Saddle Bag Rolltop Pannier 20

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100% waterproof Saddle Bag Rolltop pannier bag with lightweight Knurled Weldedâ„¢ construction and integrated laptop sleeve. Mounts with included rack adapter and is hardware-free off the bike. Guaranteed for Life.


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great product

Review by urbancyclist

love this bag! plenty of space; completely waterproof - have been using it almost daily for close to a year and it still looks and works great. the mounting system takes a bit to get used to, but once you get used to it, it's simple and quick. I would buy this product again and recommend it to friends


Bag rocks but mount sucks

Review by Ty

The bag is solid and has plenty space for me. The mounting system is far from easy. Hooking the lower slender hole goes easy but upper two to hook on the bracket, I have to use finger to stick in the opening of bag to open up enough gap so that the upper two holes go through the hooks of bracket. This is far difficult and time consuming that I thought. It's really frustrating in the cold evening when the lighting is bad, and finger is cold.


Way too heavy.

Review by Steve

Mounting hardware that mounts to the rack weighs 6+lbs, making the whole setup around 7lb. This thing is a boat anchor. I guess I'm putting this thing up on Craigslist and making it someone else's problem.


Awesome bag! Great design!

Review by Swampy

I've been using this bag for almost a year now and it is great! I was looking for a pannier without hardware because I needed to carry it around after my commute. It also comes with a small strap that facilitates carrying it with ease; I regularly use the strap to carry it messenger-style which is comfortable. The bag is easy to get on and off the mounted rack, but is best to do it before it is fully loaded. The padded section for my laptop is very secure and there are a few more slots for pens and a multitool. I also use a utility pouch for my wallet and keys so they are easy to find. I have used the outside loops to secure a u-lock to the outside of the pannier which is also very functional. Bag is waterproof and bombproof. This is a great bag and I wouldn't buy any other pannier.


DO NOT BUY. Listed weight is intentionally misleading; weighs eight pounds.

Review by Steve

Does NOT weigh half a pound. Intentionally misleading product description. All the hardware that mounts to the bike is steel, making the whole outfit weigh eight pounds. This thing is a boat anchor and not - at all - worth buying unless you live in the absolute flattest of flat plains. The images of two of these things mounted to the same bike borders on parody; there are literally bike TRAILERS that weigh less than two of these things would.


Great bag. Room for improvement.

Review by Ben

I have been commuting and tooling around town with this bag for half a year now. It has all the hallmarks of Chrome quality craftsmanship and will likely last me a lifetime (my commute is pretty light). It is light and functional as well, but a little narrow on space.

My only complaints are the handles/strap and mounting system. The handles are long, if I carry the bag by the handles it almost drags on the ground and I am 6'-2". The handles are tight around my shoulder if I carry the bag like a purse. The shoulder strap is okay but must be clipped/unclipped every time you take it on/off the bike. The mounting system requires you to bend the top of the bag to get the holes lined up. Tough to do if you have the bag full.

All that said I've adjusted and would eventually consider adding another matching bag but will definitely wait for a discount.


Great bag, particularly for a laptop

Review by Nic

Great bag for commuting with a laptop. I keep my office equipment in this and easily slip on/off the bike when I get to where I'm going, or if I need to hop on the bus.



Review by Sam

This was my first Chrome product. I was pretty excited. The brand's reputation as a manufacturer of really well made stuff precedes it. This bag is certainly well constructed, but I really dislike the mounting design. It's very difficult to slip the bag onto the mounting mechanism, especially when full. I was so pleased with this purchase, but the usability, or lack thereof, makes me cringe before my commute each morning and evening. As I said, really nicely made and waterproof and feature-rich, but fundamentally lacking in ease of use.



Review by Waterproof

This bag is infuriating. It is nearly impossible to get the bag on the rack mount, especially if the bag is full or if it is dark out and you can't see. Usually (after a lot of sweating and struggling) I manage to get one of the top slots in place and just leave it that way, because it is impossible to get the second one in without loosing the first one. Also the handles are just slightly too small to fit over your shoulder. I wish I could return this bag but it's pretty worn already because of all the times I've punched it in the face


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