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The largest, 100% welded-waterproof, rolltop backpack in our Militia Series. Made to haul large loads comfortably. Dual large buckets can separate wet and dry stuff, while external pocket offer quick and easy access. Built in our Chico California factory. Guaranteed for life.
• 21" wide x 23" height x 7" deep
• Vol:47L
• Weight:4.4 lbs

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Best B day present EVER ...

Review by Rubels

I was lucky enough to get the "Pawn" backpack (just like the Ivan)--midsize--as a gift fro my B day. This was just before a 2 and a half month trip to southern Europe. The backpack was fantastic. It was super comfortable, and I got tons of compliments. Also, I loved the urban design. It didn't look like I was backpacking, which I wasn't . The backpack and a good quality wheeled carry-on bag is ALL I needed. Thanks Chrome for continuing making QUALITY stuff--even as most manufactures are going for the fast and cheap.


I love this backpack and it loves my gear.

Review by Northman

I have lived in this bag for 3 months while on the road. And it always swallows anything you throw into it.
Tested in the nordic climate on many trips. Fun fact: the two outer pockets can fit a total of four wine bottles for those times you need to hydrate a big crowd. Stop reading the reviews we all say the same thing buy it before it's too late.


Almost perfect.

Review by Tina

Awesome bag. I can't imagine using a larger one without hurting myself on my bike. It's my go-to bag for hauling trips around town, and any traveling (fully stuffed, the Ivan still sort-of fits under the seat, otherwise I stick it in the overhead.)

I only have two wishes:
1. I wish that the straps were split instead of the yoke system. The yoke system is great on the bike, but I want to wear the bag higher when walking around, and the yoke doesn't let me do that.
2. That the flaps over the front pockets extended all the way over to the medial seams, I've had some (very) minor leakage issues in heavy rain.

Also, for those that have issues with visibility, I've gotten around that by folding an inch or so of the corners of the rolltop (the long plastic bit on the edge) inwards. That way, the rolltop doesn't stick out past the bag, and it makes the opening square-ish for easier loading. After a year or so, the plastic shows no sign of breaking, so there!


Amazing, bombproof, classy travel bag

Review by Beth H

I purchased my Ivan in Fall 2012 and have been touring regularly with it (singer-songwriter, teacher and artist-in-residence all over the country). It is the perfect bag for a long weekend! Mine holds several changes of clothing, 1-2 pairs of shoes, personal items, a laptop, books of sheet music and a large water bottle, with room to overstuff if I need somewhere to put my jacket. This thing has been everywhere from the grand Canyon to Kansas cornfields to beer-soaked Austin clubs -- it even fell out of the back of a truck moving at 60mph (sans the laptop, which was in my lap) on a rainy day, and everything inside was dry and secure. The bag took a couple of scuffs to the cordura outer but otherwise it help up just fine. Basically the best light touring bag ever, and doubt I'll need another one anytime soon.


Best purchase I have ever made from this store

Review by Flutters

I have had this bag for more than a year now. I have actually had 2, my first was stolen. These bags are absolutely indestructible. I have had smaller messenger bags in the past, and my only complaint with any chrome bag is that once you get used to being able to haul all of your gear with you, you always end up wanting just a hair more space, which is why I opted for this giant monster of a bag. I have filled the main bucket with beers and ice and brought that to the beach, with a laptop in the sleeve. All electronics are bone dry and in perfect shape. I have been at a bar and had a waiter drop a full tray of drinks on top of my bag when it was filled with electronics. I just laughed, and didnt even bother checking the contents. Sure enough, when I got home, everything was untouched.

I have used this thing to haul firewood, painting supplies (just hose it out afterwards!) and all manner of bulky/heavy items. The bag has suffered zero damage from everything I throw at it!

These bags are the best. Thanks for making such solid gear chrome!


Great bag!

Review by wintercyclist

I really like this bag, it's comfortable, holds a LOT more than you would expect, but compresses down flat when empty. Great size for traveling or carry-on luggage. The front pockets hold a 1 liter water bottle easily. The front zip pocket has room for a laptop in a sleeve. The main compartment is cavernous and waterproof. I don't love riding with it on, because the rolltop restricts my vision a little (I'm short) but I never ride with a pack on anyway, so who cares. It is no problem to strap it on the rack of my bike. It carries very comfortably when full as long as you are slightly thoughtful about how you pack it, as you should be with any pack.
The only things lacking on it were a key fob inside one front pocket, and a removable waist belt. I added these 2 features myself and now it is perfect.


Buy this backpack. You won't regret it!

Review by Jai

This is the best bag I have ever used. You can haul anything from 30lbs of dog food to over 30 beers with ice. And still have room for a u lock. I love my Ivan. It's a solid bag for any occasion I've come across!!


Buy this backpack. You won't regret it!

Review by Jai

This is the best bag I have ever used. You can haul anything from 30lbs of dog food to over 30 beers with ice. And still have room for a u lock. I love my Ivan. It's a solid bag for any occasion I've come across!!


You want bag for your buck, you can't get much better.

Review by buhdankadank

After 7 years of regular use, and some might argue abuse, this bag is still holding strong. I'm a regular commuter and I've used it for some touring. The red is fading to more of a gray from regular exposure to the sun and the elements of the Pacific NW as well as Northern CA and the inner liner for the wetbag is starting to crack and show signs of wear and age. However, the welds are holding strong and bag remains waterproof.

In one front pocket I load in a U Lock and a couple spare lights while in the other I load in my phones (1 personal and 1 for work), an iPod, wallet, watch, and door card for keyless entry into the office. I keep a pocket knife and a pen in the small pocket between the two mains and in the daisy loops, I attach a biner with my keys and a rear light. In the zipper pocket I drop in all the tools and things I might need for a ride while in the main pocket I tend to carry clothes for work, for the gym, running shoes, a DSLR, the work laptop, a tablet, and my lunch with a little room spare.

I've hauled adult beverages and picnics for the beach and parks, strapped on wheels, and periodically an extra bike on my back (I've rolled the top tube in the top of the roll top and used the hooks from the front pockets to bind at least the front wheel). The straps make the load comfortable and do a great job of distributing the load.

Seriously, this bag has been amazing.


very good pack/very good idea.

Review by Rob

To be more effective in my operations (I dont use car or public transportation-I commute by bike only) I got the ivan for the waterproof feature. All the army packs in the price range of the ivan I checked werent waterproof. Ivan is waterproof and has option to strap your phone pouch to the shoulder strap. Ivan is superior to army packs in urban environments. On bike travel it beats all army packs too. As it is durable and uses same material as army packs it is ahead of the army pack/s. It should be available for up to 60/65 liters.
The ivan then could be used for military ops and for mountain & hiking ops.
It would fill the gap b/n urban/bike travel/camping/mountain operation and could merge all together. It has the potential for that. The only good pack for outside use as by biking and hiking/camping is a waterproof pack nothing else. Ivan delivers.


Big, tough, beautiful and smart.

Review by Beth

I've had my Ivan for almost three years. In that time it's been to the desert, the mountains, big cities and small towns, part of my career transition from bike mechanic to traveling Jewish cantorial soloist. For the three-to-five day jaunts by plane, it's great; I can pack enough clothes for the trip, a laptop and sheet music and still sneak it aboard as carry-on with my guitar. Material is tough as nails; I've scraped it a few times (falling down the sticky rocks at Jashua Tree was probably the worst I've done to it) and so far there are only a few noticeable scrapes. The straps fit even a smallish back like mine reasonably well. I love this bag and cannot remember what travel was like without it. Good stuff!


Great Huge Bag

Review by Rich

I love this back pack and use it all the time. It is all around great. That being said I would change a few things about and take these things into account. First, It rides low on your back. It is most noticeable when you dont have much in it. It would be nice to have some way to adjust where you want it on your back Second, if you dont keep the hooks on the back on hooked to the pockets water can get in. It also has very large pockets, so small stuff can get lost in there. But it is still one of the best backpacks i have ever had.


Great BAG

Review by Poleen

I use it every day when I go out around the city. It holds everything from my bike tools, labtop, cloths, spare shoes and some adult beverages. Whenever I bike for a couple of hours, I get sweaty and the back gets a little moist but the inside stays nice and dry. Very nice bag. Recommend it if you don't like one strap.


Best Bag!

Review by Kelly Clarke

This is my favorite biking bag for lugging around a ton of stuff. Aside from the bag being waterproof, the individual compartments are waterproof from each other. So I can put important papers in one, and keep a six-pack of beers frosty in another. It really does sort of act like a cooler. The front pockets are also the perfect size to hold a U-lock. This bag is only Medium, but I've been surprised at the amount of stuff I've been able to keep in it at once, like a 3QT cast iron dutch oven and cupcakes and a computer. I've had it for a year, and I think it's indestructible, but if my Ivan ever bites the dust, I'll certainly buy the same bag again.


Bikes, Beers and Beautiful Beaches!

Review by Kawika Samson

The Ivan is sick! I was looking for a bag that i could haul a bunch of stuff in. If you're a fan of the backpack style then this is it. Whenever i travel, this is my go to carry on. The space is huge! Whenever you're out of space and need to carry tall items you can leave the roll top feature up. One of the best features that had me sold was, just add ice and you have an instant cooler! Here in Hawaii this is my go to choice for BBQ's at the beach.

The jump form the pawn to the ivan is pretty big. It could use a bunch of smaller pockets to organize smaller items. With the pockets being huge and deep it's easy to lose small items like wallets or phones in there. Although an awesome bag, it is slightly harder to look over your shoulder to sight while commuting on your bike.

To sum it up, if your looking for a heavy duty commuter to carry some beers, your towel, a dog, a beach blanket, your girlfriends purse so you won't look like a sissy carrying it if she asks, some food and prolly fit your girlfriend in there when she's tired of walking, then this is the bag for you.

chee hoooooo! Aloha!



Review by Z

Always holds more than I think it will. It's great for walking around and for riding on the motorcycle. Next we'll see how it stands up to the desert.


Best riding backpack I've used to date

Review by Grant McKey

This thing is super rugged and will hold anything with ease.. Including my 15 lb dog when we go riding together!

I've got a regular metro Chrome bag and this thing.. between the two I don't ever use anything else.


Great Multi-Purpose Bag

Review by Justin Teichen

I love this bag, it has one super large pocket set in a super large pocket.

I never have any problems delivering on my bike.

This bag can fit a 24 case of Dasani water bottles with room to spare, which means it will fit more than thirty beers.

Love the size, not too big, not too small, and the bag feels good off the bike as well.

If you do not strap down the two front pockets tight enough, rain can get in.

Also, you can through this bag in the washing machine whenever it gets too dirty, whatever that means.

I use this bag everyday and love it.


bomb proof but in need of some serious mods

Review by jp

i bought this back years back before Chrome bags became all the rage. i wanted a sturdy, comfortable, waterproof backpack and my local shop just got the Pawn in that day and i've had it since and it's in nearly flawless condition even after daily abuse. calling this bag durable is an understatement.

there are some serious flaws in the bag that i hope the designers will consider when making new merch. 1) the corners of the roll top obstruct your view behind you, they're pretty much blocking you're blind spot. not good if you have racing cabs flying by you everyday. 2) the two external pockets and the zippered compartment need to be bellowed so when filled the bag expands OUTward, not inward. if you have those three pockets filled, it compromises space of the main compartment thus making it really really really annoying to pack.

fix these things and this bag would be the sh*t.


good bag straps a little weird.

Review by Luke

I love this bag, great for weekend trips and feels good loaded up. One thing I have a problem with is that when the straps are tight the bag tends to dig in around the neck. Other than that this bag is great on and off the bike.


I love this bag!

Review by Connor

I've had my olive colored Ivan for a little over a week now, and I still haven't managed to fill it completely! As a collegiate art student, I am constantly having to lug around large drawing pads, tools, and works-in-progress, and the Ivan has managed to fit them all. It also fulfills my cycling needs. As an avid cyclist, I rely on my wheels for everything around town, and my grocery lists are now able to be a lot longer, thanks to this bag. Furthermore, I have tested it's abilities as a cooler. My largest load with it so far was a bag of ice, 36 cans, 6 bottles, and a 5th of liquor. Yes, it was super heavy, but it stayed water tight and cool throughout the night, and the straps handled the weight with ease. I know I'll have this bag forever, and I know it will fulfill all of my needs.


The best bag I have ever had.

Review by Nick

Got the bag Monday, and it has rained five inches by Thursday night. What a cure for buyers remorse.

Tough, utilitarian, good looking, and comfortable with heavy stuff. What more can you hope for in a bag?


Overall good

Review by Paul Chamberlain

I've had this bag for 3 years now. I've used in everyday as a rider, a teacher and a traveller. I've travelled on six continents with it, transported live fish in it, climbed mountains with and dropped it onto the floor at the spot countless of times.

I'm stoked with how it's held up overall apart from the velcro coming off and having to be re-stitched on. Aside from that though it's seen so much abuse that I'm happy it still exists.


It's been about four years now!!!

Review by Ryan

This review is no different from others, but i just wanted to say this is by far the best bag I've had. i bought my Ivan about four years ago and it has been amazing.


ivan is my comrad

Review by jindra

ok, i debated about getting a bigger bag (really, i did). i settled with the ivan and i'm glad i did. my bag comes in around 35-40lbs most days. i would hate to think if i had gotten a bigger bag just how much that one would weigh. but the ivan's straps are so adjustable that i can find a comfortable position no matter the conditions (barring a 20 mph headwind). it has worked for me through 3 broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. one wish: a tougher fabric on the outer two pockets bkz they take the impact most often, oh put the same fabric on the bottom. (maybe a recycled rubber liner on the outside).


Great bag. Not perfect though

Review by HeiFI

The bag is great and sturdy, but not dog proof!

The overall size is great and the pockets are good sized also.

Few problems I've encountered
1) When you try to watch over your shoulder, the rolltop is there (already mentioned here)
2) A dog ate my chest-strap.
3) The plastic thing ,that keeps the end of the waist straps in order, fell off
4) The grooves in the padding could be deeper for better ventilation.

But all in all a great and versatile backpack!


Bought it years ago and still the one

Review by Count Dante

I have had this bag for years now and it is the single greatest multi-purpose bag. I live Downtown, car-less and depend on the bike for all things from commutes with books to grocery shopping).

I have this one and a citizen, but the citizen was horrible for groceries.

The Ivan though can handle a lot of groceries. It can hold whatever you can fit in a grocery basket, to include extra tube, chain, and daily commute tools and items. It is stable and tight, even without the gut and chest strips, (which I never need to use and wish were removable.) I can keep hot or keep cool ice cream or takeout for rides under 5 miles or so round trip.

I use and like this bag so much it has replaced my travel luggage and can fit extra shoes and 5 days of clothes for me. It is very comfortable and can handle a full load with miles of walking/riding without issue.

The bad:

The blindspot of the roll top can be an issue at times and when I ride in heavy, fast commute traffic, I have to be more careful and take easier routes. I have broken one of the strap adjustment buckles, but I can still adjust it. Because the bag is so solid, I never use the gut strip and keep it connected at the lower back and out of the way, but it can cause some discomfort; I wish there was a way to remove it short of cutting.

However these above have not prevented this from being the only bag I use and will use as the most multi-purpose urban car-less bag I have found to date.


Ideal for Me

Review by Hayduke

The Ivan is, as with every Chrome product, exactly what it claims to be. It is 100% waterproof, invincible, and looks sexy. I've ridden through every kind of weather with this bag on my back, and my stuff has stayed completely dry. Riding in Oregon rain day in and day out has proven this bag's efficacy without a doubt.

As for rideability, the chest strap and properly adjusted shoulder straps have this bag sitting perfectly, even when you're spinning hard. The back padding is dope, and my stuff always feels lighter on my back than it did picking it up.

As for sizing, I'm 6' 2" and 200 lbs. This bag fits me easily, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with a narrow frame or of anything less than somewhat large stature. My friend who is really skinny and 5' 11" went with the Pawn and it fit him well. The Ivan is not so big that it looks absurd at school, but it is big enough to put your life inside.

In short, this bag keeps the rain out, fits bigger people, rides well, and does it all in style.


People get jealous seeing me with this bag.

Review by JABIE

I just got Ivan last week, the moment i step out of the hse and head down to the city, Singapore. My bag just captured all guy's attention.
It is a cool design and very handy !! Each compartments are great and served my need...Best it is not made in China.
The only disappointment i have is when i carry it, the shoulder strap is ultra thin, after a period of time like 20mins, the discomfort kicks in.
Another than that weakness, the bag is really 100% water proof in the main compartment and the middle zipper compartment. Apple in my eye !!


awesome bag

Review by Ken

i didnt know what bag to get, flipped a coin and got this bad boy. its awesome. its huge comfy and is just all and all a great bag. i live in cleveland and we get some pretty bad snow and this thing so far has been awesome in it, no leaks or nothing...even after i took my yearly spill on some ice. awesome bag, awesome material. so far no complaints. good job chrome


The Human Airbag !!!

Review by Hammaleo

It sucks getting hit from behind by cars like I did the other day!! Thanx to my Ivan Rolltop bag though, my spinal cord was saved from serious injuries!! It is not just an indestructible backpack, but a backsaver as well!

Thank you Chrome for the perfect Backpack that service my needs and my safety!


Bulletproof Bag

Review by John

Took this to Haiti with me to be my primary bag. Kept all my stuff dry through a hurricane; used it to transport firewood and upwards of 30-40 pounds of food at various times. Stood up to getting slung around on dirt and rocks without a scratch or tear anywhere. Basically, my life on my back.

Also great for normal people, daily commute around town use.


Fantastic Bag

Review by misticdud408

this is a great bag just got my online for almost a steel and the first ride i took it on was to San Francisco from San Jose, the only down side was the straps got a little uncomfortable cause they don't have that much padding in them. but over all the bag held a lot of stuff.



Exceptional Bag!

Review by Konishi

I went up a few weeks back and decided "Hey I'm here in SF, might as well buy some Chrome stuff" I was really stuck between getting the Pawn or Ivan, having come to SF with an older version of the Ivan (I didn't know, I thought it was a pawn, my older model Ivan is as big as the pawn now) I was debating what to get. Good thing I went with the Ivan because I just came to SF with the stuff on my back, I was able to fit 4 pairs of jeans,5 shirts, 2 pair of shorts, socks, chrome midways, etc and had room to spare. Great for traveling and backpacking. Now back in So Cal, I do a lot of riding around the beach and this bag is perfect just for this, carry all your bike equipment, food, water, anything really.
I really love this bag and plan on coming back to the store whenever I'm in SF again. Shout out to Brad who helped me! Guys nice and really helpful!


Badass bag

Review by Deejay

I've had my bag for a while. Ever since they moved their store in the city. They had this killer sale going on. Not only did I score this bag cheaper. But It happens to be the most durable bag I've got.
I use it daily. It's always getting throw around. From public transit, surfing/beach, small hikes, biking.
I'll load this thing up for a surf session. Food, drinks, clothes, book/mag, etc. It gets wet but dries out (takes a while). Shake the sand out of it and keep going.
I love the miidle zip pocket. I throw my monthly bills in it. When I have the money to pay for em. They're always there. The 2 front pockets are great keepin a toiletries. The main compartment can hold enough for what I need. It's not big. But you could do a minimalist weekend trip out of it.
Quality is great so far.


Saved my life. No joke.

Review by Memo

This bag is tough as nails. I had a bicycle accident a couple months ago and this bag cushioned the blow. It protected my back and prevented my head from hitting the pavement. The bag remains structurally perfect with minor indentations.
Definitely a great investment.


fits too much stuff...

Review by stevemg

Fantastic backpack, so roomy that it can fit too much stuff.
One beef: the outside pocket flaps need a design tweak. Instead of attaching in the middle it would be nice if the connections came from the flap corners to a point in the middle then hopefully it would keep the flap corners down. They tend to curl up now if I have them filled with goodies.
Other than my minor gripe, best pack I've ever bought. Thinking about getting the smaller one for times when I'm not lugging around my big work laptop.


Perfect for groceries

Review by Matthew

I bought this for hauling groceries about 2.5 miles up and down hills back to my house. I got about 115 bucks worth of assorted groceries in it before it was full. I was kind of worried about riding with it based on how heavy it was, but the way it sits on your back makes it feel a whole lot lighter than it is and allows you to ride comfortably and safely. I never felt like I was going to topple over at low speeds or lose degrees of movement or mobility in traffic. I would definitely recommend this over a shoulder messenger bag if you are going to be carrying heavy loads. I'm pretty excited to go camping with it.


Really really great!

Review by Tom French

I’m running out of closet space for my Chrome bags! I have a well-worn Citizen, a Metro and a Vega which all get used regularly depending on the load I carry or anticipate.

After buying the Pawn backpack as a gift for my wife, it became clear that an Ivan would be the perfect travel bag for me. While some decry the lack of small, individual pockets, I find it better; I have stuff bags that fit great in the outer pouches. Dubious at first about the hook closures, I’ve found them typically robust and easy to use. Just loosen to open and pull tight to close.

Used it on one cross-country trip, and it holds a ton comfortably. One hint: when packing, lay it flat instead of filling from the bottom. It makes the load much more balanced and comfortable, and you can avoid lumps against your back – even though the padding mitigates them.

I’ve used it one day on my bicycle, and with a heavy load it would be more comfortable than the Metro, but I’ll probably use it more in heavy rains for this purpose. I don’t have a problem with the rolltop blocking the view over my shoulder that some have reported; it’s there, but not an obstruction.

I will always pay a little extra to get this kind of quality, particularly when it’s MADE IN USA.



Review by Kristen

I work in an office by day, and go to law school part time by night, which means I go to 2 classes 2 days a week. I have had a very hard time finding a backpack that can fit my textbooks, my laptop + accessories, and all my personal stuff. $140-180 is a lot to spend on a backpack, but my back could not take the strain from hauling around multiple heavy bags. I also felt very disorganized because I could never locate the correct materials in a timely organized way. It has no laptop sleeve, but so what. Just buy one, and it's just the same... I prefer not to have a built-in laptop sleeve because when I leave my laptop at home, I can reclaim the space that it normally takes up for other things.

Ivan epitomizes the same concepts used in an open floorpan. The less "rooms" the easier it is to clean, maneuver, and situate items in. Additionally, my boyfriend accidentally spilled a can of coke face down into my bag with all of my books and my laptop already packed for the next day and no harm was done (still can't figure out how that happened, but I'm pretty sure it's some sort of Chrome awesome spell). I am also an avid forgetter of the packed lunch and the temperature insulation has kept my food from spoiling on multiple occasions. I am 5'3" and 130 lbs. and this bag is perfect. It has also kept all my stuff dry on my way to and from work and school during the middle of blizzards - I live in Detroit, and if that in itself is not a test of durability, I don't know what is.

I don't know what the whining is about regarding rear views being blocked. All you need to do is get creative with the way you roll the bag up. The only thing that annoys me somewhat is the noise of the velcro, but that is too be anticipated.

This was my first Chrome purchase, but it will definitely not be my last!


Greatest bag EVER!!

Review by Quoc Nguyen

I used to carry around a backpack and a laptop bag to school 4 days a week. Totaling around 30-35 pounds for both bags. It put a huge strain on my back and neck. I put the same same amount in the Ivan and it feels like nothing. 4 books, sketch pad, bike lock, and 2 water bottles. This is the most comfortable bag I've ever had! I was skeptical of the 180 price tag, but its worth every single penny.


Success! (more or less)

Review by Brendan H.

After 4 years with a Chrome Citizen I decided to ditch the messenger bag, good decision in my opinion. The Ivan delivers a lot more in terms of comfort, especially on longer rides (I had a 32 mile commute round trip to and work in the States and I do a 30ish mile commute in France currently). The Ivan is really comfortable, especially in comparison to the Citizen bag...Except! The straps should be redesigned! The straps are unified, sort of like a yoke, with the idea being to better better distribute weight. I find that it puts weight uncomfortably on my neck. More annoying, is that the this strap can make it uncomfortable to look up at the road as you're riding. It's *less* noticeable in on the tops and the hoods but it is really annoying in the drops. Here in Northern France we have a lot of wind and I've been riding in the drops more than ever and it is annoying to feel like you are fighting against your bag to look up at the road.

Small gripe... The bag lacks just a couple organizational things. It'd be nice just have a pencil slot and a small zippered pocket for money and stuff. The Citizen did have these features. The pockets on the Ivan are HUGE, which is great but with out any organization pockets inside I have a bunch of stuff floating around so I always feel like I'm sifting through pens to find money or train tickets and I'm always sifting through money and train tickets to find pens.

Other than that, the bag is immaculately built. Super solid and aside from the straps it is quite comfortable. I'm looking forward to traveling, riding, and living with this bag.


Perfectly awesome bag!!!!!!

Review by shawne Diamond

i wanted a bag that could carry all of my stuff (I am a nursing student and a major book nerd)...Wow! This bag carries all of my stuff and then some. The other girls i know always seem to give me this "but its such a HUGE bag" look....little do they know! I have always liked backpacks and never was one to embrace girly bags. This bag looks great, is ultra-durable, and is , in essence, the coolest bag in the world! (hyperbole intended!)


Its like a tank on your back.

Review by Jesse V.

First of all this bag is the biggest bag I have ever owned. it fits everything i need and theres room for more. As a Nursing major i have a lot to carry with books and changes of clothes, everything fits. Its built supper tough and its really comfortable on and off the bike. With the past month of mega rain fall in Hayward this bag has kept my stuff dry. Thanks Chrome for making life easier.



Review by Elyse W.

This bag is absolutely awesome. I study Global Health and have traveled extensively and only wished that I had this awesome bag! As a student biking and commuting on public transit in Boston, I take everything from books to yoga gear and my lunch in this bag. Had a big soup spill in which was no big deal since it was waterproof and contained everything for an easy clean up. As I tend to carry a lot, this bag fits nicely on your back. The straps may not look super supportive at first, but the build of the bag really does put your back at ease. Really great design, the front snaps make it less accessible to any prying hands as well. Great buy! It will be accompanying me on many trips in the near future.


Excellent Bag!

Review by Ian B.

I got this bag because I needed a waterproof bag to keep my stuff dry in the stereotypical wet Seattle weather; yet I also wanted to be able to stuff the bag with a bunch of groceries or with a bunch of clothes and hit the road. I wanted all of this in a backpack style bag. This bag has fulfilled all of these requirements time and time again. Aside from that, this bag has survived the trials and tribulations of wet weather biking with flying colors.

The only qualm that I have with the bag is that when it gets very loaded, storage space in the pockets on the front of the bag can get a bit cramped making it harder to store more bulbous items in them. Cramming these front pockets can also cause the corners of the flaps for these pockets to flip up (or "dog ear"). I feel as though the buckle straps for these pockets could be attached to more length or more points along the perimeter of these flaps.

Regardless, it's a great bag, so go buy one already!


swwweeeettttt backpack

Review by matt

another seattle guy here, needed something that was waterproof and large enough to hold all my school stuff. this thing swallowed an 18x24 drawing pad!! if you have a lot to haul, this will hold it WITH room to spare. 2 downsides (which aren't really) are it sits high on your back so you'll have to really turn your head to see behind traffic, and i've yet to figure how to carry wheels... but definately worth it, especially for under $200!!!



Review by HAZZA

Howdy CHROME….. Let me start by saying THANKYOU for this superb bag !!!! I have had an old CHROME from a mate of mine for about 2 years and then decided to upgrade to this badboy !!
I am 6ft 4in and it fits like a glove ( took a bit of adjusting ) . I have had no trouble looking over my shoulder whilst riding.
The only downside I think is all the extra srapping that hangs loose at the bottom of the shoulder straps. I have taped mine but a nifty ChROME strap holder might come in handy.
I have had the bag for about 3.5 months and wanted to wait till it had been put to the test to write………… Well now it has, not only did I have a pretty nasty crash where sadly my front 2 teeth went flying but the bag defiantly save my shoulder!! And came out without a scratch !! And secondly that today I had to go and get big bunch of documents for a presentation and was out on the street when the heavens opened and a full on rain storm occurred. When I got back, I looked like a drowned rat but the bag ( full to the brim as well) was dry as a bone!!!!

The summer has just started over here and I am looking forward to filling it up with ice and frosty bad boys in the park………..

Keep it real America!! And CHROME……. I salute you !!!!!!!!!

Big Love.



where and in what form is eukaryotes dna found?

Review by dennis solis

In my opinion of this bag is that it is one of the best bags ever mad by chrome especially out here in L.A. there are a lot of bikers who love to bike but also take the proper stuff to go ride. i've been able to carry a bunch of different clothes for when i went snowboarding and i even attached my snowboard on my bag and my bag didnt get wet on the inside from snowboarding.

so thanks Chrome , hopefully you make another one like this. peace


Rocks All Socks

Review by Christopher

I've ridden with this thing in some seriously heavy downpours and it keeps my laptop and all other work crap 100% dry. I can carry work clothes, lunch, a laptop, and whatever I'm reading at the moment and still have room for a few groceries on the way home. I absolutely love this backpack.


The Best !

Review by Christian Sund

I've used this bag every day for about a year now, and I can't complain about anything. It makes sure that my laptop is safe and dry, I can carry my lunch, my books for my study, and other important things. The fact that it's 100% waterproof, is so cool (it rains a lot in Denmark !). The only "bad" thing about Chrome, is that they haven't got a store in Scandinavia (or Copenhagen). Good bags, made for people that ride their bike every day !!


Weatherproof and solid!

Review by Kent

Just yesterday I decided to put my chrome bags to the test. I was carrying gallons of juice delivering in my pack in the middle of the pouring rain! Not only were they kept dry, but my bag was easy to clean and feels great solid after carrying around 45 pounds that day! I feel a lot better knowing that my bag can handle intense situations, but also great for everyday use, or hiking, or riding.


One bag to fit the world!!!

Review by Rethi

Got my Ivan about 8 months ago.... As a teacher I carry loads of marking, a laptop, accessories , lunch...a world of stuff basically. The Ivan takes all that and more...it distributes the weight well,totally waterproof and looks good too!! Definitely a head turner! Thanks chrome


A very well made bag, but too big...

Review by Will

I wouldn't have minded all the space if the bottom of the bag didn't hang so far below where the bad ends. Whenever it is fully loaded there's a large lump below that is super uncomfortable. Pretty crucial design flaw.

Otherwise this bag rules.


Too Powerful For You Hipsters

Review by Always Overseas

These bags are high quality pieces of equipment. I own both the Ivan and the (seemingly now defunct) Sultan; both have been amazing. As a Private Military Contractor, I have been issued numerous backpacks made by leading "tactical" companies and none of them measure up. The next nearest thing I have encountered quality-wise has like 5,0000 cu in capacity and costs 700$ so no comparison at all.
These bags have stood up to the rigors of Desert and Mountain warfare, been thrown around military (read: all bare metal, all the time) aircraft and vehicles, and begged for more. I bungeed the bigger one to my motorcycle, and rode 3k miles in varying heat and weather conditions, including pouring rain- no problem.
I would and do trust this bag anywhere, any time. My only complaint is that the hardware isn't available in flat black. This probably isn't a concern to Bike Messengers, but let's face it, if you're reading these reviews, you're probably NOT a bike messenger. I'm not. But I'm not a hipster either, which you probably are.
In any event, rest assured that this bag will stand up well when you eat shit off your Fixie, or get drunk and leave it in the gutter outside the smoke shop. Your skinny jeans and tight flannel shirts will remain dry no matter how many White Chocolate Lattes or Pabst Blue Ribbons you manage to spill on it while acting eccentric.
Also- these bags are WILDLY popular with Brits and South Africans. I realize this probably doesn't apply to you as Hipsters can't typically ride their fixies outside a 10 mile radius as measured from their fashionably inexpensive, hardwood floored city "flat", but there it is. I have probably had to write the company name down 20 times. It probably doesn't help that I popped the metal logos off. This isn't anything against the company, but rather to amuse myself when the hipsters ask in admiration: "Is that a CHROME bag?!"


Think Ivan the Great, not Ivan the Terrible.

Review by Chris snider

I'm a bike messenger in New Orleans. I was using the Mission Workshops Vandal, but during rain storms the bottom corners of the packages would be getting wet, not good. So my search for another large backpack began. I stumbled upon the Ivan, thought I'd give it a shot given it was a lot cheaper then the Vandal and it had a waterproof main compartment. Well today we had our first storm since I've had it, and it did everything it said it would. I had wanted a fairly simple large waterproof roll top backback and this is it! It's super comfortable as well. Even though it says it's a medium sized backpack, this thing is big.


Truly a freaking great backpack

Review by Mike D

You can't go wrong with this bag. You can fit so much and not feel the weight. I even haul it on my Harley to party's with a 24 on ice and Tequila. Used it on boat trips and it keep's my things dry. You don't need multiple bags for all your adventures, just get one great American made bag that might just outlast you... It's really a Fn great bag!


Holy Mother of Ch***t ! What a great bag

Review by ahwoo

I can't say much more positive things that has not already been said about this bag. Yes, it's a bit big but that is not an issue for me. This bag is simply world class. I imagine it will outlive me and become a collectors classic.

There is one small improvement I might suggest: The top carry handle could use a little padding.

Otherwise 5 stars FTW !


If You're Anything Like Me...

Review by Joefromupstateny

You aren't rich. You're highly skeptical. You are thinking the velcro will be annoying as hell to rip off all the time, especially in a classroom. You're thinking it will be way too huge and awkward. You are thinking you don't like the style; that you'd prefer zippers. Also, you're concerned about the webbing-pressing-on-neck-in-the-drops thing that other reviews warned of. You're concerned about your laptop fitting in there easily and you're concerned about general convenience . Even after the rave web reviews.

So was I. I sent back 2 Chrome bags before receiving this one. The Ivan compresses small (it doesn't look as big as the web pics make it), paradoxically fits tons.


Better than a wheelie

Review by Steve

The Ivan is my ideal travel pack. The main compartment holds my clothes and riding gear while the separate zippered compartment keeps my folded shirts … folded. On the trip home this section becomes my dirty clothes bag. The other zippered compartment in the front carries my laptop and my travel docs go in the two front pockets. Way better than a wheelie.


Five stars ain't enough

Review by Bill

At first the high price almost kept me from buying this but I decided to buy it anyways because I don't want to buy another one for many many years. The day I received it I just thought it was too big and it was going to look absurd. Once I started using it I realized it wasn't too big but it was just right for what I use it for. I use this backpack for carrying books to class and for hauling groceries. I highly recommend this bag for anyone who lives car-less.

The rolltop has a kick-ass look. It's very simple to use and the best part is that there is no zipper to break on the main compartment. There are two compartments that have zippers but they are the heavy duty YKK. I also love the attention to detail, all the extra reinforced stitching in all the right areas. I plan on using this backpack for the rest of my life.(knock on wood)

Last but not least it is MADE IN THE USA!!


A Big Bag for a Big Dude.

Review by Cleatus

My Girl got me this for me as an early X-mas gift, Once I opened the box i was in love....
I'm 6'6 and 205lbs - one of my insulated flannels took up damn near my whole other bag. Due to a recent back injury I started looking into different bags instead of single straps (which tweaked my back).
One day after stopping in the SF store and checking them out, i knew this bag would be PERFECT to hold my over sized wardrobe, and + other misc crap i haul around at times (beer runs, grocery shopping, etc).
Its unbelievably comfortable and looks to be about Bombproof. I'll be moving back to New England this spring and there is no doubt in my mind it will hold up to the rain and snow we get every year like clockwork.

You guys make a Bitchin bag, my socks are off to you!



Review by Mark

If you think you need a lot of space buy this bag. If you want a bag that will take any beating and laugh at you, buy this bag. If you think you can handle the truth, buy this bag.

At one time I've had a frame strapped to the back of the bag, bag packed with a case of beer (which barely fills up to the 1/3 point), a laptop, tools, a one person tent, and clothes.

Buy this bag.


great bag

Review by aro

Excellent bag. Have had it for about a year now, goes everywhere with me. People will have their quibbles with certain aspects of the bag. I don't. Everything is in the right place and is built tough. Can't wait to go travelling with it


big, bad and beautiful

Review by Beth

The Ivan is a fantastic bag, perfect for long weekends and big grocery loads.
I can only wonder at how anyone could carry a fully-loaded Sultan -- I wanted that bag but couldn't find it anywhere so I bought the Ivan. Turns out the Ivan is about as much as my back can handle without risk of permanent injury. It's that big. The smaller compartment make sense in size and placement (thanks for NOT putting an inside compartment against my back), and hold a ton of stuff.
Get this bag before Chrome stops making it.


Solid bag, large enough to haul most every day things.

Review by Adam

Quality of the bag is what you'd expect from Chrome. Everything is solid.

I bought this to replace the Soyuz as my every day bag. Nothing against the Soyuz, but it's not big enough if you're packing it 1/3 of the way with rain gear like I do (Chicago winter is bad enough, if you're soaked through it becomes much worse). This bag does the trick though.

If I were to make a suggestion it would be to make some smaller compartments somewhere for odds and ends, but it's not a huge hassle for me to dig around a bit.


best bag I've ever owned

Review by Christine

After 6 months of using the Ivan on a daily basis I had to post how happy I am with the bag. I have had a lot of different backpacks and messenger bags and this is by far the best bag I've ever owned. I'm a grad student and I bike to school, so I carry a lot of heavy stuff in my bag and put a lot of wear on it, and the Ivan is holding up beautifully. Its amazing how comfortable it is on my back when biking, even when I have it filled with books. It looks great and I get a lot of people asking me about it. It is seriously weather proof, and I love that I don't have to worry about my stuff getting wet as I had to with other bags. I also really like the slim profile -- my backback doesn't hit other people when I'm traveling, on the bus, etc. I had a Citizen Messenger Bag for a while, but it didn't work for me -- I had to carry too much stuff and it was hard having all the weight on one shoulder. I'm really glad I went back to Chrome and I highly recommend the Ivan for folks looking for an alternative to the messenger bag. The bag it's cheap, but you really do get what you pay for.


good back

Review by Rudi

6'2" & 220

very good bag. the roll top feature is real good. it can give you a little more volume if needed. i have done a few weekend getaways. i was able to pack 4 pair of jeans (rolled), 4 t-shirts (rolled), underwear, socks, pair of shoes (size 12), 13" macbook pro+charger, & toiletry bag. in the front pockets i have placed snacks, transport tickets and keys.

Overall i am pleased with this bag. I would like to see a waist belt for heavier loads & a seat buckle just because i want one. I havent really tested it in horrible weather but im most certain it will hold up if it is anything like my citizen that ive had since 2003. i'll flaunt the bag when it pours in spring :D good construction, worth the money IMO - Cheers


Great so far

Review by nathan

I've been using the bag for the past month commuting in wet weather, and some all day city use. Water proofing is great, and material stands up to drops, spills, etc. While my jacket and jersey tore in a recent fall, this bag didn't. Not as big as I thought (my old pac designs shoulder bag seems bigger, but more shoulder pain as a result).
The cover flaps seems to curl up a little at the edges, but not a big deal as it's still covering the pockets.
Bag is super comfy, keeps everything dry, and has a good setup of pockets. Purchased the front utility packet to have quick access to keys, ipod. Would like to see some reflective piping along the edges, a buckle for a biner on the front shoulder straps, a u-lock holster on the side (that's a god-send for the pac bags)


awesome fuc*ing bag

Review by Covi

i got this bag about 2 weeks ago and im more then happy with it. this is the second chrome bag that ive bought. the size of this one is more then anyone could ever want. it holds 2 24 packs of pbr with room to spare!! the messenger bags are nice but they kind of get in the way when you have a decent amount of stuff. they also put a bit of pressure on your shoulder. this seems to even everything out. and since its on your back and not the side it makes climbing on a tall bike perfect. just buy the bag!



Review by Troy

Love this bag. The bag sits comfortably on my back while commuting 22 miles a day. The only thing I would add is reflective bits and a pocket that is reachable without removing it from my back.



Review by baileyspegar

I have had this bag for over a year. Its definitely the most memorable bag i have ever had. Its kinda pricey, but its worth every penny. The bag is waterproof, has two smaller pockets which fit full u locks with plenty of room, one medium pocket which is prolly the most useful pocket for on-the-go situations, and two big pockets the main compartment which is waterproof and the zippered one next to it. I like how it made everything simpler only have a limited amount of pockets to choose from, stuff did get lost in the small pockets haha my keys etc. The bag sags after a year, but is still greater than a normal bag. The velcro is insanely loud at first, but it gets kinda less sticky and softer as u use it. The straps are wonderful:3 it makes carrying stuff super easy, idk how but it fits perfect on my back, But u may get sweaty back after a while. It feels kinda weird when nothings in it, it actually feels lighter with stuff in it. hahaha. Be careful though, u may carry too much stuff and get marks on ur shoulders like i do from time to time. one thing that i love is that its super easy to use, u just throw the stuff in the roll top, velcro, done. I would get another, but the bags kinda boring me out i guess... Not all that fashionable, i actually got hate from it being so big, owell. Oh! its super good on the bike, carrys weight so well its incredible!!!! one minus that is so small that it doesnt even mentioning is that the ends stick out from ur look over the back view for cars. But its nothing that i have had problems with. USES other than being a bag include: skateboard option that u loosen the two hook things and slide ur skateboard in, COOLER which i have yet to try, LIGHT holder on the front above the label griffen thing, tire/ bar holder which is the rolltop strap, u rool the bag, then slip ur tire on the strap then blamo tire holder, uhm U CAN strap a wheel to it but thats the only thing it cant do, carry wheels. Other than that its my daily for like 1 1/2 years. Havent found anything else that can be equal or better in the rolltop category.



Review by Dan

Hi Chrome, thanks for making great quality gear. I have been using the Ivan for a while and its a really solid well thought out bag. Yeah its big but its about the right size if you are travelling for a few days or commuting to work with allot of stuff. I have heaps of bags but they all serve a purpose and for me the Ivan is my go to bag for many reasons. Firstly I carry sensitive gear when I travel, DSLR, Macbook pro, documents etc.. and the Ivan is absolutely water proof and dust proof especially traveling on dirt roads - this is really important. I live in Australia which weather wise its unforgiving and hard on everything. This bag has been through floods, dust storms, hurricanes and saved my gear like a champ.


Best bag on planet earth!

Review by MW

I will never own another bag again! This is my last. It is out of this world!!!!!



Review by Jessica

I love this bag. I have been using this bag to travel with and it has been amazing. It is the only pack i will use for traveling. It keeps all my gear dry and it also is damn sexy!!!


Absolutely incredible

Review by Natalia

I've had this bag for under a month, and I'm so in love with it it's insane. It's incredibly sturdy, hard to get dirty, holds infinite amounts of random crap and balances the weight so well you feel it's a part of you.

I'm a 5'4" 24 year old girl, and I was worried this bag would be as big as I am. It does cover my whole back from my neck to my butt, but I'm never afraid to walk quickly through people or in stores. The bag stays close to my profile, I never manage to hit anyone or knock anything off shelves. It's incredibly aerodynamic.

I've used this bag to carry:
-2 weeks worth of groceries home from the market
-an 18"x12" framed picture, blanket and two pillows, a big hat, ice and supplies to make white Russians (my mind was blown that I could carry this stuff without decimating my bag)
-a long weekend's worth of clothes, supplies, towels for two people traveling
-a week and a half of my own travel clothes, notebooks, including some camping stuff

I've rolled it around in wet grass and dragged it on pavement, and the bag still looks fresh and new.

Sexiest bag on the planet.


Suck it Trebek.

Review by Jeff

So, after several years of using my trusted Metropolis bag for nearly everything, (business travel, vacation, overnight stays, commuting, etc.) I no longer am able to use it for commuting to work, because the color (yellow) is not permissable while in uniform. So, I set out to buy another bag that I can load up with clothing and food for a 12 hour shift, plus extra clothing for the 1 hour each way it takes to get to work. Did not want to buy another metropolis bag, just on principle. Looked at a lot of bags, up to $275 for a competitor's bag that was "water resistant". Unacceptable for a bag that I plan to use in the Pacific Northwest. Got the Ivan bag literally 10 minutes before I had to leave for work. Packed it quickly and headed out, worked like a champ. The outer zippered slot works well for lunches, and the large roll-top section holds an immense amount of gear.
2 things I noticed.
The bag bounced a little on my back initially, even with about 20 lbs. in it. But, I had room for everything I needed for work, and then some. Waist strap would have helped that some.
There's little to no reflectivity on the bag. Not good for a large black bag, that is going to be used in the sloppy weather, at 5 am. Plenty of spots to strap a blinky light to, but it's nice to have backup when batteries fail. one horizontal blinky holder would have been nice, instead of them all being vertical.
If it holds up as well as my metropolis has, I should have both these bags until I retire. And they get real comfortable at about the 5 year mark.


The backpack purse aka infinity space!

Review by All in the Name of Education

I've only had the bag for two days. You could say I'm still in the honeymoon stage with your product, but already an over satisfied customer. I walk 2.2miles each way Sunday-Thursday to my college no matter the weather. I needed a bag that would at least last me 2yrs without messing up my back, neck, and shoulders while surviving the weather and load itself.

Size: I looked at the bag when it first arrived and said,"No way everything will fit inside." I was dead wrong. It held my 15inch laptop w/charger & wireless mouse, 1 light weight textbook, 5 heavy textbooks(at least a 1- 2inches thick), 2 (1in) binders,1 five subject notebook, 2 folders, a lunch box(always has 4 water bottles in it), and miscellaneous. It is not bulky so you can still fit through doorways without knocking everyone's books off the desk as you walk by.

Weight distribute: The padding on the back is similar to walking with a mattress attached. It doesn't allow the items in the back compartment to stab into you like a normal backpack. The side straps are padded for the shoulders but also the neck. After that new experience, I will never being going back to traditional backpacks. The sternum strap makes the load feel even lighter. I like most women have a descent size chest, so the fact I could adjust the sternum straps to fit against my ribs instead of restricting my breathing was an unexpected bonus. Overall, it made my original load of 1 over stuffed book bag, laptop bag, and lunch box feel like it was 30lbs instead of 45lbs.

Compartments: There is a hidden compartment on the rolltop. There are no side pockets so if you need quick access to a cellphone, tissues, cough drops, carry them on you, but there are Velcro strips on the side straps that allow you to attract flashlights (great for walking at 5am in the dark), keys, hiking water bottle, and even hand sanitizer. Even with those attached you can still use normal range of motions with your arms. Also the compartments keep everything from siding and moving around in the bag. If you think no more can fit inside just sit it up and squeeze the sides till it inches down.

My mother and boyfriend are already saving up for ones for themselves. So, Thank you Chrome for saving my body from damage, energy for studying/paying attention in class, supplies from damage, and my sanity from having 3 bags to carry.


Chrome Ivan roll top

Review by Tim kupati

I picked up the Ivan rolltop to day an of course it was rain all the day, I could fit my computer canching closets working equipment and shchool books and it was only half packed, I love it, it deals good in the back, I ride my fixie every day and I love this bag, this is the best bag I ever owned and the last, can't wait to the summer and use it like a ice bucket to cold my drinks!! (sorry for bad eng,) BUY THIS BAG TODAY !!!!!!



Review by Jesse

I bought my Ivan about a year and a half ago, in this time it has survived 1 winter and 2 summers worth of biking. Sometimes with books, sometimes with beer and sometimes it has even taken me east coast to west and US to Europe. This bag can fit enough clothes for a 2 week vacation and still fit as a carry on. It has never leaked even in pouring rain and has become my most favorite and most needed accessory. I will be buying a new one if this one ever needs to retire. Only down side is it's really big and your girlfriend will never carry it for you :P


Mighty Bag. Brilliant but not flawless.

Review by Mark Stone

Had this bag for just over a week, bought it as my metropolis although brilliant on the bike was giving me a sore neck while carrying it off the bike with a full load around uni all day. Needed a backpack so opted for this mammoth. It's bigger than the metropolis but works better off the bike for heavy loads. It's really comfy even with a hugely heavy load. there's a couple of flaws though the first and minor one is that the flaps over the front two pockets have a tendancy to curl up and reveal the edges of the pockets meaning they let in water in the rain. I think this will be short lived as the material softens. The other flaw which I think is a bigger deal is that the roll top sticks out over each shoulder and makes it difficult to see over your shoulder when you're riding. Or the short version of this review: Metropolis for riding, Ivan for off the bike.


This bag carries everything. It even carries my dog.

Review by Marple

Perhaps you've seen me in Chicago. I'm the dude riding around with his adorable dog peaking out from the top of this bag. He used to ride in a Yalta but it was too small to carry my dog plus everything else. This bag can carry him, a book, my exercise clothes, a rain jacket, bike fixing supplies, my lunch. Basically, it carries EVERYTHING. Also it can stand up to the elements. And it looks cool. I got the coral-colored one and am damn happy with it.


Great For Everyone! Disregard "AlwaysOverseas"

Review by GoodGuy1901

First off, try not to let the "Too Powerful for Hipsters" review by "AlwaysOverseas" turn you off from this bag. The guy obviously has a huge chip on his shoulder and/or is just a mean spirited person (unsurprising from someone who works for a Private Military Corporation, aka war profiteers and thugs). Sorry to get too personal against this reviewer, but when I read how angry it was, I just felt the need to speak up since you can't respond to a review itself. Who the heck buys a Chrome bag and takes OFF the pin?! The Chrome phoenix is such a cool design and it is part of the company, representing the craftsmanship and attention to detail they put into every piece to make it a work of art. Also, I really hate that this guy brought up the "h" word, too. My thoughts are that he probably calls anyone remotely different from him a "hipster"... Don't let an acidic review like this make you afraid to own a Chrome bag, especially not THIS Chrome bag because these are amazing products! Be yourself and have fun expressing yourself however you want and don't be afraid that some PMC jackboot thug is going to call you a "hipster" for doing so.

This is an amazing bag that works for EVERYONE. It looks great and the roll top opens to allow a lot of stuff in. It's kind of elongated which means you can stick stuff (groceries!) really easily as well as put some flatter things like laptops up against the side. Thing I love about Chrome backpacks for riding is that they have extra padding that does not seem to get too hot because of the venting and raised edges (?). Also, the back straps themselves wrap circularly around your neck so that it grips your neck with extra support and spreads the weight around. These backpacks manage to make a very heavy load feel very light.


Had This Bag For Over A Year Now

Review by SF College Student

This bag straight up rocks. It has accompanied me all the way from my senior year of high school to college. I've carried it through rainy days at school, day camp excursions to the park, road trips to wherever, and it hasn't even broken down. While it may weigh a little more than other backpacks, it's totally worth the durability that it provides. This bag stores so much, I sometimes forget that I put stuff in there! Anyways, if you are looking for a backpack that will last you for days, this is it my friends.


Awesome bag

Review by john

I bought this bag for my frequent bike trips to buy groceries and other supplies... and now I find myself using it for almost everything travel-related.

Extremely durable, I have had it for nearly a year with no problems, and I get compliments everywhere I go. It distributes weight extremely well, and I have found that it is even big enough to buy pretty significant amounts of suplies at Costco

I would absolutely recommend this bag for the quality of the construction as well as the amount of goods it can carry


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