Soma Laptop Messenger Bag

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Originally designed as a DJ bag, now with integrated laptop sleeve. Our unexpected laptop messenger. Guaranteed for life.

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nice bags

Review by Katie

please make the military one again!!!!!


Still using my chrome bag from 2005!

Review by VanCarper

I have a Chrome bag from 2005 that is the beginnings of the Soma bag. I just have to tell everyone that it has been the absolute best messenger bag I have ever owned. I am still using it. And it kept this computer from getting wet the other day! I get complimented on it where ever I travel. Thank you so very much Chrome. I am gearing up to buy a new one soon. I would like to take some pictures and send them to you guy's. Perfect day pack. Perfect computer pack. Perfect bicycling pack. Perfection! Blessings to the designer!


Love my bag!!!!

Review by Genasis

Had been coveting this bag for a good year before my husband finally got it as a birthday gift. To say it's a sturdy bag is an understatement. I love the room it has inside. Love the deep front pockets. Love, love, love the seatbelt buckle and easy ability to tighten and loosened the bag. I literally carry it everywhere I go.


I liked it but it still fell apart in less than 5 years

Review by Greg

I've had this bag for about four years and I've really appreciated it. I had to replace the plastic clips on the back after a while and now the seat belt latch is busted (loose and won't stay clipped in). Chrome doesn't seem to have a source to get a replacement aside from a new bag, which is pretty disappointing considering their "lifetime warranty" only covers defects, and nothing else. Also the red parts of my bag have long since turned pink from sun exposure. All in all a good bag, but don't expect a miracle of durability. Honestly I think all chrome bags are more of a fashion statement than anything. I'll probably try something not made by chrome next time.



Review by Tyler

This is a well-made bag I give them that, but I gotta take a couple stars off because there is no way this can protect a laptop as much as I would like. There are not drop-proof laptop cases out there, so you pretty much have to invest in a good bag for much of the protection. Due to the lack of padding on the bottom of this bag and the quick-release buckles Chrome iconically uses, it's just not the safest option for tech. All of that aside if you need a general purpose/book bag, this is a good choice. It has a lot of small pockets attached to the inside divider and the two front pockets are good for holding bottles of water.


Can't do without it

Review by Fern

I've had this bag for almost a year and all I can say is that it's my go to bag. It fits so much and you're capable of being comfortable on subways, too. Creepy fingers can't slide in. Seriously, great as a weekend bag or for school. I bought the citadel and still come back to this bag.


Best bag ever purchased & I love the quality.

Review by SulsCbr

At first I wasn't sure about spending $120.00 on a bag, as I've very cautious with how I spend my money. After speaking with the staff at Chrome, I knew this would be a great purchase. Since, I've been using this bag everyday, seven days a week, I absolutely love this bag and the quality of the material used to make this bag. Once again, I never thought I would spend $120.00 for a bag, but it's the best bag I've purchased.

I read some of the reviews on this website from many consumers, all I can say is, I've been using this bag for two months and the bag does not feel awkward and/or heavy at all. Maybe my posture is better than most people writing reviews. On top of that, I can fit my 17" laptop, lunch, shoes, and workout clothes. For those of you complaining about the weight of the buckle/strap and it's said "this bag is heavy"....there's a solution to that....go to the gym and hit the weights.

I don't mean to pick on the people here, but on the same note, it does not give you the right to write a negative reviews due to your lack of researching and making a purchase without doing your homework. The staff at Chrome are awesome and they ware very informative about their product, the bags are made of high quality material with lifetime warranty and they provide a 30 day money back guarantee and that's if you're not happy with the product. What else can you ask from a retailer?

Anyway, peace out, life's to short to sweat the small stuff.


Best bang for the money definitely a great investment

Review by the_cinelli_rider_dad

I hesitated buying this bug but after the first week I knew it was a great investment. Two years have almost past and I use this every weekday to carry my laptop, table and lunch to the office.


Kick Ass Bag - Pls Add to Custom Shop!

Review by VDub

I love this bag! I've had it for a year now and it does the job. Great for lugging my laptop and work supplies. I use it as a day bag for travel, great for getting to and from on trains or air. I always get positive feedback on the style. (They love the seat belt clasp.) Just wish Chrome would put it in the Custom Shop!


Needs improvements with seams and plastic parts

Review by Lester

Let me start by saying I love this bag.
The pro's:
Looks Cool (people comment on the buckle & even try pressing it :-| )
Comfy & Secure
Fits everything and then some
The Cons:
Could have better padding
All 3 plastic clips to secure went from three prongs to two
Seams loosened and ripped in areas
Note: I've had this bag for a few years and use it just about every single day because I'm permanently on call. I've had extended usage and probably more than most but I didn't expects things to starting breaking so early on. I'm disappointed with the durability of this product but it is a great product for most people.


Awesome, useful with style

Review by vickblue

Just perfect, for travel and the everyday move. The size, the capacity, and the materials, just the perfect balance to go.


It's the ultimate travel work horse for the techie.

Review by ItalianProdigy

It is by far the best made bag I have ever purchased. I run a startup and issued one for every employee to help them carry their work related items with them when traveling or just commuting. They have held up for 2 years without incident and the bag has more than enough room for anything I might need to bring in a carry on. As far as a work horse you cannot find a better bag.


Exactly what I needed...the chameleon bag

Review by Daniel

I already have a Citizens messenger bag and was looking for a bag to hold my laptop and that would fit some criteria of being able to easily travel with, look good amongst the corporate big wigs without looking too out of place, none of the loud Velcro (nothing is more distracting in a conference than Velcro) noises and quality. After looking at options for the integrated laptop sleeve for my citizens, I laid eyes on the Soma. It was perfect! Great size to fly with, fits my 15 in company laptop as well as a portfolio w/ notepad, and separate compartment for the laptop cords. There’s easily enough room for my ipad as well. Not to mention it looks great both in the corporate world (no Velcro noises as it’s securely in place by clips) as well as bumming around town. If you are looking for something different in a laptop bag, look no further than the Soma!


Will fit under any airplane seat!

Review by Daniel Horne

Went on a 2-week trip to Greece, and needed a laptop bag big enough to hold lots of crap besides the laptop, but also small enough to fit _under_ the seat of aircraft on both domestic and international flights. Took it on flights to Greece, Greek islands and back. No problem fitting under seat, and I had it packed full of gear. Between this and one piece of carry-on luggage, you never need check in a bag at the airport again. Plus the staff at the SOMA store were really cool to me when I bought it.



Review by Nick Snyder



2 years plus!

Review by Esteban

Ive had my chrome soma bag for something like 2 years plus and i could not be happier! Ive seen and tried other bags from time to time, but I always find myself coming back to this bag.

the only bag i could replace my chrome bag is with a new chrome bag :p


Best Laptop Bag I Ever Purchased

Review by James

2 years and no signs of slowing or wearing down. This is home to my 17" MBP.


Sits awkwardly

Review by Rotan

The bag is well made, like im sure all of chrome's stuff is, but this bag just sits too awkwardly to hold something as valuable as my computer. i wouldnt suggest it


Fits Everything!

Review by Nick Snyder AGAIN

So I'm back talking about this "Perfection" it fits everything i need for school.
Fits both of my binders, lunch (Lunch? I know right?), bottle of water, and all my small electronics. Even enough room to fit a 15" laptop!
I'm stoked on this bag!


great bag

Review by Chrome Soma

So I bought this bag a year ago, and I really like it. However, as others have mentioned, it does sit a bit funny. The buckle and the strap add a lot of weight, so the bag is kind of heavy just by itself. You can really fit a lot in it, but that involves loosening the straps on the front flap all the way out. On a normal day, I carry a 1L water bottle, a coffee cup, my laptop, two or three text books, and some folders and notebooks. It all fits snugly, but after carrying it around between classes or whatever, it can really start to feel awkward and cause my shoulder to hurt. There's not very many ways you can wear the bag. I mean you can pull it tight and put most of the weight on your shoulders/upper back , or you can wear it loose without the anchor strap and put most of the weight on your lower back. I don't know. I think if it were to do it again, I'd just order a Chrome laptop sleeve and one of the roll top backpacks. It'd be nice if the one shoulder placement could be convertible (choice between right shoulder, left shoulder, or both). As far as riding with this bag goes, when the chest strap and the anchor strap are pulled tight, I can pull off the 10 mile commute, no problem.


great bag

Review by M.Plooij

This is absolutely a great laptop bag. I use it every day for the past year and its super. I live in The Netherlands where Chrome is not a common brand and I get lot's of remarks about the Soma Bag: "cool"people say. And that is my opinion too.


Great bag but not up to par for a Chrome

Review by Charles

I've had an amazing experience with Chrome messenger bags so without hesitation, I bought a Chrome bag for my wife when she needed something for school. Because she had to carry a laptop and books around I got her the Soma. Pulling the Soma bag out of the fedEx box, I was immediately disappointed by the size of the bag. I didn't want the bag to be too big since my wife is a small frame 5'7 140lbs. But since there is absolutely no give in the bag at all, I couldn't even fit all of her school supplies in there. Plus, the pockets are fairly useless for the average equipment carried by a student, particularly the valuables. There is only one pocket with a zipper (cheaply made zipper at that) and the pocket is too deep to make your frequently used items easily accessible. The other pockets have no closures so things can easily fall out if the bag is flipped upside-down.

The bag is well built, sturdy and tough. Even the main flap clips are heavy duty. But where is the velcro?? The bag would significantly benefit from velcro to hold down the main flap in addition to the clips, similar to the design for the messenger bags. Without the velcro there, an accidental tip of the bag and all of its contents spill out across the floor--frustrating.

Of course there could be more options with this bag such as colors and left shoulder strap. But my final complaint about the design of this bag is the stabilizer strap has no home if not connected. If you are using the stabilizer strap, it just dangles there at the side of the bag. There is no velcro or clip to hold tight to the bag when not in use. This dangling strap becomes a hazard if using the bag around moving parts.

Apart from these small design flaws mentioned above, the bag looks slick, fits my wife perfectly and ultimately does what it is suppose to do--protect her laptop and books from the elements. I'll be looking for Chrome to update the design of this bag and if they do, I'll definitely purchase one for myself.


Great bag!

Review by David Supall

I've had this bag for a few days now and i have nothing bad to say about it, its completely waterproof, very sturdy, and extremely light. I've gotten countless complements on it. Great bag for school and carrying just daily stuff in. I would recommend any day


Great bag...but...not perfect for business on the road

Review by Ain

I've had this bag for two years and I've primarily used it for business travel. Three features would make this bag perfect:

1) Needs a horizontal web strap or equivalent on the back to slip over handles on rolling luggage. This would make it much easier to deal with in airports when traveling fully loaded.

2) The laptop padding needs to "fold" over the top of laptop compartment or extend on part of the top flap. My bag rolled off a small table and landed on the top left corner. With just thin nylon between the ground and the laptop inside, the laptop case was crushed. I now use an extra laptop sleeve since I can't count on the bag alone for protection.

3) An external zipper pouch or slightly larger side pouch to fit airline tickets and/or a passport for easy access. Constantly having to unsnap the top flap for "quick" access items gets old.


Pretty Good

Review by Chris

i have had this bag now for about a year and a half. the outside of the bag is damn near indestructible. the inside however, could use a little work.

about a year ago one of the inner pocket stitches popped. i contacted Chrome and they had no problems fixing it. problem is shipping the bag to Chrome would cost too much so, by my own choice, i kept it as is.

i wish they had more color choice... but, yeah pretty tough bag!


best bag ever!

Review by drhorrrrible

i got my soma bag a couple days ago now and i'm absolutely loving it! this bag fits everything i need into it with room to spare. i walk to work everyday (roughly a 3 mile walk) and this bag is so comfortable on my shoulder i hardly notice it's there. my only problem with the bag is the pocket on the side of the bag doesn't hold my water bottle very well, which really isn't that big of a deal.


Very good bag for cycling to work.

Review by Shawn McCool

I carry my 15.4" laptop, a small keyboard, a mouse, headphones, papers, my bike lock, my passport, and all kinds of odds and ends in this bag. I cycle to / from my workplace daily. This is the reason that I purchased this bag and it lives up to my hopes.

I ordered it with the accessory holder. It attaches to the front strap just above the buckle. It could easily carry a large phone such as an iPhone 4 or an HTC Evo. But, I use it to carry my digital camera for quick access.

I get a lot of compliments about this bag here in the Netherlands. Thanks, Chrome.


Lots of hits, but a few misses

Review by DnvrBkr

I use this bag daily and love it for that it does. This is my second Soma as my first one was stolen and I immediately bought a new one to replace it. I also own a chrome mini metro. I won't go into everything it does well as most of the other reviews already covered it.

My gripes are:
1) The bag itself is built like your waterproof messenger bags, but the shoulder strap is built so much more lightly/cheaply that it doesn't fit. If i wanted a lighter bag, i'd buy one. I want a chrome bag so mkae the strap more like your messengers.
2) As another poster put it, there is no place to put your stabilizer strap when not in use. Along with this idea, the belting on the shoulder strap does not have the velcro at all so any accessories I put on the strap slide around and make it hard to get the stuff out while riding. or even walking around.
3) COLORS. While I like black, it's so done... I'm not super hipster, so black shirt, shoes, pants (skinny of course) and bag are not my thing. Chromes are unique... give us a way to make it even more so by having some colors to pick from.


great bag (needs a little more tchatchke)

Review by Erik

I've had this bag for two years, and there isn't even a scratch on it. In a word, it's cavernous on the inside. It's a pretty good first version of a laptop bag, but a few awkward design choices were made. Namely, it only has one compartment that zips, and I'm not sure what I would be able to fit in there except, a piece of paper or two. So, as a a person who has a computer and accessories, it needs a few more zippers/snaps/velcro to keep my flash drives, keys, headphones, (etc.) from falling all over the place. Also, the protection for the computer itself leaves much to be desired: it doesn't get fully strapped in and there's little padding in that compartment. I've seen in other bags having a small lanyard/hook thing that keeps keys separate and fastened, that could be handy.

Interestingly, despite it's seemingly large footprint, it's much smaller than it appears. I've fit it into some pretty tight corners. That's not to say it's nimble, but it's deceptively slender.


Good looking bag but...

Review by DeMar

a bag should look good but more importantly it should be comfortable when loaded up with all of my things. The bag is built excellently but fails in comfort. Any long term - 1/2 or more of wearing this bag and I find myself wishing that I did not spend all of the money I did on this bag. I gave it 6 months of use before submitting this review. I went back to my old over the shoulder bag, and I would not recommend this bag.



Review by Nick Nguyen

I'm a bag obsessor and this is by far my favorite! Great for carrying my laptop, lunch, & two bottles of water everyday. Design looks great and love that it is small and not bulky.


Close to but not quite

Review by Sergio

I have had my SOMA bag for over a year now and it look like I just bought it. i carry a 13 in MacBook pro and a 1 1/2 inch folder with a notebook and supplies to school just about every day. It is perfect for school being a great looking bag also being weather proof and the belt buckle gives it a nice touch however

If your going to carry this bag for more than an 1hour and half of continuous walking, I would not recommend this bag. The Soma bag is also not the most comfortable bag when it is very full with heavy text books. They really need to consider putting more small zipper compartments for your things and make the flaps on the sides close more. If the price is what holds you back, trust me you won't be disappointed. 4/5 stars just because in the pictures it shows this bag full of things when in reality you will never wear this bag that full is it will be uncomfortable.


Perfect fit

Review by alexander

Just got my Soma the other day. It was exactly what i needed. I play fighting games competitively and use a full sized arcade stick to travel to various venues. This thing will hold my fight stick and 15" laptop (at the same time) without breaking a sweat! although loading it down like that puts a strain on me, that is far from the bags fault.
Plenty of room for activities in this bad boy!


Great Bag! I use it everyday

Review by Jon V

I use this bag everyday to carry my 15-inch MacBook Pro, notebooks, a small umbrella and a few other miscellaneous items when I walk to and from work (about 3 miles total).

It's comfortable, durable, and it doesn't look bad either.


Looks great and gets the job done.

Review by Myles

I'm a daily bike commuter and this bag does everything I need it to. It looks great, is super comfortable and holds tons of stuff. It's just the right size, not be too bulky but large enough to allow you to stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick up a few things if you need to. Holds a laptop nice and snug and the buckle looks the bizness. Great stuff.


Pretty Good

Review by Rachel

The bag looks really nice and holds a lot of stuff. The material seems to be really durable but I just think that pockets inside could be designed better. The ones on the laptop sleeve are so shallow that stuff jumps out and the large zip pocket is so cavernous that I don't know what you put in there. I would suggest resizing the bag to fit new aspect ratio laptops as my 15 in. barely fits in. Also.. why is the should strap so thinly padded compared to the messenger bags? But I do really like it.


Almost perfect

Review by Christian del Rosario

I love everything about this bag except for one thing. For a bag that is supposed to be weather resistant, I wish the top flap had more protection from the elements. The top fold side areas do not protect the contents from rain at certain angles. This is especially potentially problematic for electronics like a laptop. if Chrome can improve this area then the bag would be perfect in my opinion. I wish all their bags had this coverage actually.


4.999999 stars

Review by Glenn

For biking, bus-commuting, going to the beach, anything...this bag is GREAT! It's comfortable. It fits a bunch of stuff. It's durable. My only problem with the bag is that is that it doesn't somehow seal at the opening. Unless it's raining, no biggie. In the rain, when the bag is on your back at an angle, though, something's probably gonna get wet. That said, the last time I found myself outside in a driving rain, I took the bag off and carried it by the handle. Everything stayed dry. So, though it would be cool if future versions of this bag were modified to address the sealing problem, I wouldn't hesitate to get the current version. One of my best purchases ever (I also own 2 Chrome messenger bags; they're great, too, but I like this one more).


Stylish, functional and sturdy

Review by Stephanie Francis

I am 53, I bought the bag to use while I ride my bike to the hospital. It holds my lap top, white coat and and small reference books. When I travel on planes I pack it with extra stuff and it matches my Chrome shoes. Love it!!


Excellent Construction, Plenty of Room

Review by Kevin

• Very sturdy, well built bag made of good materials
• Plenty of room, but isn't awkwardly large
• Looks cool

Almost Great:
• The padding on the laptop slot is a little bit thin
• Buckle or no buckle, the bag can be a little awkward to get on and off

• Buy it


It's like a pillow for your back!

Review by Daniel

I was cruisin' around Denton, TX and rocking this bag, as usual, with my 15" Macbook in the back. The hardware that keeps my power grips strapped to my pedals was broken (my fault) and the strap slid out when I tried to slow down abruptly. I flipped over the handlebars and landed right on my back. Macbook was fine, I'm fine, bag is fine, everything is fine. I could've been in bum city but I'm not. Thanks, Chrome.


Very good!

Review by alopez

This is a great bag plenty of room, I'd love to have more padding for the laptop compartment for protection. Other than that is great bag, plenty of space...


Pretty versatile little bag!

Review by Jake

After settling on this bag and putting it through the daily ringer, I'm pretty glad about choosing this over some of the other options. It's a great size for what I need, without a lot of extra pockets and stuff (I don't really need a rolltop, didn't want a full on messenger either). Fits a laptop and a load of books, change of clothes, shoes, snack foods, and whatever other small/medium sized objects you'd want to carry around with you. Great for air travel carry-on if you like to pack light, it can fit a good amount of supplies for a week long trip or something. It's got some open dividing space inside that tidies up with a velcro stap, with a few smaller pockets and 3 pen holders (fits quick-stiks nicely).
It's done great in the weather (midwest rain/snow) so far. The extra adjustable strap is great for heavier loads or biking to keep things stabilized. The main strap is comfortable, the adjustments are easy, and in a good range for what the bag holds and where it needs to sit. I've never had an issue with rain getting under the flap, but I always make sure it's got good coverage anyways. Even when it's packed to the brim it doesn't feel clumsy, it's still firmly situated even on the bike.
It hasn't shown any sign of wear, even with it being regularly filled with abrasive or pointy parts and stuff. The material and construction is strong and I don't have to worry if a chainring or whatever quickly tossed in there is going to rip something open.
I've also occasionally made it work double duty with transporting wheelsets (did surprisingly well with the inside velcro strap and the two flap buckles), and once, a frame (unsurprisingly sketchy, but made it work that one time and that's all that matters!).
Overall, I'm glad this option exists alongside the messenger bags and rolltops, it's a great fit for me (and possibly many others), thanks Chrome!



Review by Mateo

I love this bag so much its a perfect everyday bag. I use it mostly everyday to ride to school in chicago. It fits everything i need my computer my books,journals,pens and even some snacks at water. They other day when i was riding to school and came to a close call with a car and feel of my bike the first thing that came to mind was my computer. I opened up the computer to check the screen and stuff and it was perfectly fine everything worked perfectly. I would recommend this bag to any one that rides with a laptop.

Awesome bag Chrome!!:)



Review by Stacey

I usually never review anything, but I feel like I have to share how amazing this bag is. I bought mine over three years ago in a bike shop because my old messenger bag was killing my back. I have minor scoliosis, and I was worried about the single-shoulder strap, but I was desperate and went for it. I have no idea how, but my back never complains.

I seriously never leave home without my bag. It accompanies me on bicycle trips, grocery store runs, hiking and camping trips, and it carries all of my books for school. I'm never without my laptop, and it does a great job padding and protecting it, wind, rain, & shine.

But the real reason I'm writing a review is this: it still looks like new after three years of constant use! I mean, not a single stitch is loose. Even when I get it wet and muddy, it somehow goes back to black and shiny within days. The clips and buckle are very sturdy and work just as well as the day I bought it. Its so well made, I honestly wonder if I'll ever need to buy another bag.



Review by Alan

I bought the Soma and I am VERY happy. At first I thought the bag was a little big but after almost a year of use I can say that it is just the right size. I use it to carry my laptop, cellphone, glasses, bottle of water, notebook and many other things to work so it is used very often, and on the weekends I like to carry the bag just in case I need to carry something or just because it is so confortable and looks so cool, so yeah, sometimes I use it even 6 or 7 days a week.

The quality is just superb, I think this thing will last a very very long time and I love that. If the apocalypse comes, I know which bag I will be using to carry food and water back to my cave. The material is weatherproof so I can put electronics in it and forget about them, even when it is raining. It also looks very cool and it is very confortable thanks to the stabilizer and the buckle.

I seriously hope that Chrome will be making products like the Soma for a long time if I ever need another bag in the future.

The only complaint I have is that I am not in the US and I had to CALL Chrome in order to confirm my order. That was not cheap, and it was not fast. Also, they forgot to send a message when they ship the bag, so I was left wondering where my bag was until I contacted them.



Review by Yomilky

Geniusly designed and almost bulletproof. There's nowhere for things to get lost and everything is easily accessible. I carry a macbook pro 13", an iPad, notebooks, large headphones, a drum machine and a tacklebox of adapters (yes all at the same time), and there's still room. The bottle opener on the buckle is a nice touch. I'll prob never need another bag.



Review by Kevin Ho

This may be the best gift i have ever gotten, I went on black friday with my girlfriend to buy this bag and let me tell you that I refuse to regret buying such and awesome bag!! My only complaint is that it was stolen from my car not long after buying it :(


Beyond Amazing

Review by Walker

Normally I do not write reviews, but I always read them to see if the product is actually worth buying. I opened the SOMA bag for Christmas yesterday. It is amazing. It fit like it was meant to be worn. The quality is superb and it just looks amazing. I am using it more as an ipad bag and college bag. It will fit about a 15 in laptop, but it will probably be a tad snug. This bag is not meant to hold a ton of stuff but that is evident in the product description anyways. Shipping was fast and excellent. I own one other chrome product and I must say that I will be returning for more items. You can't go wrong with this bag.


Great bag, but can use some innovative touches.

Review by Alfredo

Have been searching for a bag for quite some time and finally found it!

PROS: Love the bag! Very sturdy but a little on the heavy side. Like the shoulder strap and buckle clasp for easy locking. Very comfortable on the back and shoulder. Enough space in center area.

CONS: The strap goes from left to right. As a right handed person, I have still yet to get used to using my left arm. (Would love to have seen the strap on the opposite side, going from right to left).

The side outside pocket could have been a little deeper or maybe a mesh net / tie to keep a bottle in place. (Although the shoe area inside pockets are great for bottles, it's not as convenient to get to quickly).

Could use an outside zipper pocket for small stuff, like change and keys.

I would have paid more to have something custom made.

I like this bag so much that I bought another bag in green. Which by the way, my sister loves!


Good but needs strap on other side

Review by Dave

This bag is amazing. All it needs for perfection is a strap on the other side to distribute the weight on both shoulders for long hauls. No I don't want a backpack, I want this bag with the versatility (like one of the messenger bags has) to not cause pain with a full bag running from one terminal of an airport to another 2 miles away...


The Perfect Bag

Review by Clay

So basically, this bag kicks major pho-king ass. It looks so compact, but it holds SO MUCH CRAP! I use it everyday when I commute to work by bicycle; the two shoe slots are perfect for carrying my coffee thermal (full of hot coffee) snugly and stably. I can also use it for booze runs; I carried two bottles of wine and a six-pack of pint cans on my last trip and still had plenty of room for my lock and windbreaker! I have a 15.6" laptop and although it is a snug fit, it still fits fine in the padded sleeve. One of my favorite features is the stability strap, that thing really does it's job by keeping your bag from sliding down your side. Love it, thanks Chrome!


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