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Our version of a musette. Simple, useful, and tough. Fits 13" laptop and daily essentials. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Good all-rounder

Review by Neotrooper

All-round great bag. One thing that bugs me immensely is where the shoulder-strap attaches... The plastic ring turns/rotates/spins over time and needs constant adjustment. And similar to other commentators- the flat inner pockets make it difficult to store and retrieve goods.


Amazing Bag & Made in the USA!

Review by Maryann

I have been in search for the perfect bag for a long time, specifically for both everyday and travel use, I wanted something with a messenger bag style, but not too big in size.
The Vega bag has been with me through work and recently traveling through the States. I was able to carry my camera, Camelbak, medicine, sunglasses (inside case), book, wallet, keys, emergency cash, pen and small lotion with this bag. There was still enough room to fit in more stuff if needed.
This bag has been through both Summer and rain storm weather. I am sure it will survive any kind of weather and still protect its contents. I never understood the idea of seat belt straps, but this bag has made me a fan. The strap, with the Chrome logo looks pretty cool.
I'd recommend this bag to anyone, especially if you support Made in the USA products.


Perfect Bag For Summer

Review by Ben

I Also own the "Buran II" but I wanted a Bag for the Summer that was smaller & hung Lower & the "Vega" is close to Perfect. The only thing I miss is the handle on top like my Buran II has. I find myself missing it when loading the vega up or getting something out of it when I'm not putting it back on.But it's a very small gripe...still 5out far I love all my Chrome gear...every piece seems to have its own personality


Love this bag..

Review by Yvette

Love this bag. Can hold all my stuff and the shoulder strap is comfortable. Great bag.


Perfect Urban/Travel Purse!!

Review by Erika M

The Vega in red & white turns out to be the best travelling purse & everyday purse! I wanted a tough purse that can go anywhere & it handles super well around town & also is super to travel with riding on public transportation, flying, riding on bikes with & then just running out the door as well! Super sturdy, awesome front flap....holds the essentials & the back pocket is great for carrying boarding passes & maps! Recommend it highly! :D


Perfect for the weekend!

Review by Melissa

I first bought the Corsair (which I love), but then realized that I needed to have a smaller bag for rides and walks around the city during the weekend. The Vega is the perfect size to hold essentials.


Good bag, could be great with one fix

Review by James D

This is a great bag for taking just the basics out. My one suggestion if I could change anything would be to double up on the velcro. I'm used to my Citizen where I can just drop the flap and it's secure. This one needs some attention to get fully closed and even then it doesn't feel super secure. If the velcro strips on the bag and the flap were wider and "caught" easier I'd call it perfect.


All in all...I love this bag!!

Review by Theresa

All in all...I love this bag. However, because I have used it everyday of my life for the past year I can point out two things I would alter to make it that much better. First, MORE VELCRO. That tiny little strip just doesn't cut it. Second, Make the strap able to be shorter. Sometimes if the bag is super heavy, I would like to be able to tighten it up so that it rests on my upper back/shoulder blades while riding my bike. Unfortunately, this bag doesn't tighten past mid-back making the weight pull on your shoulders and often leaving me super sore (not the bags fault, the fault of the stuff in it!). I don't know what I would do without it though!


Great bag, slightly smaller than it looks in the picture, could use a few tweaks

Review by Jay

I've only had this bag for a few days, but I already think it's great and will suit my needs very well. It's very well put together and the fit & finish is exceptional. This bag was built to last and I'm sure it will. I love the seat belt material for the strap and the buckle is easy to use and adjust. Best of all it's made in the USA!

I have noticed a few things that would make this bag even better. First, it doesn't sit up very well on its own. On flat surfaces like tables and desks, the bottom slides out and it ends up on its back (or front) quite a bit because it's canvas on the bottom, there's nothing with grip. This also makes it somewhat difficult to load because it continues to slip out from under what I'm trying to put into it. Next I'd really like it to have a handle so I can pick it up and carry it briefcase-style. This would also help when loading the bag to have something to hang onto while trying to keep it upright. A handle might also provide a natural creasing point for the flap. There is a plastic "ring" that secures the looping end of the seat belt strap to the bag that I wish was metal; this seems like the weakest link in the bag. I also agree with other reviewers about beefing up the Velcro. I would love to have a key hook/loop somewhere inside the bag. The rest of the organization inside the bag is great, but it has no place for my keys... One final thing is that I got the black-on-black version of this bag, and the inside is also black. Having the inside of the bag be a color other than black would make it much easier to find things in the bag.


Ultimate iPad case

Review by Jon

After purchasing other options to carry the iPad, I found one of these in the Black/Brown color combination. It is just super for the iPad, and I use it every day. My only suggestion to Chrome and other messenger bag mfgs is this: Please add some volume to your sewn-in pockets. Everyone seems to be adding flat pockets which are kind of useless.


Nice bag

Review by Ruth S.

I like this bag. True that it does seem smaller than it looks in the photo. I would like to see it slightly larger in the front-to-back dimension. I like a bag with an exterior rear pocket, and this has one. This pocket tapers toward the top, however, making it too narrow for 8.5x11 paper documents or most magazines. Not sure why it is like this, but slightly wider would be nice. I agree with the comment about it needing slightly beefier velcro too. This is a great bag, but falls just short of being perfect, IMO.


Pretty sweet.

Review by citydog

I quite like this bag. It's great for when you don't need to lug a messenger bag.

As others have said, it seems smaller than its measurements would have you think, and the flat pockets are kind of goofy. The pocket on the back is extremely handy.


great bag just what i wanted

Review by Dan

summery says it. just what i was looking for. simple yet carries what i need it to. and while keeping it dry. i had bought a chrome citizen and was unhappy to find it way to large for my needs ( it is now a travel bag. perfect for carry on) so i called chrome asking what bag they thought best for everyday carry and the man i spoke to recommended the VEGA. good recommendation. thanks.
only thing i would change would be adding a hook or some other way to attach my keys to the bag some where. other then that. totally happy with both bags i got from chrome. im sure i'll buy more from chrome in the future


followup to an earlier review

Review by Ruth S.

I have had this bag for several months now and wanted to follow up. My only new criticism is that after a bit of use the strap tends to bunch up in its bracket. This is somewhat minor and I'm not sure what the fix would be, but it is a little annoying. I am less bothered by the wimpy velcro - this bag is small enough that it is rarely an issue for me. I do still find that I would like the outer pocket to be wide enough to hold an 8.5x11 document without folding. I will stick with the 4 stars, but will also say that this is probably my favorite small bag ever. It is PERFECT for my ipad2. The fact that I came back to this site to see if there were any limited addition Fall color offerings is testament to my affection for this bag, since I would consider buying another if there were some cool new colors.


Favorite Bag

Review by Mel

I break purses quite often, so I was looking for a near indestructible bag that I could use as a purse, I have not been disappointed. This bag has survived my wear and tear like a champion and it is super comfy to wear. It is a bit smaller than it appears to be but the dimensions given are accurate so if that is a concern just double check. The back pocket is a bit tight but it fits my Nook and my day planner perfectly so I don't mind that at all.


Great bag but here's some improvement ideas

Review by The Nish

I am a Chrome junkie. Bought this bag and took it on a 5000 mi Harley trip. Held up great my iPad fit nice too. Good construction. But as with many Chrome bags I had to sew on a top handle. Better for the grab and go. Also I agree with an earlier review that the back pocket should have been designed to hold a file or small portfolio 81/2x11 size. But overll I truly like this bag. Highly recommend it.


Clumsy and Tiny

Review by BC

Unfortunately suffers from the typical Chrome bloat wherein it gets uncomfortable and awkward to carry as it nears capacity. Manageable on my Citizen, but it causes the Vega to become a little unwieldy as it bounces around. Furthermore, the carrying capacity is positively minuscule, and by time I've got a modest amount of stuff packed away its already getting chunky and stops sitting right on my side or back.

As a longtime Chrome user I was hoping for the Vega to do the same thing for my iPad as the Soyuz did for my laptop. Unfortunately it has neither the stability nor space I need.


Rad for dog walking and everyday use!!!

Review by Tj

It holds everything I need water bottle,notes,bags wallet,headphones...Its also amazing when its pouring out, just stick your phone or Ipad in and it completely protected!!


The greatest bag I've ever owned

Review by grepdisc

This bag is incredible. It holds everything I need: wallet, phone, folder of papers (main pocket), spare shirt, grocery bag, and either a 13" MacBook Pro or a pair of soccer cleats and water bottle. The back pocket is perfect for stashing a notebook or many of the above items. This bag has been a perfect commuter for 3 months and has performed expertly for day hikes as well. While it is a little heavy to pack inside another bag, I cannot travel without my Vega. The clips allow the main flap to bulge and carry a disc for ultimate or a large jacket or two.


Great bag

Review by robert hedrick

I love this bag, I think because it makes me edit what I carry. It is more rainproof than my old Timibuktu bag. I ride a motorcycle in NM where it doesn't rain much, but I need my papers dry. There is a minor problem that the pen, in the pen slot, gets in the way of the pouch zipper, so I'm on the lookout for a shorter pen ( I now have a sweet NM Educators Federal Credit Union pen). Plus, the very attractive Chrome tab thing on the buckle sticks up and looks stupid. I will probably cut it off, but it so nice I don't want to. Too bad it doesn't have some Velcro way to move it.


Command Central

Review by Seiler

I call this bag Command Central. It holds all my necessary items and it goes everywhere with me: to the gym (holds weightlifting gloves, gymnastics tape etc), on errands, to meetings. I can even fit my 15" MacBook Pro and all its paraphernalia in there, which did not seem likely when I first saw it empty. It sits on my desk while I am working and contains all the things I need to get things done. I have not gone out in the rain, yet, but am glad to know it's waterproof. I also like the red interior: I can actually FIND things in there.


nice bag but a few caveats

Review by Thomas E

I have this and a few other bags from chrome, I think my main gripe is the poorly thought out velcro on the main flap, it sort of bugs me that it doesn't fasten well wtihout the straps. Replacing the horizontal strip of velcro with two vertical strips would lock this bag up solid, then you could probably do away with the dual buckles on the bottom and just go with one down the center. I like how the shoulder strap is quick to adjust and the pockets are perfectly suited to store my tablet, small keyboard, kindle, a couple of notepads, book and pens. A nice bag to have when you're hanging out downtown trying to get some things done. A waterproof version of this bag would be cool and ultrasleek. I get caught in the rain quite a bit
and it'd be nice to not have to worry about electronics getting soaked.

So fix the issue with the velcro, send me a replacement for free ;-) , and this will be the coolest mini-bag I own.


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