Storm Field Jacket

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Classic field jacket upgraded with Chrome Stormâ„¢ breathable waterproof technology. Bike-friendly fit, two-way main zipper, and reflective details. Useful on the bike. Classic look that can be worn all day.

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Storm Field Review

Review by Jason

The field jacket is awesome when riding. the length of the sleeves and back cover your body when hunched over on a bike, it is amazingly waterproof and looks fashionable as well!. a good alternative to a standard windbreaker with all the functionality. this jacket over a sweater is warm enough for riding in the cold san francisco nights, and if you start to warm up it has vents in the pits and back as well as a awesome 2-way zipper up the front so you can cool yourself down!


Bring on the rain

Review by Paul

This is a really epic coat, similar in many ways to the "Eiger" by Mission Workshop. That one is...intense, with a price to match. For $250, you're getting an epic coat with epic styling that has a similar function to something like the Succinct trench coat by Nau. This one, however, has bike-specific features, and is generally better suited to the rainiest rain that ever did rain.

For anyone familiar with hardshells, though, this guy isn't super breathable. Sure, it "breathes" in the sense that you're not wearing a solid plastic bag...but only just. This thing is waterproof, inside and out. This means that sweat is basically (for intents and purposes) going to stay inside, and water will stay outside. That's a great thing. This jacked isn't really insulated though. For chilly fall days, it's perfect, but once the temperature starts dropping, you might also want a second layer under this (stock cobra, or any other hoodie would work well). You could also just stick another thin fleece under this and enjoy pretty much ultimate wind resistance and waterproofing with just enough warmth for rides.

5 stars for overall awesomeness (style, utility, versatility)
-1 star for lack of insulation


Awesome LAF jacket.

Review by Adam

Once I got the sizing right I've been loving this jacket! I went on a decent length ride today with this jacket, not the coldest or rainiest ride I've taken but it this jacket was super comfortable on the ride. I rode last night in a decent rainstorm and it kept me 100% dry, the is awesome because the draw strings keep it in place. On the long ride today, I wore arm warmers under the jacket and it stopped all wind, after the ride we grabbed a burrito and it started getting cold, the high cooler and neck strap kept the heat in and kept me warm on the ride home. The back pass through pocket held a small water bottle which helped on the long ride, but it could store a lot, tools, spare tire tube or even a light weight sweatshirt.
The hood stows well, it's a small light weight hood so it's not too bulky when stowed. The jacket also isn't to bulky it's self so you can through it in a backpack and still have room for your beer etc, in case it gets rainy.
The one thing I would have to ding this jacket on is its zippers, while they work and are actually very well hidden, the actual tabs to pull the zipper are pretty small. I had to stop riding and remove my glove access them, which is annoying, but not the end of the world. I plan to tie a string in them to make it easier to zip/ unzip the zippers.
To end on a good note, the jackets front pockets are huge! I put my cellphone in one, to keep me from swearing all over it and my wallet in the other and had plenty of room for other stuff, cliff bar snacks, lights gloves etc and it still wasn't a bother while ridding.
Bottom line the jacket looks awesome on or off the bike, is simple yet functional and is not a terrible price. It could double as a snowboard jacket or even just a rain jacket while dressed up just as well a legit all weather riding jacket. Must have for the biker who rides in rain bust still wants to look good doing it. Thanks chrome, and btw your costumer service was awesome and helped me deal with me ordering the wrong size!


Looks great but sleeves too short for 6'3" skinny guy

Review by JasonDoubleU

I ordered both the Medium and Large sizes to check to see which would fit me the best, however I'll be returning them both because the "Longer sleeves and torso for riding comfort" are not any longer than regular Patigonia/NorthFace/Marmott sizing. The reversible sleeve cinches to go from pub to reflective seem cool but there is not range of adjustment, the velcro on the sleeeve is so short that when the reflective is showing they are cinched up very tightly. Additionally, I wasn't pumped on the cold interior fabric feel of the "Chrome Storm(tm) breathable waterproof technology" fabric. I was really pumped by the looks, bike and tech features of this jacket and will give it a decent star rating based on what I've observed while giving it the check over, but am disappointed that I can't keep it because of sizing issues.



Review by Bane

Got this as a kingly gift and it is super cool. Slim fitting, hard for me with most coats. Rain beads and falls, and with a hoody it's pretty warm in the winter. It doesn't vent all that well (expected for a waterproof jacket) but I've worn worse. I get a lot of "rad coat" comments with it too, which is always a plus. Pricey but I'm sure I'll be wearing it when I'm some shriveled raisin cyclist in 50 years.


Good, but also not so

Review by josh

I've given this jacket, my wet/cold weather jacket, a median review due to these points.
1. It's only usable below 50 degrees f as it literally becomes an oven at warmer temps. This is due in large part due to a lack of ventilation. the gromets at the arm pits are entirely inadequate for venting. Zippers please! And while you're at it, add a breast and back vent.
2. The sleeves need to be lined with something soft and thin. The inside is essentially just plastic and this creates all sorts of chafing within minutes of sweating. Due to this, it is necessary to wear a long sleeve under beneath, which only adds to the pressure cooker aspect mentioned above. I think you could get away without full interior lining, but something would be better than nothing.
3. The price would have to be my third gripe. 250 smackers isn't too much to ask for a jacket that is perfect, but this isn't. If it had the qualities aforementioned we'd be getting closer to that price. But as it stands now, it should be substantially cheaper. It seems to me it wasn't well thought out.
All that being said, at around 35 degrees f, and stacked with one of my wool hoodies, it is perfectly warm and weather proof. Water beads off and doesn't get through. the collar keeps wind out and the tapered cut along the sleeves and tail does the same. Put some zippers in this bad boy and line the sleeves with microfiber. Then lower the price to no more than $175.


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