Barrage Cargo Backpack

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Our compact 100% Welded-Waterproof Rolltop with versatile cargo net compression system and iconic seatbelt buckle. Made in USA. Guaranteed for Life.


There is only one way to make a bag truly waterproof – by welding its seams. For the Barrage Rolltop we combined a Welded-Waterproof floating bucket with an abrasion resistant CORDURA® Brand grade outer shell to make the toughest waterproof rolltop possible. It features a low-profile design and side compression straps for load stabilization and increased visibility, an external cargo net to haul gear on the outside, and a Welded-Waterproof bucket liner that can keep personal items bone dry in any weather. The Barrage adapts to accommodate a range of cargo. The main compartment expands from 22L to 34L and features an expandable cargo net with compression straps for securing various cargo shapes and sizes.

 Each Barrage is made with military grade materials and specifications. The 100% Welded-Waterproof bucket liner is made with 600 denier truck tarpaulin. The abrasion resistant outer shell is made with 1000 denier CORDURA® Brand grade Nylon. Like all our bags, the Barrage is Guaranteed for Life.


• Ergonomic shoulder strap design with EVA foam back panel for improved fit and breathability
• Sternum strap with iconic mini seatbelt buckle for load distribution
• Industrial metal cam lock under arm compression buckle


• Abrasion resistant Weatherproof 1000 denier CORDURA® Brand grade nylon outer shell
• Welded-Waterproof 600 denier military grade truck tarpaulin liner


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Extremely Versatile
I love this bag. Its my go to bag for everyday use, hiking, biking, and everything in between. The barrage is small when it needs to be and big when you've got a lot to carry.
Review by Erik / (Posted on 12/10/2015)
5 star
It's a good bag it can carry a lot of stuff
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 9/5/2015)
No muss, no fuss, A+.
Well thought out, beautifully made, urban backpack. Cycling, it sits on your back without wanting to flop to the side. Roll top lets you overload it, although overloading is better when walking than cycling. Waterproof like other backpacks are not. Mesh back is handy for stuffing layers for easy access. There is nothing to compare this to. If this is what you need, this is what you need.
Review by xmeyer / (Posted on 7/24/2015)
Great bag. I hope they make a newer version that is slightly wider.
This bag is okay, I've been wearing it everyday for the past few months. The only problem I have with it is that it's too narrow on the inside. You can pile it up high, but if you have an item that is wider than 12" then you'll have a hard time figuring out how to carry it. But that's when the net comes in handy.
Review by Sammyboyg / (Posted on 6/19/2015)
I got this bag 9 months ago to lug around my school crap. I really dig it, it holds alotta stuff. The only complaint that I have is that there is no stash pocket to keep things like pencils, flash drives, erasers, and what not safe. If you guys added a small zipper pocket say...on the front under the cargo net this would be the best bag ever.
Review by dade1er / (Posted on 5/25/2015)
The Perfect Backpack (For Me)
I decided to pick up a backpack for my daily bike commute, and after doing some research the Chrome Barrage seemed to fit the bill nicely.

I was first impressed with the size--it's neither too big or too small, for a daily commute. I can easily fit my essentials (jacket, sunglasses, extra clothes/shoes, bike tools, U-lock, and miscellaneous bits-and-bobs). However, the over all size is what really impressed me. Often I find it difficult to find backpacks that fit my torso properly, and comfortably. The Barrage is very nice in that it is very slim and has a low profile, and rests well on by shoulders.

The cargo net is very cool and handy. It's nice to be stash a jacket, or something without having to open up the entire bag. What I really like about this bag is: NO VELCRO! That's right, no velcro. I tend to have little faith in velcro as the sole source of what's between keeping my stuff secure and being scattered down the street as I'm riding my bike.

However, the one thing that keeps me from giving it a 5-star rating is the lack of space for smaller items. That was easily solved by getting one of Chrome's large accessory pouches, then just dropping it in the laptop compartment (I never haul a laptop around, anyway).
Review by Jimbo / (Posted on 4/27/2015)
Great bag, love the cargo net
This bag is awesome. The best part by far is the cargo net. I love having easy access to my bike lock and that is just the perfect spot for it. One issue is that the interior volume of the bag is controlled somewhat by the cargo net straps. This means that I need to unclip the cargo net in order to fit bigger items in the bag and then clip/adjust them once I close the top. Not a huge issue, but a slight pain.

One question for anyone who wants to answer it: What are the "Industrial strength Velcro accessory shoulder mounting straps" for? I am super interested in using them as I love added functionality but I have no idea what to use them for!
Review by Ben / (Posted on 4/20/2015)
Take it to the bank
Long time Chrome posse member, first time reviewer.. The Barrage is my second favorite backpack from Chrome. Technically, the Soma (my #1) isn't a true backpack, but the Barrage is perfect for those in between errands I often find left to me -- going to the bank for change and deposit, picking up the share of produce, and doing site surveys for bike rack installation. Having a place for the helmet when it's not on the head, or that big dirty bunch of greens and roots while carrying a laptop or iPad, a yellow legal pad, camera, tripod, mini U-lock, plus I strap my folding solar panels to the webbing mesh to charge the cellular that's in the phone pouch. I'm a grocery getting, picture taking, energy plant, and taking it too the bank. Nice design, wish it were about 2 inches wider as I'm larger than skinny jeans. That would have bought the Barrage that fifth star. The new reflective camo version is on the way to me now.. come to papa..
p.s. one day there will be a secret gun pocket in this bag too..
Review by Longpatterned / (Posted on 2/25/2014)