Buran Laptop Messenger Bag

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Our medium-sized laptop messenger bag with integrated laptop sleeve, enhanced organization, and briefcase handle. The most unsuspecting laptop bag. Ever. Guaranteed for life.

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Comfy and durable

Review by Matt

Have had this bag for a year now. It has held up really well but I rarely ride with it since I have to commute 50 miles for work. The few rides that I have taken it on went very well; bag does not slide around when all buckles are fastened. Comfortable shoulder strap made me forget I was even carrying it even though it was packed full. Personally, it typically just functions as my daily laptop bag in which it does an extraordinary job at protecting my stuff with the padded laptop sleeve, durable build, and water resistant (proof?) material. My biggest critiques are that you have to wear it over the left shoulder (my preference anyways) and the fact that when the shoulder strap is cinched down, there is quite a bit of extra strap just flopping around. Some way of keeping that strap restrained would be nice. Awesome bag overall!


Great bag

Review by Mike

The other day I asked a friend where I could find a comfortable but durable messenger bag that could carry my 13 inch laptop around and have space for some small books. He had told me about the Chrome store in the Les so i checked out online first. The buran bag caught my eye and looked so much better in person. The staff was very friendly and welcoming, and answered all my questions. Although 160 was a little out my budget for a bag, she mentioned I could return it as long as it was in good enough shape to resell which is completely fair. So happy I bought the bag I will not be returning it. The buckle is strong, the bag super super comfortable, looks great, and fits my laptop and some other small books along with everything else you might find in a guys bag. Def. worth it. My favorite bag in a long time.


Great bag

Review by Mike

The other day I asked a friend where I could find a comfortable but durable messenger bag that could carry my 13 inch laptop around and have space for some small books. He had told me about the Chrome store in the Les so i checked out online first. The buran bag caught my eye and looked so much better in person. The staff was very friendly and welcoming, and answered all my questions. Although 160 was a little out my budget for a bag, she mentioned I could return it as long as it was in good enough shape to resell which is completely fair. So happy I bought the bag I will not be returning it. The buckle is strong, the bag super super comfortable, looks great, and fits my laptop and some other small books along with everything else you might find in a guys bag. Def. worth it. My favorite bag in a long time.



Review by jari

It has the right size, right pockets, flexible to fit my gym clothes. Only complaint is that the buckle is heavy and can bump into things, such as car interior if you throw it in. But overall and unbelievably good bag.


Perfect Every Day Bag

Review by David

I've been using Chrome bags for almost 10 years now, and I've had this particular one for almost 3 years. It's the perfect size for commuting to work, not bulky, but holds everything you need. The built in laptop pocket is great for basically any size laptop, and it's nice to not have to add any bulk to your bag when you decide to bring your laptop. The front pockets are perfect for books, pens, notebooks, etc.

The bag is super comfortable to wear and stays balanced on a bike as well as on foot. The top carrying handle (absent from bags like the Citizen and Metropolis) is a really nice feature I never realized I was missing until I got this bag.

All in all this is a perfect bag, zero complaints.



Review by Guido

I´ve been using this bag for a week now. Right here in Argentina, we dont have retailers of Chrome, so everyone seemed very surprise of my Buran bah while i was riding to university. It´s comfy to my back, and the design is just great!
I´m not a person that buys a BRAND, and with Chrome Industries i found that, i can be one. I´ll be buying more stuff from Chrome in the future!

Guido! (Riding from Argentina, South America)


7+ years and Counting

Review by streetdweller

Back in 2009 I purchased this bag after weeks of looking for "the perfect messenger bag". I'm rough on things in general and known to go through a bag in a good 4 months and ultimately revealing a bags "quality of build" so to speak. Like any rough guy....I drag it from time to time, smack the random street thug with it to fend of theft, use it as a crash pad when I fall off my bike, and spill loads of coffee on it at the local coffee house when Im tired. I ponied up and paid what I thought was a ridiculous price for a "man bag" almost matching the cost of my wife ridiculously priced purses. But after the first year blew past, i realized you get what you pay for, and with Chrome; quality and durability definitely comes with it. With all the bags I have purchased throughout my life, I was deffinately getting use to the standard "buy -use for 4-5 months and buy anew " cycle that typically comes with todays products as most are mad elf poor quality. so after 7 years there is not a bad thing I can say about this bag except it could use a different pocket set up.....but hey the new designs have answered that.
So its 5 + stars from this bag. Chrome is true to there word. This bag has not ripped, broke, fallen apart or deteriorated in anyway over the last seven years. But I have to get a new one because I like the new black buckle lol. Probably gunna also get a few slings for my military buddy across seas. The design will definitely hold up in the field. Thanks Chrome for proving all companies are not bad.


Perfect messenger bag

Review by Ernest

I bought this bag because it was on sale. I already own another Chrome messenger bag and absolutely love it. I got this bag because as I said it was on sale but now that I have had a chance to use it i have switched from my citizen messenger bag to this one because it is perfect for me. I am Professional artist and as such I carry a lot of stuff from my laptop, Wacom tablet and other art supplies to water and lunch on a daily basis. So the organization of this bad is perfect for my needs. It is also a little smaller then the citizen messenger bag, which it turns out is perfect for me. I am 5' 10", 200 lb with a muscular build. I also love that this bag has a handle, which I think all Chrome messenger bags should have.

I also commute on a motorcycle and at time I am going fairly fast 80 or more. So the fact that this bag (and all Chrome bags for that matter) is made so well was a big selling point for me. I also love the fact that it is American made.

If you want a messenger bag that is well made, looks good a is not very expensive I would recommend the Buran laptop messenger bag to all.


100% satisfied

Review by MS. Millie's Son

I'm a long time chrome user. The Buran is my fifth bag. Why some many one may ask. Because I usually surrender my old one to one of my admiring friends. Friends don't let friends Rock Junk. Lol. The Buran , all the convenience, and durability I need in a laptop bag. As will as giving my space to bring along a nice read. I really appreciate Chrome's commitment to waterproof materials. And there in-store customer service. (Soho,NYC ). I wish the company all the success.


Western Oregon Proof

Review by Keith

This is a good fit for my needs. I commute by bike and carry my laptop back and forth to work. I commute year-round so half of it is in the rain. It's big enough to hold my laptop and my rain gear (when I'm not wearing it). My only complaint is I couldn't swap shoulders when I was recovering from a broken collarbone.


Solid Construction / Bad Design

Review by Mike

I've had the Buran for just over a year now. I'm an illustrator and a web designer so I need to have space for all my pens and laptop accessories. Previously I had a SealLine messenger bag, and absolutely swore by it.

I have a Surface Pro 3 and keep it in the dedicated laptop area. Unfortunately it really is made for 13" Macbooks, because now the corners and sides are floppy and bent. The bottom of the laptop pouch is also always like, crunched and folded. It works, but if you don't have a Macbook pro it doesn't make sense.

The pouches in front do a pretty good job of organizing stuff, but I'd kill for a zipper pouch or something in the main compartment opposite the laptop sleeve. But it's a nice big space for water and a sweater if you wanna stash one.

The strap is big and clunky but very, very comfy on bike rides. That's really the main reason I got it. I've been in some heavy rain and nothing's gotten soaked either. The bottle opener is pretty cool, but hard to use.

The back pocket isn't useful for anything other than putting some padding in there if you want. It's right against your back so unless you want a really lumpy commute, don't use it.

The gripes I have with this bag are the way the flap closes, and the snaps on the outside. I've had stuff fall out of the bag because I didn't close the snaps, and almost lost a laptop cord. Also, the snaps are constantly stuck to the velcro and beginning to fray. I dunno who's idea that was but it's a really bad design decision. If i have to use the snaps to secure the flap every time anyway, why have velcro at all? Especially if the velcro is slowly destroying the snaps?? C'mon Chrome.

That said, after a year of daily use it shows ZERO sign of wear (except for the snaps in front). It's heavy and awkward but it's solid, and it's American made so bravo!

My biggest complaint is the flap and those dumb snaps, I'd like to see another bag that has a hook or a release that's easier to use. The good ol' SealLine had these awesome hooks you could do and un-do with the same motion as closing the flap, and it was light as a feather. But this is definitely a well constructed bag that really is good for biking and day to day stuff.


fantastic bag

Review by Frost

great bag. I have used different laptop/messenger bags but the weight hasn't always been well balanced. This bag balances the weight and makes it easy to carry my laptop and other utilities


Great Bag in my Opinion

Review by Gloverboy6

I bought this bag used on ebay about a year and a half ago, and I love it. The main compartment is enough to carry a few books, a change of clothes, w/e. The integrated laptop sleeve fitted my old 15.6" laptop and my new 14" one, although Chrome says it can fit a 17" one. The side-by-side compartments on the front can fit my computer brick charger and two other device chargers in them, so I find them very useful. Lastly there's an organization pocket between the other two, which I've found fits all my little things well enough (pens, pain meds, etc.). Oh, and there's the document pocket on the back that I use often for... well documents. I'd say I'll wait and see on the build quality of this bag, but the person I bought it from had it for 2 years and I see no visible wear from it. Overall, this seems to be a great bag.


Kills my back

Review by Brian

The bag looks awesome, but absolutely kills my back. I have the left shoulder strap and it never sits high enough on my left shoulder so it's constantly pulling on that shoulder. The result is the left side of my back hurting a lot. And I'm not carrying much: a trade paperback with some pens, my glasses, and a spiral notebook or two.


Would like a bag size scaled for a (short) woman

Review by babs

I got this bag to replace a backpack that I lug all my stuff (laptop, water bottle, work stuff, supplies, umbrella, etc.) in for the city. I liked this for the lap top sleeve (Mac book pro) and all the compartments. BUT for 5'1" woman it is a bit overwhelming. It has some weight without any contents. I couldn't quite tell how it would function until I put it to use….and then couldn't return it. I use it when commuting by car now but rarely carry it all over like I did my backpack. I could use this same format in a more scaled down size with a little less weight. Maybe a hybrid of this and the classic messenger? It is a sturdy bag and has many great features.


Great bag - not for fat people.

Review by GayChiGuy

This bag is awesome! Sturdy, well built, and it just looks cool. I get many, many compliments on the buckle itself! The only problem I have is that it's not the best bag for bigger guys (bigger = fatter). Because the buckle goes up to my shoulder even after being adjusted. But that's not Chrome's fault! haha I would recommend this bag for anyone looking to securely transport your stuff. It's great for that young professional!


Needs front pocket

Review by Bag Freak

The Buran is a great overall bag made well like most Chrome products.

However if this is to be the everyday work bag with laptop functions it should function more like an everyday bag and less like a messenger. One feature needed is an outside front pocket. The most important pocket on all everyday bags. But most messenger bag manufactures who aren't in a big city don't realize this. Those people that commute in a big city and rely on public transportation know what I am talking about. That front pocket is so important to be accessed quickly and conveniently. When you are shoulder to shoulder with people the last thing you want to do is open your big messenger flap to get your keys or wallet or chapstick or whatever.

Please put a front pocket on the flap of this Buran bag and it will be the ultimate everyday work bag.


Great School Bag

Review by Harry Potter

This bag is defiantly large enough to fit four or more heavy textbooks, my 13" laptop, and a large water bottle. I use this bag for carrying my college books and laptop. It fits nicely on my shoulder but does hurt my shoulder if I have a lot of weight in the bag from books. Overall this is a great bag if you have to carry a lot of things.


Love it, but not quite...

Review by Bekki

I love this bag. I wanted this bag for my husband. Has the supportive strap his back needs to carry a messenger bag. The only problem is that neither of our 17" computers fit in it. We have a new HP and an old MBP and neither fit in the laptop sleeve--and be able to zip it while still being able to zip the sleeve closed. I'm sad I have to return it. If we had smaller computers this totally would have worked! #firstworldproblems


This. Bag. Owns.

Review by Mander


Hilariously, I had *just* ordered a Citizen combo pack, then 2 days later Chrome releases the Buran, which was exactly what I needed in the first place: an office-friendly version of the Citizen with an integrated laptop sleeve and a few more pockets. I needed a truly all-purpose bag I can use on long trips and, most importantly, commute in without making a clumsy compromise (the Soma was just too awkward and small for me). I'm glad I exchanged!

I work for a indie gaming company during the day, and run a humor comix mag on the side, so there tends to be all kinds of work stuff I need to port at any given time. Plus I hit the gym and run errands on the way home. (Spontaneous Trader Joe's stops!)

Black on black is perfect for me, as the more color ways something is available in, the more indecisive I get. I wear my bags hard, so black is always safe bet anyway.

If you're worried about size: it's huge, but won't engulf you. I'm 5'8" with more legs than torso, so I was worried. But it distributes the weight perfectly, no matter how much I put in it. It's just like the Citizen in terms of volume capacity. Also, it swallows my old bag without breaking a sweat! I literally toted my old messenger bag (12x15x4.5) inside the Buran on my way home from work, with room to spare. Amazing.

The laptop sleeve is huge too– it really could fit a 17" mb pro. I have a 13" mb but I haven't experienced any probs so far.

I've only used it one day, so maybe I will update after I put on more miles with it.


this is a sweet bag

Review by Matt

i do love this bag, had it for a few weeks now, comfortable with lots of storage.

only draw back is that my 17 inch Dell XPS laptop does not fit all the way, it sticks out about 1/2 inch and i can't zip it up.

but that aside i'm still extremely happy with this bag.


Just what a ollege student needs

Review by Colin UGA

I've been looking for a good bag to carry around to class, and this is it. I got it as a gift from a relative, and it's absolutely amazing. Carries my books, laptop, and whatever else I have to haul around comfortably. Plus, I don't have to worry about soaking wet books and a ruined laptop when it rains.
Sweet product!


...what i was looking for in the first place

Review by Tobe

This bag combines all of my needs for daily use. While cycling extremely comfortable it stores all my stuff for daily use.

Great One !!


Plain Awesome!

Review by Jay Zilla

This bag is.....let's see.....hhmmm PERFECT!!! it's looks quality, if feels quality, it screams quality, men this thing is comfortable LOVE IT!


Regarding the waterproofing

Review by Pete

I'm sure the waterproofing has been covered here before, but this just happened so I need to mention it. I got this bag on Wednesday (two days ago). I got it so I could bike to work with my work laptop, and decided to try it for the first time today.

On the way home, it poured. It was a deluge. I was soaked completely, through, everything in my wallet was wet, that's how bad it was. The entire time, I was thinking that my laptop had to be wet. I might as well have jumped into the river. Waterproof maybe, but nothing's that waterproof. (This is my first Chrome bag.) I got home, I rung out my clothes, I opened the bag, wondering how my job would punish me for ruining their laptop...

...and of course, it was bone dry. Everything in the bag, wherever it was, was completely dry. Needless to say, I was quite impressed.


Buran rocks for IT techs

Review by Christopher

Being an IT Tech in NYC, I have to carry around tools and part in addition to the laptop. It's a big load. Just got the Buran and loaded it up and it felt like I was carrying half the weight and in the center.

Everything is topnotch. The seatbelt buckle is just great. Only thing I would like to see is more small pockets in the inside to organize Leatherman, cables, tools. The accessory bag didn't do it, but the cell phone holder definitely will take good care of my Droid X.

All in all...great for a computer tech. I don't bike for business, but I would be comfortable with this loaded up on a bike.


Needs More Work.........

Review by RO

I was psyched about picking up this version of the Buran, but two main things prompted me to return it.

Two of the pockets in the organizational section have no bottoms to them and are essentially slots for unless it was a snug and secure fit, I'm not sure what you would put in there that would stay. Funny thing is that although the folks at the store (Chicago), are really very nice, they had no idea this particular feature existed and couldn't figure out the reason for it. What was the purpose for leaving them open at the botom and what was the harm in running a line of stitches or two to close them off?

Also, the rough side of the velcro closure for the main compartment is on lid/flap of the bag. Take a close look at the front outer edge binding of the main section of the bag. It doesn't take long at all for it to become frayed from the wear. Like many of the other models, the velcro sides should switch positions to reduce this from occurring. Running a match along the binding to burn this off isn't the answer as this should not be necessary to begin with.

I do have other pieces in my collection from Chrome, a company with a reputation for innovative design and a loyal following. I'm not goin' anywhere and will hold onto my Soma, etc., but hopefully the upgrade to this bag will include a few tweaks here and there.


I love this bag!

Review by Alex

This is my first Chrome bag, and I really love it. When I would travel I would have to carry a bag for my camera, laptop, and another small bag for other random things. But with this awesome bag, I can fit it all and still have room for items I pick up along the way! I fit my clothes for work and my bike lock during the week and it's my camera bag when I shoot in downtown Chicago. I absolutely LOVE this bag and I WILL be purchasing more Chrome bags when that time comes.


Not bad, needs improvements. Go for a messenger bag with a laptop sleeve.

Review by Travis Carroll

Due to the design the front two compartments wont hold much, and neither will the compartment in back of it. The back zipped compartment is also not stitched at the bottom of the bag, so this will cause the bag to wrinkle in the back. The velcro on the flap to the first two compartments will start pulling at the fabric where there is no velcro, so it will start to look frayed. The handle is also placed in the back part of the bag so depending on how much weight is in the bag, the bag wont balance correctly when using this handle. The laptop compartment could also use more padding. I would recommend purchasing the messenger bag, and a laptop sleeve over purchasing this bag. The upside is that the main compartment will hold a lot, the bag is very comfortable coming across the chest, and these bags are built to last.


Like it...hoping to see improvements.

Review by Cerati

I had a citizen bag before and I had just bought a Dell 16XPS. So I decided to upgrade. I have not been disappointed. Also recently I have begun to travel extensively for work, I recently carried my laptop and power cord , a Nikon 3100 in a sleeve with a 18mm to 200mm lens, and a copy of Dance with Dragons, with plenty of room to spare for other mags and water bottle on a four hour flight to Mexico. I do agree that the Velcro seems to be losing strength with as much use as I put it through. Overall very comfortable, and distributes the weight very well.


great design, but questionable long-term durability

Review by ccrider

I have a few Chrome messenger bags and a few backpacks and have been happy with all of them. I was looking for a medium size messenger bag that had a built-in laptop sleeve and room to carry a bit extra stuff. The Buran is perfectly designed for this. It's not huge but it's big enough to carry my large laptop plus everything I need for my daily commute to the office. It can also fit even more stuff in a pinch if you have to stop at the grocery store on the way home. I've also found it to be a good DJ bag. It will hold my laptop and gear easily, and the zippered compartment is great for holding all the extra cords and an external hard drive or two. I also really like the subdued look of the Buran. It's looks very low key in office settings and out on the street one can never go wrong with all-black. So overall I really like this bag.

Ok, now my only gripe is that this this bag does not seem to be as durable as my other Chrome bags. When I bought it at the SF store in June the sales guy said that this is one of their China-made bags. I have no problem with overseas production, as long as they match the quality and durability that we've come to know in Chrome products from before. IMHO, though the design and build quality is good the materials are not quite the same as the stateside made bags. The cordura material has a stiffer feel to it and doesn't soften or wear in over time as my other Chrome bags have. The big problem I had was with the strap. The strap material wears faster and became fuzzy after only a few months of daily use. I bought this bag in April and by early August the strap was toast. It had become pilled and too thick and just wouldn't slide through the buckle easily anymore. I sent it in for warranty and they replaced it with a new bag. So I'm on Buran #2, we'll see how long it lasts. Thankfully Chrome backs up their products.


Unfortunately, I hate this bag

Review by Matt in SF

As someone who takes a busy train and walks a mile to work everyday, I went into the SF Chrome bag store thinking that I was going to be getting the best trendy commuter messenger bag out there. I expected that every day I used the bag, I would scold myself for ever having commuted to work with a backpack in the first place. Unfortunately, however, after having spent about a month with my Chrome bag, I miss my backpack terribly. Here's why:

Reasons why I can't stand this bag:
1) It requires a wide radius of movement in order to put the bag on. It's not so tough putting the bag on as it is taking it off. On a busy train that gets packed in like sardines sometimes, it makes it really difficult to take the bag on and off.
2) For someone of average strength, the bag itself is quite heavy. Combine that with a laptop, notebook, ipad, other stuff, etc., the bag takes considerable arm strength to put on, but especially take off.
3) The buckle. The buckle at first seemed like the coolest thing to me. However, upon actually seeing the buckle, it's a solid heavy piece of metal. If you're packin' this bag, fully stocked and you hit that buckle button, the straps come flying off. I can't use the buckle on the train as I would surely clobber someone right in the head and probably get sued. If I'm walking up to my car and decide to be lazy and hit that buckle button, I then have two long hanging straps with heavy pieces of metal at each end. It makes it difficult to put away without fear of the metal swinging and hitting things.
4) When you actually have stuff in this bag, it's actually pretty difficult to pull to the front of you if you want to get something out. You have to really pull and lift in order to get it to move. Then, once you have it in front of you, the front flap is huge and it's somewhat difficult to get stuff out.
5) Though the shoulder padding is nice, it's not very useful in providing comfort. All of the weight of the bag seems to center in at the buckle. If you've got a zipper or flap of jacket under the buckle, it can be uncomfortable.
6) Since using the buckle to take off the bag is not an option for me, it's hard to navigate earphones/buds with this bag, as you'll have to take those off first before lifting the bag clear over your head.

The good about this bag:
1) It looks cool.
2) It's waterproof.

To summarize, honestly, the only thing good about this bag is that it looks cool. This bag seems like it was marketed and built with the urban commuter in mind, however it defies the very meaning of the word functionality. It has made commuting a much larger pain than need be. I'm sorry to say this, but this bag has caused me to return to my backpack. I would return it, but Chrome's return policy is stated as follows "...return the unused item in its original condition." Since I've technically used this bag (how else was I supposed to determine if I like it or not?) it seems that I won't be able to.


Do a few things, do them poorly

Review by ascii

The other reviews seem fairly accurate. I got this bag for half off, not sure I'd pay that much for it again. On the plus side, the all black version looks great without all of the shiny chrome and red accents. The construction of the bag feels sturdy overall. Now on to the rest...

As people have stated, the strap is uncomfortable and cumbersome. It is rather difficult to get on while buckled, even more difficult to get on when unbuckled. Same is true for removing the bag. You need to be extremely flexible (contortionist would help) to remove the bag with the strap buckled. If you unbuckle it, prepare for the bag (and your laptop) to drop like a box of rocks. The main strap would be fantastic if the thick padded part actually rested on your shoulder. However, the bag always wants to sit with the uncomfortable buckle resting on the pressure point (your shoulder). This can be mitigated by tightening the strap all the way. That transfers your uncomfort from your shoulder to your back. The angle that the strap is sewn to the bag is totally wrong on the other side also. there is no way to adjust it to get the flap of cloth "properly" oriented. It will always be folded, floppy, or just plain "off." This same behavior is also present on the padded side, which may contribute to the overall uncomfort of the strap. The grab handle is situated on the BACK of the main flap, not the top (pick up the bag and you'll see what I mean. The strap would need to be moved about 2" forward to be on the top of the bag when you are picking up by that handle.

Moving away from the strap and to the bag itself. I see a lot of features that I'd love to see in my Soyuz backpack. However, many of these features were not thought out at all. The velcro portion under the main flap is great. Two nice long strips on the bag side. Unfortunately, Chrome forgot to put velcro on the flap side and opted for buckles instead. The velcro is used to hold the smaller front pocket's lid closed. However, there is no way to get the lid to close to the bottom of the velcro. It seems as though they decided to take two of the ideas people had complained about in the Soyuz and then combined half of each idea into one crappy result. Soyuz: Needs longer velcro strips all around OR straps with buckles. The Buran has both of these features, just implemented very poorly.

The second interior pocket section has organization and a large zip pouch on the rear side. It seems Not much else I can say about this part of the bag, it should function.

Moving to the main compartment, It's a main compartment, just a simple medium large compartment with the laptop sleeve covering the back. This compartment gets filled up a lot faster than you'd think. Because it is a big open compartment, you'll want to try to organize your contents carefully when loading. The laptop sleeve does technically fit the 17" macbook pro, however, the corners are very tight. The YKK zipper pulls are metal. This is a recipe for scratching the hell out of the corners of your macbook pro. If you have a smaller laptop, it should be less of a problem. The padding barely seems adequate for both the front and back sides of the sleeve. When the 17" macbook pro is inserted into the bag, it essentially becomes a 1" thick aluminum back board to the bag. See above about uncomfort and lack of padding for the laptop.

As with other Chrome bags I've used, they seem to be rather overbuilt on the outside and deceptively small on the inside. Combine this with the openings for all pockets and compartments feeling smaller than they should be (more difficult to load)

I'll give the bag a day or two of use before trying to offload it on a coworker. If you are looking for a good, useful and not uncomfortable messenger bag to carry a laptop around in, keep looking. As someone else mentioned, you're better off looking at one of Chrome's other bags and then adding a laptop sleeve.

There is a LOT of room for improvement in this bag. Chrome seems to be decent at updating bags, I hope they can figure out how make this half assed bag better. If you are dead set on this bag, I'd have to recommend waiting for another updated version.


I like this bag - works fine

Review by Ken

First, I believe that most of the poor reviews come from people who don't know how chrome bags work. I mean, obviously, if you have the bag packed with heavy cargo, the straps will fly open quickly when the buckle is released - same as with any other bag.

I own several different models of Chromes - and use them appropriately. I pack my Buran with a 17" Macbook Pro, Galaxy tablet, Zoom camcorder, all power cords, and thick spiral binder just fine. I work PR for large-scale events like SXSW, NAMM show, and CES, and this bag does the job.

I would like to see a divider pocket in main compartment, but that's not a big deal.



Review by Sam B.

I've been using this bag daily for over a year and it has held up and still looks brand new.

It works perfect when I either catch the train or ride my scooter. The nice thing is that the buckle system allows me to take in on or off when I have my helmet on. My previous bag's strap was fixed and I would always forget to put my bag on before my helmet. The metal buckle does add a little weight, but it gives me a weighted secure feeling. The reflective material on the straps are a nice touch and it's really lights up at night.

My Macbook fits nicely into the sleeve, and the bag is totally waterproof. I routinely wear it in the rain, even in heavy down-pours and my laptop stays completely dry. The best thing is not having to worry about your stuff getting wet! That feeling is priceless!

I really love this bag and can't say anything bad about it. I routinely get compliments about how cool the bag looks, and I would definitely buy another one!

It's also great to know that Chrome stands behind their bags and it has a lifetime warranty! How awesome is that!


I LOVE this bag!!!!

Review by Randy

I have several Chrome bags including messenger and back pack styles, but the Buran has been the perfect multimedia bag for my laptop, camera, extra lense, flash, ipad, and the rest of my gear (power cords, batteries, memory cards, etc.). It has more compartments than my other bags that allows neat organization of everthing.

The bag's material feels a little stiffer and sturdier than others and feels solid and I'm sure it will last along time. I like that it has less flex when all of my expensive gear is in it.

I also really like that it has a handle on it, making it very easy to carry the bag like a regular briefcase. The other messenger bags don't have this handle and it's a little bit of a pain to carry around when it's not on your back. I used to throw around my bag filled with expensive gear, and now the handle allows me to be more careful and place it gently it on tables or chairs

Some of the other reviews unfairly bash this Buran bag in particular, because of the iconic seat belt buckle system, used by Chrome in most of their bags. I think it comes down to extra weight vs. the coolness factor. If you don't want extra weight, don't get any of the Chrome messenger bags, but if you want a cool bag that's highly functional with style that provokes a certain cool image this bag may be for you.



Review by danbyars

Fits my 17 MacBook Pro like a champ, lots of room for everything else, One question Should I have Velcro on the bottom of the Flap like normal Messenger bags? I noticed there is the fuzzy one on the face of the bag but the flap doesn't have the sticky Piece found on normal messenger bags? Kinda miss it, loved not having to use the clip on ones.

Lemme Know! Peace!!


Best bag ever!

Review by Greg Cross

Picked it up on my last trip to the US - just the perfect bag for international business travel - heaps of room, lots of storage pockets and it looks cool!


Great travel bag, could benefit from US-construction

Review by Chad

After shopping around for laptop bags for work, this was the closet to a Chrome Messenger bag fit I was going to get. I have heard the non-US bags are constructed with different materials, but this bag still seems to hold up for the most part after a bunch of traveling - it even has doubled as a laptop/carry on travel bag!

I'll be monitoring how the bag holds up, but there's always the lifetime warranty should anything go wrong. Would love to see this one made in US since it's similar construction to US-made messengers.


Great Bag

Review by Daniel

I recently acquired the Buran laptop messenger bag and have not been disappointed, It's a great bag and ticks all the boxes for me.

I really wanted to get the citizen messenger bag, however, for my needs which is commuting to a corporate environment and allot of air travel carrying sensitive gear you need a bag that looks good and is functional and the citizen looks but no carry handle? why??

The Buran offers a laptop compartment, carry handle, waterproof, large capacity, durability and style. I like the fact it has quite a big capacity without looking huge, its important for international travel carry on to have a large capacity to carry items, once you have a laptop, SLR, documents, book, change of clothes you are getting pretty full. Also waterproofness is a huge plus, standing in the rain at an Indonesian airport with my laptop and SLR in the bag not having to worry - priceless!!

I have 7 bags of the same size which include Timbuk2 x 2 (commute 2.0), Briggs and Riley, Tumi, Maxpedition, Eddie Bauer and I feel that this is the first bag I reach for when need to go on assignment or go somewhere quickly for many reasons.

I strongly urge Chrome too keep up the good work for professionals who want a messenger laptop carry. Keep the messenger look like the Citizen, just keep pimping out the bag and refining. i.e. a pocket you can access without opening the the bag.

If you are a professional and commute to the office and need a bag that is multifunctional and in doubt about which bag to get from Chrome get this one.


no no later

Review by olater



Not happy about change of design of flap

Review by Heather Hal

I purchased the Buran bag after realizing the Metropolis was too large for me. My friend has a Buran and loves it, so I got it this week and realized that the design was changed to remove the velcro fastening on the front flap. Had I know this had been changed I wouldn't have purchased it. It's really inconvenient and feels insecure to not have the flap stuck completely down like the Metropolis and the former design of the Buran. Chrome doesn't offer the ability to have the velcro added on as they do for ALL their other bags. Frustrated.

Otherwise it's a great bag, I like all of the other features a lot and it fits and is really comfortable. Any suggestions where in SF I can get this velcro added on? I am not going to buy a 3rd bag!!



Review by Beej

I've had this bag for over two years now, and travel all over the world with it. There has never been a time where I wasn't happy with this bag... Chrome, you have a customer for life!


Great carry-on bag

Review by Thomas

Ive been using this bag to keep my valuables that I need to keep on me in the bag while I've been on tour. It's a great carry-on size, and fits what I need it to, but not much more.

I have stuffed in it:
17" Laptop with a Tablet, DSLR with two lenses, 3 small sketchbooks and pens, and a change of clothes.

It's box shaped bottom lets everything sit flat unlike my other messengers which all roll to the bottom, but the corner may poke you while you're walking. Riding with it is great, and it stays even on my back.

I think I've been spoiled by owning their Warsaw backpack (the giant one), because this just doesn't feel as sturdy, and the liner isn't used throughout the bag like my other. This probably saves a considerable amount of weight, but I have suspicions about it in the rain/weather. I've yet to have used it in the rain. It is nice to have a smaller and lighter bag than the Warsaw for occasions that I don't need to transport my living room.

Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase, but it's a bit concerning that I could have spent 5 more dollars and gotten a metropolis. Oh well, we'll see how it holds up to my abuse, my other bags sure have taken a beating and are holding up beautifully, keep up the good work, Chrome.


Mostly good

Review by Mar_T

This bag is pretty good, but the functionality was dramatically reduced for people who use these as a bike messenger bag. They took the velcro off the main flap! Hosers! While this is probably great for those who simply want a cool bag to tote around, it's not too great of a bag to carry my computer and other stuff while riding a bike.
Now I have to go to an upholsterer and have velcro sewed on the flap to make it functional and work as a bike bag. I feel deceived. This info should be on the bag description page.



Review by VictorEli

This thing can handle it all! During the week it keeps my laptop, textbooks, and notes dry and safe. On the weekend it can handle a case of LoneStars for tailgating. I also carry a flat kit, U-Lock, and lights all the time. It's super comfortable and I've received nothing but compliments on it.

I would go with the silver buckle though. I got the black buckel and it scratches too easily.


Laptop sleeve NOT waterproof!!!

Review by Todd

Just in case you think otherwise, be warned, the internal laptop sleeve is not waterproof! Had a spill inside the bag, and as a result, my macbook pro is dead. I can't really understand why they wouldn't make this part waterproof in itself, exactly for this reason.

Otherwise the bag is cool, but this seems like a major design flaw. Also, where's the velcro on the flap?!!!


Awesome bag, well worth the price

Review by Curtis C.

Chrome bags are among the best messenger bags I have had the pleasure of owning; it is spacious, stylish, and unlike conventional back-packs where all the weight pulls you back, the Chrome bag seems to shift the weight to your center making heavy loads feel less burdensome. With rainproof coating and some mild reflector strips this is a bag which will protect your interior gear. Coming with a lifetime guarantee you cannot find something better. In terms of mid-range messenger bags which aren't high-class waste the choice is clear.


[email protected]

Review by Benjamin Held

My favorite Bag Ever. Very Comfortable & the perfect size for MacBook Pro &/or iPad-Many differ pouches & pockets if you like to keep things organized like me. I've found that Chrome products have a certain charm and personality that grow on you & the longer I own a chrome item the more I like it. I pan on buying several more items lie the "Vega" for Summer & I may Rock the Hip Pack at some point? I also plan on buying the iPad sleeve since there is plenty of room in the laptop pocket in the Buran to wrap my iPad to keep it extra safe since I tend to put other items in the laptop pocket as well...books, Magazines,etc


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