Merino Cobra Hoodie

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Chrome Merino™ urban cycling hoodie. Performance and utility you need on the bike, with the classic looks you can wear all day. Naturally heat-regulating and odor-resistant.


We combined the heat-regulating, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant performance of Merino wool with urban cycling fit and features. Our Merino Cobra hoodie has a slightly longer torso and arms, and includes thumb loops, a zippered pass-through back pocket, and a key-stash pocket on the wrist. Chrome Merino™ combines the performance and utility you need on the bike with classic looks you can wear all day.


• Longer sleeves and torso for riding comfort


• High-neck collar with 3-panel merino hood
• Full-width pass-though back cargo pocket
• Key pocket on wrist
• Thumb loops
• Front hand-warmer pockets


• Merino wool fabric
• Built in: Guangzhou, China

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almost perfect
great product. really nice. this is my second one- first one lost. If you are a guitar player, the zipper on the R sleeve key pocket will scratch your guitar. otherwise perfect
Review by thecarterCO / (Posted on 1/7/2016)
I love it!
I would definitely buy another one in case my current hoodie gives up. Good looking and good quality.
Review by MOB / (Posted on 12/15/2015)
For fit purposes
For fit purposes, I am 6'3" with a 42 inch chest. Tee XL fits me perfectly even though the cut is slim(ish). I haven't had it for long, but it feels exceptionally well constructed.
Review by Will / (Posted on 12/7/2015)
Worth your hard earned.
I bought the chrome cobra hoodie with birthday money.It seemed expensive with the exchange rate in Great Britain.I need not have worried.The fit is excellent.Nice and slim.looks great on and off the bike.Ive wore it off the bike more than on as it's so versatile.sleeves nice and bobbling no smell not even 2 year old looking!! Cool on warm days ( in Britain yeah right!) Also great as a layering system on very cold days ( in Britain lots!) The zippers are lovely in use with awesome tags on each one. The colour combo of black with red is killer.It doesn't fail to make me smile when I pick it up!
Review by Onereallynicespeed / (Posted on 5/30/2015)
needs stronger material
Nice design but cheap material, I took care of it but still ended up full of holes.
Review by D / (Posted on 4/5/2015)
Best clothing ever, but needs more colours.
There is nothing as versatile as this hoodie. The merino material is dreamy and light, the cut is great for those of us not suffering from a typical american physique, and the build quality is top-notch.

My only wish is that this would come in other colours. Black is great, but I would buy one in red, green, orange... whatever colours it was available in.
Review by Michael / (Posted on 4/4/2015)
It's good.
This is by far my favorite hoodie! So much so, that after getting hit by a truck and shredding my original one, I went out and got a new one right away. During Seattle's BRUTAL winters, I will normally just wear a base layer and this hoodie and it's perfect. In the spring, this jacket is perfect alone.

After about a year on my original one, the back near the bottom was starting to have worn out and you could not put anything in the rear riding pocket without it falling straight out of the bottom.

When it lightly rains, this is quick to dry out afterwards.

Review by Daniel / (Posted on 4/3/2015)
Cobra, Durable Everyday Hoodie
I've owned my Cobra for close to five years now, wearing it regularly -- either on it's own in the spring/fall or layering with it in the winter. It's the best hoodie I've ever owned and in my opinion Merino wool is the best fabric known to man. Comfortable and heat-regulating, and it just plain looks good. I'm 6'2", 175, and own a medium, the sleeve length is good, but I don't use the thumb holes when riding because they pull the fabric tight and dig into my hands. it sits a little higher on my waist than I would like, too, so i would probably upsize to a large when the time comes to replace mine since I've cultivated a bit of mass since my original purchase.
Only in the last year have I had structural issues, seams on both sides have split a small amount and I can see the fabric wearing out in the elbows and forearms and wrists, then a couple holes here and there from snags or stray cigarette embers. I looked up some stitching techniques and did the repairs myself, looks rough, but it'll keep the hoodie going for a while longer.
I see plenty of reviews mentioning defects and poor longevity, I guess I got lucky with mine on how well it's held up. I machine wash it on delicate; you should follow the washing directions.
excellent work, Chrome. keep it up.
Review by wolfman / (Posted on 3/20/2015)
Not perfect
I bought this hoodie (in olive green) in 2010. When I bought it, I probably would have described it as the best hoodie I owned. It fit extremely well, was usable pretty much year round, and quickly became one of my most-worn pieces of clothing. Perhaps it was the amount of wear, but within the first 6 months of owning it, some seams started coming out, requiring repair. The material felt nice, but the construction quality left something to be desired.

This is a shame, since it's a well designed piece of clothing. The merino wool is warm but breathable. The sleeve length is ideal. They never feel too long, but are long enough to keep you covered on the bike. The back is also slightly longer to ensure coverage. Also, the hood on this hoodie is probably the best of any piece of clothing that I own.

I stopped wearing it about a year ago, as it was showing its age a bit too much, but recently pulled it out again. I've had to do a lot of stitching up of small holes, primarily around the bottom of the torso, as well as at the ends of the sleeves. If these areas were reinforced, I would say that Chrome got all of the details right.

I probably would still buy this hoodie again, but in light of the upkeep that it has required to stay in one piece, I would probably shop around a bit more first.

Review by LtK / (Posted on 3/9/2015)
Best Hoodie Ever
This is the best hoodie I've ever owned hands down! Thin but warm, easy to layer with, great cut/fit (do order a size up like others recommend, it's a pretty slim fit). Worth every penny!
Review by Monte / (Posted on 1/23/2015)
Good at heat regulation, but it began to form holes and loose inner fleece in under a year.
The material is this hoodie's advantage and disadvantage. When it comes to paying $160 for a hoodie, you expect it to last. This is not the case with this hoodie. If you use this thing every day, your hoodie will start to form holes around the ends of the sleeves. Some have gotten as big as the thumb holes, and this is from less than a year of use, Apart from the merino wool, the inside fleece begins to fall off if you get wet or sweat in it.

On the other hand, this hoodie is really good with heat regulation and with it's fit, but it might be a better option to opt for the stock cobra and save some cash. For the price and how long it's lasted me, I would not recommend purchasing this.
Review by Chris R / (Posted on 1/12/2015)
Will you make any of this stuff in 2XL? Americans are getting bigger, not smaller :)
Review by C / (Posted on 9/28/2013)
Love and Loss :(
I was given this hoodie as a gift for christmas last year and was so in love! I have my ears stretched to two and a half inches so it is often hard to keep them covered with normal hoodies. I used to have a full-zip style (where where the garment zips all the way up the neck) I found at H&M six or so years ago but after that long you can imagine how it looked. So I kept boasting about how I FINALLY found someone who is making hoodies that zip all the way up and was lucky enough to have an amazing girlfriend and mom to split the cost (it is QUITE pricey for a service industry fellow like myself) and get it as a gift for me.

The hoodie is incredibly soft! And like many reviewers have stated, it is awesome in that you don't get too over heated when worn indoors and can literally wear it with just a long sleeve shirt under in temperatures down to 35degrees and STILL be comfortable. The pockets are great!- especially the one on the cuff. I have a tendency to forget my keys when I leave the house and t was nice to always have a back-up in that little stash pocket.
The thumb holes where great too. Excellent to fit right into gloves or mittens on cold days and not get cold burn on the wrists.

The Bad and Sad aspects and subsequent loss of my favorite zip-up of all time:
The sweatshirt is incredibly thin. After only a month of wearing this i started having to sew and mend different areas around the hood, under the arms, and on the shoulders- no big deal as I am well used to wearing clothes until they literally fall deteriorate to an unwearable state. It was just crappy to have to start sewing and mending a $160 zip-up after only one month. I rarely ever washed the thing too because I was incredibly nervous about it shrinking so I know it couldn't been from that.
I finally had to retire it after being hit by a car and and sliding across the ground. Let me tell you, folks, this IS NOT a hooded sweatshirt you want to fall off your bike while wearing. The thing just got ripped to shreds on elbows and shoulder. I have been several times in my life and have never seen damage to my clothes like this. What was more crummy was that the way it ripped up was not clean and completely un-mendable. I only had the hoodie for about 6 months and it was incredibly disheartening to have such an expensive article of clothes ruined so easily both with the fall and without. I still haven't told my mom because I am sure, like me, she is on a strict budget and wasn't overly excited paying that much for a hoodie.
I started saving up some money to try and get the Cobra Stock- maybe it is thicker and more durable. Unfortunately they are all out of stock in my size.

To wrap this long winded review up, I would say this was a wonderful hooded sweatshirt when I got it. Super(!) comfortable and accommodating. However, I would never get a new one for myself or recommend it to friends who use cycling as their main transportation. A) because of how quickly it started to deteriorate, B) because of how destroyed it got from a fall- which in the bike world is all too common. and C) it is just WAY too pricy to just fall apart and get destroyed so easily. If you are just using this to go out on the town, maybe. But I would highly recommend going for the stock cobra or another jacket or hoodie. Or drop your cash on the a pair of Chrome Shoes. I have had mine for over a year now with no issues or feet stink.
Review by Sean / (Posted on 9/27/2013)
stoked on the cobra
I Love the cobra. The cobra jacket is the one hoodie that everyone needs. This think will keep you cozy when your cutting corners on your bike. Whether it's in the city or in the woods. I love my so much, I even just chill in it.
Review by K Fresh / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
The perfect hoodie?
I love this merino wool hoodie! Cool when you are warm and warm when you are cold, this jacket is super versatile, stylish, soft, and useful. Favorite features: huge pocket across the back (you don't even need to bring a bag on longer rides), great zip pockets, thumb holes, ultra soft construction, and hey, black goes with just about everything.

The only downside: almost all my cycling friends have the Cobra or the female equivalent the Pasha - matchy-match nerd alert!
Review by GJ / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
My first piece of Chrome...
I bought the Cobra hoodie (in brown) a few months ago and as my 1st official piece of Chrome gear I was somewhat nervous about actually wearing it. Why? Well because since I'm not a hardcore biker I figured the real bikers out there would just point and laugh. That didn't happened, of course.

The Cobra is extremely comfortable to ride in. For the first couple of weeks I wore it all the time to and from work. Although it resisted retaining most of the funk I put on it, after sitting out for a few days, I could smell it needed some washing in the arm pit area. I hand washed the areas, laid it out and the next day it was all good again. So the lesson there is to be more strategic about when and how long to bust a sweat in the Cobra.

The next part I have to mention is the thumb holes...good for riding not so much for just chillaxtin' at the bar. The sleeves are just the right length when you are cruising around but just hanging out you find yourself having to pull them up to free your hands to grab something. Not a deal breaker but you'll be more conscious of it than you should.

The small pocket on the right sleeve has become one of the best features for me. Although it comes with a key loop I use it to store tissue paper for those chilly morning rides where a running nose is very annoying.

The Large pocket in the back...awesome and funny! Awesome because its big enough to carry a cap, scarf, gloves, camera, Moleskin, pens, etc. Funny because the more you pack it, the more it makes you look like you got a lot of 'junk in the trunk' and that always starts a conversation.

In all I am very happy with my purchase and have recommended it to a few people that have stopped me on the street asking about it. I will admit that I somewhat baby it now and never really do any hard riding with it, mostly chill cruising when I know I will not sweat too much.

Well played Chrome, well played indeed!
Review by djd808 / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I love it!
I picked this up in the Spring, and I've been loving it ever since. It's great on cool days both on and off the bike. If the sun comes out and warms things up while I'm riding, the hoodie manages to keep me cool, too. The sleeves are a little long for me, so I roll 'em up.
Review by a / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Freakin' Sweet.
I saw this on the website and went to go find it in a store to see if it was actually worth the cost, and my god, it is. I have so many jackets that are either slightly uncomfortable or I overheat in, but this has none of those problems. If Chrome ever decides to make one in a slate grey or equivalent I'm buying another,
Review by Kent Sklarow / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Best Piece for your $$
When this first came out, i didn't have the money for it. when I did, it was sold out. Got it on the second run, it's my favorite piece ever, hands down. Wear it all day, all night, sleep in it, use it as a pillow crashed on your mates's sofa. Wash it every once and a while, or never. Take it on the slopes for solid day of bombing powder. Merino wool is the bomb! Thanks for making the best hoody out there y'all.
Review by Keefer / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
The Best
This is my favorite hoodie ever! I would get another one, but I already have a black one... Will there be more color options (again) at some point?
Review by Kevin / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Perfectly designed
Chrome's Cobra Hoodie is a perfect piece of clothing, a perfect piece of gear and, maybe the best thing that Chrome makes (and that's saying a lot because their bags are awesome).

It's warm, yet breathes. It's comfortable, but stands up to hard wear. I wore my black one every day of winter 2009, then was given a brown one in 2010 and got a chance to alternate.

It's beautifully made. Inside, each of the seams is sealed over with a piece of cloth padding to reinforce the seam and to keep it from rubbing. The wool is super high-quality and doesn't bead, shed or harden.

My one worry is that Chrome will stop making it and if I lose the two I have, I won't be able to replace them.

Brown was a good color choice. Red or slate gray would be nice too, though, black is classic and safe so probably will always be the best seller.

Thanks for making it, Chrome.
Review by Darren / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Its utility function is unbounded above.
This is an absurdly comfortable, well-fitting, warm and tough hoodie.

The thumb holes make a huge difference in keeping cold wind out, especially paired with thinner gloves. I also can't begin to express how thankful I am for the cobra's hood--fits over most other headwear and still stays pretty tight. I'm a lanky/skeletal dude and most hoodies act like big floppy parachutes for me, but this thing is just sleek and perfect and woooooooooo!

Review by derrrrrrrrrp / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
The Best, most useful, perfectly designed piece of clothing I have ever owned
Every other jacket / hoody simply pales in comparison with this glorious item.
I work in the active apparel industry and have had my fare share of "cycling" jackets but none are as useful and stylish as this one.
The hood fits under helmet on chilly mornings, and fits snug round your face.
Note: it runs a bit small, order a size up (even if you like it snug)
Before I point out things I think could be improved let me stress that this jacket is near perfection, and is a bargain for such quality!
- It could use a electronics pocket for my ipod that had a water proof barrier against my body to protect from sweat.
- The zipper pulls on the pockets could be a bit bigger so you can open more easily with gloves.
Again this is just me nitpicking, BUY THIS JACKET you will not regret it!
I plan on buying another soon and may dig deep and stock up on them for future generations.
Review by Ahren / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Practicality and style all in one
This hoodie rules. That's all there is to it. As long as its 40 degrees or above and not dumping rain, I wear this hoodie with a t-shirt (with the exception of Summer days). Otherwise, it's a t-shirt, the hoodie and a rain shell. That's all you need. And damn is merino wool comfortable. Warm enough to get through the cold and breathable enough so you don't have to stop pedaling.

Plus it looks damn fresh. I get at least one hipster kid a week at the bar asking where I picked it up. Chicks jock it too. American Apparel, eat your heart out.

Hopefully you guys keep making these and eventually the price drops a bit so I can buy another one sooner than later. And yeah, they fit real tight (which rules). So if you're not lean like me, you might want to step your size up.
Review by killyridols / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Review by JHN SMITH / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Awesome Piece of Gear
The cobra is by far the most versatile and used piece I have owned. I have owned it now for about 3 weeks and have hardly taken it off. My only suggestion to Chrome on this piece is that they add a piece of fabric or fleece to the top of the zipper to keep it from chaffing the neck when the jacket is fully zipped. I highly recommend this jacket to everyone, you won't regret the purchase.
Review by Dan / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Need a larger size
Live in Chicago and have a ton of Merino stuff and really really want one of these, however, the XL is too short and not wide enough in the shoulder for me. I think a XXL would be great. I am a tall with a 45 inch chest and 36 inch waist and the XL was just too small. Make a XXL and everyone will be happy. But when I tried it on I loved everything about it except the fit.
Review by JC / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
nothing better than wool.
My second winter with this hoodie, it's awesome! Very warm, fits tight, but i use it as a midlayer often (i ride in mpls). Love the back cargo pocket (perfect for a chrome utility pouch). It has held up well to wear and has not shrunk. Very good price considering the material and the pockets.
Review by christian / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Needs to come back, I'm not an X-Large!
I tried this hoodie on and instantly fell in love. I didn't buy it when I had the chance for finance reasons but now that I can pick it up it isn't in my size. This is an amazing hoodie that deserves to come back. I'm not an X-Large and just last week smalls were available, how did it happen over night!? Point is, this hoodie rocks and needs to be brought back asap, please and thank you!
Review by Ryan RIvers / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I need another
I have one, and it isn't enough. It is all I wear all of the time. There is no substitute.

Please make more. I need a Large.
Review by Dan / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Don't wash it
I've had mine for a while. I wrote a review a while back hyping it up. Its a rad jacket. Be careful when you wash it though. I followed all of the instructions and now its not nearly as soft. I hand washed it with Dr. Bonner's soap and flat dried it. Still, one wash and it feels completely different. Don't wash it, ever.
Review by killyridols / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I like the design of the jacket and I own many merino wool garments because of its durability and versatility. The problem I have is the quality of construction, when removing it from the package I noticed many defects where areas simply hadn't been sewn. The back pocket was completely not sewn on one side and the seams up the sides had a few gaps in the stitch that have multiplied through time. I've managed to keep it together with my own sewing but for 160 bucks I shouldn't have to.
Review by Matt / (Posted on 4/26/2013) theory.
If this had been constructed properly, i.e., the right sleeve had been as long as the left sleeve, I would have LOVED this sweatshirt. I tried to live with it and make it work, but the right sleeve was like an inch shorter. It was just too annoying. THEN, when I sent it back because it was defective, I had to $8 pay return shipping? Kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I was hoping to order another while the free shipping is going on (so that I'm not out $24 total for just shipping alone) and now it's out of stock in my size.

Sorry, Chrome, but I think I'm done with this one. I love, love your messenger bag that I've had going strong for 8 years, but it's hard to pay you guys almost $200 for a sweatshirt that I can't buy with confidence, knowing that if it's wrong again, I'd have to pay to ship it back to you again, and then once again pay shipping on another new one.

Review by Brian / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
This jacket is stylish and warm. The wool keeps me warm in the cold and fits snug and tight around my body. Fits amazingly with my Chrome Soma Laptop Bag.

I was surprised about the material thought, feels like cotton but it's not. I also thought it was going to be a lot heavier, but it's light as hell. I recommend.

<3 Chrome
Review by Nick Snyder / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
my new skin
I love my cobra hoodie!! Merino wool is the best...super warm, wicks moisture, and resists odor. And the cut actually fits my long arms on the bike as well. Killer product! If there was only a way to run a headphone cable from to my ears INSIDE the jacket...that would be worth 6 stars.
Review by Eddiebeer / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Slim fit for small guys
XL was way too small for 6'3" 180 lb guy. Make a tall version. Sold my XL on CL to a 5'8" 160lb guy and it was still tight on him.
Review by Christian / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I gave this 5 stars and still do...just want to add...i machine wash this "delicate" (my landlord allows us to use a washer with that setting) and cold. Lay flat to dry. It fits tight, but only a base layer needs to be worn underneath. Wool needs a bit more care than synthetic material, but wool does not need to be washed nearly as often.
Review by christian (mpls) / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great Hoodie
Christian you didn't get an XL.

I'm 6'2 175 and the Large fits fine, even a shade loose. Plenty of length. Originally got a Medium and it was wearable but a little tight, so I exchanged it. Sounds like you got small by accident.

Anyway, it's pretty great. I wear it a lot. Works equally well as a midlayer when paired with a shell, or an outer layer for around the house or when it's not too cold/windy. Obviously it's a fairly lightweight wool hoodie, so the wind cuts through it like a knife.

It's got a jersey pocket, which works alright. The key pocket in the wrist was a good idea, but in practice even a stick of chapstik in there just feels weird and is annoying. I would have much rather had a chest pocket for my cell phone than the wrist pocket.

The hood is pretty gigantic and looks a little silly when it's zipped up all the way, but the cinches work alright.

These are the flaws I could think of. Some of the "design" aspects don't work out quite how you hoped they would, like the hood and the wrist pocket. But the selling point of the hoodie should be the material (it's awesome), the fit (it's great), and the quality of construction (top notch).

It's a great piece of clothing. Not perfect, but pretty great.
Review by Alex / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
...Got My Back!
story time:

It was the last cyclocross race of the season, a goooood time was had by all and, as we were riding home from the pub after many many beers(I do not condone drinking and riding), I hit an invisible hole in the pave ...abruptly stopping my my face slammed down on the pave I flipped over my own head and skid on my shoulder for about 10 feet before i finished in a slump. Broken zygomatic(cheek bone), concussion, three torqued vertibrae in my neck....anyhow the point is, i was wearing my Cobra. when I got to my feet, I expected it to be in shreds was not. There was a small abrasion about 1/8" diameter! I feel very connected to my Cobra now! It's got my back! Buy one! Do it! Seriously.......
Review by E B / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Love the fit and look, but very disappointed in the quality of build.
I was really looking forward to getting my hands on the Cobra for many reasons. First, i love Merino wool because it is as advertised; it's warm, soft and expensive. Secondly, The front, rear and sleeve zippered pockets are so functional yet covert. Thirdly, the fit is very slim and fit. Lastly, it's from Chrome.
When it arrived, i loved it for the exact reasons i just stated, but then things started to fall apart. The front pocket zippers constantly got stuck on loose thread which i simply trimmed off. It was more of an annoyance than anything else. Then the stitching on the right sleeve just let go and and large hole appeared and it would have grown bigger if I didn't get it sewed up quickly. I phoned Chrome to see if this was a common issue with the Cobras and they told me it wasn't reported before. Now the stitching just below the left armpit ripped and now i have a hole forming there, so now i have to get that repaired. I do not wear my Cobra everyday, so it would not be normal wear and tear, and it is obvious that it was just poor quality of stitchinig. i am going to get the the armpit fixed, and it's not going to be expensive, but I just really expected better quality control from Chrome. Maybe I just got a defected one, but i just wanted people to know my experience with this product.
Review by mjung / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
not bad
Overall, a solid product. I had been riding to work in it for about a month or two, and it has been a great hoodie for that. Fit is a little long on me (5'10" ~180lbs, size L). I had tried the medium in my LBS, and it was too tight for my liking, though it might be the intended size for me. Sleeve length seems long until you get on your bike and reach into the drops/hoods. Would have preferred a different zipper that doesn't bulge out as much when leaning forward on the bike.

Unlike EB's Cobra (below), mine didn't hold up as well when I wrecked on the way to work last week. His was fine because he landed on his face, not his jacket. I landed on my right elbow before rolling a bit, and I now have two sizable holes in the sleeve. So, it's not a bombproof jacket that will save your life/skin when you wreck, but it never claimed to be. (My Metropolis bag, on the other hand, was more or less unscathed

It's exactly what it claims to be, a cycling-styled merino hoodie, and it does just that.
Review by puddles / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Amazing Sweater
Merino wool is king.
Wash the wool like any other merino product - rarely and carefully!
Been riding in the sweater for a year and its proving to be amazing over and over. Cant complain about stitching quality, so far it is holding up well. Riding about 40km per day.
Would love to see a similar merino sweater that is super light for the spring without a hood.
Review by Yuriy / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Rad jacket, poor stitching
My review is very similar to mjung's below. The only difference is that I did wear mine nearly every day, as I picked it up in the winter (though never washed it). A month after I got it, the dual seam just fell apart underneath the armpit, and when taken to a seamstress, her attitude toward the stitching job overall was dubious to say the least. But it is an easy fix.

That concern aside, the Cobra is genuinely one hell of a jacket. I love mine to death. It has kept my perceived temperature nice and even on long, dry-cold rides. The fit feels nice and is indeed super comfortable.
Review by Robot_Inferno / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
pretty good
I bought this sweater back in the fall of last year and I was not disappointed. I wore it nearly every other day. I quickly caught onto the mistake of wearing this sweater with the Soyuz backpack (makes a ton of little fuzz balls on the back) but no problem, I just didn't wear the two together.
I would have given this sweater a 5 but the stitching of the front pocket started to come off about 3 months ago. No problem, I thought. I could take it to the Chrome store to get it checked out. The guy who does repairs was not in that day. Ah well, another time. I thought it was bad luck but after reading other posts on here it seems like there may have been a bad batch of sweaters out there with stitching you'd be more likely to find on sweaters 1/10th the price of this one. I bought a similar wool sweater from IBEX a few months back for my brother and right away I could tell that the quality of the garment (fabric and stitching) was way better. I felt like a chump. Whatever, I still like Chrome stuff.
Review by Carlos / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Companies Who Earn Customers for Life
I just wanted to share a little bit of my success story, and mention that fantastic customer service earns customers for life.

About a year and a half ago I was 320 pounds and really didn't have any interest in doing much outside. Standard nerdy overweight story.

I moved to the downtown Seattle area and started to look at alternative means of transportation since keeping my car around in the city was ridiculously expensive. Long story short I found a local biking group and started riding with them. Most of them ride with Chrome bags. (It's mix of ex-messengers, polo players, casual riders, etc...). I asked around, everyone said the same thing. Chrome! I've had a Metropolis for a little longer than a year now and it's been amazing.

The more I rode with them, the more weight I lost. My bag fit better, my clothes didn't. One of our stores here carries chrome apparel too. Prior to now I don't think i would have ever even considered buying clothes like you guys make because 1. my size, and 2 the price. Honestly being a big dude, style wasn't much to me, and i wore through clothes pretty fast.

Well the first thing I bought was the Cobra hoodie. It's been awesome. I wear it practically every day, and it's an absolutely fantastic jacket. I went down in a bike accident and put a small tear in the back of it. Bummed, I put few safety pins in it, and kept going. Recently I was in new york, and decided to go check out the store there. After chatting with the people there for a bit (bought a champ jacket for the wind) I remembered that the back of my cobra was ripped. I talked to the woman there running the bag line and she said she didn't have anything specifically for that, but she had an idea. She took the jacket, cut some spare cloth that was laying around and stitched it up. Black, on black. It's not perfect, but it's not safety pins. No charge.

Recently my metropolis bag cross brace broke. I emailed customer service. They had me send it down there, fixed it, and sent it back. again, no charge. Although while it was gone I felt totally naked. It kind of amazed me how much I had come to rely on having that bag on my back.

Currently I own 2 pairs of Loop Pro (although since i'm still losing weight, I'm in the 180's now, these are getting a little big), a Cobra, a Champ, a Metropolis, and a Vega. I just saw the email about the new shoes Kursk Pro and I'm planning on buying them as soon as I get paid again.

Sorry for rambling. I'm really excited about the new shoes with clipless support. And I just want to say that I hope you guys keep being awesome. Great customer services, combined with awesome products makes customers for life.

Thanks for reading.

Review by Daryl / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great hoodie, great service.
Last year I got really into merino wool and bought up tons of it from area thrift stores. Generally I'd pay $3-5 for a 100% merino sweater, and as of now I've got a bunch in all different styles and thicknesses. These weren't ratty old sweaters, either, they're all in great condition and most of them are from reputable manufacturers. (I'm not sure about where you are, but our thrift stores have endless amounts of Banana Republic merino wool sweaters.)

Anyway, even though I had tons of merino sweaters I still wanted something a little more bike specific. With my other sweaters my lower back would show whenever I got in the drops, and the sleeves weren't long enough to be comfortable while on the hoods; so I started looking around for an affordable merino biking sweater. I'll admit that it costs more than all my other merino sweaters put together, but I wear this guy pretty much every day so I figure it evens out. Plus the jersey pocket is great, the key pocket always gets attention, and the hoodie itself gets compliments from practically everyone.

The only problem I've got is with the stitching. The stitching, as noted by pretty much everyone, isn't that great; a side-seam on my cobra split after less than a month of use, and after maybe three months the thumb hole stitching started to split (next batch of cobras could use reinforcement around the thumb holes, Chrome!). But I can't be too mad since when I was through NYC and stopped into the store they replaced my cobra on the spot for a brand new one. So although the stitching could use some refinement, knowing that they back the warranty so well should help to relieve that concern.

Review by Brian / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
RADical!. Shoes run a size to a half size bigger than normal. THIS BAG IS the SHNIZZZ!. I got it in teal. I took it to the circus the first day, fit like 4 sets of clothes for my 2.5 year old(cuz he is learning to pee like a human), My wifes purse, a hoodie, my phone, a hat, keys whatever it all goes in there! Totally donsen't feel like a purse, or "euro hand bag" whatever. Sick Sick Gear. Tried my shotwells this morning AMAZING. word of warning, I ordered like 4 pairs of socks in med, cuz you didn't have my size, hoping they would stretch......... Honestly they are so high quality i dont think they ever will. they now belong to my wife. and I have to order more, The shotwells (xl) fit perfectlty I am a thirtysix+ cuz its been a long winter. my only complaint is that everything else I want is sold out!!!!!!!!!! ( dude I need a cobra like yesterday) Thanks for the awsome gear, keep up the good work~!
Review by JODI / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Nice, but weak fabric.
I've had this hoodie for around 6 months now. I've managed to wear a hole in the right elbow, and there's the beginning of a wear hole in the left elbow. I really love it otherwise, but six months of wear from such an expensive hoodie doesn't seem right. I wouldn't buy again if I had it to do over.
Review by Josh / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
incredible fitting
as usual, fitting in chrome is awesome, instead of having strange empty spaces between you and your clothe and in some parts a too much tight feeling, with chrome i have the "perfect fitting" i demand for sport clothes.. congrats!
Review by luis rivero / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Good product, bad price
I just bought this thing a few days ago for my birthday present to myself. It fit is excellent, the materials are all quality and it is the perfect bicycling hoodie.

problems I've seen with it so far are:

when your thumbs are in the thumb holes, it still exposes your knuckles when you have your hands on the handlebars, I suppose I'll still have to deal with dry knuckles in cold weather.

Some of the stitching (especially around the thumb holes) could stand to use some reinforcing

my last problem is the fact that I bought it in summer... I'm dying to wear this thing on a ride. as soon as it drops below 70, I'm not going to take it off
Review by Steve / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Week material & stitching
I would have to agree with Josh. I really love the hoodie but was surprised and disappointed when I realized how quickly the edges of the sleeves started to come undone given the price.
Review by Rafael / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I love the idea of this hoodie and that's about it. $160 for this and the stitching started to fall apart immediately. The bike shop I got it from would not refund my money because I can't find my receipt. Like I said I love the die of this hoodie. I love the design, the extra pockets, and everything about it but the thing is falling apart. I'm disappointed because I own a lot of chrome gear. I have a messenger bag, shoes, hip pouch, cell phone holster, and some other stuff all very well made and very durable. This for some reason is not so.
Review by james / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Top rate product
I've had the Cobra for two years. It's by far my "go to" item for style, quality and function. The fit, quality and the one of a kind style can't be matched. I'm a competitive cyclist and triathlete. This is the real deal. I notice some recent guys have had some issues. Contact Chrome. I'm sure they will make things right if there are legit issues.
Review by Crash cycle / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Cobra Hoddie!
If you want a kick-ass hoodie that is tough, has function and is warmer than Dallas in July? Give the Chrome Cobra a try! You wont be disappointed...
Review by Jimmy Massey / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Cobra Review
I wear my Cobra all the time – it is great for riding through the San Francisco fog, wind, and generally odd weather patterns. It keeps me warm and is super comfy, and you can never have too many hoodies.
Review by Jesse / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Have Realistic Expectations of Merino
Merino has some great characteristics, but abrasion-resistance is NOT one of them. Expect that any merino garment you "live in" will abrade at high-wear points: cuffs, thumb holes, etc. You'd do well to inspect your garment regularly and stitch up any small holes, as they can quickly grow. A friend fixed my ailing cuffs with a tougher fabric, and arguably, Chrome should make the Cobra (and pasha) that way from the get-go. In fact, I'd recommend that Chrome ditch the big back pocket (wool knits hella sag with anything heavy in the pockets) in return for reinforcement of these high-wear areas.

I "live in" my Cobra and have had it for 2 years. Is it a lot for a jacket? That depends on your perspective. I don't wear plastic clothing anymore, so $160 is just the price of entry. You can look at the Goodwill for cheap wool, but I doubt it'll feel as cozy as the Cobra. They fleeced it up on the inside and it's dreamy. Also, I super dig that it's a hoodie AND has a zip-up collar. You rarely see that in a hoodie. The hood works very well under a bike helmet (so no excuse, you hipsters).

BTW, I'm a tall bean-pole and the Medium fits well. The small was REALLY small.
Review by OlyBikes / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I like it.
I have had my Cobra for about two years. I'll agree with others that the stitching is kinda weak. Also, after about a year I noticed some holes forming at the end of the sleeves. These holes are now big enough to stick my fist through. BUT, I sent it back and they gave me enough credit to get another one! I hope this one lasts. All that aside, its such a comfortable piece of clothing and it fits like a fuckin glove. I can't stress enough how nice it is to have an article of clothing with sleeves that actually fit my arms. And my butt crack doesn't get cold while biking because it's cut lower in the back. All in all, I like it.
Review by Dave / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Awesome Christmas Promo
Free overnight shipping - made it from CA to PA in less than 24 hours! I am 6'2" / 200 lbs and XL fits me perfectly! Wore it with a midweight base layer while taking a 45 minute walk this evening and was super warm - even in 35 degree weather. Can't wait to test it out on our upcoming New Years Day ride!
Review by Jody / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I want to give this 5 stars but...
I LOVED this hoodie when I 1st received it; so soft, fits perfectly but within a month I noticed the stitching around the thumb holes were coming undone. I contacted chrome, and they told me to send it back and they'll fix the stitching. I got it back and was very pleased but now there are holes forming, as others have stated, around the wrist area again and the stitching is again coming undone. Same thing happened with a pair of knickers I bought from Chrome. Kind of disappointing.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Stylish & good looking hoodie for being a sweater catered for cyclist. I am not a cyclist, but I do a lot of outdoorsy activities & all the hidden pockets is a bonus. Style is so versatile, I've already used it during hiking, running, bar hopping, night at the park (temperature 38F), and I have gotten so many great compliments on the sweater. I have other Merino products so the 'hand wash only' part is nothing new. The hoodie is amazingly warm for how thin/light it is. I am 6'5" weighing at 238, purchased the XL (usually buy large/tall on shirts or sweaters), & it fits perfectly on my body (snug) & on my long arms. Im so glad they don't have any other colors, because then I'd be broke... If you're familiar with Merino wool then you know the great technical attributes it has, mixed with Chrome's Cobra hoodie design & functionality, you can't
Review by Eric / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I bought one of the original cobras in stout brown. I "lived in it", loved it, cared for it, and it began to come apart. I contacted CHROME and they were really helpful. They sent me a store credit to replace the cobra, which I did. When my new cobra showed up, I was so eager to get it out and begin living again in one of the best bike garbs I have ever known. My excitement was dashed as the new cobra emerged from the plastic: this was not an equal to my previous cobra. NOT EVEN CLOSE. The material was no thicker than a worn out t-shirt. I just could not accept this as a replacement. I chose to retain my old cobra, holes and all, and hope to incite all who read this to demand the return of the original cobra! THE COBRA IS AN ICON. A CULT PHENOM THAT SHOULD BE THE HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE. IT SHOULD BE TOUGH AND DEPENDABLE LIKE THOSE OF US WHO RISK OUR NECKS EVERY DAY WEARING IT!



Review by easy E / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
You don't get what you pay for
$160.00 is a lot for a "hoodie" made in Ghanzou, China regardless of the materials it is made with. For nearly $200.00 after tax in some major cities you should get a high quality jacket that is water and wind proof with a removeable liner or fleece. I went to Marshall's and bought a 3 in 1 winter jacket with a fleece for $40.00 by Snozu, also made in Ganzhou, China. It doesn't have a pass through jersey pocket or a key pocket. It has 2 interior and two exterior pockets that at Giant and a chest pocket that's ll hold a cell phone and a wallet at the same time.

The Cobra is an appropriate name for a product that snakes you out of money.
Review by Tom FOyer / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Bombproof hoodie!
I have owned this hoodie for a whole year now. Tested in the harshest of Colorado's cycling climates. And the end result is that this is totally worth the money!

The Good:
The hoodie by itself has the proper amount of ventilation to keep you dry, while keeping you warm. It sheds a light amount of outside moisture (i.e. drizzly rain or light snow). I wear this underneath a Patagonia rain jacket during heavy rain, snow, or when you just need that extra layer to stay warm. The thumb holes come in real handy when you need that little extra warmth as well.

The Bad:
There are just two things I find irritating. First is the thumb holes when wearing cycling gloves. Ideally I want to wear the gloves under the sweatshirt, but the wrist is a little small to fit over the glove without being a little uncomfortably tight. Although, I suppose that's not a flaw, just more an annoyance. Second is that the back doesn't have cycling pockets for electronics, spare socks, or light food. I wish it had one big pocket like the ANZA.

The Ugly:
Different colors! I am a long-haired wheat blonde person with a light colored dog. Hair sticks out on black like a sore thumb! I am always having friends and family plucking off hairs like a chimp scoures for bugs.
Review by Aleks / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Lovingly insane
I've had my Cobra for 6 months now and I love it. In 20 degree weather this thing keeps me warm and comfy on my trecks to school and back as well as for general all purpose rides. The key holster is absolutly awesome for when I strap up my bike and drive out to a destination then come back as I always know where it is. The wrap around pocket is great for storing food and (in certain situations) works as a great arm warmer for people who hug you ;). Works, feels, and looks great. I'm probably going to buy the Anza when the weather cools down a bit as I'd like to have both a hoodie and a non-hoodie garment.
Review by Darby / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I was expecting good...
but this thing is great! I love it. I've never dropped this much money on a hoodie but I'm so glad I did. I wear it constantly.
Review by Don / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Simply the best thing you'll buy to wear urban biking.
enough said. this is so worth 160$. It has so many practical uses and fits perfectly. It's a snug fit so size up if you like things big.
Review by John V / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Can't live without it.
Can't live without it.
Review by The King of South Broadway / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
So sick!
I used this bad boy all last winter. I'm talking merino underlayer and just this. It was awesome! Coldest days riding to work were 10 F with more than a few days of snow and rain. It dries quick and still keeps the warmth in. Not to mention it fits awesome. I'll wear it until it falls apart and will buy another.
Review by JW / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Awesome!!! Love the Cobra got it last April!!!
Love the Cobra! Got it last April. I wore it everyday until June when it warmed up hear in Ky. Now the the temps have come back down "Oct." its been on every night!!! Don't second guess yourself or this hoodie! Treat yourself you will not regret it! Plus it has thumb holes!!! I've ruined many of sweatshirts.
Thanks Chrome!
Review by Wayne Sweeney / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
This is the best hoodie I've ever owned. Wear it pretty much every day. With a tight base layer I can get by with this as my only outer still in 35 plus degree weather when riding in Wisco.
Review by Greg / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Nice, but not worth the money
I've used this jacket extensively for 5 month. It's comfortable and practical, but suffers from some flaws. The hoody string requires tying, which makes it not that usable-- a little plastic gizmo to keep the pressure would've gone a long way; the side pockets lets personal items slip out when one is sitting -- i always find my wallet behind me when I get into my car. The quality is also not outstanding -- I already picked a hole in my sleeve. If the price was lower I wouldn't care, but for $170 one can get a Nomad hoody from Ibex, which is far more comfortable and better built.
Review by RubberBoy / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Everything it looks like!
Perfect. Well, pretty dang close to. I live in Oregon, and the whether here is...sporadic. One moment, it could be 25 and dry, the next, 45 and raining...and that mostly covers the range. I bought this hoody to replace a Cadence hoody I've had for a year now, of which is literally disintegrating; I like to have one hoody and wear the dickens out of it, layering (over and under) solo, you name it. This is my new hoody, and it's nearly perfect. Here's why.
Merino: The hoody keeps you comfy. If the ride starts cold, it's got you covered. If the ride ends warmer, it's still got you covered! Merino regulates the body temp (to an extent), making this hoody perfect for the previously mentioned Oregon weather. Further more, it doesn't smell. This is gross, but I have ridden this hoody to and from work (25 miles a day, 5 days a week) for the last month and a half and have yet to wash it, and it does not smell, and I sweat a LOT. I've read complaints about having to hand wash it, but I say, so long as I only have to handwash it every couple of months, we're cool.
It layers well: I've put this under the levi's commuter jacket, a handfull of pearl izumi, and other things and it layers like a beauty. Which for me, means not only did I get a hoody, but I've also improved greatly every jacket I own! Woohoo!
Looks: It's a classy looking hoody. To be 100% honest, I actually would have been happier with a much more casual style, but when riding, and layering, it makes you look like a super hero (Which, let's be honest, fingerless gloves, spandex? We've been trying for a while). It's not a 'throw on with t-shirt and jeans to go to the coffee shop' type of hoody, it takes a little bit of effort to make this hoody look that casual, but it's still a pretty neat design, and the thumb holes (which I haven't been into since highschool) HAVE saved my ass a good sum of times.
Ultimately, I love it. I get excited to find reasons to wear it, and will probably test the true value of it's oder resistance in the Summer doing so (that's when the weather get's around 60 in Oregon, woooooowee).
Review by Noahjohng / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Tall, Dark, and Handsome
I'm 6'6", I wear a 44 x-long suit coat and 16 1/2x37 dress shirt. Hell, my bike is a 67 cm frame. I would wear this hoodie every day. I put roughly 50 miles a week on my bike, and wear the Merino Cobra just about every time I ride. Here's the rub, That's riding at least 3 days a week, and since I can't run the Cobra through the dryer, if I want to wear the item for more than one of those days, it is not getting washed. I've thought about buying a second one, but thats seems a glutinous, I own major brand sweat wicking garments that work, just not as well. I've looked at other brands, and you can just tell that it was not designed for a bike and you're paying the exact same cash. What I want is another color. Olive green if you have to. That's the justification I need to purchase another one. All the Nike Dri-fit I own doesn't hold a candle to how well the merino cobra keeps me dry, cool or warm, and like I said before, I would wear this everyday if I thought I could pull it off. It looks great with a collared shirt, slacks, and dress shoes, just like it looks good with sweatpants and flip flops and everything in between. I also forgot this thing sheds like sheep on shave day (I went for sheep joke, wool get it?) wash it by itself at least twice before you wear it, also for those first 2 washes before laying it out to dry, put it on and give it a little stretch where you want it to fit better, works like a charm.
Review by Zach / (Posted on 4/26/2013)