Citizen Night Messenger Bag

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Black by day. Seen at night. Our medium-sized, iconic messenger bag with its signature, 3M reflective detailing. Perfect for urban commuting … and raves. Made in Chico, CA. Guaranteed for life.


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I wish I had this bag in high school/college 20 years ago! I have no doubt I'd be using it today!

Review by 'CameraMan' Neil Jordan

I was surfing eBay about a month ago looking for a new bag. All the previous ones Id owned fell apart after a time or didn't do well in the elements. I work graveyard and commute by bicycke about 20 to 40 miles a day. Been pulled over by the police numerous times despite having plenty of reactive gear and high powered bicycle lights. Not only is this bag great at carrying a massive amount of gear and holding up to the rain and elements of Washington State, but the reflective material was visible even through the foggy weather. Since purchasing it, I've been stopped 6 times by the cops wanting to know where THEY can purchase this bag! *laughs* + At the end of my work day there's plenty of room for when I stop for groceries and coffee beans on the way home!

Many Thanks To Chrome Industries!


Love it!

Review by Zach C

Love the bag, I haven't had any of the issues noted with the reflective material peeling, and I certainly haven't babied the bag at all, it's seen rain, dirt, tossed around etc. Great all around bag, as with anything in this style gotta make sure you pack it right so nothing sticks in your back, but really the perfect day pack anywhere I go.


Would be perfect if 3M reflective material was more durable.

Review by b0nes

Great design but the 3M material is not durable, mine peeled off within a few months. And Chrome said "Welp too bad it's not our problem".


Good idea, poor execution.

Review by diazbrito

The reflective material peels off EASILY.
The excessive velcro on the inside shred (less than a year of use)
I sent it back to Chrome more than a month ago for warranty repair and still don't have it back.


new owner

Review by Mir

Just purchased this after owning a Crumpler bag, this one is slick, holds the same amount of goodies. however this one looks better and feels better. more to follow...


Reliable, dependable

Review by ByornP

I have one one for more than 10 years, we've been through a lot of rides and conditions, sun, rain, mud, sand but he's still with me this day. I plan to retire Chrome (yeah, I named him Chrome) and I just bought one yesterday. I noticed a couple of differences in degraded or sub-par quality from my previous buddy. One is the thinner strap (bottom part of the buckle strap) it is half the thickness of my original and second is the strap mechanism, my previous Chrome can be tightened with one hand if strapped-in while this new one can only be tightened with both hands. Nevertheless, its still an awesome bag, I once carried at least 32lbs of weight in it for a 30Km ride and not a thread buckled.



Review by Gasper Rivera

So this bag is amazing I love it and it's super comfortable, my only concern is the reflective straps. Every time i adjust them the reflective stuff peels off and no matter how careful I am it keeps peeling off. Don't get me wrong, I take so much care of my bag but no matter what, it peels off.


Tough yet subtle

Review by Ernie.L

I'd been wanting a Chrome bag for the longest time, but I was never too fond of the varying color options that were available. When Chrome finally came out with the Night version of the Citizen, I knew I had to have it. The monochrome look, along with the black buckle and black/white button just made it look ever better for me. As an added bonus, about 45% of the outside of the bag is reflective (the relevant areas at least).

Apart from appearances, you don't really need to know much about details on the inside, as it's practically the same as the standard Citizen bags. It's a bombproof bag on the outside, as well as the inside. It has plenty of pockets everywhere to keep things fairly organized to suit your needs.

One thing I like that sets it apart from the rest is the embellishment underneath the top flap. It has a subtle black on black text saying "Chrome Night".

While riding, the bag is fairly comfortable. I wouldn't go as far as to say you won't even notice it, but it stays out of the way when you need it to, and you can access it when you want it as well, which are the important parts.

Excellent bag, Chrome. Thanks!


Amazing Bag

Review by Richard L

I love this bag. Holds everything I need it to. Super comfortable when riding, I hardly even notice it with a full load. Only thing that sucks is my cat pissed on my bag and when trying to clean it off I rubbed some of the reflective ink on the flap off. So be cautious if you need to clean it. TL;DR Buy the bag, my cat is a dick.


Great bag, but...

Review by Michael

Like all Chrome bags this one is outstanding in appearance, function, and comfort. I ended up returning it (twice) for another (the second time for a different Mini Metro) because the 3M material on the bag had peeled off in a matter of days. It's a great concept for a Chrome bag. If they fix (maybe coat with a thin layer of clear plastic?) the 3M issue it will be a winner.


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