Cardiel Fortnight

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Water-resistant travel backpack with zip-around opening and compression flap. Good for a week on the road with or without the bike. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.

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Review by coop

I'm an audio engineer and carry various types of cables, MIDI keyboard- 15" MacBook, external hard drive, USB hub, Magic Mouse, sometimes an Apollo Twin Duo interface and a microphone...... A+ 120%


Simple, clean, style.

Review by Goldfish

This bag fits my needs perfectly. I really like the style. I didn't want a bag with a bunch of straps and loops on the sides. I like the clean lines and simple shape. The flap on the back is great for adding large items and keeps them out of the way when walking or riding. When not in use the flap sits neatly and maintains the sleek look I was looking for in a backpack. The shape is very manly and mature looking. Almost a business like look, with a mix of a cool skater vibe- which is exactly what I wanted. And of course the, super HEAVY DUTY quality construction. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.


Almost-Perfect Bulletproof Backpack For Everyday Use

Review by Julian

I've been using this bag for almost two years now and it looks the same as it did when I first got it. It's got a nice stealth look to it, nothing too flashy, and sits nicely on my back when skating or biking. Pockets are huge, though some of them don't see as much use as I'd like, due to placement (especially the inside-bottom-velcro'd-compartment, which folds into the bellow when the backpack isn't full). One thing I disliked about this bag was the use of the plastic buckle which required two handed use - I'm used to the metal one-sided Chrome Bravo buckle which I was able to do with one hand. But this bag never fails me and I see it being used until it falls apart (which doesn't seem to be any time soon).


Built like a tank, stores like an episode of Hoarders.

Review by Discontinued!

I was lucky enough to snag one of 3 left about a year or so ago. I asked if this bag was discontinued, which it is, but again I was lucky to have one shipped from up north.

This bag has been through the wringer. I've taken it hiking, biking, through fire and rainstorms. Still looks like new (or damn near close.) It's simplistic design attracts compliments up the ass and gives you quite a canvas if you're artistic or good with stitching on patches without puncturing the rainproof material.

The space inside is more than enough for a handful of days involving travel on a weekend for a camping trip. The inner pockets, zippers, and Velcro hold out without any sign of wear thus far. This was built to last a lifetime. These nooks and crannies hold a LOT more than you're giving it credit for.

Besides the functional versatility and looks outside of a work environment, this bag has proven top notch for speedy deliveries. Lightweight, hugs the body like a bear hug from your crush, with limited modular comparability. The strap belts have allowed me to mount a knife, an external pocket and some other odd trinkets on my journies.

You'll get this question a lot: "Why do you need a big ass, weatherproof, tank of a backpack? Isn't that excessive?" Just answer with "Why not." Otherwise you'll be spouting off non stop about your new best friend. If you can get your hands on one of these, get it.


The best Travel backpack IMO

Review by The perfect backpack

I've had the pleasure of using this bag nearly everyday for the past 2 years, be that for cycling, riding a motorbike, weekly /weekend getaways and even took it as my only bag around the world on a 8 month trip. Solid construction, looks awesome and if you get caught in the rain it cleans itself and looks good as new. I look forward to taking it on many more trips. I've never had such solid zips, they've taken a quite a beating and haven't let up. The only things I would add are an elastic drink Bottle holder to the side, padlock able zip and a waist strap, Otherwise an all round Perfect bag and I found to be the best travel backpack. To be fair it was designed for riding which is covers all grounds and not for travelling. Well done Chrome I love your work.


The best packsack/bag on the planet.

Review by tommyb from Olympia

I use this bag for work. It goes into work truck, job sites, mountain tops.
I bought it 2 years ago and with daily use, it still looks new.
This bag is built to last a lifetime.


Great Bag - Poor Sealant on Zipper.

Review by HomoEroticus

Pros: Wipes clean easily, Very sleek look, Comfortable shoulder straps, Optional chest strap-easy to use/adjust, Fits my books comfortably, Many small pockets. Only Con: Sealant used for zipper is NOT foolproof-wears with regular use, and by the end of the first year bag became UN-water resistant. Sealant lacks permanence and ability to withstand everyday opening/closing of bag after only 1-year. Rainwater enters easily once sealant has been breached: goodbye to waterproofness CHROME is so known for. Pro of Con: Warranty claim was granted and bag was repaired flawlessly. I love you motherfuckers!


Solid, spacious, & comfortable

Review by Mike

I bought this because I was looking for something bigger than my Krakow (discontinued). It's a perfect size backpack with a ton of space. It easily fits my laptop with enough room to fit a weekends worth of clothes. I was slightly disappointed with it's size because I was looking for something a little bigger than the Krakow and ended up getting more than I bargained for. Features I would add would be a couple more external pockets for a water bottle and small stuff. With that aside, it's an awesome bag, very comfortable, and very spacious (considering it's compact size).


Took me quite some time to find a great bag fit for my needs. I looked at plenty of bags, from mission works to banjo brothers, to timbuk2, name it I've researched it all.

Review by p

Awesome bag, tough as nails, and enough volume to stuff it like you mean it.


Best Quality Backpack I Have Ever Purchased

Review by Randolf

It is always a good thing when your customers do the marketing for your company. The reason I say this is that I have become an advocate for any chrome bags too anyone in need of a bag after my first Chrome bag. I have been thoroughly pleased with the quality of bags/backpacks that I have purchased through Chrome Industries for 3 years now and the Cardiel Fortnight is perfect for my needs in every aspect. When I spent time in the military for 8 years I had used many different types of bags and or rucksacks over the course of those years including one war. I previously believed that the military bags supplied to me were far superior to any bag that was on the market until I met the Cardiel Fortnight. The Fortnight feels like it is made of the same materials that my military bags were made of although the workmanship, seams, sewing and straps seem to be far better quality. I also own the Yalta which I had purchased first and still have. The Yalta survived an accidental fire in the back of my pickup truck without having a hole burned through it, only melting. It is a great bag as well but it is too large for what I typically would use it for on a daily basis but I am sold on how durable and rugged both of these bags are now.. The Cardiel is the perfect size and weight for my needs. I have used this bag extensively over the period of a year (daily). I open the zippers multiple times daily and typically carry around a laptop a few large text books and an iPad in the front compartment. I recently had to return the bag because the zipper would get stuck and eventually separated slightly from the material but I was mailed a new bag immediately by Chrome and the people working for Chrome were extremely easy to work with. The zipper held up far longer than any bag that I have purchased before. The lifetime warranty is what sold me on their bags in the first place, and I now know that Chrome fully stands by their product and i could not be more pleased with their service. The zipper issue was minimal and the rest of the bag has held up extremely well, having no rips, tears or fraying after heavy use. I would not be able to say the same thing about the numerous other backpacks I have purchased over the years such as the Nike Sb's, JanSports, or North Face Bags. So all in all this is the best bag workmanship that I have ever seen including those made by the US Military. Furthermore, I really like the liner inside that keeps items cool such as what lines the Yalta, the other bag that I own. I will put my cooled energy drink in the liner and it will stay cool for half the day sometimes.


Solid Travel Bag with Tons of Room

Review by Sam A

I was doubtful to go back to Chrome after using lots of M.Workshop for the last few years. After lots of research I picked this bag for a 2 different 4 day trips and was able to carry tons of clothes shoes laptop wires food booze jacket all I needed and it performed like a champ. Rugged and comfy and looks great. This is now my go to travel bag for all my trips where I need to walk everywhere with stuff on my back. 5 Stars!


Close to perfect - rounding up the stars

Review by Danny

Retired my five-year-old Pawn after this beauty came in the mail. How very nice to be able to look over my shoulder and not have the roll in my face! How awesome to be able to open the bag and intelligently pack all of my gear, instead of using my old bag-boy skills to attempt to pack the Pawn (which barely held an overnight's load of stuff, let alone two weeks) True, I can't use the Fortnight as a beer cooler, and I'd probably not feel hugely comfortable throwing it over the side of a boat and swimming with it to shore. But come on. I'm old. I can count the number of times I've had to do either those two things on one hand. I don't need a bag to do some model-shoot type nonsense - I just need a solid bag to cart my crap around.
And this is solid. A superior design - truck liner, waterproof zippers - compare this to a similarly sized Goruck. Besides being twice as expensive, the Goruck only has Cordura to protect your goodies. Cordura is a fine fabric, but it is not weatherproof. I'd barely call it weather resistant. I've been caught in two heavy downpours with the Cardiel, and both times everything inside was as dry as if it had been in the main compartment of my Pawn - that is to say, dry.
This bag sits better on my back than any backpack I've used before. I guess YMWV, depending on your body type. I'm a short dude with wide shoulders, if that helps you in making up your mind.

The one (maybe two) downside - the zippers. Chrome, what were you folks thinking with using those dinky little cords with the zipper? They're about half the width of gutted paracord, and both pulled out of the zipper the first time I used them (don't care about the stiffness of the zipper - that lets me know everything inside is safe and cozy). I snipped all of stock pulls off and replaced with some blood-red, non-gutted paracord. Now we're snazzy, and those pulls aren't coming out of the zippers. Also, a strip of cordura on the outer flap for a blinkie would've been appreciated, but I can see reasons why you'd want to keep the outside nice and simple. In any case, any tailor would be able to add a strip for you for a couple bucks.

The Cardiel is the reason why I've stuck with Chrome over the years - you folks finally gave me my perfect bag. Even with the additional cost of maybe $0.14 to replace those ridiculous pulls, this bag is a real value. Better made than 95% of the junk out there, and at a better price to boot. I'd say buy this, but in a neighborhood filled with Citizens, Pawns, Ivans, etc. I'd rather be the only one with a Cardiel.


Fortnight Review

Review by G W

What else can you say about a big burly waterproof backpack that fits under your seat on an airplane, doesn’t block your view when you’re jamming on the bike, and looks completely badass? Well, I guess you could mention it was designed in collaboration with John Cardiel, so that the man (the myth, the legend) can live out of it for two weeks with no problem! You could also drop some mention of how comfortable it is, how big it can pack out without seeming or looking overwhelming, and how much utility was imagined when the compression strap exterior flap was designed. The super comfy back panel and adjustable shoulder straps are of the highest caliber, making the pack easy to carry on two legs as well as on the bike. This is my travel bag- space for every essential without sacrificing style, comfort or ridability.


1 fortnight = 14 days

Review by SL

Don't let the price tag defer you. This bag is worth every penny. I've been looking for a solid bag for a while now and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for until I found the fortnight. This bag is simple, straight forward and rock solid. I ride my Harley to go skate all the time and was looking for something that could carry everything I need and hold up to some serious abuse. This bag has room for everything and then some. I had a bose portable sound dock in there and still had plenty of room to fit everything else and it feels like there is nothing in it when you are wearing it. It's so comfortable that you can carry whatever you need and it doesn't way you down at all. Even when the bag is full it holds it's low profile design and doesn't look like you are wearing a piece of luggage on your back. The metal cam locks make adjusting the shoulder straps so easy and it keeps it locked at your adjustment. It stays put snug on you back when riding and doesn't even need a belt or anything. This bag definitely lives up to it's and Cardiel's name.


Tough, holds a lot, no pocket for water bottle

Review by Dan Sheehan

I bought this pack for a trip to Spain. It met my needs for holding a lot of stuff, good storage compartments for little things, my iPad, and bulkier stuff in the main compartment. Itnlooks pretty good and was fairly comfy. The MAJOR complaint I have with this bag is the lack of a water bottle pocket on the outside of the bag. Most ALL other backpacks have this. I had to keep a water bottle in a ziplock bag inside of the pack. This was a hassle for city and mountain hiking and resulted in me being less hydrated. I guess if you were on a bike you could keep your bottle on the bike, but I am not always in my bike with my pack. Note to Chrome, could you guys sew one onto the side of my bag?


Bad Flap

Review by Kriss

So I've been traveling with this bag for nearly a month now and it he's held up real well. There are two things that I didn't like though. First is the way it carries when there isn't much in it. It sits weird on my back. And second is the pocket underneath the flap. When I fill that pocket up the sides flange out beyond its Velcro flap and the larger flap leaving it exposed to rain. Meanwhile I was carrying my books in there, luckily I noticed this before it was too late. Also one other thing is where the large flap meets the zipper, when the flap has been pulled tight it kinks the zipper making it hard to open and close.

That is all. Bombproof but maybe needs some adjustment with the design.


Oh S***

Review by Gio

Well you know how this was designed to be military-ish or something like that. what if it had two straps on the sides like the niko camera bag so you could put a tent or a bike frame or even a bazooka hell who knows? but I think It would be helpful for a lot of people and it would finalize my decision on buying over the sherman or citizen london.


Pretty badass, but could be better.

Review by Ant

I have been riding and going between the gym, school, and work with this bag for about three weeks now, and I am seriously loving it. I used to use a massive messenger as my primary bag, and while I still love it for straight-up volume and accessibility, I needed something for grad school that was a little more organized. This bag is perfect. Wide, deep, clamshell opening, fast to access. I thought the minimal pockets would annoy me, but the more I used it the less I cared.
My one major problem with this bag is the same one I have for 99% of the larger-sized bags out there- Chrome, why do you make the interior black? My old bag was bright orange on the interior, and I never realized how great that was for helping to be able to dig rapidly through a bag. It's absurd how much stuff can disappear into this bag, but it sucks to be digging through it forever just to find a pen or paperback.
Beyond that, its a gem. Perfect for carryon size, no blockage of view when riding, Could be a seriously overbuilt camping bag in a pinch. I'd like to see some PALS style webbing on the side so I could strap a water bottle pouch on it, but that would be a minor issue.


one bad thing

Review by Aj

I commute by unicycle with this bag everyday. About ten miles round trip. This bag holds everything I need with plenty of room to spare. I'm not sure if weather proof means water proof but this bag lets in plenty of water in the rain and by the time I get to work there is a puddle in the bottom of my bag. I have to wrap whatever I'm carrying for work in plastic bags. Other than that I think this is a great bag.


Radest Pack

Review by Blake

I took a 4 week trip in Europe, the West Balkans to be exact. Lived outta this pack and it was the shit. Took 4 shirts, 2 shorts, pair of pants, 3 pairs of socks, 4 pairs or underwear, sleeping back, some toiletries, and my skateboard. It was so perfect, plus you don't look like one of those kooks traveling around with packs bigger than themselves... The size fits great when you're wearing it, the breathable padding on the back is the shit, worth every fuckin penny.


This is the best backpack I have ever used.....

Review by Tom Brosman

In my work, I usually work out of a truck. I store my lunch, emergency food and have tons of room for ipod and whatever.
This backpack is built like a brick outhouse. Hands down the best made gear of this nature I have ever had and that includes fire packs from my Forest Service days fighting fires. It's a lot of money for a back pack. Life is the best.


Overall - Great!

Review by Barry

I really like this pack. Overall it's a 4, with a minor edit it would go to 4.5.

A fair bit of thought has gone into the design of the Fortnight, I like it a lot.

-Quick access outer pocket is zippered and will fit a mini-U lock
Note: The zipper opens to the left which is GREAT for righty's
when you whip off the pack and set it down to grab your lock

-Main outer pocket is bellowed - allows for slight overstuffing
-Metal cam shoulderstrap buckles are easy to adjust on the bike
-Two way sternum strap allows you to center the buckle
-You can reach items at the bottome of the pack

Where I think it can use an "edit" Inside, there are two small velcro compartments. Well, I'd much rather prefer the top one to zip shut, for coin,
but when I though it over for a real (i.e. a solution that could actually be used by Chrome) here's what I think is a minor tough that would help a lot:

IF the two inner velcro pockets were dropped in favour of a large inner
zippered mesh sleeve ex: Folded shirt stays folded, AND a little zip pocket organizer is sewn onto the laptop sleeve - this pack would be made.

Overall this is a really great pack, and the biggest thing to mention is waterproofness. There aren't two-strap packs that I'm glad to bike with in
rainy weather.


So rad.

Review by Kyle

So stoked on this bag. Not only is John Cardiel a skateboarding god but he also helps design the sickest bag I've ever owned. It's like your normal bag on mega steroids. Cordura, truck tarp liner, weatherproof zippers, holds so much more than it looks like on first glance, really couldn't ask for more. The outer flap is also awesome, holds my skateboard perfectly for day trips and holds my sleeping bag just as well for extended stays. If you're hesitant on this bag just buy it. Once you take it on a week long trip you'll be hooked. I use it for commuting to work, couch surfing for a week or two and everything in between. Seriously couldn't be happier with a backpack.


Great Pack but could use some more 'Chomification'

Review by MikeD

Great pack! I was able to test it out at the Chicago store. Now, for the price though, it could use some more chromification. Meaning, it could go with the more signature seatbelt buckle type of attachments and chrome/metal loop type enhancements rather than the typical plastic pieces. Do this, and I'm upgrading! Other than that, it's a solid pack that looks like most other black / olive packs out there and it doesn't stand out as much as I'd like it to. But looks is important to me.. sorry...


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