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BRAVO 2.0 Backpack

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Our most versatile pack, featuring a waterproof main compartment, padded laptop compartment and external cross straps for hauling gear.

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    • Dimensions: 21"H x 13.5"W x 6"D 25L
    • Welded-waterproof main compartment
    • Dedicated laptop compartment fits up to a 15" MacBook Pro


Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Its awesome - Dont listen to the babies

Review by Riff

Shelling out $180 for my second chrome bag was a no brainer
(first bag used for 8 years)

This bag is perfect - I carry my work 15" macbookpro in there and can even fit my macbook air if going on a long trip.

In the main "roll-up" compartment, I usually put gym shoes and some workout clothes + sweatshirt if necessary.
Realistically, it's all about organizing the bag knowing that it will be on your back.

The side pocket is great for smaller liquids.

I added the phone adapter to my left strap and it works decently - I wish they made one specifically for this bag however.

Bag doesnt get too hot on my back and doesnt absorb sweat like my old bag.



Perfect storm

Review by Steve

Had an "average" daypack, but since moving to Portland my stuff was getting wet inside. Asked around and lots of folks recommended Chrome. The store staff here in PDX were great as I checked out the options.

I chose the Bravo 2.0 Night because I liked the laptop sleeve placement and it had more pockets than the Barrage. Stuff now stays bone-dry. I wish it had a bit more depth to the main tapers toward the bottom, but not a big deal if you pack it right. The Night feature is awesome. I bike commute daily and it's comforting to know the pack is helping me stay visible.

Compression straps: I pulled the webbing out of the little plastic fastex buckles and just use the elastic keepers. That makes it much easier to adjust the straps to carry stuff. I have lashed a few good-sized boxes to the outside on my way to the post office, and the pack stays comfortable even when carrying some weight.



Review by PacoMD

I've been using Chrome bags as a daily commuter in Mexico City for almost 3 years now and I've never been disappointed in Chrome's quality and performance, and believe me, Mexico City is not an easy one to commute. Bravo 2.0 exceeded my expectations; I'm used to Citizen Messenger so it was a bit awkward at first, but now, I just can't let go of it. Sturdy, versatile, takes a lot of cargo and distributes the weight evenly across my back. Whenever it's not full, the compression straps work beautifully. Really happy with this bag.


Not for students

Review by Mal R

The bag is waterproof, and the sternum strap is easily adjustable, although the compression straps can be very annoying at times. The main problem with the bag is that it does not sit flat on the ground; The bag tapers down at the bottom, and it is very difficult to get to sit on the ground.


nice bag, but velcro straps and compression straps designed poorly

Review by alicepack

Some hit and misses with the new chrome bravo. Unlike the picture in the front pocket, the velcro is actually done horizontally, so it doesn't line up nicely with the velcro on the other side when that compartment is empty, a very much oversight.

Also the new compression strap no longer allows you to adjust on the fly, unlike the old bravo; you now have to go through a few things, tugging a few different parts of the straps past the plastic tab before you are able to get the strap to the length you want it. Should have just kept the D ring like on the first bravo. The bringing of the straps to front pouch was a weird choice as well.

Lastly they changed the velcro closure on the shoulder straps; and instead now opp-ed for a 2 loops and a d ring, which doesnt really make sense, and limit the size of front cellphone pouches you can place on it.

The waterbottle pouch is a nice new touch, but would have been better if it was big enough to fit in a d lock as well.


Love at first sight

Review by juniaaaaaa

Love at first sight with the backpack! second chrome bag that i own and they do not seem to let me down


Very nice

Review by jackfromoutback

Very sturdy bag. Fell in love with it as soon as I opened the package. The tremendous weight distribution allows me to carry the bag all day if the pack is heavy. Durable, water proof, and stylish. Can't go wrong with this bag


Are you a ninja?

Review by SpaceOctopus

Had the previous model. Handled my needs like a champ. Truly rainproof. Unfortunately had mine stolen yesterday. 10/10 would reccomend


One word: Awesome

Review by Jan Amsterdam

Firstly, I just got this, so this is just a first impression, however, that might be the best first impression I could've wished for. For one, incredible fit on my back (I'm 6'4", but it'd fit smaller people neatly too I guess), I did get into a rainshower with it, which it took without any water coming through easily. There is no lining underneath the leather though, so if that would be exposed to water continuously it will probably not do it any good. The materials are great, the hypalon feels and looks awesome, it's built like a tank and looks the part too. I love it.



Review by TKNEES

Excellent quality bag. Lots of pockets for computer, pens etc. Can also double as a cooler as the entire bag is waterproof. Great for ice and beverages


Stop thinking. Buy this pack.

Review by Jim

I don't even know where to start with this backpack. I was looking for a durable replacement for my ten-year-old Tactical Tailor assault pack, in which I had mostly been carrying my laptop for about four years. When I upgraded to a much larger laptop (an ASUS G751, with a neoprene sleeve, for reference) my Tactical Tailor pack, as tough and roomy as it is, could simply not hold the larger computer. So my saga began. Coming from a military background, the first material I thought of was Cordura. I simply googled "Cordura backpacks" and one of the first places to which I was directed was the Chrome website. Immediately the Bravo caught my eye; it's a simplistic, tough design and I almost immediately knew I wanted one. However, with the intention of keeping it for a long, long time, I did my research. About two months worth, to be exact. I went back and forth on several traditional military designs and sort of forgot about the Bravo for a long time; after test-fitting a few packs at the local military surplus stores I thought that the measurements for the Bravo made it seem like it was too narrow. Only after buying a cheap top-loading Jansport from Target, loading my laptop into it to find out that it fit perfectly, and then finding out that the Bravo was actually slightly wider than the Jansport did I come back to the Chrome website. I was fully prepared to buy the Bravo at full price, but I hesitated again, because I wanted to find out a little more about Hypalon, which is the material that they use for their BLCKCHRM series of bags. After agonizing for another week, I pulled the trigger on the BLCKCHRM Bravo 2.0, and I'm glad I did.

This material is stupidly high quality. When I was taking it out of the plastic wrap that it came in, I could immediately feel the quality of the Hypalon, which is basically the material they used to make Zodiac boats from. You know, the awesome rubber boats that US Special Forces and Navy SEALs ride around in. In the interest of total disclosure, I will say that my giant laptop DOES NOT FIT in the dedicated laptop compartment. I had no illusions about that when I bought it. However, my intention was always to use the main waterproof compartment for that anyway, so it suits my needs even though it was a snug fit right out of the box. Speaking of which, I didn't see one of the nice little features of the Bravo 2.0 mentioned anywhere on the internet: it has a false bottom. Whether or not this was intended or merely a design "flaw" I'll never know, but it's absolutely fantastic, in my opinion. The waterproof sack which makes up the entire main compartment doesn't go all the way to the bottom, so I can set the pack down on its ass and not worry that my laptop is hitting bottom, which is a nice measure of security if your just that nerdy. Some people say that the rolltop is less convenient than a regular zipper, but I've found that it's almost perfect for creating just a tiny amount of extra space at the top when I hastily stuff something in the pack as I'm walking out the door. The nice little Chrome touches are, of course, just the cherry on top, with the miniature seat belt as a sternum strap and embossed Chrome logo on the outside of the main compartment. This thing is durable, comfortable, and sometimes I catch myself just staring it in awe.

The moral of the story is this: I've bought two things this year from two different companies to which I will definitely give my business in the future. The first one was ASUS; the second was Chrome. The BLCKCHRM Bravo 2.0 is the tough, waterproof pack that Catwoman would carry around all her valuables in; I just don't look as good in skintight leather.


Some Critical Misses

Review by Justin

Of the two bags I've purchased and enjoyed through Chrome, this is the the first I've been disappointed with, and the first that was made in China. Not sure if there is a connection there, but the 2.0's quality would rank last amongst my previous two (Messenger and Barrage). It simply feels cheeper than the others.

My main two gripes besides the lack in quality is (1) the side pocket doesn't fit my standard 40oz Hydroflask and Nalgene bottle which is a total bummer since I take those with me everywhere. I was hoping the side pocket would be as wide as my Barrage but was wrong. And (2) the outside velcro flap that covers the laptop compartment doesn't line up to be velcro'd shut when it is folded all the way down. In the flaps lowest position, it overlaps and passes the velcro above the zipper so it stays open. The only way to make the velcro pieces touch is to move the flap in a higher position and line it up. But this will expose a gap to your laptop compartment. On a rainy day, the items in this compartment would definitely be compromised.

Suggestions for improvement would be to (1) make the side pocket as wide as the Barrages side pocket(s). (2) Make the laptop compartment velcro strips wider so there's more surface contact for closing, or changing it back to how the Bravo 1.0 is where the velcro straps cross like a ’T’ instead of having to be perfectly lined up horizontally. No idea why this changed in the first place.

If these changes are made in the next Bravo, I would definitely give it another shot.


Seems Great at First

Review by Eric

When I first purchased this bag it seemed great as it had many pockets and other thoughtful features. But, the more I use it, the more I realize that it is poorly designed. The biggest flaw is the main storage compartment. If a laptop is in the bag, and anything else is main compartment, the laptop pressed the objects into your back. If you are carrying flat items this is fine, but if you are carrying anything slightly irregular shaped it is miserable, even small objects. It really is a bad design. Strapping anything onto the back straps worsens the bags comfort as the straps wrap around the bag to and attach to the sides of the padded back panel. When tightened it causes the back panel to bulge out even more. I have many other issues with this bag and called Chrome customer service hoping to get my money back but they were unwilling to really listen to my complaints. It seems that Chrome's reputation as the bag of choice for messenger wanna-bes is well deserved. I am a life-long commuter and ride many thousands of miles a year, but will not buy another Chrome bag again.


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