Storm Kursk Black Bike Shoe

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Our classic sneaker look with waterproof, breathable membrane to protect from rain while letting heat out. Also available in grey.

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Nice, nice, nice.

Review by Urban Off-road Enduro Guy

Nice shoes, for what I wanted: I wanted very plain-looking black shoes which could take a beating, handle varying weather conditions, be worn while walking around, and pass for casual a bit more than 5-10s. I have high arches and although these shoes are pretty good cycling my rolling-hills circuit, I found walking in them a bit uncomfortable due to the inner soles' spongy-ness allowing my ankles freedom to roll - so I swapped out the inner soles, which come out very easily, for some high-arch performance inners and these shoes are now primo to walk in - very comfortable.
As for the design, construction, and aesthetics of the shoes, they are brilliant - simple yet practical design: nothing too flashy, just business, which is what I was looking for, and little touches like chrome ends on the laces - I get it - and logo placement. Very solid construction - lots of outer sole, about 3/4", with a nice balance between flex and rigidity (smells like bicycle tubes... hmmm); the tread pattern is nice also: plenty of grooves for into which fall the pins of my Brendogs. The thousand denier cordura is nice - first thing I did was put the shoes on then blast them with the hose - got to remember water will still enter where the tongue recedes under the top two eyelets; and yes, they look sweet with my black skins and black riding gear, and will be even sweeter when I finish building my stealth cycle.
So overall, after spending a little extra to upgrade the inners, I'm pretty happy with the shoes; so maybe half-size up, if your current size is a close fit and you're considering the possibility of changing the inners or be prepared for a longer wear-in period to compensate for that little bit of extra space some swanky new inners may take up. I would say these shoes are true to size; I don't have wide feet. Delivery was pretty swift too.


Better than Chuck Tylers! (CT)

Review by M

I really like my new shoes. They have the style of Chuck's but are WAY better built. Inside the shoe the arch support was a nice surprise. I have High arches and flat shoes suck. The sole of the shoe is much more plush than CT's and there is this col chrome design all along the underside of the tongue. Nice surprise. Another cool feature is that it has the Chrome logo inside the shoe as well and these really cool big letters stating the size of the shoe. It's hard to explain but it looks cool and you'll just have to trust me on this one. I also like how much stronger the material is compared to CT's. Oh yeah, and the bottom tread material is crazy sticky. So that was nice as well. Less peddle slippage. I also got two free Chrome Logo stickers in a zip lock bag and the shoebox looks like it was designed by obey. Totally keeping the box. The ONLY 2 thing I didn't like was that this shoe does not have black shoelace grommets like the $75 pair. It would look sick in all black. And, they were not made in the U.S. :( Being that they are waterproof in the northwest is such an added bonus when dealing with surprising potholes on a wet day. No more wet feet due to CT's


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