Truk Pro Black SPD Bike Shoe

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Wear it all day. Every day. Now with Flexplate™ Technology for uncompromising clip-in pedal performance and walking comfort.

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• Durable rubber heel cup with reflective details
• Compatibility with most clipless pedal systems
• Dual density FlexPlate™ Technology delivers unprecedented walking comfort


Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Comfy for long rides with a casual look

Review by Tj

These are my first pair of clipless shoes and I've been super impressed with them. I rode the 250km (155 Miles) ride to conquer cancer from Vancouver, BC to Seattle in them and had no foot pain or hot spots the whole ride. Gotten lots of complements on the casual look and they seem durable so far.


Good Everyday Commuter Shoe

Review by Mike

Shoe has held up really well on a daily basis (about 10 commuter miles). I don't own a car so I live in these things. 8 months in and the upper still looks clean. I feel incognito wearing them as they don't look at all like cycling shoes. My only knock on them is that with an SPD pedal they grind a bit walking around. I use it with my egg beaters now and I get little to no grinding. Would definitely recommend to anyone who spends a lot of time on their bike, but doesn't want traditional cycling shoes.


No Complaints Here!

Review by Kazuchan442

I've only worn these for three messenger sessions now, so if I remember I'll try to update this further, but I bought the size 10, previously I bought the Midways at a size 9 and 1/2 and I think it was a good call, I didn't want something super tight nor super loose. First day they were pretty stiff all around ( I know the sole plate is stiff so that obviously was going to remain stiff) and I had to walk up a few hills in SF that my knees couldn't handle, and while doing that I thought I was having some heel cup rubbing problems from what I saw. Day two...the shoe felt much more responsive and less resistant and day three has felt even better. Clipping in was odd at first but that more because I'm sure the placement of my cleat on my Shimano shoes was different than these so I can't fault them, but after a few times up and down Valencia and Mission I got used to it. Fantastic for walking up hills in areas you shouldn't be in (Diamond Heights, Buena Vista Heighs, Pacific Heights) as they grip well and are more comfortable, and I've noticed minimal scratching of the cleat, other than rough patches of concrete and metal grates. In terms of glue issues, I see very very minimal separation and it's mostly cosmetic to me, my Midways I beat to death and they still tick and these seem to be heading in the same direction. All in all, a great shoe for those that need a clip in that doesn't look like a clip in, and for those with glue separation, maybe you're one of those who jams their shoe into the wheel to stop, I don't know? But as of now these don't seem like they're fall apart any time soon! Worth the investment!


Best SPD street shoe.

Review by RoadWarrior

Pretty much the best SPD you can get while still being a shoe. Off the bike right into the bar. Super durable obviously. Just another great chrome product.


Great for the Casual Rider, Not Quite Bombproof for Daily Use

Review by Andrew

The Truk Pro is a stylish solution for the casual rider who wants some extra power mashing up hills before heading to the bar for a well deserved drink. The shoes look great and the Cordura upper shows little wear after more than a year. That being said the Truk Pro has shortcomings. These shoes do have a break in period--for me it was about 2 weeks of daily use. They are narrow in the toe and loose in the heal which caused blisters until my feet callused properly. Additionally the recess is shallow for SPD cleats so expect to grind on the sidewalk and decrease cleat lifetime. The most significant issue I had was peeling of the rubber sole. Within about a month of purchase, the black rubber sidewall began peeling away from the sole on both shoes. At 6 months I began to have significant separation of the Cordura upper from the sole at the toe of each shoe. After a year of almost daily use I am retiring my Truks mainly due to the peeling issues. Overall I would suggest these for a casual rider who wants to occasionally clip in while not having the duck feet of a traditional cycling shoe. For a rider who is going to use these on the daily I would wait until the next revision by Chrome--perhaps the forged soles will hold up better.


The shoes are comfortable and work well, but the quality of materials is lacking.

Review by Euro

The shoes are fairly comfortable and stiff. They are very nice to ride in. Unfortunately, 3 weeks after moving from a humid climate to an arid climate the glue in both shoes started failing. The rest of the shoe is intact, but the whole rubber sole is separating from rest of the shoe. Chrome recommended re-gluing the sole on, but I expected a bit higher quality materials from a shoe that is supposed to be very durable.


fun shoe aside from a couple of issues

Review by Dave

These shoes are really cool in many ways, and are definitely some of the best on the market for casual spd shoes, and I appreciate that chorme got them under a hundred bucks. There are just a couple of issues that I have with my pair that hold them back from that perfect score:
1) they are somewhat heavy.
2) the rubber last on the toe of the shoe (if 'last' is what that strip of rubber is called) started to delaminate within a month of me having the shoe. I tried to glue it down with some shoe goo, but it came up again very quickly. Not a huge deal, but kinda broke the clean look of the shoe.

Otherwise they are everything they say they are: comfortable, durable, and sneakly spd. My go-to shoe when I need to commute in the rain, as they do not absorb very much water.


Kick-ass shoes

Review by Sniper415

My first pair of cleated shoes. Love 'em for short rides. However, the toe box is a bit narrow for my wider feet. Also, there isn't too much ventilation going on, so expect to pull out soggy socks. Finally, short socks get eaten up and disappear into the shoe.


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