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Our basic Utility messenger bag. Simple and tough. Made in Chico, CA. Guaranteed for life.

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.


Review by ARMANDO

I bought this bag awhile back and I gotta say its AWESOME!!!! gotta love the classic messenger bag. I like the all black look its a great color and goes with anything. also its not too big but not too small it is the perfect size for what I need it for, Just throw some bike tools in for whenever I'm riding far or just being prepared. And whenever it gets chilly around the fall time I bring a hoodie just to be prepared. its a really tough and durable bag if you take care of it. plus good for any weather conditions and good for everyday use.


Perfectly simple

Review by Tarzan

I've been looking for a bag that would accommodate my full-size Nikon SLR without looking like a camera bag or looking stand-out expensive. I have -and love- several Chrome bags, but the padded -strap messengers are just not quite right; needed something lighter, cross-body and ride-on-the-hip. All of the other bags I've tried bulge or sag under the weight of the camera.
I was delighted to find that the camera fits easily and the thick liner makes it look as if I have next to nothing in it.
Strap is very soft and comfortable. It'll probably be an EDC bag for me...if it had a handle or back strap for the bag hook on my Vespa, it'd be all I need. As is, more than fulfills my initial requirements.
And Made in USA.


Love this bag for everyday use

Review by Cynthia

I have both the mini metro and citizen bags which I love, but I needed something for everyday work that wasn't quite as massive/hardcore. This bag is great for bringing my lunch, water bottle, and other stuff without looking big. It's perfect since I commute by car and do not need major messenger bags everyday!



Review by Art N.

The best bag I've ever owned in my life. Durable enough to bike through a rainstorm yet classy enough to take to a business meeting.


Great and Fuctional

Review by Jorge Martins Baltazar

I bought this bag on a recommendation but I really unsure to expect. I completely love this bag. It fuctionality are exactly what I needed for my needs. Not overbearing, just right. I bought the laptop sleev as well. The only thing I wish is that they put the loops inside the bag so that the laptop sleeve could be attached. Your other bags have them. Overall, great product and worth the investment for an everyday bag. I recommend it.


Chrome Classic Messenger Bag

Review by h2plushalfo2

I guess I expected a Superbag with all the hyped up reviews by fans. It is an OK bag, not bad.

-A major flaw is how the shoulder strap is connected to the sides of the jams at the end where there the buckle is used to shorten the strap as the strap is doubled there.
-The top flap does not cover/shelter the side edges well enough and leaves a gaping hole so that water can easily go into the main compartment in rain. It is therefore not waterproof. I have picts to show the problem.
-The strap has no cushioning pads.
-The inside pouches are nice but not sized for an ipad or Kindle...the zippered pouch does not fit a Kindle.

So it is an OK bag, but the hype is, well, just hype. A raincover with any ole bag would do better.


The bag is okay.

Review by charlotte

The bag is okay. A smarter consumer would research and discover that one could get a very similar, better-made and more functional bag elsewhere (the fuddy-imaged Eddie Bauer for example) for half the $$$.


Nice bag, but could be better

Review by Zachary

I got this bag because it specifically says that it is great for hauling binders and books around campus. I am a senior in high school attending some college classes and needed a bag to bike the 10mile ride but also keep by my side inside of school. I bought the laptop sleeve but there are no clamps for it as the other bags have (as mentioned in another review). It is also not very large, at 17L it is smaller than the metro mini! RIght now in the bag I have 3 one inch binders, a book, a bike lock, and my 13" macbook pro, and the bag is stuffed. Not much room. Right now it will suffice but I don't know that it will have enough to carry around all my college textbooks and supplies when I attend next year.

I love the build quality and it looks much better than the pics in my opinion. Still a great bag!


Looks awesome

Review by Allen Zhu

The most commonly used messgener bag i see around is manhattan portage bags. Ive taken a look around the whole store looking at their bags, and finally decided to get the Cornell. That was the worst desicion ive ever made. Their bags can barely hold 2 binders (im a highschool student) and once its alittle overstuff, it looks awful. Only after did i realize that Chrome had such good bags and reviews for it. Looking back, i wouldve gone straight to the Chrome classic messgenger


wow - solves a lot of sherpa problems!

Review by richard

my niece turned me on to Chrome bags and they've made carrying the huge about of work stuff and fun stuff so much easier and they don;t make me feel like U have a man-purse! It's great that they are so well made, non-sexist, and utilitarian.


Great classic messenger bag

Review by Jojo

This is my first Chrome bag but wanted a more traditional style. This bag is perfect for my needs. It's very well made just like the heritage buckle bags. I love the weatherproof outer layer and the truck lining inside. I normally use this bag to carry my lunch, some gym clothes and a book. If you need it for school, you're better off with the Citizen. I hope Chrome will make more traditional style messenger bags like this. The only improvement I would like is a flap on the sides near the shoulder straps. It leaves a small gap where rain might enter, but for me it's minor. Overall, this is a well made bag and I understand why Chrome is very popular.


Great materials, nice layout. But need 2 mo' details

Review by Phil

Great comfortable bag. It has just enough room for a MacBook pro (2011), and a mouse and a few paperbacks. I like it very well - why no 5 star bag love?

1) lacks a buckle to hold down the flap. It's not a huge bag, so I often stuff it to the limit. At that point, you really need a buckle. I added one: 20 mins & $3 for buckle and strap.
2) shoulder strap is super high quality auto seat belt stuff ( typical Chrome), but this nice stuff is thinner than standard, and the standard strap hardware is for thicker strap. Hence, the strap gets bunched up in the hardware. Need mo' snug hardware.

But with that, this is still my favorite messenger bag.


Awesome for years!

Review by Brent

I've had my bad for almost 10 years and it has never failed me once. I've been soaked in a thunderstorm, and everything inside has always remained dry still to this day. Looking to upgrade after all these years. Highly recommended to have a laptop case with this bag.


Awesome for years!

Review by Brent

I've had my bad for almost 10 years and it has never failed me once. I've been soaked in a thunderstorm, and everything inside has always remained dry still to this day. Looking to upgrade after all these years. Highly recommended to have a laptop case with this bag.


Stellar Bag

Review by YourHighness

Greatest quality messenger I've ever owned. I'm a chromer for life now!


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