Soyuz Backpack

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Rolltop laptop backpack made for commuting and overnight travel. Welded-waterproof main and padded laptop sleeve with side-zip access. Guaranteed for life.

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Badass Backpack = Happy Customer

Review by Trina

Super quick delivery- arrived at my doorstep this afternoon and I fell in love with it immediately. This backpack is badass & I'm looking forward to breaking it in. Thank you for making a quality product and for your excellent service.


Great bag with minor minor flaws....

Review by Dim100

By far the best bag I have ever owned. It's all great except 2 issues which others have also mentioned:

1. The velcro on the front pocket is poor: that needs re-designing.
2. The back does get a little warm when you have a computer in the slot which can make you back a little sweaty...

But overall the bag is amazing. The laptop slot works amazingly well. The main compartment fits a lot of stuff and stays super safe and dry. The hidden pocket in very useful.

Love it. Really well designed.


Expectations met...and I expect a lot from Chrome bags.

Review by 8mismo

I have had one of these for 5 years now. I have used it nearly every single day of those 5 years. I load it down with between 10 and 20 pounds when I carry it. I hang it by it's top loop every day at work when I'm at my desk while it still has its full load in it. The bag is holding up very nicely. The only place this bag even shows signs of wear is on the seat belt strap which holds accessories to the shoulder strap. These started to fray after 3 years, but I quickly put a stop to it by singeing the synthetic fibers with a lighter. This seemed to halt the fraying after I had done it a few times. The stitching on these seat belt accessory straps also came undone on one side, but it just separated the velcro from the seat-belt material. It did not impair the bag's functionality because there is a redundant fold-over locking design to this accessory strap which holds anything you put there in place even if the material has begun to separate. All in all, this bag had lived up to every expectation I had of Chrome's quality and design. It is a handsome bag with a classic simplicity I would liken to a pair of converse all-stars or a dickies work short, but it exceeds both of those examples in quality.


Great but could be better

Review by Christian

I love this bag, I use it daily and my only complaint would be I wish it had the same front pocket closures that the Ivan has! The Velcro seems to not hold up super long, and depending on what your carrying does not close.


Awesome bag, I use it for college

Review by Ronnie W

Got this bag 2 months ago and its been great! It is the best fitting bag I've ever bought, it carries weight very well. On any given day I have 2 laptops, 3 textbooks, 4 notebooks, an umbrella, a spare tube, some tools, the bottom pocket is good for headphones, flash drives, wallet anything small. Only complaint I have is that the front pocket doesn't open very far so its sometimes difficult to get to the bottom of but other than that I see nothing wrong with it. I will definitely be recommending this to friends.


This bag surpassed any expectations I had!!!

Review by Zach Perkins

Up until about a year ago I was always a timbuk2 owner until a friend recommended that I take a look at the Chrome bags. Since I work close to the SF shop I went to the store and picked up this beauty! This is by far the best bag I have ever owned! I travel with multiple laptops and everything fits perfectly and the bag is still very comfortable. There are even times when I forget how much crap I am lugging around. Another impressive feature is that this bag is waterproof, so when it rains, I am never worried about my equipment getting ruined. Stylish, bullet proof and comfortable! 5 stars!


One of the sweetest bags my back can rock!

Review by Mercedes Roman-Manson

My husband and I fight over his Soyuz on a regular basis. We own a couple of cycling backpacks and this one is by far our favorite. It is not for the heavy packer, but you can get everything you really need in there. I love it for my daily commute - I can get my laptop, misc accessories (of which I have lots), change of kicks and my lightweight hoodie in there, along with my u-lock. I love it in the nasty wet Boston weather, it stays dry. We both LOVE the side zipper access so getting to our laptop on a job site is way easier (or mags or whatever we brought with to play screw around). All in all this bag is slick, just roomy enough and SUPER ,comfortable to bike around with. If you commute - get one.


Awesome work bag

Review by Gabe

Great bag for work with compartments for your laptop, papers and other miscellaneous items. Use it all the time and a huge fan of this epic bag!



Review by Zeno

New to all that is the biking world I rigorously shopped around for the right bag for me. Referred to chrome by a friend I searched for something weatherproof. I stumbled across this gem. Yet I still was reluctant due to the price point and my inexperience. I tried two other bags one of made by timbuk2 bag and the other I can't remember, but neither had the comfort while riding or the storage I was looking for. Eventually I came back to the Soyuz and just bit the bullet. Like any great romance story it was everything I expected it to be. Comfortable useful and stylish. Perfect balance feels like an extension. Carries my change of clothes as well as my laptop and keeps them completely dry in torrential down pours. In hindsight the price is more than worth it and I am sure this will be my first of many Chrome products.


The New York All-Weather Grocery Bag

Review by P.E.

Most New Yorkers walk, and then they remember to get groceries and then they carry them home while walking again. If it's raining or snowing, the grocery bags usually suffer and break easier. I keep the Soyuz on every time I go out, even if I'm only carrying my laptop in it. Inevitably, I remember which groceries I'm missing and pick them up. The Soyuz is perfect for A) saving grocery bags and the planet and B) saving my frustration with hand-carrying groceries during the walk home. All liquids remain separate from my laptop. Brilliant. Also, the two straps can be very tightly adjusted, in case you need to go into bolt-mode (running like hell out of the way of a taxi cab). It will stay firmly attached to your back without wiggling around, like an extension of your body (although your carbonated beverages will now need a night to settle). Needless to say, it is also all-weather proof. Save up for this bag.


Why did I wait so long to buy this backpack?

Review by Mark Tsang

First of all I am superficial and I fell in love with this backpack on sight, but I did not buy it. Reason being is I already have three backpacks (purchased over the last five years). I own a Jansport, Timbuk 2 Lex, & a Camelbak Outlaw. I ride 13 miles to work & wanted a bag to carry my laptop (this was the rationalization I used). I also considered the Rambler by Mission Works. I like their style as well (Yes I know they are decedents of Chrome), but more than I wanted to spend or ever carry on my back!. I finally ordered the Soyoz, and I was stressing bout the cost. However, it is perfect for me. The outer pockets hold my coffee thermos & my canteen perfectly. Laptop sits safely in it, and I carry 2 spare tubes, pump, tools, clothes, & snacks. The way the bag is setup it is very easy to find all my stuff. A very heavy load cause I am not ready for panniers yet, but I love most is the rigidity of the pack. It keeps its shape real well, and aside from the weight of all my feels good, and I don't have to frigid and adjust and watch out for traffic at the same time. This is my first bag from Chrome & I am very pleased. Love the shoes too!


Its worth every penny.

Review by Johnny B

If you like to keep things separated yet still carry the many necessity's this should be it for you. I am 5'8" and I comfortably lug around a extra tube, co2 cartridge, fitting, allen kit , wrench, mini-u lock, wallet, keys, phone, i-pod, papers, lighter, jacket, and when I can purchase some at times a 6 pack with what ever else I might have in there. With that I found in this is that it has enough pockets to keep things organized, to where I can get things with out having to look for it. I have no worries tossing it around, hence the material and stitching is really good and reputable. Weather its on long rides, or commuting, the size is just right not to bulky where I may hit someone in the train, yet large enough to where I can even fit an extra pair of shoes, pants, on top of that load. I have honestly never filled it up yet sadly to say, but its always good to have peace of mind to know I have the extra room while it still keeps everything straight and well protected.
It price is on the hefty side, but remember you do get your moneys worth, but it this case I have no regrets.


great have had many

Review by Gabriel

I have had a few different laptop roll top bags this is the best I can fit a laptop in a chrome laptop sleeve I can fit a medium wacom tablet and spare hard drive, mouse, charger, and moleskine notebook love this bag pleased as always


Best bag I've ever owned.

Review by Steve

I've lost count of the number of times I've thought to myself, "This is the best bag I've ever owned." The side access pockets are fantastic. I guess if I had one suggestion it would be to make the roll-top opening just a tiny bit bigger--while my things seem to have plenty of room once they're inside the main compartment, getting them through that opening can be challenging (especially shoes).


Absolutely great bag

Review by paul

I use this bag for two different reasons. Not only do I have a 22km (one way) commute that includes a lot of trail and bike paths but I also travel a lot for my job so it sees a lot airport time.

When I commute, which I try to do as much as possible, in rainy Vancouver a waterproof bag is critical for keeping everything dry (and for the life expectancy of my laptop). This bag has it all, comfort, great compartments, good looks and even though my big laptop barely fits in the laptop section it fits just fine in the water proof section which is where it goes while on the bike.

But when I travel the laptop goes in the laptop section so getting through airport security is a breeze. No opening the main bag to dig out the laptop!
Love the separate pockets for the power cord, mouse, phone, Ipod etc.

I wish I had found this bag years ago.

Thanks Chrome.


Mostly good, except the velcro

Review by c.bitterman

For the most part this is an amazing bag - waterproof, perfect for hauling the laptop around safely, and so on. My only gripe is the use of velcro instead of straps and buckles; especially on the front pocket. I've had mine for just over a year, and the front flap barely stays closed anymore because the velcro is already shot. For a bag with a lifetime warranty, using a material with that level of built-in obsolesence is a strange choice.


Great bag so far just poor velcro.

Review by Taylor

Don't get me wrong this a great pack all around and I have only had it for three months so far but the velcro on the front doesn't work most of the time.
It either
A: Doesn't line up with each connecting velcro pad depending how much you stretch the front pocket or if there is nothing in the front pocket.
B:When it does line up and connect it isn't a very strong or durable connection

It would be cool if the guys at Chrome gave you the option to upgrade to metal hooks but other than that i'm very satisfied!


Solid bag, so-so ergonomics

Review by Jack

I'm happy about the bag with one major exception. The material joining the straps at the top of the bag digs into my neck a bit when I straighten my spine while riding. Avoiding this was the main reason I dumped my Jansport daypack for a Chrome. Alas, the cycling ergonomics are not all they were cracked up to be.

Also, normal cross-town loads (e.g. books, papers) dig into my back because they do not vertically fill the main compartment. The padding isn't enough to diminish the sensation.

If I can adjust the pack to deal with these issues somehow, please let me know. Otherwise they do make me question the value.

I do like the low profile, however. The shallowness of the bag (measured perpendicularly to the spine) makes for a low center of gravity while riding. This is a design advantage over regular daypacks.


Solid, but disappointing.

Review by Ryan Dougherty

It claims to hold a 17" laptop, but if you are looking for a large laptop bag look somewhere else. In the picture of the bag with the laptop there is not a piece of fabric on the end of the zipper, but when I got the bag it had that fabric, if it wasn't for that simple thing my laptop would fit no problem. Presumably, the fabric is to prevent the zipper from getting separated over time. If the laptop sleeve was was just 3/4" wider on the bottom and 3/4" longer on the zipper it would have gotten 5 stars.


perfect overnight work travel bag

Review by Leanne

It's a fantastic overnight work travel bag. It's easy to put liquids in a ziplock in front pocket, two netbooks or one laptop plus an ipad in side zip pocket, and easily get through security. I stuff a buttondownshirt&pants plus pj's in the bottom of the big pocket, then pack in external hard drives, powerstrip, cables, docs, and everything else I need for an overnight work trip -- plus a big scarf for chilly plane rides. It doesn't quite fit in the overhead on smaller planes if the backpack is totally packed, but then I can just remove a laptop and it'll squish down to fit n the smaller overhead bin.

I like this backpack so much better than a shoulder bag or a roller for overnight trips.

I only have 2 complaints -- (1) the front needs strap+buckle, not velcro, I wish it came with strap+buckle to better secure the front pocket flap; and (2) I'm a thin woman and I wish the shoulder straps were closer together.



Review by gwen brown



soiid, but a bit heavy and small opening

Review by erik

the bag is bomb proof, weather proof, but it just seems heavier than it should be for its size. the top opening is a bit small too and a pain to get bigger items in. eitherway, it's a nicely constructed bag, just needs some tweaking. i'm selling mine on ebay.


Solid Commute bag

Review by lb

I was looking around for a bag that would hold a 15 inch macbook pro and keep it safe from the elements. This is it. I commute every day with this bag with a laptop, and very little else.

It can hold a change of cloths, lock, cables, and a few other items, but not much more.

when the roll top pouch is filled up, the backplate gets all distorted and no longer feels like almost nothing is there. It does not fit a 6'er, which is unfortunate, but for a simple commuter computer bag, this is it.


Awesome Bag

Review by Garrett Seabolt

Use it for work, fun, and everything in between. A truly well designed bag that can withstand the worst weather conditions. A great buy!


Great beyond what I ask for in a bag

Review by Gabriel

I have had a couple of diffrent chrome bags this is my fave it last and is not to heavy perfect protection for my Mac book pro wacom tablet books for class cyclin uniform and can still gold more charging cables ect. Great bag


great bag with minor issues

Review by SAS

This bag is impervious to water in the main and laptop compartments. It's very comfortable regardless of the weight of load. It is also sleek, well organized and just looks good. However, here are big problems that keep it from being the only bag in my life.
Can't fit much in there. The way the main waterproof compartment was designed, with a tapered long roll top ,means it's great for cold drinks, okay for books and clothes, terrible for anything else. I can not use it to go to school with my notebooks and swing by the store for groceries on the way home. Forget about buying bread it will be crushed, and no cartons of juice ever. this bag is designed for pita, bacon, and tortillas. And i've altered my diet because i can only carry flat foods on my commute.
The roll top design is a safety problem. The roll itself is directly in the line of sight when i check for traffic while merging. After some close brushes with passing cars I tried to fix the problem. The best thing to do is adjust the shoulder straps so that the bag sits as low as possible on your back right before you ride. This makes the bag loose comfort points. And the corner of my bag still blocks some of my view, just not all of it.
Also, i need a drink holder. I sewed one on myself. I understand it may compromise the clean design lines that Chrome is known for. But thirst is common occurrence among humans. If i can't get to my water easily on my bike and on foot, i'm not happy.


Lots of potential, with some flaws

Review by Jodi

I really wanted to love this bag. And there's a lot to love: it's waterproof, indestructible, and the side entry laptop area (which I also used to hold papers) is incredibly useful. The small side pocket near the bottom of the bag (different from the one that runs across the front of the bag) is great for keys/phone.

However, there are details that need attention: perhaps most is the two long outside pockets that become unusable if you want to put anything in the interior organizer pocket. Alternatively, if you put anything in the outside pockets the interior pocket becomes unusable. So, you have to choose one or the other. If the pockets were pleated at the bottom it might fix this problem.

Also, the sternum strap falls at an uncomfortable height if you have any amount of chest (I'm a woman). So that's kind of a bummer, but not a deal breaker. I didn't really need it as the bags falls confortable on your back.

For what it's worth, I was able to fit my school stuff (laptop, a notebook, a few papers, various cords) and gym clothes (sneakers, clothes) in the bag no problem. Fitting lunch in there as well.... well, not so much.

If you want a midsize bombproof bag that can take you around town and through airport security with equal ease, this may be a good fit for you. In the end, I resold this bag and went with a BaileyWorks Citizen backpack.


Nice backpack but some flaws...

Review by Joss

I needed an alternative to my large messenger bag because with my laptop, change of clothes and etc (wallet, lunch, bike tools), I was starting to really feel the weight on my back and neck and decided I needed a laptop backpack stat!

Here’s what I like about this backpack:
- works well, I can ride for a longer time without back/neck issues from the weight
- nice design
- lots of pockets
- back padding works well even when it's the hottest day of the summer

But here’s what are problems for me with the design:
- this bag must be designed for long torso people and not petite women (which I am). The backpack sat too low on me and the sternum strap was sitting uncomfortably as well. My bf got creative with the Velcro (btw, hate the Velcro!) straps to shorten it up further so that this would sit correctly on me.
- some problems with the finish. What I mean by this is that there are some rough ends here and there. I've actually ended up several times with a light cut on my arm from one of these rough ends. I now wear my arm warmers when I packing up my backpack as a protective measure. (I’m a bit disappointed that my $180 backpack has this sort of issue)
- This is not meant for carrying anything that should not get smushed. (e.g. non-flat bras will get permanently deformed in this pack. There is just not enough room width-wise to fit some things so I had to get creative with packing all my stuff. I have to dress up for work so this was a challenge.
- When I have fully packed the bag to what seems like maximum capacity, the main flap with Velcro doesn’t work well. I’ve actually been hit in the back of my helmet with that flap when the wind picks up. So annoying and then I have to remember what was near the top and if it has a good chance of blowing away.
- Sternum strap has pretty much destroyed my jersey (probably another rough edge or something) so I have one designated commuter jersey now so that I don't destroy all my jerseys
- would be nice for there to be an easily accessible pocket so I can reach around and get keys or my badge out easily without taking off the pack.
- someone else mentioned that the roll top obscures their line of sight when looking back. I have the same issue.
- I would never be able to get groceries with this bag.

So far, I still have this bag as I haven’t found anything better, but I’m still sort of looking…


Best bag I ever owned

Review by Fred Destin

The mix of functionality and design on this bag are awesome. I have churned through my share and this one has :
- super fast and direct access to laptop and notebook on the side
- obvious place to put keys at front
- plenty of usable internal pockets
- surprising capacity in the expanding portion


Great bag, two minor flaws to tweak...

Review by Max

I LOVE this bag. It's exactly the right size for me, for both travel and hopping around the city.

I used this for a 1 week trip to Costa Rica, and here's what I managed to fit in it:
MacBook & cords (laptop pocket)
Cold Steel Tokyo Spike knife (in the pen pocket under the logo)
Pelican 1030 case full of toiletries (in one water bottle pocket)
Sigg 20 oz. water bottle (other bottle pocket)
Notebook, pens, Osho travel toothbrush, whiskey flask (in small velcro pocket)
Three T-shirts, Jeans, Swim Trunks, Camp Towel, underwear (main pocket)
Passport, Cash, Iphone (hidden zipper pocket)
Sunscreen, small bills (visible zipper pocket)

Pretty awesome. If I was a bigger dork, I'd make a youtube video of how well it all fit. (FYI, for footwear I just had one pair of hiking sandals, wore them full time)

Flaw #1: when stuffed full, especially with water bottles in it, the small velcro pocket wants pop open. My quick fix was to pop a grommet in the bottom center of the flap, and use a karabiner to clip it to the hoops above the logo.

Flaw #2: the double pockets in the rear should be sized to accomodate water bottles better. Ideally, Chrome would sell this with a matched water bottle.

Still, this thing is awesome. I use it as an overnight bag in the city, and for tropical destinations, traveling light, it's big enough for a week out of the country, no problem. Super comfortable too.


The last Bag I'll ever buy.

Review by Jameson Croasdale

I live in New York City, and commute to work by bike. I needed a bag that could not only be bombproof, waterproof etc, but also function in a work/play/groceries role. The Soyuz is it. It's comfortable, multifaceted, laptop-friendly design allows me to carry everything I need to work, and yet stop by the market on the way home. I can take it anywhere without feeling like I have a briefcase, and even use it for trips to the beach. I would recommend this bag to anyone who, like me, has tried all the laptop-messenger/super-commuter bags, and is ready to grow up and get a quality backpack - made in America.

Only thing I'd suggest as an improvement would be (like everyone has said below), the Velcro on the outside flap should line up with its mate on the pockets in order to stay more securely fastened when the bag is full.


The best thing I've bought in a decade!

Review by ed

This is the most comfortable bag ever. It doesn't fit much but I travel light. My laptop is safe...I'm sure of it....anytime, in heavy rain, squeezing through subway doors, etc.

I get compliments all the time and my boss just asked me if I would recommend it. I said yes.

One problem: I just put a 6-pack in the roll top on ice and I think I sprung a leak...not like running down my leg, more like a bad butt sweat. Maybe it was condensation from a hot summer day but I don't think so.


Good But Not Great

Review by James

I have been using this Soyuz as my primary laptop bad for almost 9 months now. I am a designer who travels often and I wanted a bullet-proof and water-proof bag for my laptop and things. Mostly, the bag has been really good to me but it has a couple fatal flaws which I think will eventually force me to switch out. First, the bag is a good size but the way that the 3 main chambers are positioned, each pocket puts pressure on the others and makes it difficult to get many things into it. Second, the velcro on the top flap is poor quality and never stays closed, especially when stuffed. I put a gromet in the middle with some paracord which I use to tie it down. My customization helped this issue, but it is definitely something they should take a look at. I am a big fan of well designed bags and with a few small shifts, this one could be amazing. Hope this helps.


pretty stoked

Review by adam

The bag really is hands down a fantastic commuter for all intents and purposes. The large compartment is lined with a heavy rubberized-like coating sealing it completely from all the elements. I often find ourselves using this as a cooler. With the rigidity of the materials used it does take some time and a little patience for the bag to break in properly.
I do have to agree with another consumer in regards to the pockets on the front. With a fully stuffed bag, laptop included, it nearly makes utilization of all three front pockets impossible at the same time. By moving one of those to the non laptop zipper side of the bag it would help immensely with this while maintaining and good fit and finish. Could even double that pocket as a bottle holder.
All in all I absolutely love this bag and my wife stole it ('cause she loves it too) from me and now I'm sad. So here I am shopping for her new one to get mine back.


Pretty good but not great

Review by Stephen

I got this bag maybe a year ago because it was getting uncomfortable biking with a cross-the-chest single strap messenger bag and I thought this one would be better for my back.

Overall, it's a pretty good bag, but I have to echo what a lot of the other reviewers have said about it. With a laptop in the sleeve, it's almost impossible to shove things in or get things out of the main compartment because the area up towards the bag opening compresses so much. And the back flap is just not good. Being a Portland, Oregon bike commuter, I'm constantly concerned that the flap is going to come open and everything in those outer pockets is going to get soaked. I wish there was some kind of hook closure like on many of the other Chrome bags to hold that outer flap snug. Sometimes the velcro just releases if the bag is kind of full and I flex my shoulders forward (and my shoulder muscles are certainly not big enough to make much of a difference... it's not like Hulk Hogan ripping off a shirt or something but I'm constantly hearing the velcro releasing on that outer flap as I bike home). I'll probably end up doing what some others have said above: putting a grommet in the back flap and attaching a carabiner to the strap above the logo.

Besides those flaws, the laptop sleeve is great, nothing ever gets wet inside the bag, and all the little pockets and insets are terrific for organizing stuff. The two larger exterior pockets are good for carrying a u-lock. And the material is durable as all get-out... still looks as good as the day I got it.

I'd say get it if you can live with the flaws, and hopefully Chrome will incorporate a lot of this feedback when revising the design.


For real: Its not a fantastic bag

Review by Joseph

Researched for weeks on the question of which bag to buy from Chrome/Baileyworks/Timebuk2.

Well, to put it shortly, I was dissappointed in the Soyuz, as I had awaited it with adoration and with bated breath, it being the fruit of extensive research.

Basically, it is not bright enough and compartments are not well placed. And it is too small for me. Man, I need for space for stuff.

BUT: If all you are carrying around is a laptop and a few books, then I might reccommend it. Its a sleek pack.



Review by Aaron

i was super excited to buy this bag! and i researched for like 2 months before i got it. its not what i thought it was going to be... but i can live with that. but when you stuff if its hard to get things in and out of compartments... i use it for school and i ride my bike around town a lot with it and it can get heavy and its game over when you need to see behind you because the way its set up with the roll down top you can't see behind you. my really only complaint is that a little after a month i found a hole in the bottom left part of the bag (where the laptop compartment is) and it looked like it had never been sewn or something! and i never had anything heavy in my backpack i only ever had a notebook, small books, some folders, and a my laptop and charger. so I'm left to assume it was poof workmanship i just filed my warranty claim and I'm hoping that the customer service is awesome or chrome is going to lose a customer. (its not like i want to hate, but i paid a shit ton for this bag to have it rip a month or so later... so its frustrating)


solid bag

Review by joe

One bag cannot do everything for everyone and this bag is no exception. It is a beautiful , sleek looking bag and It is the most comfortable and ergonomic pack you can own. GREAT for someone with a laptop and cell phone and accesories and wallet..sunglasses water bottle and lunch and change of clothes etc. If you need something you can live out of and constantly have to go in and out of bag to grab things then the bag might become an obstacle.
it is a very appealing tall and narrow design which makes each compartment tall and narrow which I think has drawbacks of utility and accessability.
I love it regardless however and although it's expensive it will last forever.
Design is always a compromise and balancing act of many constraints.



Review by chip

Ive just completed my 5th commute from the USA to san sebastian spain this year for work ( and play) and my soyuz has been with me every step of the way. this is the best bag Ive owned. From the easy access in the security lines in the airports, to the easy access on the plane, to the comfort on the streets and shedding the rain of spain, this bag has delivered and been bombproof. It is quite large, but I like the proton pack -like feel on my back. I have the all black version so sometimes i get the "why the parachute" comment, to which i reply " its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. " and you can truly have it all in the bag.


Love the bag, but not for everyone.

Review by Colin J

I bought this bag last year for taking to class when it's wet outside. The waterproofing works splendidly, and I really like the layout of the compartments. I now use this bag not only for classes, but also for motorcycle trips, as I can easily fit 5 days worth of clothes in it, as well as my laptop and snacks. everything stays nice and dry on the highway in the rain. Also, for parties, the waterproof compartment can be filled with ice/beer, and the two pouches on the outside can each hold a wine bottle, easy. I call this the Party Pack. Makes a great portable cooler.

if I were to change anything about this bag, though, I'd make the roll top opening a bit wider, as sometimes it's a bit of a struggle to fit things in it. And I'd put a buckle on the outside flap, as when it's stuffed, the Velcro seems like not quite enough to hold the flap down, though I've never actually experienced any problems with this. I do dearly love this pack, and it's so well built I cant ever see needing to replace it if I take care of it properly.


Soyuz Review

Review by Eddie

The Soyuz – This bag is like the Mullet, business in the front and party in the back. Business - holds my laptop, important files, change of clothes, tools, wallet, and lunch. Party – turns into a portable cooler for the weekends or weekdays after work when you fill it with ice and some beer.


god this bag is awesome

Review by Jordan McNutt

This bag is perfect if you're human...


Last Back Pack I'll Ever Need! Love it!

Review by Greg

This bag is Awesome! Nine months and 12 countries later, this bag has been the perfect travel companion. Comfortable, versatile, durable, water-proof and coolness factor are a few of its strong traits! I love the side pouch for easy access to my computer, papers, and maps without having to open the top of the bag. My travel companion would routinely access items without having to take off my pack.

The most coolest thing is when we would meet friends in different places, and we would visit them with the Soyuz bag filled with ice cold beer. They're always amazed!

Would highly recommend this bag and would definitely buy another one! The good thing is that this thing is bullet proof, so I probably won't have to!



Review by Philadelphia Collins

I work on my bike for a living, and for that, I use the Berlin, which is ridiculous how perfect it is.

BUT! I decided to purchase this bad boy on a whim when it was 1/2 priced not that long ago. and seriously, I had no idea how good Chrome was at making bags. I thought they just made outstanding messenger bags. this thing is so nice. I have been using this as my everyday errand running bag, and it is so comfortable on and off the bike. it fits everything perfectly. Also, hailing from Chicago, I am nervous of anything on my back, and the rolltop deep ass pocket makes me feel secure putting my valuables in there not only because it keeps them dry... but because it keeps them out of reach of other potential wanters of my stuff. There is plenty of room for all of my gear, and anything else I need for the day. including my laptop.

Thanks, Chrome. for making me happy.


Incredible Product, supported by Incredible Staff

Review by CityGnome

Got this as a XMas present for my brother who does IRONMAN Marathons, & the package got lost. [email protected] handled getting it replaced promptly & quickly.

I own a Citizen Messanger Bag for 3 yrs now & love it. Needless to say the Soyuz rises to the same level of quality & I am sure duriblity as mine. You guys/gals at Chrome are the best.

If you are considering purchasing with them, I encourage you to. Best purchase ever!!!


Great bag, some improvements can be made

Review by thomas

I asked for this bag for xmas because I needed a laptop bag. I've used the Chrome Citizen for a few years during college and loved it.

MY wish for next revision additions to make it 5 stars:

1. A cinch-able water bottle net on one side. I'd like to be able to put my Sigg or Nalgene on the outside if I wanted to. The big outer vertical pocket is too small for it ... and too rigid. If I stick my Sigg in there, I can't close the velcro flap.

2. Make it expandable? Once things are packed in, since it's so rigid, it's hard to reach in and grab stuff (I'm only talking about the outer pocket. If you stuff things down the outer pocket, then it makes it hard to get into the lower horizontal zip pocket, etc. It's because the whole front of the bag, everything under the "flap", is open at the top and then tapers down to flat. If the bottom of the outer section was given a way to expand or given 2-3 inches, it would be much better.

3. Some sort of buckle for times when you don't think the Velcro is secure enough.

4. Loops (attachment points). There are 2 loops above the logo in the front. It's nice to have some kind of loops like this to secure whatever you need using maybe a carabiner. However, those 2 loops are really low. (I tried to fix the water bottle issue by securing my Sigg to this, but it's just awkward and the bottle goes lower than the bottom of the bag). A couple loops on the side of the bag towards the top would be nice.

5. Laptop compartment a TINY bit taller. I think 1 inch added to the slot dimension would help the ease of slipping the laptop in and out (I use a 15.6 inch Lenovo T510). I'm guessing this is just my issue though because my laptop is slightly large.

6. More organization. A few more places for pens and a zipper on some of the inside compartments would be nice.

7. Ability to open the outer compartment more. It's a little bit annoying to dig for stuff at the bottom of the outer compartment. It would be nice if the opening were maybe a double zipper. So, if I want, I could leave the two zippers at the corners and have the top still be open after lifting the flap, OR, I could fully zip the two zippers down both sides and reveal the whole inside of the compartment to easily reach things.

All in all, I am happy with the bag. I will be sure to sell this one and get the next revision if you guys make one!


Great bag, but only ONE change of clothes.

Review by Brendon

I dig this bag. I anticipated a slightly larger bag with room for, say, two changes of clothes, but I'm only confirming the description. You're going to get a single change of clothes, a Kindle Fire, laptop (14" Alienware), extra socks, four prescription bottles, portable mouse, pad and pens.

The downside to this bag is that the base of the largest compartment is hard to fully utilize because the top of the roll-top portion acts as a venturi, where it is slightly smaller at the opening and wider at the base. If I could change anything, I would make the opening to the base the same size.

I would recommend this bag for daytrips, short travel, and short hikes.


Cool bag - but doesn't fit our laptop

Review by RK

My husband loves this (it was a Christmas present for him)...but unfortunately the new laptop he got is 17" and it just doesn't fit into the laptop space. Just wanted to warn others if you have a larger size laptop it may not work.


1 year in

Review by albert

have had this bag for over a year and it holds up to everything.. the 2 velcro patcheson the outside flap are not that strong but the pockets are so deep that nothing will fall out. have a 16 inch PC sliding in its compartment and im gone.. i have taken this to 4 continents as my carry on and it holds truly everything plus a full change of clothes. one buckle lock outside and it gets 5 stars. totally rain snow sleet proof as the inside is tough thick plastic lined. straps are on point. indestructible construction plus huge velcro from top to bottom. the sales guy said if the spring adjustment buckle on each strap should EVER fail, bring it in for replacing. most def getting more of these bags.


Good Looks - Poor Function

Review by Tim

I don't understand why this bag is reviewed so well.

It looks great (lightly packed or empty) and is built like a tank. Chrome bags are meant to last, however, from my experience, aren't always built with comfort and packability in mind. The Soyuz is my second chrome bag, and while I love the way it doesn't pack very well.

I bought it to carry a large WACOM tablet which perfect slips inside the main compartment. However, because the opening on the top is so small, I can't fit much else in there. When not carrying the WACOM, anything other than flat items like magazines bulge out the bag making the bag uncomfortable and awkward.

As an urban trekker, I enjoy being able to carry stuff e.g. laptop, lunch, hard drives, cameras, and other gear with me everyday. This bag, although big on the outside, really can't carry very much effectively.

For example: Today is a light day, carrying my lunch, a 27 oz water bottle, a small hard drive, and an iPad. My lunch container is maybe 8x4x6. It's not huge. The only place for it is in the main compartment which causes it to dig into my back when the iPad is in the laptop compartment and the water is in one of the vertical pockets.

If I were to pick something else up on my travels around the city today, I might not be able to fit it in this bag. That's unacceptable for a bag this expensive and this big.

2 stars for style, 0 starts for practicality and usability.


Excellent functional bag, average quality

Review by Youtiao

Just received my Soyuz today, it's a very functional bag, but the overall quality just doesn't feel right, the finishing is not there, the fabrics quality is below average when compared to competitors' (T-Level, MW to name a few), and the metal locks are just...
though I love the overall design of the bag, you should definitely consider using better materials and maybe stop outsourcing in China...
Best luck, and please keep improving


Great but could be bigger

Review by Craig

I love the quality of this bag, it is very water proof and very padded, it even helped me recently when I was knocked off my bike by a land rover! So yes the padding is good! The only thing is the size of the main compartment, I am size 12 shoe size and really struggle throwing my runners in there when I jump of the bike and feel the need to change out of my bike clip ins shoes, apart from that a great bag


Had this for a little over a semester now

Review by Ken

-Crazy tough, the materials are top notch and after 5 months it still looks brand new

-Weatherproof, it's lasted through some pretty crazy Minnesota snow storms and pouring rain and its kept most of my stuff bone dry. Some moisture leaks into the front two pockets though if the weather is crazy enough... But that's a given since the front velcro flap leaves a small gap for the elements to get through. It's not too bad though

-Absolutely amazing for cycling. I bike to campus and to work and this thing is super solid on your back. The guys at Chrome built the bag so it wouldn't expand much (this may be a con for some) BUT as a result, the bag keeps all of your things together in a tight pack and it sits securely on your back and lets me ride without having to worry about the weight of the bag shifting and throwing me off. Awesome. (Also the sternum strap does wonders)

-The little metal buckles for tightening and loosening the straps works great and they haven't slipped yet. It's a really intuitive feature they added... I don't see why some don't like it. It does what it needs too and it does it well.

-Doesn't have the largest capacity compared to other bags but I don't need that much so I deal... But to give you guys an idea of how much it carriers I can fit a 1500 pg bio book in here, a 13 inch mac, a bigass binder with my papers (probably as thick as my book ha), planner, calculator, mac and phone charger, classic iPod, headphones, a chrome utility pouch, and few nicks and bobs. So its really not that bad for a college kid but some may want more.
-A lot of folks complain about the main compartment's small opening (the dry bag part) and I can totally see where they're coming from. It can be a bit of a hassle to fit that bio book in there if there's something else in there. Also, if I put two textbooks in there, the top portion of the book juts into my back since it's a large rectangular load and the compartment is triangular. But that's kind of expected since my textbooks are f**king huge (I'm a biochem major). But understand that the shape of the compartment can effect how things pack.

---- There are pros to this compartment however. If you pack something super tall into the main compartment the smaller opening keeps it from moving around too much (it's kind of clever really) and if the opening was any bigger it would be a pain to roll it up. Also, the material this thing is compartment is made out of is insanely tough and super waterproof (t's like mega heavy composite plastic). In the end I wouldn't change anything about it.

-This is kind of a college only thing but this backpack is LOUD. Undoing the heavy velcro closing the rolltop compartment gives off so much noise and since a majority of the compartments are fastened by velcro it can be kind of obnoxious to get stuff. But if you're not cramming away in a library it's not that big of a deal

Overall this bag is pretty amazing and I love it to death. It's served its purpose well and I can see it lasting for a very very long time. If I lost it I would definitely buy it again but I would like to see some improvements made to it though. For instance, I'd like the rolltop velcro done away with and maybe add a buckle like the Yalta? And maybe two buckles for the front two compartments. To conclude, this bag is rock solid. You won't regret buying it and it's incredibly functional for a cyclist.


Awesome bag

Review by Ella

I've had this bag for about 7 months now. I'm a high school student, and my school requires laptops for all the students, so the laptop sleeve is awesome. I'm usually pretty tough on my stuff, but this bag has really held up. This bag is also very waterproof. I even spilled an entire venti cup of tea on it (literally right on it) and every thing inside was dry, I just had to let the tea drip off the outside. Sometimes I ride with my lunchbox clipped on to one of the front loops with a carabiner, which works well. They are also good for holding a light. I usually hold my laptop, and about 6 notebooks of various sizes in it along with a calculator and computer charger in the front pockets. The main compartment is shaped slightly oddly, but it works just fine for my purposes. Also, the lower outside sealed pocket is really inconveniently placed. I tried using it to hold spare change, but when I put the bag on the ground, the coins would rub off some of the waterproof material. Overall, I would recommend this bag. A few things could be better, but overall it is the best bag on the market.


Cool bag, but not completely waterproof

Review by Jay

I bought this bag on a rainy day... it was pouring. I ride my bike in the rain because I have to travel 3 miles up hill in 10 minutes in order to get my kid from after-school care on time. Walking is too slow and busses get stuck in traffic. I bought this bag thinking it would be waterproof - and most of it is - except there are too areas where water will get into the bag:

One is through the seems that connect the small, rectangular front pocket to the bag. The water pools up in the fold just above the zipper and eventually begins to seep in.

The other is in the side-access laptop compartment. There's a pretty big area of unprotected cotton on the bottom of the bag. The inner compartment is sort of a waterproof bag within the bag, but it's not connected to anything at the bottom. The side-access compartment sits on top of the main part of the bag. When the bottom of the bag gets wet, it soaks the negative space between the material and the side pocket where the laptop pocket is. It's really bad. If you had the bag and you reached into the main, water proof compartment and pulled it inside out, you'd know what I'm talking about. It's all unprotected and everything just soaks through into the side pocket. I didn't have my laptop when I bought the bag. If I did, I would need a new laptop right now.

I lost some important documents that day. I also got doored and thrown into the back of an SUV. Luckily, the bike shop where I purchased the bag gave me a refund, otherwise I would have also thrown away $175. That would have been one craptastic day indeed.

I can't justify spending this much money on a bag that boasts being waterproof, yet ends up not being waterproof in one of the most important parts of that bag. That was my first and last Chrome bag. I mean, they look good and they have lots of pockets, but I ride in all weather conditions.


Solid bag with some issues

Review by LG

After two years of using this bag, I think I might finally be giving up on it. Oddly I came here to read other reviews to see if anybody else is having the same issues, and most people have pointed out a few that I have.

The construction (as with most other Chrome products) is bombproof, no issues there. The layout of the bag seems to make sense at first, but almost all pockets tend to become more challenging to work with once full. The main compartment is quite big but it gets harder to get things in/out the more full it is.

Surprisingly, it isn't the functionality of the bag that is my biggest beef. The material choice for the section that sits against your lower back might be the final straw for me. This high denier material is bombproof, burly and probably a good choice for durability, but I've come to discover that it is so rough that it actually eats away at my tee shirts and hoodies, leaving them worn & pilled in the same location. I thought at first that I had done something to my clothes, or that a chair that I had been sitting on had been wearing away on my tees, but then one day while wearing a particularly bright colored hoodie I noticed bits of it clinging to the bottom of the pack after I took it off.

Rather than periodically replacing my clothes, I'll be replacing this bag...


Laptop compartment not waterproof!

Review by Linda

Overall this is a great bag, however I initially purchased it ecause I wanted a backpack that will keep my laptop safe while carrying it around in the Southeast Asian monsoon. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that while the roll top compartment is solid in the waterproofing department, the part that really mattered for my use, the side laptop compartment is not. After a day in the rain I opened up the laptop compartment to find it soaked. I'd say advertising this bag as a weatherproof laptop backpack is pretty misleading.


Soyuz, A Perfect Universal Bag

Review by Julian T

Right off the bat, I can safely say the Soyuz is one of the most versatile backpacks I have ever used. All it's compartments and features are what make this bag so great. First off, the construction of this backpack is out of question superb in quality and performance, it can take any weather or beating and stay intact for many, MANY years to come, I don't find myself having to replace this bag ever! Next, the diverse amount of different compartments really complete the Soyuz, the 2 front pockets make it very easy to store your bike lock or water canteen, and anything else of that matter. The laptop pocket is just perfect, really holds your computer nice and snug, preventing any sort of movement or wobbling. And then you have the rolltop pocket which is HUGE, you can fit so much in here I don't even know where to start! Change of clothes, books, more gear, even water! The entire inside of this bag is waterproofed and flawless.
The bottom line is, the Soyuz makes a great bag for the average commuter, student, artist, hiker, and cyclist. This is hands down the best bag I have ever owned. You really can't go wrong with Chrome products.



Review by Gabriel

I carry my mac book pro a wacom intous 4 a drawing tablet my bike lock and cable, a couple of books and a lunch an i still have room this is a amazing bag I would buy it again


durable waterproof bag

Review by philipp

I purchased the Soyuz in Q4 2011 for my daily commute to work, with laptop, change clothes, valuables etc it has the perfect size for carrying everything essential. Since then, I have been showered a couple of times, the Soyuz kept everything was dry inside. I had a small accident in which I into me rolling over the tarmac, luckily no injury, the laptop was broken (full body weight was too much), but the Soyuz did not even get a scratch.
Whats missing is a bit better support for the back as the side facing the spine tends to crease a bit when the big compartment is empty. Also, since the bag is very close to the back, on warmer days heat builds up on the back.
But in total I am very satisfied with the bag, its quality justifies its price.


Thunder ride

Review by Michael

I live in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and have been commuting to work via my bike, not far, only 6 miles each way, but the Berkshire Hills are not flat. I just bought my backpack about a month ago, and I've read about it being waterproof. That it is. Early last week I left work early as the clouds thickened. Half way home the hail started, and then the torrential rain, thunder and lightning. I couldn't count to one after the lightning before the thunder struck. It was beautiful. Needless to say, 2 inches of rain fell in a very short time, and I was completely utterly thoroughly drenched. When I finally made it home, my laptop was dry as a bone, as we're my change of clothes and everything else in my bag. I love this backpack!


almost perfect

Review by kat

i love this bag. i bought it over a year ago, but DON'T trust the cooler thing. every time i try to rock it as a cooler, i am soaked and sad. i thought maybe it was just condensation, but nope, this most recent time it started leaking all over on me in a whopping 5 minutes. ended up dumping out the ice and drinking slightly chilled beer to watch the bike race. otherwise, i love it. it's been all over the world with me, both on my bikes (pedal and moto) and off, and it's absurdly durable. the only other thing i would change is to make the padding against your back more of a mesh if at all possible, i definitely sweat in the summer hauling this. i have 5 chrome bags, and this one is the one i use the most.


Good bag!

Review by MackDhagen

So i've had the soyuz from the begining. I got it at the SF store littlerally days after it was released a few years a go and has been my main work bag for that period of time.
First the laptop pocket and zipper is great. Good quality water resitant zip (attache your own pull to it) and has a divider in it for files and papers.
The outside pockets are good for quick access...a little deep and tend to swallow stuff though. Outside the pockets the bag really nees a strap or 2 to attach a wheel onto or skate..i think they addressed this with their latest version of the bag the Bravo.
The main compartment - this is the part that is waay too small. and they material that they use is too tacky and turns the whole liner inside out when you yank shit outta there. Its big enough for a notebook or two and thats about it.
Suspension good enough but like all chrome bags they can't nail the sternum strap.. When a butterfly farts a mile away the buckles loosen up let alone when you wear the thing in real world conditons. the main straps are good and the think could use a real basic waist strap that had a lumbar stash or something when you are not using it.
After two years of this thing i'm over it (and so are my coworkers and wife) and looking to get one of the yalta's or brigadiers.


Best backpack ever,

Review by Steven Truong

This is my second of two chrome bags. This is my daily bag for school and other things. I use a Mini Metro for riding in the city or races etc. etc.

I absolutely love this bag. It can carry so much and it'll feel like I barely have anything on my back. The sternum strap helps level off much of the weight and I can hold a number of text books and binders and my laptop and it'll still feel like nothing. Once you take it off and put it on the ground that's a different story.

The features I love also. I love the front travel pocket I can keep any forms I need to return or papers that I have that are important and just shove it in there and know it'll be there for that reason. The two front pockets are useful for holding numerous things. I use it for my calculator, glasses, food, water bottle, lock, or sometimes even shoes. The inside pocket for holding other things such as pencils, pens, erasers, the usual school stuff is also helpful. I keep small planners or other items in there and it's quick and easy to get too. The side laptop pocket is also useful in the sense that it can hold my 17" laptop when I need it and that I can stick notebooks or a small book in there when I don't. It's extremely versatile and I couldn't ask for me. The roll top compartment is where this bag excels. I have stuck a small thick blanket, a pair of shoes, 6 pack, and a hat in there and there was still room for more. I was surprised at that. The small opening keeps things from flying out when I leave the top open and I ride around, but also makes it hard to put things inside of it. Definitely going to stick all my fragile electronics into this pocket when it rains on me.

Great bag, great job, great quality. I'm loving my 2nd bag from chrome and can't be happier. Thanks guys keep it up.


I couldn't imagine a better bag to help me bear the oppressive weight of law school..

Review by Schimschone

Between the rain and the snow in Maine, this bag has safely transported 40lbs of books and my laptop on my daily bike commute for over a year. It reminds me that as long as you're well constructed and impermeable to the elements, you can deal with just about anything.. or alternately, in case you can't, you always have a big bag and a bike you can just escape on.


Good bag especially if you use your laptop a lot

Review by Thomas

I have a citizen, which is great for carrying stuff while you ride, but I recently moved to a more walkable city and decided a backback would be more comfortable for longer treks.

I really like this back. It's comfortable to walk with all day and the laptop compartment is really convenient. I have to carry my computer around and take it to visit clients quite often and it's nice to have easy access to the laptop and not have to mess with any of my other stuff.

The rest of the bag itself can carry a decent amount but it takes a while to get the packing down because the main compartment and the two smaller compartments under the flap are really deep. You have to really consider what you'll need to get to most often and when you'll need to get it. The organizational pockets aren't as great for keeping small objects like notebooks and pens as the citizen's but you can use the zippered pouch at the bottom of the bag.

Haven't had an issue with the waterproofing yet in moderate rain but i haven't submerged it in a huge puddle or anything.

All in all a really solid bag.


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