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Classic urban bike sneaker with CORDURA® Brand fabric uppers that are 25 times stronger than canvas and a nylon-reinforced sole. Performance and classic looks you can wear all day.

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Longest lasting, most complimented shoe owned

Review by David

I just felt like my current pair was looking drab and old. I washed it in the washing machine regularly on high. So I go to order a new one on the chrome industries web site and I realized I placed my order there three years ago. Money very well spent!


Overall great shoe!

Review by Lyn

Overall great shoe! Got these one sale at the SF Chrome store. I'll just say that I was pining for the Grey Storm Kursks at first that were on sale at the time but they didn't have it in my size. :/ They had this at a great price and my size so I thought, "why the heck not?" Even though I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get the waterproofing I wanted I grew to like this shoe.

So a few things:

-I've noticed these things are pretty sturdy (by my experiences at least). It has a strong, thick sole and the fabric is awesome. They still look the same from when I bought it.
-The shoe laces are a nice quality and each end of the laces are enclosed with metal so they won't fray.
-Traction is very good. Especially for cycling.
-They look awesome. Haha. The pop of red is great and I get compliments on them.

- I would agree would another review that it is very stiff compared to Converse or Vans since it's meant for cycling so don't expect that it will be instantly comfortable the moment you get it.
-The footbed cushioning was not very comfortable for me and felt like it was lacking. If I had to compare my Truks have a great amount of cushioning and those are fantastic in the comfort department.

I would suggest putting insoles in them and you can break them in some more. Do that and these will be great. :D

Overall I like them. Gave it a 4 out of 5 because I loved everything about the shoe but because of what I had to do to get it more comfortable I docked off a star.


Disposable At Best...

Review by G

These shoes were great....... until the rapidly began falling apart after only a month. I really feel like I wasted my money. I'm really glad I didn't invest in a Chrome bag like I was going to. Makes me sad.


Looks good but low quality

Review by Ryan

First let me say the shoe looks great. I got several compliments about them. So why a one star review? Not even a month into owning them the soles started to fall off on both shoes. At the time I took them to my local store in Portland because off the guarantee on them and the clerk looked at them told me I clearly had trashed them myself and said that voided my warranty. So the solution is that now I glue them together every other month because I do really like the look and feel. Bottom line maybe I was just unlucky with my pair but the customer service I recieved makes me think twice about using chrome for anymore of my gear.


The Kursk shoe has lasted through a three month beating from my 9yr old, skateboarding son. Looks like this will be the first show he outgrows before wearing them out. Thanks you for making such a strong,durable shoe !

Review by The Moab

Bought these for my 9 yr old son who skateboards. We were going through a pair of skate shoes every month, sometimes twice a month. He has used the Kursk for a solid three months now and although there is wear partly through the fabric upper in two spots and mild pealing along the trim, these shoes have a way to go. This may be the first pair of shoes my boy has skated in that he will outgrow. Thanks for making such a great shoe! We just bought the last pair in size 6. Would love if you had more in smaller sizes. He is a size 5.


Awesome Shoes

Review by Shakey Joe

I bike at least a few miles every day and was hesitant to get these because I figured Vans were just the same. I've had these for about 5 months now and they still look pretty much brand new. The soles are hella strong/thick and don't flex like vans do when you're biking and especially when you're track standing. They are somewhat comfortable, but I put insoles in them and they're awesome. I know they're meant for biking but they're my only pair of shoes right now. I like how they look, and they're a good every day shoe even though some might not agree. An all around kickass shoe and definitely worth every penny. Also I'm now trying the waterproof storm version of shoes similar to these because I'm so satisfied with this purchase


Good customer service

Review by Andrew

I bought these shoes at the store in SF and wore them for a day. They were very uncomfortable for me, so I brought them back and they exchanged them for the Truk's. The Truk's are a much better shoe for me. These shoes are made for cycling, so I don't wear them everyday, but they are nice and I will wear them on the weekends and when I am riding my bike. Thanks for the good customer service!


My favorite

Review by Sean Gregg

The Kursk has been a staff fav for a long time and t's easy to understand why. I purchased these in the grey with red accents and loved them to pieces-literally. I loved to ride in then, they are comfortable to walk in, feature metal ends to the laces so no frayed craptastistic laces. Were they indestructible? No but they took a pounding and looked fresh for well over a year, at over 250 lbs these puppies had a lot to complain about with me leaning on them. I found them to run more true to size than most companies.


Good, but trim falls off

Review by Joe Michael

Very comfortable shoe for riding, and looks good. But the plastic trim around the side of the foot fell off fairly quicky, and without particularly heavy wear. Fix this, and I'll buy another pair!! (PS. It's not just me - I've seen other people complain about exactly the same thing.)


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