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Your feet, and your toes, will love our warm crews.

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Least durable thing Chrome sells

Review by Chris

I've owned merino socks from several US-made companies and these are some of the most comfortable but least durable socks. I used them as everyday socks and do most of my commuting/errands on bike in San Francisco. Not worth the money, and like other reviewers have said, even a VERY short lifespan is not covered under warranty. Try socks from Darn Tough instead, as they'll replace anything you can wear out and are comparably priced.


One of the best all-around socks I've come across

Review by Alfredo

Its tough to find good wool socks that you can ride to work in, wear at work all day, ride home in, and still have your feet feel warm and dry when you kick of your shoes at the end of the day. A+ on comfort, elasticity, and overall quality. I originally only purchased one pair but quickly went all-in for the 2 for 3 deal. Great for warm or chilly days.


Love 'em!

Review by Paul

Great comfortable and durable socks. I use them all year long!


Wouldn't recommend

Review by Batman

I've had these socks for over 8 months and I wear redwing boots. I use these socks for work so I wear them for over 8 hours a day. I hate them. At first they were ok but after 2 months of use I noticed that my feet sweat pretty bad when I wear these socks in particular. Now I have to switch socks mid day to stop athletes foot from forming which is a pain.


Neck too tight.

Review by Huw

I bought xl. While the socks are very nice and comfortable to walk in, the neck is too tight - leaving indents on my calves. I can't understand how this would be the case for an XL. If there were a more expensive item I would return them.


Great buy

Review by Phil

Great sock I've used them all winter kept me warm on my long rides and even now on these hotter days there still comfy to wear.


Best Socks Ever

Review by DC Bootnails

I wear these every day, even in the 100 degree summer. In the winter they become my sock liners with thicker wool socks. I have given the majority of my old "Best Socks Ever" away to make room for Chrome Socks.

I am a big fan of socks. Maybe even a bit geeky on the sock scene. Addict? That is yet to be determined...

The coolest thing about these socks is that the toe box seam is under the toes and completely hidden. All the other sock companies that claim to be a "Seam-less" toe box are posers!!!

They also denote your Left and Right foot, incase you forget in the morning.

Merino Wool is amazing, if you have not used it. Insanely cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I don't understand it, but I like it.

Best Socks Ever!!!



Review by Beth

Comfy, soft and delicious merino wool socks. My wife keep stealing mine! They just need some reinforcement at the heels to make them perfect.


Love the fact it made in the USA

Review by Al Yates

The socks all well-made very very soft to contain wool and are comfortable. The way that they are made, I guess they're going to be long-lasting. Happy with the purchase in fact I purchased two of them and I need to go back and get two more.


Great socks that last

Review by Asa

Love these socks. They keep my feet comfortable year round and hold up very well. They are thinner than the wool socks that I used to wear but surprisingly last much longer.


Crew Socks

Review by Yianni Drako

I have a bit of a sock fetish and these do me right all the time! They're perfect for everything; except maybe ice climbing.


Love em but renforments need

Review by Neilthepirate

1st of all love the sock/look/feel. I have 5 pairs of chrome socks. Both the ankle ones and crew ones. Being a messenger in DC somtimes requires changing socks throughout the day, Simliar to NYC. I love the conformt of these socks but i have had two pairs heals blow out and once a hole is in the sock they seem to loose life at an expontential rate. Overall B++++++



Review by Mateo

best pair of socks i have ever worn. crazy soft crazy comfortable. and they look like a beautiful woman!



Review by Rick

Ordered two pair of these and I wear them every Sunday when I do my 32 mile joy ride. Keep my feet clean and they are major soft, I'm going to need about 8 more pairs of these and the low cut ones also.


Really nice!

Review by Tegan

Fantastic, up there with the higher end cycling socks! Warm but not too hot, absolutely perfect!

I'm going to need to stock up on more!


Crew Socks Review

Review by Steve

I live in my Chrome socks year round. They perform like cycling socks, but don’t make me look like a peloton want-a-be. Super comfortable. Machine washable. Finito.


These socks run small after a wash and there is NO support from Chrome

Review by Dan Sheehan

Chrome's support and these socks both suck.

I tried these sock on in the store and was recommended a size large based on my size 10 foot. After these have been washed in cold water, stretched by hand, and then air dried - they are too small. they cram my big toe and are very uncomfortable.

Chrome will not stand behind the product since they have been washed.
Chrome sucks and these socks suck. I will not recommend Chrome or their products to my friends, nor will I return.


Excellent Merino Socks! Love them!

Review by Bilbo

These are my favorite socks of this length. With the colder weather arriving, the lightweight, stretchy merino provides just the right amount of coverage and warmth. They are super warm but not bulky- a perfect city sock.

I love that the socks are shaped and paired with a Left and a Right- it lets you know that more care was put into the designing of these socks.

Great fit- I have size 11 feet and rock the size Large all day, no problems.

Thanks Chrome!


Best socks for the money

Review by John

I commute all year through Denver, rain/shine/snow. I own 3 pairs of the chrome socks and they are the best i have worn. In single digit temperarures they keep my feet warm (with help of bootties), in the triple digit summer days they keep my feet somfortable.

My biggest compliment is durability, worn 10+ hours a day, with 3 hours or riding on top they do not fall apart. I purchashed a pair of $30 winter socks from a high end cycling appereal store, and they shredded after 2 weeks. My chrome socks have lasted months and years with little sign of wear.

As with all Chrome products my only suggestion is more colors! Maybe an ankle cuff sock too.


a good pair of socks is an under-rated luxury

Review by Evan

I realized that I liked these socks better than any others I I just bought a bunch of pairs and wear them every day. The fact that they're merino wool means that as long as you air them out after, you can wear them many times before washing them. they are the most versatile and comfortable socks I've ever worn. Make sure to buy big enough for your feet (they run a little small) and DO NOT put them in the dryer.


Great but short lifespan

Review by Dave

These are excellent socks. They are the perfect weight and breathe very well. However, they do have one MAJOR flaw. I have several pairs, all purchased late last year, and all of them are wearing through at the heel and ball of the foot (one pair has worn completely through). It seems their lifespan is about 5-6 months. This is a big issue when each pair costs $16. For that price, they should last at least 12 months. Hopefully, Chrome can tinker with their design and make these socks a little sturdier.



Review by Jeremy

These are the only socks I wear now. But don't worry, ladies, I have more than one pair.


Good Deal !!

Review by Dave M

The benefit of comfortable socks cannot be overlooked. After reading about their comfort in both warm and cold situations I decided to try these. I am very pleased. The fit is excellent, they are warm but allow my feet to breath. They are super comfortable and though I wish they were a little less expensive, I will be buying more.


All weather gear

Review by Andrew

If you're soaked, these are excellent. I work in an industrial plant and ride a motorcycle. I got stuck in a flurry on the way to work, leading to a few hours on the bike in freezing rain. After a while my boots were inevitably soaked, and I (stupidly) didn't have spare clothes at the plant, meaning a day with damp feet in cold weather.
And yet, it was fine - even on the ride in my toes were only cold, not the painful biting of freezing temperatures. Granted, I had the socks doubled up, but being comfortable and not having to give up riding made my week. (YMMV)


Outstanding fit, great sock!

Review by Craig

Perhaps I have never experienced great socks before, but I can't get over how much better these are than what I am used to. The fit is great, perfect form, no seams to deal with, perfect amount of elasticity, and I am absolutely hooked on the properties of wool for breathability, heat management, comfort. etc. Great stuff!


can be better

Review by daniel

The chrome crew socks are nice.. but they ripped on me after about 4-6 uses and they DO NOT replace them with warranty.. its called reasonable wear and tear.. a socks that rips within a month of buying them is pretty bad.. i have multiple pairs that ripped on me.. this issue should be fixed with stronger material thats not "defective" or replace them. looks cool.. isnt that strong


The everyday go to sock for urban cyclists

Review by John V

There is no better sock as an urban cyclist then the Chrome sock. It's soft, comfortable and your feet stay warm or cool depending on the weather. Merino wool is the best all nature material for breathability. Sure these are 16$ but they should last at least 6 - 12 months with everyday wear. I suggest not washing them often. I go 5 to 7 wears before washing them. Also, if you do wash them don't dry them. Let them air dry. it keeps the wool from shrinking and shredding. I have 5 pairs now, and it's the only sock I wear.


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