Forged Rubber Mirko Black/Gum Sneaker

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The best city sneakers in the world. Made by hand. One at a time. Durable. Reflective. Odor-resistent. Goodness.

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durable, long lasting. 9/10 would bang

Review by oamster

These were painful while breaking in, after broken in they were really comfortable. I go through shoes quite often, either soles separate or wear holes into the sole or the canvas. These have held up for over a year with minor separation of the sole/canvas. Only complaint is the painful break in period and I wish the tread lasted a little longer since now the shoe's are practically smooth on the bottom.


10/10 recommends to friends

Review by Noah

These shoes are the pinnacle of casual footwear. I've had these for about a year now and they're in the same great structural condition that they were when they arrived. The heel of the shoe never slips when stepping/climbing because of the suede backing. There's no separation of material from the sole. I will want to immediately take most other shoes off after wearing them all day. In contrast, these shoes rarely become uncomfortable.


Best Sneakers I've worn

Review by pushiepedlar

I've had my Mirko's for over 6 months now and they have been great. I'm pretty tough on shoes, riding, hiking, park football, Foul weather, chemical spills from work... you name it. Typically a pair of shoes this old would have worn holes in the sole, had the stitching fail or the sole has peeled off the upper (or a combination of all of the above). I've tried most the major brands with the same outcome. So the fact these are still going strong after this time has me happy as can be. A little bit of wearing in was necessary due to the stiffness of the sole and reflective heel but after a week or two they are super comfy and don't look like failing anytime soon. Would buy again but these would have to wear out first. not sure when that will happen.


Look smart love design

Review by sun

Love design and detail this shoes so much, but first time it very narrow at the front edge. (you can scale up it by stockings.. put inside to the front about 3 days..)



Review by JER

Not sure what that other reviewer is talking about. I have wide feet, I typically wear 2E/4E width shoes. These are extremely comfortable. I have the tan variety because I typically where black pants and they always look good.



Review by warren

Solid construction. Been hard on them for a solid 3 months and besides being dirty as hell, they show no wear at any point of their construction. Had a bunch of compliments as well



Review by warren

Solid construction. Been hard on them for a solid 3 months and besides being dirty as hell, they show no wear at any point of their construction. Had a bunch of compliments as well


Chrome finally gets shoes right and does it like a boss

Review by The Hustler

I was skeptical when I saw these shoes, thinking they would be junk shoes like the Kursks I had (see below). Although, I loved the video and branding behind the Mirko, I was skeptical and my faith in Chrome was shaky at best.

Then a certain bad PR thing happened ... I was finished with Chrome.

Then I thought about the hip pouch I have, which is MUCH better than a certain "hand made in Portland" brand, and almost half the price. I thought about the Storm Cobra jacket I have (on sale, packs super small, nice olive drab color, clean and simple design) and the wonderful low-cut socks (I have small feet, but buy the large size, which makes them perfect after washing. The cuff sits just above the shoe collar.). I have that cell phone pouch which is much better and less expensive than a certain "hand made in San Fransisco" company (no, not that one, a small company; just one dude I think).

By chance, I saw the Mirko were on sale in my size in one of my favorite colors: kaki. I prefer more simple and uncluttered designs, and I'm not a fan of black. I love the nerdiness or "I'm neither cool nor fashionable, and I don't care because I do what I want" style of these.

Really, the style of these is perfect. The fit is oddly good and the reflective things on the heel tabs are actually effective.

They arrived, and I sat on the living room floor to try them on moments after I grabbed the box from the door frame (the UPS drivers are ninjas). It was like a religious experience, they were immediately comfortable; not crushingly narrow, no abrasive collar; no retarded long, stretchy laces. I fixed the laces and tied both shoes properly and walked around the living room.

Walking around, they were awesome. They were comfortable in Austin's brutal heat, on a variety of surfaces all day. It's unusual for me not to ride my bike somewhere (with classes and errands and things) but tomorrow I'll give them a try in toeclips and straps. (I gave up clipless and "cycling" gear ages ago).

I love the lack of any tread on the sole. I'm not really counting the small treads; they don't seem like they'll last long. For walking around on concrete and urban surfaces, or maybe rocks and hard pack, the flat sole will be perfect. It will probably last forever also (assuming the upper and outsole stay together). In this climate and drier places, the breathable canvas fabric of the uppers is durable and comfortable. Pair these with Chrome wool socks (DO IT! They're on sale, 3 for 2.) and you'll never have a foot-related worry.

These shoes seem so sturdy and comfortable.

Below: I had two pair of Kursks. An earlier pair fell apart in truly epic style, and a later pair that took 3 months to completely come apart. Neither were very comfortable at first, both were too narrow. The soles were too floppy. The fabric was durable, but everything else was just terrible. I really felt burned by Chrome. When I was a NYC bike messenger, I was just scraping by (contrary to the myth that they're all wealthy) so I would have been furious if I spent money on something that was so far from the hyped durability standards.

I really should have called Chrome instead of tossing the shoes and being cranky. If these fall apart like Kursks did, I'm definitely calling Chrome.

There was a glitch in their ordering system, which prevented shipping information from being sent out. I emailed asking about it, thinking I would be snubbed like a certain large San Fransisco messenger company, twice, and also a photo lab after royally screwing up an order. But they replied with the tracking information pretty quickly, as if an actual human was at the helm.

So far, my faith has been restored in Chrome (but I'm still not even close to fitting into any of their shorts or trousers).


OK Shoes

Review by Mike C.

I own tons of Chrome stuff. Jackets, messenger bags, backpacks, and jackets. So I was pretty excited to pick up a pair of these Forged Rubber sneakers, from my local Hub.

However, after owning them for several months, now, I have to say I'm not too impressed. First, they are heavy, which probably has something to do with the forged rubber sole. By the way, the forged rubber sole hasn't stayed attached to the upper any better than my old pair of Vans. The sole separated in the usual spot where my toes bend. And now that we're on the topic of toes, these things pinch my little toe pretty bad. Even after having broken them in. Finally, there is no arch support. So unless you have flat feet these might be a little uncomfortable.

On a more positive note, I love they way the look.

In summary, I'd say these shoes are just OK. For the price point, however, when it comes time to buy new sneakers, I think I'll check elsewhere first.


Great shoes!!

Review by Ryan

Nice shoes. seem to be very durable. I was surprised by how heavy they were, though it doesn't bother me. I'll get another pair, well, if these ever wear out...


Great Quality/Style/Finish - Beware Narrow and Pointed Toebox

Review by Adrian

I loved the design and finish on this shoe. Great details and solid pair of sneakers! However, I had to return it because the toebox and midfoot is really narrow. I had plenty of room for my toes at the front edge, but the narrow and pointed toebox really hurt my feets. If you know you have wide feets these shoes are not for you! This would be the best pair of sneakers if they made a 'wide edition'.


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