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Excursion Rolltop 37 Backpack

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Our large 100% waterproof Excursion Rolltop backpack with lightweight Knurled Welded™ construction and integrated laptop sleeve. Five-bar haul handles and Hypalon® MOLLE straps for versatility. Guaranteed for Life.


Large 37-liter lightweight Welded-Waterproof pack with integrated laptop sleeve is made for adventure travel, all-weather commuting, and hauling gear to the track. We made the lightweight Excursion Rolltop to carry everything needed for the overnight camping trip or simply to get your groceries home dry. 100% waterproof lightweight construction and multimodal carry lets the Excursion Rolltop function in a variety of roles and environments. Includes ergonomic back panel, five-bar haul handles, Hypalon® MOLLE system, and sternum mini-buckle. Guaranteed for Life.


• Ergonomic shoulder strap design with EVA foam back panel for improved fit and breathability
• Five-bar haul handles for tote style off-body carry
• Sternum strap with iconic mini seatbelt buckle for load distribution


• Waterproof rolltop with compression straps
• Integrated laptop sleeve fits 15” Macbook Pro
• Hypalon MOLLE loops for modular adaptability


• Knurled RF Welds for lightweight, waterproof construction
• Lightweight and durable, 600-denier poly upper nylon
• Durable Hypalon bottom panel

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Love this bag for the first dozen times i used it, took it everywhere across the states in a short time. But....this bag stains easy. I got on a muddy trek and of course, the bag got muddy. Well I washed it off an hour later and the mud was still imprinted on the bag. Got home and washed it up even more with heavy soap and water and still nothing...don't know what to do.. HELP ME CHROME
Review by Evan / (Posted on 1/26/2016)
Love but just not durable
Really love this bag. Completely waterproof, light, and can fit so much stuff in it it sometimes seems bottomless.

My only gripe is that it is nowhere near the level of durability I have come to expect from Chrome bags. My Citizen endured through hell and high water. The Urban Rolltop? I fell the other day (doing maybe 5 mph on a skateboard), did a single barrel roll, and lo and behold--bag has two tears in it. Even my hands which made contact with the ground without cutting...

I really love this bag, but if you're looking for bombproof products you've come to know and love from Chrome, this is not it.
Review by sofa_kingdom / (Posted on 10/20/2015)
Really really good.
Been using this bag for over a year. It's totally rain proof which is great if you want to keep your computer and documents dry! Perfect for short camping trips. And it can fit a whole lot of groceries if you don't roll up the top. To clean any dirt or mud simply hose and sponge it with water. Versatile and looks pretty cool, always get compliments and people wanting to know where I got it (as not many people in Europe have these top-rolling bags). As the other review says, you probably can't go swimming with it, but otherwise everything stays dry. (ps if you do want a bag to take right into the water heaps of people from Basel have a Wickelfisch bag to carry their stuff while they take a dip in the Rhine).

Suggestions; additional internal pocket for wallet/phone/keys would be appreciated in future versions, though these things can fit in the laptop pocket of the current bag.

Overall, a really really good investment for people who want a light, mid-size waterproof bag that's pretty stylin'
Review by Dave / (Posted on 8/19/2015)
Worth Every.Freaking.Penny
I got this bag because I've been waiting for Chrome to come out with a 100% reliable waterproof bag.

This bag is a waterproof DRY bag, in every sense. I am an avid biker, but just got into SUPing recently. I can say, with no reservations, this bag is waterproof. It's fallen in, seen a fair amount of chop, and not a drop on the inside.

Will your contents withstand complete submersion for a length of time? Probably not...and 95% (ish) of all dry bags won't either. I've no need to test it when transporting my macbook air over the pond.

- Lets be clear, this is NOT a scuba diving bag -

Everything about this bag rocks: MOLLY straps, chest strap that doubles as a bottle opener, roll top straps that act as a compression strap while the top secures as a traditional "doughnut" dry bag top ...I'm actually on this site right now to buy the little brother of this bag for my wife who also SUPs and bike commutes.

Use this on or off the water, it'll look better than that kayak dry bag when going to the bar/office and weigh less when adventure camping.

The price? Go look for a new Sea to Summit dry bag that cost less...I've not found one. This weights less, costs less, and is more rugged than any dry bag I've seen.
Review by Matt / (Posted on 8/18/2014)