Mini Metro Night Messenger Bag

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Black by day. Seen at night. Our smallest iconic messenger bag with its signature, 3M reflective detailing. Perfect for urban commuting … and raves. Made in Chico, CA. Guaranteed for life.


Real feedback from Chrome customers to help you choose the perfect gear.

Versable, Rugged and Cool everyday bag

Review by iNKMARTYR

I've had my bag for over a year now. This was my second Chrome purchase (first one was a backpage Bravo). I was really excited and eager to receive it in the mail.
I used it for the first time at a weekend event. It fit well but the strap was hard and stiff. It dug into my shoulder and scrapped my neck when I slid it under my arm to access it. I had to return it the next day because the 3M flaked off in the front and one of the clip straps was defective.

The customer service was nice although my return got lost and I had to contact them again after 2 weeks when I didn't get my new bag. I asked for a sticker or such and was told no. It would have been cool since I was having such a bad experience.

After I finally had my second bag delivered I transferred my belongings to it. Here's my final review

Durability: 10 - Tough and rugged.
Waterproof: 7 - Everything inside the bag is protected, but anything in the corner pockets are vulnerable. I've kept my ice packs and cold drinks in the inside pocket and the outer pockets stayed dry.
Style: 7 - Very stylish and reflective when riding/walking at night. The sling fits nicely although the buckle catches on long hair and the padding isn't very comfortable on the shoulder. Could be a bit softer
Usage: 8 - I would give it a 10 I can barely fit my MPBr15 if I put anything else in it. The options to take any other gear with you laptop is very minimal.

I use my bag everything in all weather and occasions. Although there are areas I'd like to see improved, overall I love my Citizen Bag!



Review by JEROMEO

This is my super adventure party bag . It comes in handy when I want to go on missions & after partys.I love to gear up @ the liquor store fill it with ice for a mini bar . Every once in a while im randomly out on an adventure in the middle of no where on some dark country road because of the reflectors all over this thing it has many times saved my life. Carry on, short trips , long nights out ,


Best messenger bag ever.

Review by Omar

Awesome construction, definitely bomb-proof (not like a real bomb though...). I don't ride as often as I want to (I ride when I'm home but that's one weekend every couple of weeks) but I work in construction and travel ALOT. This is my favorite carry-on. Fits laptop, paperwork, some clothing and snacks, takes a beating from airport to construction site and back and the more beating it takes, the better it looks.


reflective material

Review by Ryan

I purchased the night bag (reflective) just over a week ago and already the reflective material on the chest strap and on the face of the bag are flaking off. I have only used the bag three times. This should not happen so soon. Why would you not use the same traps as all other bags? I went to the store in Manhattan and they told me that. Is normal wear. Not happy at all. Mind you I am not receding to the 3m reflective.



Review by odie astadi

this bag is awesome, mine is custom made so its pretty different.


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