

I don't know what some of you are talking about, about the durability issue of these shoes. I bought a pair over a year ago, and still wear them every day. I'm super hard on my bike shoes, and used to go through a pair of chucks every 3 months, so needless to say I'm very pleased with these. They took a while to break in, and honestly kind of hurt my feel until I did so, but it was worth the pain. I'm going to buy another pair now that they have an all black version.


Perfect Shoes For the Urban Biker

Review by Justin Gilbert

I've had mine for over a year, ride about 100 miles/week and they haven't fallen apart, showed much signs of wear, or lost any of their good looks. These kicks kick butt. For 70 bucks you can't beat their looks, price, and durability.

I've waited a year to post this just to see how they'd hold up. They are still going strong. I'll be back in a year I'm sure saying the same thing.


Pretty good shoes

Review by Jackie

I really wish the shoes were not unisex because they’re definitely made more for a man’s foot than a woman’s, but it helps my feet from falling asleep on long rides anyway. Really wish these were also made in the USA like almost everything else Chrome does. They're better than anything I've found, though, so I'll keep wearing them.



Review by Andrew

Just got back from riding my single speed from Berlin to London via Amsterdam (a distance of roughly 1.2 MILLION metres) and these were the only shoes I took.

Comfortable throughout and the perfect shape for my setup (cages and straps), they shrugged off everything I threw at them! We went on roads, dirt tracks and even trudged through fields and ditches.

I couldn't recommend them more highly!


Great, but still room for improvement.

Review by Clockwork John

I've been wearing and riding these for about 3 months now. Here are my thoughts so far:

The good: The most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Great power transfer, and no hot foot.

The bad: The heel cup is disintegrating. The canvas inside the heel is completely gone, and the heel itself is starting to come apart.

Even though I'm not thrilled with the durablilty of the interior construction, I still love these shoes. I've ridden a few hundred miles in them, and I walked all over England in them for 10 days.

While I would like to see the heel construction issue addressed, I would still buy another pair without giving it a second thought.


Great shoe, totally durable

Review by Allison

I destroy sneakers. They're all I wear. Generally, I kill a shoe in 2-3 months. I've had my Kursks for six months, and they're only now starting to look a little tired.

Awesome for walking city streets, better in cages on a bike. Keeps my feet mostly dry on rainy days (the breather holes sometimes take on water if you step in a puddle). Keeps my feet warm on cold days. The elastic for stashing the laces is great and has definitely prevented entanglements with gears.

Going to pick up a pair in a lighter color for the summer. Definitely top notch quality.


Half great.

Review by Taylor

Well, two days in and the red line started bubbling out. A week in and the side cap started to separate from the sole. Less than 1 month in the inside back cap formed a tear. These shoes sell themselves as tough... they kinda miss that. They may look great and the upper part of the shoe will last forever, however the sole just isn't there yet.


Greatest shoes ever

Review by Drew

I got these shoes as a gift because I need something i could wear on the ride to work, but that i could also wear at work.
These shoes are as comfortable to ride in as they are to walk in.


Didn't last

Review by Bill Spanton

Like others have said, these shoes fell apart (fast) and at the price I think they should last a bit longer. I was reglueing the sole within a month and the insides shredded shortly after. I get way more mileage out of cheap Converse from Target.


cool but not reliable...

Review by sam

shoes have a cool line, but as others have mentioned they start tearing apart, i also tried glueing them but it the effortdidtn pay. They also aren't that reliable when water is present, becareful as they ma cause an injury, they slip from my pedal when wet


Worst shoes ever

Review by Sam

I bought these shoes for riding around town and commuting when I didn't want to wear clip in shoes. When I first got them they were very uncomfortable but I thought I would give them a chance because the guy a the bike shop said they would take a while to where in. After acouple of months of wearing them around and try to get them to break in they started to fall apart. I would never recommend anyone ever buy these shoes. They are very uncomfortable and poorly made.


Falls apart very quickly

Review by Eddie

Bought these shoes a few months ago. They took a while to break in, but are really comfortable now.
Pros: stiff soles for biking, good grip on pedals, fabric and soles seem to be holding up well.
Cons: the sides are peeling right off of the shoe! It looks really ratty.
While I wear these shoes a lot, they aren't my only pair of sneakers. They really came apart too quickly. They look great and I receive plenty of compliments, but I expect a little more life out my sneakers.
I'll stick with Adidas Sambas for now.
Also, consider manufacturing them in the U.S.


A great investment for the daily cyclist.

Review by Hector

I have just killed my first pair of Kursks. It took me a year and a half of near daily wear. I commute to work and run all of my errands via bike. I've even done a few centuries in these guys. They never failed. I have just been procrastinating on purchasing a new pair for the last two months. In this same amount of time I would have trashed at least 5 pairs of Macbeths, Dravens, etc.

Did these stay new looking the entire time? No. But lets be realistic. Pedaling is hard on shoes and hard on your feet. Any shoe is going to take some damage. The difference is in the life of this shoe. I pounded the daylights out of it by walking and pedaling in it with my ee wide feet and they only started to fray and wear when other shoes would have long been thrown in the dumpster. I wouldn't wear them on a first date after a few months of use. If that's the kind of shoe you are looking for then you should probably just head on over to Zappo's.

The Kursk is tough. Buy a pair and take care of them. Untie them when you are taking them off, clean and talc them, wear other shoes when you aren't gonna ride. Treat it more like equipment than an accessory and they will more than pay for themselves.



Review by Jewell

Got them in all black and love them! Great shoe for on and off he bike! Also got them in red.



Review by Andrew

I've had mine about a year, and I can say they are the most durable shoes I have ever owned.
I personally love the Kursk Pro's better for their flexibility but the regular Kursks are for those who are on and off the bike a lot more than just On the bike all the time.
I personally prefer the regular Kursks over all the rest and that is why it is probably a Staff Pick!


Nice, but caused athlete's foot.

Review by Rick

I wore these only a few days a week and liked them well enough. I saw the inner lining wear away slowly from only walking a mile or two a day. I understood about the stiffness of the first few weeks wearing them. Then I had reason to wear them every day for two weeks. At the end of each day the tops of my socks were soaked with sweat. During the second week my feet began to itch where the socks were wet. My first ever case of athlete's foot. Thanks, Chrome! I'll wear these shoes rarely now. A real pity because I liked the idea of a casual shoe for biking. But these just don't breathe. I can't imagine the horror foot of someone who wears Chrome shoes all day every day.


bleeding heels

Review by Zach

I liked theses shoes from initially putting them on. I bought i size 10.5 in the black, they fit fine. Put them on on wore them around house for a few hours with some discomfort. figured from reading other reviews that i just need to break them in so i put up with the pain. Rode bike 4 mi. to Rockies game and had increasing pain. After returning home from ride i took shoes off to find both of my heels had skin worn off and were bleeding through socks. Ouch! I like these shoes fit and style but cant put up with bloodletting to ware them. gonna let heels heal and ware them in shorter increments till broke in. hopefully that works cause they Bike well. Never in 30yrs had a shoe do this... hopefully all the work is worth it in end.


Durable and robust

Review by Blake Dietz

Last year I received a pair of Black and Red Kursks for a birthday present. I wear a size ten and normally need a little wider shoe. Overall the fit is great.

Normally I destroy my shoes within a six month period, but after a year of continuous wear, both on bike and around campus the wear has only just started to show. The steel lace ends are great for keeping your laces alive. On more than one occasion I have had my laces get caught in my cranks and they're still going strong. The bottoms of the shoes show no noticeable wear where my pedal presses. Winter in Boise lasts nearly six months. Boise is cold and wet throughout the whole six months and the shoes performed extremely well in those conditions. The Kursks even kept my feet dry while hiking through snow on the days I couldn't ride.

In case you can't tell by the review, I love these shoes and in turn, love Chrome for the workmanship that they put into their products. I'll undoubtedly buy another pair the moment these become unwearable, if that ever happens.


Great shoe, but needs some rethinking.

Review by Goldfoot

I've been a huge fan of Chrome since the early days. In love with my Chrome bag that is not only cool as hell, but essentially indestructible. So when Chrome introduced shoes, I was elated. FINALLY, the PERFECT "urban warrior" shoe for both heavy pedestrian and cycling on the punishing pavement of San Francisco.

However, I think this shoe needed a bit more field testing. After only a few weeks, the "rubber bumper" on the front of the shoe started peeling off from rubbing on my crank arm. Shortly after, the fabric on the inside of the heel started tearing, making walking fairly uncomfortable. Sole in the back has worn through after a year or so, and little white strings dangle from all around the sole now...These just couldn't take the punishment of the city.

That said, I had countless compliments on the shoes, and the upper shoe fabric and stitching (same fabric they use for the bags) is 100% in tact.

Bottom line, great shoe for kicking around. Not a great shoe for the urban warrior.


versatile foot coverage device

Review by Alex

This shoe is awesome! I wear them on biking days which this time of year in Maine is everyday and they've held up great so far. The stiffness in the sole really helps with power transfer and offers a nice comfortable platform for pedaling longer distances, yet at the same time they are still a fine shoe for regular walking and street use off the bike.

The only down side i've come across is inclement weather performance which is to be expected considering its not a "waterproof" shoe.

I would recommend them to anyone who bikes on flat pedals or with cages and I will certainly be buying another pair when these ones wear out!


Rubber lining around shoe falls off within 30 days

Review by David

Let me state first that I absolutely love the way these shoes look and feel. They are exactly the style of shoe I had been looking for. I didn't hesitate to buy my first pair when I saw them at the SF store in August of 2010.

Unfortunately, within a month, the rubber that goes around the shoe began detaching itself from the shoe itself. Within 2 months, the back portion of the rubber was hanging completely off and I'd step on it when I walked.

I returned to the store and told the manager about my issue. He told me this was a known issue and while he couldn't confirm that the issue had been resolved he'd be happy to replace them in exchange for the old shoes. Sure! Keep 'em!

Sadly, my second pair has suffered the same fate in the same amount of time. I think the shoe needs to go back to the lab to fix the problem. And when it does, I'll happily return for a new pair of the new, improved shoe.


Solid Shoe

Review by Chris

Bought 'em at the SF store and dudes were super helpful. I've had my pair for a bit over a year now and they get worn almost everyday. I commute most of the time on the bike and I appreciate the stiff sole plate, but I had one peel away from the outsole and haven't been able to get it to stick back on (gorilla glue, shoe goo, etc).

Otherwise, they're tough as nails and break in like a boot. They soften up, but definitely don't stretch out like Chucks. The red piping definitely peeled off the back where my heals hit the crank arms, but I just made a clean cut and problem solved. The nylon upper hasn't faded a bit (black) and hasn't shown any signs of pilling or scuffing.

They stay warm and dry in through SF winter months. I'll definitely buy another pair when the sole wears out!


Great Durable Shoes

Review by Brandon

I don't understand anyone's gripes about durability - thousands of miles on the bike and several hundred more walkin' and these are just now seeing their prime! Mine look pretty ratty now, but these shoes wear very well. The heel cup and the sole were very stiff at first and admittedly the heel needed some breaking in, but they are now some of the most comfortable shoes I've had and they'll keep my feet happy riding fixed for many hours at a time. I'll be riding into the city tomorrow to pick up a new pair.



Review by Criggs

I REALLY wanted these shoes for a while. I still think they are one of the coolest shoes I've seen in a while and they look like they are durable and would last a while for the price. Within two weeks of casual wear the side strips of the sole started falling off the shoe along with the chrome logo on the bottom. Everything else is still in good shape and overall it's a real comfortable shoe but because of the strip on the sole falling off it looks pretty bad though I haven't purchased them that long ago. Makes me weary to pay for another pair of Chromes though I really wanted to love these shoes.


Define "value". Then guess again.

Review by Beth

A few salient points in no particular order:

1. These shoes fit skinny, yardstick-like feet (like mine, for instance) pretty darned well and are quite comfortable after an initial break-in period. If you wear orthotics or have especially wide feet, these shoes may not be the best choice for you.
2. The cordura uppers are attractive, and much longer-lasting than the all-cotton uppers commonly found on Chucks and their copiers. The black toe and binding offset the uppers nicely too.
3. The binding around the soles of my first pair (purchased spring 2010) shredded pretty quickly, but so far the shoe isn't leaking in the rain. Subsequent Kursks purchased have not been worn often or hard enough to compare as yet.
4. I've read a lot of comments here about "value" versus price and many complaints that one should get a lot more shoe for a $70 price tag. Here's my take:
--$70 today is not the same amount of money as it was ten or twenty years ago. Proof: More countries are devaluing their currencies, and more people seem to have $70 in their pockets to blow on a pair of sneakers these days, than a decade ago.
--Stop complaining about shoes being made in China unless you're willing and able to pony up three to four times as much dough for the same pair of kicks made in the USA.
--Stop complaining about country of manufacture -- China -- not being reflected in the USA retail prices; or stop buying the shoes. Chrome is owned by Keen, who make *many* shoes in China and sell them for what the market will bear. Based on how many people are buying the shoes, the market seems to be bearing up surprisingly well, at least for now.
--This is what capitalism looks like. If you don't like it, then don't play (i.e., stop buying the shoes, or find a way to get them for less than full retail).
5. I like the shoes enough that I now own three pairs. And no, I won't tell you what I paid for them.


Does What It's Intended.

Review by Jim

Oddly, all of the reviews on this shoe seem to be a tale of two different pieces of footwear. I commute 20 miles a day, 5 days a week to a job environment that includes dirt, dust, chemicals and grime. I've destroyed two pairs of Converse All Stars (heretofore known as Chucks) and various Chuck wannabes.

As far as fit goes - the shoes are narrow. Of all Chuck styled shoes, these are probably the most narrow I've come across. It seems that compared to Chucks, the Kursk is slightly more narrow throughout the sole, but especially narrow in the toe-box. Length-wise, the shoe fits great. My only thought is that I wish I could have went a half size up to compensate for the tiny toe-box.

Other than that, I have no qualms. This shoe has completely alleviated sore arches and hot spots when riding. The actual sole is very stiff and the bottoms of the shoe are textured enough to keep my foot from sliding out of straps and clips.

Overall, I'd definitely buy another pair. Actually, I'm just waiting for one last pair of Chucks I have to die off.


Good shoe, needs a better heel cup

Review by Vinnie

My summary really says it all. My Kursk have faired extremely well through riding and too much walking. Kept my feet dry always and reasonably cool and sweat free (which has always been an issue for me with this "style" of shoe). My only qualm with this shoe is the heel cup broke apart into tiny 1/4" chunks after only a couple months causing them all to fall and bunch up and make the shoe unwearable and painful after a couple hours. Solution, cut the lining of my $70 shoes and remove all the plastic/rubber to alleviate the pain in my heel.

If it weren't for the heel cup I would give it five stars.


awesome shoes

Review by Steve

I was passively looking for some black and red one-stars for a long time. Then I saw the “Black Cordura” Kursk, and forgot completely about those other shoes. These shoes fit great, feel great, and look great. I ride to work almost every day so the reinforced sole is perfect for riding, but not too stiff to wear all day in an office environment. I have had them for about a month and so far none of the heal problems others have complained about here. They seem to be holding up really well.

I was originally shipped the wrong shoes, but once the mistake was sussed out Chome did a great job getting me the pair I really wanted.

Thanks, Chrome!


amazing shoes

Review by Pierre Boyre

Bought them a year ago. wear them almost everyday. they still look new.
comfortable, great design, durable.... amazing!!
Just looking to buy another pair...


Kursk Review

Review by Shawn

My staff pick is the Kursk – I am on my feet all day long and this is a tough shoe with tons of support that won’t make my feet crampy. I wear them everywhere.



Review by dusablon

Solid shoes that look similar to CT's but actually have good support. Nice material and build. The Tools who give one star obviously haven't tried them.


Once a great shoe...

Review by Ed Anaya

I've own three pairs of Kursk shoes and love them(most). The first pair went backpacking with me through Mexico for a year and half and lasted the whole trip of constant walking, rain riding, etc. The second are still solid after a little over a year. However the third pair I bought as an impulse buy because I was in San Francisco and wanted to buy something from the Chrome Store, It's only been three months and are completely torn. Is chrome getting cheap on us? Please don't. I'm a big fan of your products precisely because they are/were worth it. I love your products and hope this was just a one time bad shipment.

Other than the one bad experience all Chrome products I own deserve five stars.



Review by Ron

These are my go to shoes for everything. Riding, playtime, work, LIFE. The anti-skid on the bottom is amazing and my foot never ever slips off my pedals. It even works great in the rain or wet surfaces! My only gripe is that it turns the tip of my socks blue. Every sock I own now has a blue tip because of these (I only usually wear white). I don't mind, but hey, if you care about your socks, look at maybe getting black socks. Otherwise, great shoe!



Review by Josh

The added stiffness of the sole really feels good when you are riding. It'll take a bit for the shoe to get worn-in, but once I get it there, it'll be an awesome everyday shoe.


Love them! Hoping for more colors in my size!

Review by Reidiculous

Favorite pair of shoes I've ever owned. I'm size 4.5 and am hoping that one day there are more colors available for us small types.

Should I hold on to hope Chrome?


Not that great

Review by Mike

I was disappointed with the Kursk. I purchased a pair in black and when I removed them at the end of the day, the dye had stained the soles of my socks grey. Additionally, the low cut and stiffness of the shoe material made them rather uncomfortable after a few hours. I bought a pair of the Midways at the same time and I've been much happier with them.


Very nice!

Review by Drewcifer

The one thing I hate about winter the most is that I always have to pack away my Chuck style shoes......not the Kursk! Definitely warm enough for Wisconsin winters and really, really comfortable. Everything appears to be very durable and well put together. I bought them at the Chicago store, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. They acknowleged some of the issues that others have mentioned here without me even asking about it, but also said that they haven't had any come back in a long time. They made it very clear that they were more than willing to take care of any issues if they arise. I have big feet and it's hard for me to find shoes in my size that are this cool, actually fit this comfortably and are built to last.

My only complaint is that the grey isn't available in my size. I know the olive green was a limited thing, but I'd like to see them come back and be available in my size too. Seriously, Chrome! Make them in grey and olive green in a size 13 and I will buy them!!!!!!!!


Great shoes, This review is for someone concerned about fitting*

Review by Broguy

So my only concern buying these shoes was how they would fit compared to others like all stars. ive been told that these fit like chuck taylor's and since i wear 9's in those, i ordered these Kursks in 9. They fit slighty tight so after returning them and sizing up half a size to 9.5, these shoes fit insanely well and uber comfortable, highly recommend these babies. Once my pair dies, I am totally going to pick up another pair.


Serious biking shoes.

Review by Ogan

Totally love them, the crew at the Chicago store was great, very helpful and extremely nice.
The shoes are just well thought, materials are well chosen and build quality is outstanding. The sole is stiff enough to feel a real difference compared to other "casual looking" shoes. They are a pleasure to walk in as well.
They fit very well in the toecages and the sole rubber does not slip in wet conditions.
I bought them all black and now i'm considering to get another pair!


Sad about color options

Review by Scott

Man, I really like these shoes but why did they stop making them in red? Also, they stopped making red tee shirts! Black and red, Chrome, stick with it!


Great walking, riding, all weather shoe.

Review by Paul

I bought these half a year ago and they have not disappointed me yet. They are showing no signs of wear or break down and I use them everyday for walking and riding. The canvas material is awesome in the rain and very weather resistant. The sizing fit me just fine. I didn't bother going a half size bigger like other people have suggested. I ordered the Kursk's in the same size as most of my other shoes and they fit perfect (a half size bigger would have have been too big).
I highly recommend these shoes.


Well vented!!! Best thing that's happened to me since I made bail!!

Review by J.Rosey

I wrench on bikes for a living and usually wear a canvas shoe vented with TWO riveted holes. At the end of the day they smell like the toe webbing of a Haitian marathon runner. Since most of our customers are indecisive, needy Califorinians who live here 2 months a year, and change their bartape 4 times a week, I log 60 miles/week without leaving the shop. My new Kursks breathe well and have 3 riveted vent holes. Kinda like my ex wife.



Review by Prue

Got my pink Kurks in the mail this week. They fit really well and are an awesome colour. Rode my bike two days running, once in the rain and absolutely no slipping. The hard soles only took a couple of hours to feel comfy. Have had loads of people wanting to know where I got them - can't buy them easily in Australia so I'm one of a kind for a while.


Absolutely Wonderful.

Review by David

i bought a pair of these recently, and have worn the crap out of them. They put up with an insane amount of abuse: being stepped on at punk shows, being sloshed through nasty city puddles and sleet/snow, being kicked on and off constantly, and even the occasional bike ride(haha). They fit so incredibly well, and they're so well constructed that I think I'll have to buy 2-4 more pairs to have sitting around so I'll be covered for life.

One thing: My friend's cat peed in mine, and the smell will not come out. I'll be ordering some more if washing them in the tub with a dish brush and some dawn and vinegar doesn't cut it.


Great shoes great customer service

Review by Ron

Nothing to complain about, those shoes are great and so is the customer service from chrome. Now I can't wait to get my hands on a cobra.


Superp product

Review by Balamurugan

This is super product,i bought before 3 months its now see brightly....


Great shoe, not great durability

Review by Nicholas

I got the Kursks less than a year ago. I have never had a shoe that I'm more comfortable doing my rounds in, or just cycling the city. Super functional, super comfortable. Unfortunately, mine have started coming apart with the rubber sole separating from the Cordura. A great shoe, it's just too bad that they don't stand up to the use that other Chrome products do.


loved the shoe until i saw the inside

Review by markus

love good quality. bought the shoe a year ago during my visit to sf. wear it only sometimes and casually. got caught in the rain yesterday and when trying to dry out the shoe the entire inside came appart. a dissolved cardboard-like layer had crumbled and all the layers separated on the left shoe.
thats dissappointing as my chrome stood for quality in my book. bag (a gift) is still worn and cherrished after many years. took pics to show damage if anyone is interested. m


The shoe I have been searching for-finally!

Review by Candie

I love this shoe! I am 49 and have been cycling since I could walk- seriously- I currently have a Bianchi Cyclocross, but what I really like is to enjoy the ride. I am on and off the bike. I have the bike shorts and jersey, and the road shoes.. but today- I wore my new Chrome Kursk White shoes, my baggy shorts, my t-shirt- and it was the best ride ever! I prefer toe clips and these shoes are exactly what I was looking for. I only did a short 14 mi today, but my feet felt great. And they are soooo cute! I wear a 9.5 womens. I got the mens 8 and they are perfect. I am pretty sure I will get a few more colors and eventlually the Sapian. Thank you Chrome!!!


On my 3rd pair and still "rolling"

Review by Chris

I bought my first pair of kursks around the time they came out in 08ish. They were really tough to break in at first but totally worth it. I rode and walked with them every day for a little more than 2 years and they are still in my closet in wearable shape. The only reason I stopped wearing them is because they came out with the all black and they looked way better than the black with red stripes. I'm on my way to buy the white ones for summer.


what mighty colors you have

Review by Abe

I have worn my RED Kursk shoes a lot over the past couple years. They way outlasted what any other low tops have done. I ride a bike a lot. I do everything in these shoes.. they started to wear down a bit and I got some glue on the outside.. anyway. Where are the other colors? I see black and white. But what happened to RED, BLUE, GREEN, BROWN? What I'd like to see is even more colors, YELLOW, ORANGE.. I'm sure these wouldn't be popular.. but that's why I'd want to wear them.. to stand out! I overheard an MBA student talking about me with advisors, all I heard was, "he's the kind of guy who wears RED shoes".. wtf? I have been baffled by wtf that's supposed to mean. haha..


Great Shoes

Review by Aidan

Great shoes. I got my pair a couple months ago, wore them everywhere. Great for biking, and just everyday use. Just be careful about the heel of the shoe, it gets squashed VERY easily. That's how I messed my pair up, but still, overall great shoes.


best shoes I have ever had

Review by Zach

normally, i go through shoes in about 8 months. boots last me about a year. i bought these when i rode my bike as my only means of transportation. they were perfect for riding track pedals. I stopped riding for a bit and walked everywhere i needed to be. these are just as comfortable for walking as they were for riding but they started wear down much faster but there's no complaint there.

its going to go on 2 years of owning these and they finally need to be replaced only because the pedal and walking combined wore a hole into the bottom of these and i only noticed last month.


Solid Shoes

Review by Yukon

These are great shoes. They are the first pair of shoes that I have been able to use everyday for biking in and walking in and not worn out within 2 months or less. I currently own three pairs (Black, Green, and Red), and they are all doing fine. The rubber strap that surround the sole has come off of my first pairs (Green), but unlike other shoes this is not a structural part so the sole is not falling off the shoe.

*Structurally sound even if you ride every day in all types of weather.
*Stylish, I personally love the way these shoes look.
*Rigid. They have a nice hard plastic stiffener that extends from the heal to the middle of the arch which really helps you put the power down on the pedals.
*They fit nice in my pedal straps.
*The shoe lace strap is a great feature.

Cons (Nothing's perfect right)
*As I mentioned, the rubber strap does come off of these shoes fairly easily, but don't fret, the shoes still function fine.
*I want all the colors, but they don't offer them all the time, I guess I just have to wait and grab lots when a new color comes out.


4.8 out of 5

Review by Tyler

awesome kick comfy and styling my only problem was when i was ordering them. the black with red decal wasn't coming up as a option after messing around on the site for a while i final got it beside that every thing was great


Durable shoe with a weird fit

Review by Lisa

I like the look and concept of this shoe, and the solid sole feels great when I'm riding. Unfortunately, when walking around in them the fit is just odd - the sizing is right but the toe area feels low, so it presses the front of my foot uncomfortably. Worst, the ankle area is very high and cuts into my skin harshly even through thick socks. I thought maybe a few weeks of walking would break them in, but after going through a few pairs of bloody socks I just couldn't hack it anymore, and these sit in the closet unless I'm changing shoes immediately after I finish a ride.

I should note I'm a pretty petit woman, so maybe this shoe was designed for the male foot anatomy (does that exist?). In the end, though, just wishing I'd bought some Chucks.


kursk shoe

Review by Eddy Vega

Dang these kicks are the bomb - right out of the box they were ready to roll. I use them everyday, and they get plenty of compliments from people who notice they are not your regular pair of Chuck T's - the Red sole is grippy and soft , the heel shock gel is terrific and the inoles are great for all day comfort - if your from SO Cal, and have a little toddler - then you understand, they are the perfect Disneyland Shoe - and we have annual passes so we are there at least once a week - these shoes just dont quit - I hate to see them wear out - but Iknow illlove my next pair just as much !


Best all around bike shoe you'll ever own

Review by John V

There is no better shoe for urban biking then this shoe. They run a little big so size down. I needed to return the 12s for 11s and they fit perfectly. They do take a little time to break in, but when they do they'll be your best friend. They also breath very well so all day wear won't result in sweaty feet. I may get another pair, just because. :)


Great shoes

Review by Pbass

Really well made and rugged with very good attention to detail. I was planning on black, but I got these at Neo 39 in Pasadena in a very dark blue(almost black) color that you don't see available here-they look killer with the black cap, red details, etc.
I wear a size 9 in every other shoe on the planet, but for these size 8 was the best fit! Even 8.5 seemed to long. I found them comfy right outta the gate--if they break in more then I won't complain of course. I have VP Thin Gripster pedals on my road bike, and the combination of those pedals with these shoes is a win win---my feet REALLY stick to the pedals!


Made my heels bleed!

Review by Andrew

I wore these for one day and the heel cups on the back of the shoes were so stiff they made my heels bleed! I tried to return them to the store in SF and was told that I could not because they were worn outside. What does that have to do with anything? These shoes caused me injury! I will never shop at this store again and would not recommend them to anyone I know. They told me that no one has ever made this complaint to them, but I have already seen one review on here that said the same and I have a co-worker that had the same experience with the same shoes.


Kurskin it!

Review by Jiggidy Jives

I had these in the high top version back when they first came to market. I LOVED these shoes!!! They look great, fit great and are perfect for riding! People all over the place asked me where I got them. I had them until they started to disintegrate which took quite some time even for me, a.k.a., The Destroyer of Footwear. I am in the market for some new riding kicks and I really wish they had these in the high top still. . . Hey Chrome are you reading this? Bring them back! Well, I will try the low ride or the Truks. One or the other for sure. Choices choices . . .


Solid, but take a LONG time to break in

Review by Will

Have had a pair for about 3.5 years, maybe 4. As others have noted, these take a LONG time to break in. They're actually quite comfortable to pedal in right out of the box but this is not a great walking-around shoe. For the first six-nine months, extended periods of walking in these hurt. 3 years later, they're pretty broken-in and comfy all the time, but now they're starting to fall apart a bit. No complaint about the durability though. I wore these a lot!


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