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The mid-sized 100% welded-waterproof, Militia Series Backpack. Made with outside pockets for easy access and a 100% welded-waterproof main compartment to protect your stuff in a downpour. Built in our Chico California factory. Guaranteed for life.
• 18" wide x 20.5" height x 5.5" deep
• Vol:35L
• Weight:3.7 lbs

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Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Deceptively small, but well constructed.

Review by Ben Kyoo

I have owned this bag for a year. It is constructed like a tank, but I find it too small. When I say "too small," I mean that I cannot fit both my laptop and a 6-pack of beer in there. The depth (front to back) of this bag is short, which adds to its clean, structured look, but makes it hard to get things in and out, as well as carry 6-packs and the like. The separate zippered pocket, ostensibly for a laptop, has no depth at all, it's just a flat envelope. The external pockets are also shallow, and putting anything in them, or the flat laptop pocket, ends up encroaching on the main compartment. I'm guessing Chrome measured the Pawn's 32L capacity with the rolltop open, but since there is no buckle or zipper to hold items in, it is really significantly smaller. It's also hella loud when you open it up (not a big deal unless you have a sleeping baby in the other room!).

I love Chrome bags, so I went to the store to check out some others, such as the Kharkiv, the Kliment, and the Moto Barrage, and found them all just a bit smaller than I would have liked. My computer wouldn't even fit in the Kharkiv's sleeve. I think I'll have to look elsewhere to find a bag that will work for me, unfortunately.


This bag is awesome!!!

Review by Isaiah

When it came down to getting a chrome bag it was between the pawn and the metropolis. I know own both. The pawn is the best backpack I've had it fits everything that i want to put into it, even a weeks worth of cloths. Amazing bag. Props to the people at chrome industries


Uncomfortable, Poorly Weighted, Sweaty

Review by Stephan

2 Stars for durability, roll top waterproofing and styling, but there are some serious functional issues with this bag, particularly the way the bag is weighted. If you are only carrying a laptop or a bike lock, the pad that rests on your back crumples up and gets really uncomfortable. The bag has to be totally filled, or at least have a hoodie stuffed in the bottom to have the right shape. The second problem is the straps, no matter how you put the bag on, the straps always seem to get twisted and roll up. Getting the right fit and length with the straps is also nearly impossible for me, especially with the aforementioned problem with weighting. The last issue is that the pad on the back is not very breathable. My back is a wet mess if I bike more than 15 minutes. The way to improve these issues would be to A. Make the laptop compartment toward the pad and a pocket on the side for the lock so the main compartment can be empty and still keep its shape. B. Make the ridges deeper and the surface area of the pad less so that air can get through and C. Move the straps further to the sides of the bag so you can actually get your arms in without twisting them.

As it is now, this bag is a C+ at best. I've been using it for a year now, but will probably move on to a more comfortable, laptop friendly bag.


A good looking, bomb proof backpack with a few design flaws.

Review by Ollan

This backpack is bomb proof! Just got back from a 2 month trip to the Philippines where I used this bag daily. 8 different islands, 6 plane rides, 5 boats, 2 barges. Went to more beaches than I can count and never once did this bag fail me.. and it was the rainy season too. The real test was literally climbing up the face (5 levels) of a limestone waterfall called Aguinid Falls, on Cebu Island. I had my Bose Soundlink Mini, Fujifilm X100S, iPhones, towels, etc. This pack kept everything dry!

It isn't the lightest pack, the velcro is loud and I can't keep the corners of the flaps on the 2 front pockets from flipping up... but other than those small complaints, I LOVE THIS PACK.

Awesome work Chrome!


Compact, yet holds a week's worth of clothes for traveling + big laptop

Review by Tom

I travel for business and I wanted something that maximized the amount of gear I could carry on, with the additional desire that the bag be able to fit under the seat. Chrome bags are carried at my local bike shop, and after spending a lot of time vacillating among several choices, I bought the Pawn.

My first reaction was that it seemed smaller than the Wenger Pegasus bag I have been using and I was concerned. However, I was able to get the following items into the bag comfortably, while still being able to roll the top down once (i.e. make one fold and then attach Velcro).

5 pairs of socks
5 boxer shorts
5 t-shirts
1 pair khakis
1 collared shirt
TSA toiletries bag
laptop (HP EliteBook 17" - it's a beast)
laptop charger (also a beast)
Beats Solo headphones

I haven't taken it through the airport yet, but this is a load that is essentially identical to what I was carrying in the other bag. I like the fact that it is slimmer at the bottom than at the top, a fact that should make under-seat stowage a little easier. I also like the fact that the space is very well used: no useless (to me, anyway) space-reducing organizers for the pens and pencils I haven't carried since school.

So, I am pretty happy with the bag. The only thing I have had a slight amount of trouble with so far is engaging/disengaging the stainless steel buckles, and I worry that I'm going to tear the Cordura loop if I don't do this exactly the right way. Otherwise, I am quite satisfied with the choice so far. Four stars.


Second hand, still rock-solid

Review by F

Got one second-hand. Still very rock solid. Rains have been always a problem with other bags, this one seems to hold it very well. The only wish is that it'd have more copartments in the main section, otherwise my laptop is kinda flying around :) The front pocket seems to be better suited for the laptop although I haven't tested that part for resistance to heavy douwnpoors. :)


Excellent Bag

Review by AY

This bag does everything and more. Every time I load it, I'm surprised at how well it handles all my gear. Shoes, laptop, drawings, etc., all fit with ease. Very comfortable no matter what the load.


Great for urban commuter

Review by Courtney chitwood

The pawn has a sturdy built and IS waterproof (tested in Switzerland during the winter). big enough for your papers, a change of clothes and a few extras. Just right for the fakengers like me. I'd say i'd buy another one, but I'm not sure I'll ever wear this one out.....


Love this bag!

Review by Grave Concern

Ok, this bag rocks! Yep, the roll down compartment is definately waterproof - I used it last weekend as a beer cooler - loaded it with plenty of ice and beer and it didn't leak or get too warm. I was worried that the roll down closure might be a pain in the ass compared to the one strap buckle bags but not at all (even for a lazy ass like me).

The two outer pockets are ok, more use for just chucking random stuff into them than waterproof storage, but definately convenient. I haven't really used the slim waterproof pocket between the two outer pockets and the large inner one so far. Overall, this bag is outstanding - and it feels so rugged that i'm sure it'll survive the apocalypse (with me).


Even got compliments from airport security

Review by Bill Sherman

I use this bag for my daily scooter commute and for longer trips on trains and planes. It's astonishingly comfortable, even fully loaded. The shallow profile is nice, so you don't kill people when you turn around, but the roll-top gives you plenty of room. I don't use it for beer but since I live in England the waterproof compartment is crucial, and the pockets on the front are surprisingly big and easy to access. (I was worried about the metal buckles at first but have grown to love them.) There's nothing out there quite like it and even the lady who checked my bag at airport security asked me about it!



Review by Edu

My parents went to New york(Im from Spain),and I asked them for a chrome bag,but I was beetwen the Ivan and the Pawn,if you are like I was,go with the Pawn,It has plenty of room,unless you are a real messenger the Ivan is going to be huge,I think the pawn if the perfect size for me,and I carry a lot of stuff,really.
What to say about this's almost perfect,design,materials..
The only complain I have is that the external pockets are to deep,so you may need some kind of organiser.
I totally recomend it
Sorry about my english



Review by Edu

My parents went to New york(Im from Spain),and I asked them for a chrome bag,but I was beetwen the Ivan and the Pawn,if you are like I was,go with the Pawn,It has plenty of room,unless you are a real messenger the Ivan is going to be huge,I think the pawn if the perfect size for me,and I carry a lot of stuff,really.
What to say about this's almost perfect,design,materials..
The only complain I have is that the external pockets are to deep,so you may need some kind of organiser.
I totally recomend it
Sorry about my english


so far so good!!

Review by crack

well have 't had it for that long but so far it has been a good bag....I wanted something that was water proof and durable since I do not have a car and use my bike for transportation .... needed a bag that could handle everything from going to school ,the grocery store , festivals and extended bike trips blah blah blah.. also this thing is definitely HUGE. I'm 5'6'' and it looks a little big on me. But it compresses down nice and is comfortable on the bike. Its a heavy bag for sure but you can't really tell when its on........ my only issue is that it has no reflective material which is kind of a drag for a biker and the lack of color choices but no big deal.... all in all its pretty bad ass


A stellar pack mule of a backpack

Review by Will

This backpack is most certainly the best backpack I have owned. It holds everything one would ever want to carry with them, books, laptop, sweatshirt, water bottle on the external pocket, magazines on the covered zipper pocket, everything. It keeps all this stuff safe, dry through rain, and comfortable on your back for a long day of anything. It doesn't breath so much on the back, but a minor drawback. The external pockets also are very durable, and hold a lot. All together, an unforgettable backpack after 5 months of use.


Simply amazinng

Review by Tim K

I bought this bag because I ride, I love my laptop and i love swimming. Combine the three and this bag just makes sense for a person who wants to d all three at the same time. i have only had it a week now but it is perfect. its rained all ready mid ride and all my gear and the bag didnt even seem to notice. The size is spot on. I was worried it would be to small, but its huge. I think the larger version would be to big for me to ride with but I am only little. Moral is get this bag. Ps. I live internationally and it took no time to get here. Thanks Chrome. Great stuff.


hard knocks tested and approved

Review by Paul S.

At first the price of the bag had me a bit hesitant to make the purchase, but over the past year the quality of the bag has made me a Chrome enthusiast. I can only speak from experience for this model, but the bag oozes with quality. I commute daily in Pittsburgh, PA which has a fair amount of precipitation and its share of summer and winter weather. The roll top and back pockets are impenetrable. I also took a pretty gnarly street spill, and, despite the damage to me and the bike, the bag was unscathed. This bag has earned its stripes. If you have the means, I highly suggest picking one up.


A true workhorse..just get one!

Review by Beneke

I switched to this from a traditional messenger bag last year, as the single-shoulder bag wasn't making my back/shoulder all that happy w/ me. This is one of the best bags, let alone backpacks, that I've ever had. It's over-built on almost every detail, so you can throw what ever you want at it. Like many others, I was not sure whether to go with the larger Ivan or the Pawn. After looking at both side-by-side in the SF factory store, and getting some good user-advice from the folks there, I went w/ the Pawn. Unless you're a true messenger, couch surfing for an undetermined amount of time, or just want that Pack Mule look, the Pawn is more than big-enough for most loads. It holds just about everything one would ever want to carry with them on a regular basis. Books, laptop, clothes, shoes, bottles & cans (water/beer/other)...just about everything. Stuff will stay safe, dry from rain (in main compartment - guaranteed!), and comfortable, although the back pad doesn't breath so well in warm weather...very minor & a very acceptable trade-off. All the pockets take-on their own perfect uses, and you will wonder how you got-by without this. Had mine for 6 months now, and grateful for it every day!!



Review by Ian Thomas

They tell you that this is small. They lie. It is HUMUNGOUS! If you can't get enough for your day or even your weekend into this bag then you need the truck rental people not a manufacture of rucksacks. The medium must be large enough to live In!

The quality of this thing has to be seen and felt to be believed. It is awe-inspiring. For those wondering if this is worth the price all I can say is that it most certainly is. This rucksack should easily out-live me.

Incidentally, I am five feet six inches tall but I simply cannot believe that you need anything larger for normal purposes unless you are of Yao Ming proportions.

Well done Chrome for a simply amazing product.



Versatile, reliable, unique styling

Review by Bryce L

Im not a part of the cycling community currently but id had my eye on this bag for a long time because 1: i love the very unique look 2: it seemed to offer plenty of space and was waterproof. Both of which are important to me.

I finally got my hands on one and havent had it for long but i must say, i love it. So far it feels and seems to be super durable and carries literally everything i need it to, even for a three day weeked when i recently crammed a 17' laptop+charger, 3 changes of clothes, adequate toiletries for a hotel (ie* toothbrush+toothpaste, face wash, razor, chapstick etc. basically no big bottles of shampoo or anything), sunglasses, and a few misc. tools and things i just always have around for preparedness' sake. The 3 changes and laptop was a bit of a tetris game so to speak but it still fit everything and was still comfy to boot.

I carry the bag every day to school and always have a notepad, small text book, various snacks, water bottle, and a can or two of soda in the roll top; a sweater gloves and beanie in the weather proof zip; and misc. items in the two front pouches (which can carry a surprising ammount) to include spare pens, tide stain remover thingy, lighter, small flashlight, multitool, pocket knife (or backpack knife i guess), small moleskine cashier notebook, chapstick and some room incase i need to toss some other trinket in there. I dont mean to sit around and list things i like to carry around but i just want to demonstrate the sheer volume you can fit into this smallest of available backpacks.

The bag has a great asthetic, more so in person, and as long as you know how to pack it, unless youre really trying to fit your life in there it stays pretty low profile on the back. The giant bucket compartment in the roll top is great, easy to clean and (as if i havent stressed it enough) huge. Ive used it as a carry on for flights, a day pack on hikes, a minimal weeked bag and an every day utility bag since christmas and the not once has it not served the purpose needed of it. This may just be the people im surrounded with but the only reason i can imagine a person not liking it is if theyre very very shy, because i get nothing but friendly comments or questions with this thing on. great buy, worth the price. Love this thing.


freaking awesome

Review by jose

What a bag ? That's all .
It is awesome . the space, the pockets, the material, the waterproof and the comfort.
freaking awesome.


I heart this bag

Review by Amy

Initially I ordered the Ivan because I drag a lot of stuff around with me to work/gym and didn't want a bag that was too small. After I put the Ivan on though I realized it was WAY too much for me to handle. I'm 5'2" and that bag covered my entire back and then some. I swapped it out for the Pawn and this bag is much better for me. I can fit a pair of pants, running shoes, climbing shoes, climbing harness, water bottle, lunch and workout clothes in my bag-itstight but it all fits. The exterior pocket is perfect for a u-lock and keeps it easily accessible


Supermom Has Met Her Match!

Review by Kirstine

A personal trainer and homeschooling mom to three, I finally found a bag that can literally do it all. The bag is in constant motion between the bootcamps, gym, field trips, karate, violin...looooove it! I'm 5'6 and lean, but I find the Pawn is a great fit. If anything, I was hesitant to purchase it because of some of the other reviews on the size. It is extremely comfortable to wear and living in Louisiana, the weather can change quickly - I appreciate being able to protect whatever I may be carrying within and the overall ruggedness/durability of the pack was well worth the cost. I have had alot of backpacks in my days, but after the gift of a Chrome messenger bag about a year back, I was sold on the quality and recently purchased this pack. I am a very happy customer!!!



Review by Gregor

Bought this bag a couple weeks ago (I call it a "pre-meditated impulse buy"). It holds everything I need it too-- 13" laptop, load of school books (hard/paper back mix), jacket, U-lock etc. Can't complain.


Love this bag, no longer own it :(

Review by Lucas Rodenbush

i bought the navy version of this last year and just recently lost track of it this weekend at a party. Really upset about it, because A: i love it, B: had friends that saw it and did nothing to assist me (ie, grab it for me). anyway, can't say enough good things about the pawn... it's just the right size for two laptops (i'm a web developer) and my extra stuff... i had it in miami, packed to the hilt, also backpacked around europe for a month with it... for the size it was amazing. it was also great for putting beer and vodka in, with the ice! how i miss it! now it's all about when i can afford another one (considering the ivan), but why no more navy?


truly great product

Review by jeff

The workmanship is exceptional on this bag. Plus, it looks very cool, has tons of space, and is light years ahead of that competitor, mission workshop, which makes a comparable but less polished backpack. love, love, LOVE this thing, and it's jammed with a laptop, various accessories, a Nook reader, an ipod touch, two small sony digital cams and some snacks! :)

oh, i can't recommend this color enough. sharp.


Pretty awesome but not perfect

Review by Yo Soy Joaquin

I bought this bag because I needed a large backpack I could use while riding my bike. When I got it I loved the way it looked and how comfortable it was.

One day, I remembered the merch photos on the site advertised the bag as being capable of holding ice and (alcoholic) beverages. So I loaded it up with ice and beers and headed to a friend's party where I proceeded to make merry and had a great time sharing my booze. While I was sober enough I dumped out the ice and water. Later, I puked all over myself, stripped down, and passed out. The next morning I found my clothes in a sad, smelly state. I packed them up in the waterproof main compartment and headed home. Clean up was easy as cake due to the tarp lining. Such a versatile bag.

Other nice things:
Front document compartment is great and holds my flatter paperwork stuff and laptop.
Feels great on the road on a bike.

A few drawbacks:
The front pockets are big but deep, meaning smaller stuff sinks to the bottom and is hard to find.
At first it seems like the bag is small for some reason and putting things in it is a task, but after using it for a few weeks it gets looser or something.
Could be a bit bigger.


Excellent for work and play

Review by Kevin

I needed a waterproof bag that could carry my 17" Macbook Pro, various work-related cables and electronics, a change of clothes (or 2 for when I traveled) and food.

I was waffling between the Pawn and Soyuz b/c I really liked the laptop pocket and organization options on the Soyuz. I ended up getting the Pawn because of the bigger opening, greater capacity and feature they don't advertise: its ability to carry a laptop well. The wide front pocket fits my 17" laptop without a problem and is protected by a flap and weather proof zipper, plus the pocket is suspended so the laptop won't bang the ground when I set the bag down. The pocket isn't padded but I'm not as concerned about that since there's stuff in the bag behind it and the pockets in front of it.

I missed having the organization pockets that the Soyuz had so I got a Cocoon Grid-It to keep that stuff organized and that slides nicely into the pocket that's accessible from the roll top.

So far I'm really happy with the decision, the bag's durability and versatility. Hopefully it holds up as well as the Citizen I've been using for the past 7 years (which by the way is still going strong, but I wanted a backpack and more water resistance).


high quality bag

Review by allison

I had been looking at waterproof backpack options for a while and decided to go with the Pawn after trying bags on and asking friends what they liked best. I ride my bike everyday and live in Seattle, where our shitty weather has been especially shit lately, and this bag takes it on. I can fit everything I need for work: shoes, change of clothes, food and coffee and I still have room for a quick grocery trip on the way home. I feel like the quality of the bag is high and it's going to last. My only gripe, and I had read this before buying the bag, is that when you roll the top down the edges stick out a bit and can make it difficult to check your sides in traffic. I've gotten used to ducking my head to be able to check, but for someone less comfortable with turning their body as they ride it wouldn't be much fun. I'm also a little surprised there's nothing reflective on this bag, but there are loops for lights I guess.


love it

Review by jp

i bought this pack as a replacement for another "waterproof" back pack made by banjo brothers. i purchased the bb pack because i did not want to spend the money for hte chrome product. well long story short the bb pack lasted less than a year. living in portland oregon we get a lot of rain. after a few days of riding to work and getting my stuff wet INSIDE my pack i had enough and went directly to the bike shop for this bag. BEST MONEY I SPENT in a long time. Chrome products are the cat's pajamas. they are constructed with quality and are very well designed for ease of use. i can't say enough good things about all the chrome products i have, pawn, telegraph knicker, loop pro knicker, kursk, and the no show socks.


Best Thing Since Sliced Bread In A Can

Review by el Elvin

Saved up for quite some time and even sold my old Chrome Citizen to purchase this backpack. To say the least, this bag is AWESOME. Although I haven't carried anything too heavy (school hasn't hit yet), I can already tell that this bag will be comfortable no matter what I carry. Only thing I don't like about it is the portion of the straps that goes on your neck. When in the drops, you feel it dig into the back of your neck (same problem with the Ivan supposedly). Also, I wish the bag had some reflective strips or something on the outside of the bag to help with visibility at night. Other than that, you won't be disappointed.


Awesome everyday bag and super comfy to wear when loaded.

Review by Anand Kalelkar

This bag has plenty of space for all of my daily essentials. I carry books, a laptop, clothes and food most days to work or school and I have room to spare. One thing to note is that all the pockets are really deep, so I use a Chrome utility pouch to keep my little things organized and accessible.

My one gripe with the Pawn is that the corners of the roll-top obstruct my view over my shoulder. I have learned twist and look under it, but it's a little sketchy.

Overall, I love the bag and am glad to have it. It makes my daily commute easy.


Good investment!

Review by Chris P.

I finally ordered my first bag (Pawn) and i really love it. Extremely weather-resistant,roomy,looks amazing.Holds a light on the outside without a problem. I really love the metal buckles on the outside pockets too.

My only complaint with this bag so far is when it isn't packed, the straps seem to pull up from the bottom causing the backrest/bumped up part of the bag to bend up and kinda leave a bump at the bottom of your back. Doesn't seem to want to sit flat on my back anyway i adjust it.

Other than that, amazing bag!


Great bag, a little wide for a petite lady

Review by Anna Hale

Love the bag, but the straps sit a little wide on my petite little woman shoulders and they dig into my arms a little. I'm trying to experiment with the straps/buckles more, but i wish there was one that sat above the chest to pull the straps closer. Other than that I love the bag, my boyfriend is already trying to steal it from me.


One helluva backpack!

Review by Nathan

No regrets on my decision of getting this over the Yalta. I use this bag for everything from school to grocery shopping, it may look flat but the amount of stuff you can throw in will suprise you (frying pans and pots). Shoulder straps and foam back panel are really comfortable when it's loaded with stuff, kinda feels like a heavy pillow.

The main compartment does a real good job of keeping stuff cold, was able to carry tubs of ice cream home from the store without them melting on me and it's weatherproof so no worries under the rain. Stainless steel hooks on the external pockets add a nice touch to the bag. Only downside would probably be the velcro opening of the main compartment, it's kinda loud when you open it.


Best bag I've ever owned.

Review by Ferm

If you're looking to get this bag don't think twice , this bag is the shit. I thought the roll top would be really difficult to open and close but, it's not at all. The bag gives you enough space for school , camping , and commuting which basically means it has hell of a lot of space for almost anything you're going to carry around. Overall I gave this bag 5 stars because its comfortable , spacious , and good looking. Just get the bag and you'll soon be writing a 5 star review just like me. Good looking out Chrome ;) .


Pawn Review

Review by Jackie

My staff pick is the Pawn – it’s a cool-looking bag that is super comfortable when I ride and keeps everything dry. I can fit all my stuff in it and not worry about it getting wet or damaged – especially my laptop.


Better than the rest

Review by Jameson

I'm a very particular shopper, and I am ridiculously attentive to how long a product is going to last. I tried the timbukt2 hemlock for several weeks. Then on to an REI Lookout day pack. THEN on to the Banjo Bros Whitey von, trying out each stop before I payed out the big bucks for a CHROME. I'm glad I finally did, and truly this bag is a testament to the age old "you get what you pay for." Every penny crafted into this superior bag: Comfortable, stylish, practical, very spacious, and I have a feeling this sucker is going to last me a lifetime. Way to go people.

My only dissapointment was when I realized the bags were no longer made in the US.



Review by A

well I've had this bag for over a year and a half now and I thought it was time to talk. so far its been awesome! I have been using it pretty much everyday on and off the bike. On the bike I use it for daily commuting and riding about holding clothes, extra shoes, 13" mbp (fits right into the zip pocket), u lock and various other items. keeps everything dry and keeps food and drink cool. I haven't had a problem seeing ova my shoulder. The main pocket is more than enough space for me to fit my life into! the bag does feel heavy in hand but feels light when its on your back even loaded up. I'm pretty rough on backpacks but this one is just a tough as they say!


Good good bag

Review by Winterlover

This bag is almost perfect if you like rolltops; totally waterproof, tough, handy size, big enough but not too huge. The original version had a waist strap which was great, but shoulder straps that were too big for anyone but a large man. The current version uses much better shoulder straps, but has no waist strap. I replaced the shoulder straps on my old bag with better straps, added a key fob, and now i have a truly awesome bag with comfortable shoulder straps AND a waist strap. My recommendation, add a removable waist strap to this bag, (and a key fob) and it will totally rock!


This bag is effing awesome!

Review by Ricardo Hernandez

I purchased this bag in 2010 and after close to 10,000 miles on my Kawasaki the bag is still holding up. I use this bag for commutes around Omaha and to places in the midwest. This bag is waterproof and has more than once protected my stuff when I get caught riding in the rain. I would buy this bag again and any other product from Chrome. Because any bag that can take the abuse of wind, rain, and the road is a product I want to use.


a solid bag that makes you a champ

Review by Sean FAS

I just bought the Pawn and am quite content with it so far. First off let me just say that walking into the Chrome SF store is pure bliss. I wanted to walk out of there with every single bag.

I couldn't decide between the Pawn or the Ivan and tried them both on stuffed with some of the pillow weights they have to test. The Ivan is indeed massive looking on your back, but personally I really dig the pack mule look and thought it was just badass. I can see how it may be hard to check your sides with that on your back while riding. I opted for the Pawn because I really only carry my laptop, gym clothes/shoes, water bottle and bike tools. That being said, the Pawn isn't as big as I thought it would be. People on the reviews say it opens up quite big, but I still find it fairly slim in profile and when I pack it with my daily belongings it is full. I think in retrospect I would have gotten the Ivan because while the Pawn fits my everyday needs, it won't be able to pack anything more. I think what I will end up doing is buying the Ivan in addition to the Pawn so I can pick the pack that fits that particular days needs.

The construction of the backpack is flawless and seems like it will outlast me. Also the look is just sexy and it sounds dumb but I feel like a champ with it on my back and ride that much harder. Because of this, the sweat factor is ridiculous though. This would be my only con of the Pawn. Even after a fairly short ride my back is completely drenched. I don't mind this too much as I don't work anywhere where this would be a problem, but this isn't the most breathable backpack you will ever wear.


Awesome backpack

Review by ErnieE

I gotta say, I have used Chrome messenger bags for my daily commute to work but as the body starts to age, it started to get hard on the shoulders and neck using a messenger bag. I got the Pawn Rolltop and am still commuting with no pain. Great product and even better that it is made in the USA! Thanks CHROME!


Excellent, party on the go bag!

Review by Miguel

Apart from using this bag when riding to the university carrying a heavy load of books alongside with me, I have carried books, clothes, laptop, to even a frame! All at the same time. I rollup the frame on the rolltop part of the packpack, all I have to say this packpack is a beast! Grocery shopping, to carrying beers and bottles with my backpack full of ice, this packback turns into the life of the party, beers stay cold all night long!


Best laptop bike bag

Review by Chris

This backpack just saved my mac from being crushed. It was raining, my back wheel slipped and i landed on the side. I am not even sure the bag touched the ground, that's how stable it is. If I had my previous messenger bag, my computer would hit the ground for sure. It's an amazing bag - comfortable, cool looking, and turns out it's also super safe! Definitely worth the money!


Very nice, tough and well balanced pack.

Review by Andrew B. Behnke

This pack is durable and rides well. It fact, one of it's strongest points is how well it rides. It's wider and thinner than other packs you've seen which places the load closer to your center of gravity avoiding that 'Oh my God I've got a fat monkey flopping around on my back' feeling.

The large pockets gobble up items. The straps allow you to add accessories with strong velcro flaps. The padded back is comfy and allows pretty good air movement. It does allow pokey items to jab you. Two zippered storage sleeves (one waterproof) allow you to stuff in a laptop or other things like knee or arm warmers and forget about them till you need them on those unexpected chilly rides.

Bummers are roll top is hard to see past on a bicycle. Pack could use better organization. It has none so you end up fishing in the pockets for keys, wallet, etc.

Overall, this is a very nice pack. It locks horns with packs twice its price (having diminishing returns) and in my opinion comes out ahead in a lot of ways.

I commute by bicycle more miles than anyone you know (well, maybe) at 4,800 mi/year in every type of NW weather. I've told my wife several times that I love this pack. And it's true. It rocks.

Buy one and enjoy!


Freaking Fantastic!

Review by Lori

I am a traveling school teacher on foot 14 schools no car in NYC, 4-8 schools everyday, rain,sleet,snow,and have always had an issue with waterproofing and the damned pack covers and nothing really is waterproof grrrrrr. THEN, I saw Chromes on people on bikes and yeah used to bike 30miles a day for 20yrs and know those weather issues too. I asked some folks about their bags got thumbs ups and found the Chrome store in Soho,NYC. The Chrome people were TERRIFIC, patient,helpful. Told them how much weight I carry and what I needed. They showed me the weights they use so customers can play with the bags on themselves to get a feel while in the store and after much discussion with their help I ended up with this one, PAWN in the limited coral just for the hell of it. Aside from great distribution of support (though wish there was a belly strap, an optional one would be great)....I got caught in a deluge of rain with nowhere to go and flooding and while the rest of me was soaking wet my bag inside was completely bone dry!!! Even when it is sitting on the ground in water! The rolltop is what makes it far supior to open flaps as it seals it and I now have no fear of my laptop getting wet. It also works great on perishable groceries till I get home too! TOTALLY worth the cost.


Awesome looking bag with some minor flaws.

Review by Andrew

I recently purchased this bag about 3 Weeks ago and so far I love this bag.
-You really can't beat the waterproof capability of this bag.
-Its nice and simple (3 main pockets and 2 outer pockets) but holds an ample amount of stuff.
-Its normally comfortable to wear and it looks amazing.

-When its filled to the brim the bag bulges into your back, making it uncomfortable.
-I recently noticed that the bottom of the foam pad does scrunch up sometimes, also making it slightly uncomfortable.
-I find myself constantly adjusting the sternum straps, the don't hold in place very well, but its not a big deal.

Otherwise I think this is definitely a solid bag, it keeps all my stuff dry and it holds a good amount, I normally carry my laptop, a couple notebooks, lunch, water bottle, and a coffee mug with no problem.


Good bag with a flaw

Review by Scott

I'm happy with the bag overall. The construction appears to be top notch and the features are well thought out. What does concern me somewhat is the weatherproof external pocket. The zipper to this pocket is not of the waterproof welded variety so it would make me a bit nervous storing my valuable electronics in there during a heavy duty rainstorm. I've looked at older video reviews of this bag and it appears this zipper used to be the waterproof kind, but for some reason (probably cost) this feature was removed. Weatherproofness of Chrome bags is why so many of us are loyal Chrome customers, so I thought it was strange for the Pawn to lack this feature when it comes to the zippers.


Great Bag

Review by Jz

I got this bag because I have a citizen and carried heavy loads with it and my left shoulder starts to hurt with it and this bag gets get rid of that. I like the rolltop design on it and the padding on the back and the shoulder straps are really comfortable. I only had this bag for about 5 months and I use it for riding my bike and for school (I'm only a freshman). The only flaw is that the two front pocket flaps start curling up. If you are looking for a sturdy and weather-proof bag, this is the way to go.


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