Forged Rubber Dima Black/Black Sneaker

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The best city sneakers in the world. Made by hand, one at a time. They look and feel like sneakers, but they're built like army boots.

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  • Forged Rubber™ sole fused directly onto the upper at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and 30 psi for superior durability
  • 12oz fire hose canvas uppers for durable breathable comfort
  • Antimicrobial sock liner for odor resistance and weari


Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Great But I Slip A LOT!

Review by John

Love the design, extremely sturdy and durable but they have no grip. I walk around the city and on rainy days I have to be extra extra careful. Only design flaw, also I don't appreciate how many logo and brand placement tags there are on the shoes (way waaay to many). I don't want to be a walking billboard.


Easiest Shoe Ever

Review by My Chromes

As far as I'm concerned, there are 2 shoes in this world. The Adidas Samba, and the Chrome Dima. Onitsuka Tiger's are up there too, but for the sake of conversation we'll keep it simple.

I have a choice each morning: Either grab my 10 year old Samba's (or Tigers), sit down, and tie both up. Or walk up to my Dima's and just slip them on. I have the original light grey ones (fwiw)

Most people see them and don't think twice, subdued, which is how I like it. But, every girl who "thinks they're in school for fashion" always stops to say how much they like them. Which must mean something positive about how they look.

I ride with clipons, but if I'm going less than a mile or so, these will work fine on my speedplays, so the tacky rubber does work.
The insoles are washable in the washing machine and dryer to keep them from getting stinky.
And as soon as the black one go on sale, I'll be buying a pair of those too. I wear a 12 (hint, hint chrome) and they fit perfect to size.

If you're on the fence about them, get them. You'll love'em.



The Casual Friday Mirko

Review by Nocturnal Ascender

When it's Casual Friday and my Mirkos just aren't chill enough, I turn to my trusty Dimas to keep my feet relaxed but still ready to go all in.


Perfect for summer

Review by Isaac

I wear these shoes without socks literally all summer. They don't smell, they seem to be indestructible, and they seem to still look at least OK. Still have rubber on the bottom, top isn't torn up....going in to year three. I will buy another pair if they ever have trouble, but it sort of seems as they might last forever.

They are slippery as hell on wet surfaces, but whatever. Just be careful.


Problem with sole

Review by Loyal Supporter

I am buying two more pairs, however I am in full agreement with others that the quality of the soles have gone down...they wear too fast and quickly become dangerously slippery. I like these shoes...don't change anything else, but they are my last 2 pair unless something changes on a more durable and safer sole. Thanks.


Not as durable as before.

Review by David

They fit pretty well and look good but the chrome quality isn't the same as before. I purchased a similar shoe 2 years ago and they lasted over a year. I bought these and after 2 months of regular use the bottoms are completely gone. Wish you guys made them a little more durable.


Most durable sneakers ever

Review by Mauro L.

Perfect shoes for any kind of life style. I have had them for about a year and they are still holding on strong. The canvas got a little torn up, but the sole never came off, and surprisingly they still have a good amount of rubber underneath them. I would definitely would buy again. the only thing that i find kind of annoying is that they are very slippery on wet surfaces after the thread wears down, but thats not too much of an issue for me because I live in So Cal, and it hardly ever rains out here. Overall, these shoes are amazing, best pair of sneakers I have ever worn, I recommend them to anyone that has trouble with making their sneakers last longer than a month or so. I am very hard on my shoes so I need a shoe that can take a beating and this is the shoe for me.


Small Feet..

Review by Sarah

Great shoe! Just wish you had smaller sizes:) I wear a womens 5 or 6. Make it happen!!


Good, but the soul is too smooth.

Review by Ethan

They are very comfortable shoes, and I wear them every day, but I'm a little underwhelmed by the life span on them, I've owned these shoes for 3-4 months, and they're already smooth on the bottom. The lack of traction is a big issue when it comes to walking around NYC. On a humid, or wet day these shoes are a great way to slip in the subway.


Comfortable, waterproof, but absolutely no traction on wet ground.

Review by Seanskee

Snagged these shoes at the Seattle storefront while on vacation. Sales person was super posi and a joy to speak with. The shoe was incredibly comfortable! I walked pretty much everywhere while I was there and not once did my feet get sore- and if you've walked any of the hills in Seattle for several days on end you know it's a pretty good work-out. I only have two complaints. 1) WAY too many logos. Yea, it's made by Chrome- I don't need the show covered in logos. I personally cut the front tags off because I felt they made the shoe just look a little too tacky. Easy to cut off and made the shoe much more low key and sleek. My second complaint- and this is kind of a big deal- soles have absolutely no grip at all when wet. I am actually going to have to buy a pair of vans slip-ons for work as I am constantly slipping everywhere if there is even the slightest moisture on the floor. Today I was riding home in the rain and as thrilled as I was my feet stay bone dry in these I actually racked myself when I put my foot down at a light and my foot slipped out on the regular concrete. Still love these though but be extra, super careful on wet ground- especially smooth wet ground- you WILL slip everywhere- I even try to avoid wet cross-walk paint at all cost.


Super Comfort

Review by nrcyclist

I'm not a big slip-on guy. But these have been great. I've had my pair for more than a year. While the sole is now smooth, the fit is perfectly 'worn in.' These are my go-to shoes all the time. In black, they fit all occasions. Haven't tossed them in the washing machine yet... we will see what happens when I do.


Wonderful shoes!

Review by Jaws B.

I love how these shoes feel. These hug your feet and feel great when riding. The thick rubber makes walking around off bike very comfortable.


Please never stop making these shoes.

Review by Nick A

These shoes are fantastic. I've been waiting for Chrome to make another slip on for a while.
Construction is good, although a weak point on mine was the elastic on either side of the tongue, those rubber threads broke.
I usually wear 10.5, but since it's a slip on I decided to go a half size smaller. Even then, they feel a little more loose than I'd like. I feel like 9.5 would be spot on.
The tread on the sole is pretty minimal, mine wore down to smooth spots pretty quickly, so mud and wet smooth surfaces can get kind of slippery.
Overall, I would seriously recommend these to my friends, and once my current pair wear out, or the next time there's a big sale, I'll for sure be getting another pair.


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