Storm Truk Black Bike Shoe

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Waterproof, urban bike sneakers with Chrome Stormâ„¢ breathable waterproof technology. Uppers 25 times stronger than canvas. Nylon-reinforced soles. Built for riding the city. Also available in grey.

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First pair was great, second pair not so much

Review by Nic Turiciano

I purchased a pair of these in spring of 2014. I travel a lot running events for work, and they held up like champs in all types of weather. They were my everyday shoes for nearly a year and a half. I loved them, so when it was finally time to get a new set of sneakers I returned to the Storm Truk.

The new pair arrived with some shaky stitching, especially inside the heel cup. No biggie really, but it did signal (maybe) a lack of attention to detail that my first set was certainly made with. After three months the glue holding the soles has failed on both shoes, leaving them flopping about with every step.

Total bummer, as I really like these. They look great and are comfy. At $105, though, I'd rather pick up a $30 pair of new kicks every few months if that's all the life I'm going to get out of these anyway.


Great shoe, never going back to vans.

Review by Hoop

Great upgrade from my black vans I thought I would never get rid of. I bought these back in April and the black hasn't even faded at all. They keep my feet dry in the PNW and look great with everything. My only problem is the gum sole separated from the rubber rim, shoe goo seemed to work fine to fix it.


Pleased with these water resistant shoes

Review by Chris

Just what I need: shoes to keep my feet dry during the rain


they don't last long but are still pretty good if you don't hikenin them

Review by Sherman

The shoes are good, I've had them about a month, they are not sized small so just order your normal size, I loved the shoes, I mostly use them for work, though I went hiking today and the soles are splitting and coming off, doesn't bother me to much other than the price I payed for them I thought they would last longer but oh well


Decent shoe unless you actually need to walk more than a mile or so

Review by Justin

The shoes are ok. They keep water out for a few hours, but if you are in a downpour they'll leak. Im a letter carrier so that was really disappointing to me. Plus they get pretty uncomfortable. I mean, I get they aren't made to walk all day in, but for the price they could be a bit more comfortable.


Longest lasting shoes I've had!

Review by Nelz

I can't remember the last time I had a pair of daily worn shoes last this long. I used to wear Vans but they would separate at the sides and had flat, hard soles. These Storm Truks are sooo confortable!! Worth every penny.


Worn heel part

Review by A. Zimmer

I think they are great shoes. They're comfortable. They seem like they will last awhile. I enjoy them. There is one thing I don't like though, and that is the back of the shoe, by the heel. That has worn off SO fast for me. It's been about a year, and I feel like I have to search for new shoes already. Not sure yet what I'm going to do, because everything else about it looks fine.


Super sick and Amazing shoes

Review by Freddy.M

I love these shoes I just bought a pair they are so comfy!!!they feel just right and they look bad ass!!! I would wear vans mostly before but since i have bought chrome shoes I haven't bought a pair of vans in like a year!!! These shoes are made to last and look beautiful defiantly worth every penny =)


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