Warsaw II Backpack

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Introducing the Warsaw II, our extra-large, professional messenger backpack. Street-tested for over 10 years by professional messengers around the world. Now with improvements that make it even more useful and adaptable. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.

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Review by JasonLaiPMP

Finally a huge enough big backpack for big guys, great both outer and inner designs, also urban cycling safety considered


Excellent bag for messenger work. What doesn't fit inside can easily be attached to the outside.

Review by 798

A great bag for messenger work. I've been using it for a bit over 6 months now and couldn't be happier. I decided to switch to a backpack when the Berlin I was using started coming apart after 5 years of hard use. With this pack, I can haul larger and heavier loads than before and it's much more comfortable. The main strap wasn't long enough for my needs, so I sewed a 6 foot extension after buying a matching buckle online. Combined with the very long side straps, I can haul almost anything clients throw at me and almost never need to go get the cargo bike. Weight doesn't seem to be a problem for the seams either, as I've loaded it up with over 20kg with no apparent ill effects on the bag. The document compartment comes in handy very often, though I wish it was just a tiny bit larger. I really like that I can throw my tools in the pocket at the bottom of the bag without having to worry about their weight ever damaging sensitive items like flowers. Haven't ever used the secret pocket, but I like that it's there.


From commuter to courier.

Review by Jammaster Jay

I used this bag for a few years as a avid bicycle commuter. It fit my needs well, I often thought it was too big. Now as a full time courier in Denver, it just isn't cutting it. It just doesn't have the carrying capacity that I need. I can fit smaller items in without trouble, but it fills up very quickly.


The size is right

Review by Dmitri

I've tried quite a few bags - including Chrome - and was always getting frustrated with capacity. Fear no more! This thing has miles of space and some flexibility added with the flapjack back (rather than a zip). Another key aspect are a couple of additional smaller pockets (which a lot of Chrome bags in my experience are missing), so that was good for storing smaller items. All in all, fits delivery goods on top of personal goods like a champ. Well done, Chrome.


Top notch bag

Review by Messlyfe

Bought this bag, perfect for nearly anything . Mess life lets me put several bags of deliveries and two backpack straps with the back padding is really comfortable . Keeps food and containers in great shape unlike some bags which might squish the food .


Love it, I can put my helmet, shoes, files, bottles, wallet, you name it, you got it

Review by Kimi24

Super bag. It can fit my life ! Huge space with lots of compartment. Just what I need for school and for work


Amazing bag for the cost.

Review by Mikespins

I'm a director & cinematographer who spends a lot of time on the road. I don't travel traditionally and take a suitcase. I needed a large bag that could take a weeks worth of clothes, laptop, books, magazines and assorted digital tools. The Warsaw 2 easily fit the bill. I can carry it onto a plane and know I have everything I need. It's bombproof and can be tossed around with no worry. Absolutely worth every penny.


Perfect Everything Bag

Review by Scott

Amazing all around large backpack. I use this bag for deliveries, laundry, grocery runs, and flights home where I don't want to bring a suite case.

Pros: Large main compartment but still has several pockets for smaller items and tools. Also love the slats in the back to tuck in the excess strap slack. I've also biked many hours in the rain and it keeps everything dry without absorbing moister into the exterior fabric.

Amazing all around large backpack. I use this bag for deliveries, laundry, grocery runs, and flights home where I don't want to bring a suite case. You really can’t go wrong with this bag and if you’re worried that it might not be big enough, it carries a ton. Still fits under an airplane seat believe it or not.

Pros: Large main compartment but still has several pockets for smaller items and tools. Also love the slats in the back to tuck in the excess strap slack. I've also biked many hours in the rain and it keeps everything dry without absorbing moister into the exterior fabric.

Cons: Doesn't have a solid backing like the barrage pro which isn't an issue, but can be a bit uncomfortable when transporting a light load as the back padding slouches up when walking or biking. The shoulder straps are a bit wide if you have narrow shoulders. They tend to rest or the edge of my shoulders so I typically use the chest strap to keep it from slipping off a shoulder when walking around.


Carries big loads, lots of extra pockets

Review by Duane D.

Acquaintances recommend the Warsaw II because it can carry a large load and not put too much strain on my back. Having chronic back problems, I gave it a try and I'm very happy I did. I'm especially happy with the extra pockets, especially the one at the bottom of the bag where I keep my tools. Overall, this is the perfect bag for me.


Amazing Large Capacity Messenger Bag Alternative

Review by Elliot

I road motos with my Chrome Kremlin for years. When I switched to road bicycling, I felt the need for a dual shoulder strap design (the thin cross strap just wasn't cutting it given the frequent stops--I was always readjusting). I tried out the Berlin as I wanted to stick with a messenger style but didn't care for the excessive Velcro. Needing the large capacity for work docs and tools, I then defaulted to the Warsaw II. And, what an amazing default it is!

Of course the volume speaks volumes, but the hidden pockets really put the icing on the cake. The organization is simple without being too minimalistic. The lack of Velcro is also a plus for me--opening the snap buckle mid-meeting is much stealthier than prying open Velcro.

There's a learning curve to adjusting the straps if you're biking--it took a week to get the perfect fit on my back (balance load, pressure off shoulders, etc.) But, once you find the right position, it'll be second nature.

By far, this is the best bag I've ever owned--I wouldn't hesitate to shell out the money again. And, given my previous Chrome bag was going on 10 years with only minimal wear, I'm confident this will stand the test of time as well.


Clearly Made for Professionals

Review by Jake

This bag is dope. Tons of room inside. Not as big as a couple other bags out there but bigger than you'll ever need. The straps can help you carry a pretty huge load even a buddy's bike. I haven't met a job yet that made me wish I bought another bag. Lays flat when not in use, so its not super boxy and doesn't cause too much drag. Plenty of room inside for an insulated box if you're carrying hot or cold food.


Great bag. great warranty and even better price with the 10% discount and free shipping

Review by Pancho

Best cycling back pack yet and I have a had a few.
I am not a messenger but commute by bike quite 5 x a week
38 miles round trip.
I needed something bigger to carry my winter stuff.
super comfortable, it seats well on my back. It is bigger than my other bags but it does not feel like it.


My true love

Review by Davine

I was very skeptical about the pricing and how often I was going to actually use the thing. So I bought it anyway, hoping I wouldn't regret it later. As soon as I paid for it, and threw the bag I brought with me inside of this one. Still with plenty of room for a jacket, and some groceries. Combined with the quality and convenient little features. It was easily worth the price.


Phenomenal Bag!

Review by Zach C

Couldn't be happier with this bag. Have a citizen and wanted something bigger for anything from grocery runs to couriering film equipment and it certainly met if not exceeded all expectations. Love all the compartments for small stuff, paper, etc. separated out from the large container. The side pocket and bottom tool compartment are awesome features to have. As Colin noted above, the D rings are a little high when reaching for your keys but not a big deal. This holds weight great and the padding and straps do a great job of not letting you feel it (unless you really weigh it down!) Well worth the price for a bag that is so functional and so durable!


big but be careful in the heavy rain

Review by minimum mike

It's big and the shoulder straps are very comfy. I've carried boxes on the outside a few times and that works well. The only minus is the poor protection from rain from the top which isn't wide enough to give good coverage over the inside


larger but less rain proof than roll top

Review by Mike YVR

top flap is not wide enough to protect the inside from from rain if the bag is more than half full - especially if you have a big roll stashed vertically inside


beast of bag is perfect for courier work

Review by colin

This thing is fantastic. Not only does it haul massive loads, but it sits reasonably comfortably while doing so. Combined with the flip-down phone case, this thing really improves quality of life for a bike messenger in SF. I can fit about 2 medium sized bags of groceries in it, and still have room for tools and personal items. construction is bombproof. My only complaint is that the D-rings sit a bit high on my shoulder, making grabbing my keys a bit awkward.


A Monster!!!!

Review by Peter

This thing is HUGE. The tool pocket at the bottom of the bag is zippered, and is a nice touch. The Warsaw II is costly, but worth it. Kept maxing out the Metropolis, and got tired of the messenger sling style bag as the weight is not evenly distributed. Upgraded to this bag, and this fits the bill.


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