Cardiel O.R.P. Backpack

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The Operation Readiness Pack, (O.R.P) is a ultra-light, water-resistant, seam-taped, roll-top backpack. Perfect for daytrips. Internal back pocket fits 13" laptop sleeve.

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Versatile day pack

Review by Acast

I was looking for something in between my Metropolis and my classic messenger and this guy fit the bill. Extremely impressed by the construction. Lightweight, but strong, low profile, yet spacious. Water resistance is good, not the best Chrome offers but gets the job done. I'd stay away from any heavy rain. Only moisture that can get in is the sweat from your back after long periods of wear, but even then it's minimal. Overall great bag! I've never been disappointed by Chrome.


Very Light

Review by Rene V. (San Francisco, CA)

Bought this bag about a year ago. Quick grab and go. Use it for quick hikes and bike commutes with few items. Doesn't strain the back and offers balanced support at the chest. Would like to see this bag more water resistant.


Great bag for go go go

Review by Hunter

Love the bag!..super simple and just a great grab and go!!..WOULD LOVE IT MORE IF IT WAS MADE IN THE U.S.A


Happy camper

Review by Sterling

Great bag for light loads. Extremely durable. I've had my bag for 3 years now and the seams are still intact and sealed nicely. It's also very comfortable to wear and doesn't take up a lot of space if you're only carrying a few items. My only issue with the bag is I wish there was a small outer pocket (I'd be ok with the pocket not being waterproof) on the bag that would allow quick easy access to keys or a wallet. Since this is a standard one pocket roll top bag, it can a bit challenging trying to locate a small item inside. Still a great bag overall.



Review by Jenna

I have a citizen messenger, a barrage cargo, and this bag. Out of all three I always end up using this one because its GREAT.

I bought this bag to take to Japan and haven't stopped using it since. It's super lightweight and flexible so when you're trying to pack everything you need for a three day trip you can stuff everything in and then compress it with the straps. The best part about this bag is how much load it can handle without transferring the weight to your back. I've had textbooks, 40 oz. stainless steel water bottle, a change of clothes, laptop, lunch, utility pouch, pencil pouch and random stuff floating around that didn't bother me, and weighed in around 30 pounds.

I always have a utility pouch in the pocket against my back (thanks to a prior review) since whatever is in your bag will stab you through the fabric. This bag has been pretty abused and has no rips or stains on it at all. Water will roll off but don't get caught in the rain because it will eventually seep though.


Well built bag

Review by Rannaro

The ORP bag is lightweight and sturdy. Handy for groceries or for school supplies. This bag is weather resistant if the roll up plastic strips are aligned and rolled up counterclockwise (away from the body). Rain slides off the slanted top and does not drip into the bag.



Review by craig

bag is great if you want a bag that weighs nothing and fits tons. I use it for school and love it because it is so low profile and makes big load feel and look like a little one. One VERY important suggestion is a blinker light loop on the back. keep it up.


ORP Review

Review by G W

This bag is more versatile than I would have ever imagined! The ORP is ultra lightweight, so it feels like nothing is even on your back. It’s ripstop nylon so you can trust the construction. And it is seamtaped, so you know it’s watertight.

Since the build is so light, I roll it up and take it with me in my travel bag for longer trips. When I need it, I grab it, unroll it and -BAM- kickass daypack. The minimal building still gives you some internal division so you can stay organized. I throw my tools in a Utility Pouch, put it in the compartment against me back, and take the ORP on road rides, shedding my outer layers as the day warms up. Since the bag is so light, it’s a great road bag, but I’ve also loaded it up with snacks, water, and supplies and taken it on day hikes. It expands and contracts very easily for different size loads.

The ORP is my new go-to pack!


This Bag is The Business

Review by mel m

I love my ORP. This is the best super functional little bag that I have ever had. i can use it for anything. My laptop fits in it for work. I can hike with it. It's even good for just a day walk around the flea market. I am looking forward to traveling with it. I can roll it up, put it in another bag, and then I have a small bag for when I don't need my whole trip with me. I am stoked to have this bag.


Love the look

Review by greg

Man, i really like the look and functionality of this bag, but I wish it was made here in the USA...too bad.



Review by Mikey

I just got this bag today and all I have to say is that I love it! It compresses into practically nothing! It is the perfect size for a good day bag. The design as always from Chrome is so simple I can't help but love it. LESS IS MORE here. And lets be honest. If you don't know who John Cardiel is then you have no business here. Hell yeah.


Orp Review

Review by Andre

At first glance, its hard to believe that the Orp is a Chrome bag: Its thin, floppy and light, reminding me of a beach bag i saw in Europe several years ago. Then i noticed that John Cardiel, one of the most influential skaters of my generation, helped design it. Hmmm, I thought: more interested now. Its hard to ignore John's overall baddassness and experience roaming concrete jungles all over the world, so what did he spec out for the bag?

The bag is light, but when you look inside, you can see a diamond-pattern of synthetic mesh adding strength to the seemingly thin material. You'll also notice how every seam is taped up with weather resistant material. The bottom of the bag is made of a different, thicker and more durable rubbery-material that feels strong enough to keep even a heavy load from falling out of the bottom. There's only one main compartment, but you get a pouch inside that looks like its for the small things or maybe even a slim laptop. Still, no padding, so i wouldn't use it on a daily basis to transport electronics of high value.

It took me a few tries to figure out how to close the plastic lined opening on the bag correctly, but once you get the motion, its intuitive and appears way less prone to breaking than a zipper or something like that: Roll up the plastic lip and clip the straps on either side. When the bag is not so full, just roll the lip down further, and the bag molds around what you have in there. This allows for your stuff to stay packed in and secure, even when the bag is nowhere near full.

The straps are simple and durable-feeling. Most importantly they have that little connector to pull the shoulder straps together. Most of the time, that strap is designed wrong but this one is in natural position that actually helps keep the bag from swinging around without pinching or causing discomfort.

When i can, i prefer to use my basket rather than wear a backpack or shoulder-bag while riding my bike. In my opinion, its more fun to ride without a pack and I'm much less likely to get the "dreaded back-sweat." The Orp fits nicely in my small basket and if its full, it can stick up vertically.

Lastly, I always like to have a "grandma bag" with me stuffed with food, extra clothes, a book, iphone, knife, water bottle, CD wallet, headphones, etc. Sometimes a larger, stiffer bag isn't the best for this, so the Orp fits the job quite nicely in this regard. For versatility and general light-living, the Orp is hard to beat. While it looks like a beach-pack on paper, it can function as a versatile, simple everyday bag for a person with shifting packing requirements.


Almost Perfect AKA Damn Those Compression Straps Can Be Annoying

Review by Adam

This was my first Chrome purchase, and so far I am pretty happy. The bag is definitely super simple, lightweight, packable and flexible. I've used it for commutes, a film shoot, and beach trips.

It's easy to get things in and out because of the large opening. Problem is finding things once they're in. Because of its large, dark, cavernous interior I spend a lot of time groping for my wallet, keys, phone, etc. Had I known more I would have ordered a utility pouch to go with this, but now don't want to spend $8 on shipping for a $15/$20 item.

The straps are comfortable enough and rolling the top away from my body makes the bag sit nicely against my back. Don't roll the top towards you. That creates an uncomfortable ridge that presses against your back.

My only gripe with this bag is the compression straps. I don't always carry a lot so I roll the top several times and pull the straps tight to keep things in their place inside. Well, that leaves a lot of tail on those straps and they continually whip against me while I ride. I haven't figured out a good solution yet to stop that. I am going to try slipping small rubber rings of the buckle that rest at the bottom of the strap so I can tuck the tails against the bag, but I am not sure that will be enough. Other suggestions?

Overall, I'm very happy with the ORP, and it is now my go to. It's going to travel with me often and far.

If you're looking for a simple, lightweight, and flexible solution for hauling more than yourself around, this is perfect. Just do yourself a favor and buy a utility pouch too to keep your smaller items (tools, wallet, keys, etc.) together and easier to find. You're welcome for the cross-marketing Chrome. Thanks for a great bag.


Snapback hat weird fit on smaller heads.

Review by e.m.rodriguez

Yo. I like this hat but my head is tiny. (7 1/8) The hat is tall in front and boxy in shape. I don't know. It's not my usual style. I feel like it's supposed to levitate at the top of your skull. Why not a more wearable style 5950 anyone? What's that about? I guess I'll return it, but maybe rock a different style for the next one, yeah? The 3930 or 940 or something. I usually don't complain, as everything else I've ever ordered has been legit. The stylin' is fresh but it just don't fit. Sendin' back. 3 out of 5 for style, if it would've fit it would've been a 5. If you've got a bigger head, it is an awesome hat.


Tougher Than A Right Hook

Review by Adam

This is a second review. Gotta increase my love for this bag after it survived a crash. I was recently right-hooked by a suburban. I hit the truck and the ground hard. Luckily I am fine, and to my surprise, despite rips in my shorts, shirt, and skin, this bag is totally okay. Like nothing happened. Rock on.



Review by awikhondo

siiiiiick ! SACTO !


For it

Review by Jon

As everyone else said, it's pretty good. It manages to work pretty well for a day pack on longer trips since it rolls up better than anything else I own. The single thing I would change (beside the patch on the side) is a loop for a rear light. My messenger bag has this and everyone I know who uses a chrome messenger bag (sample size: a lot) uses it on every ride we're on. I'll probably end up sewing one on but it would be fantastic if it came from the factory.

Definitely get the utility pouch with it.


A must have!

Review by Mikey M

This bag is amazing! It's one of my favorite bags. I use it almost every where I go!
It's so great cause when I travel I can pack one of my bigger chrome bags with all my necessities and just ball this up about the size of my fist. Then when I get to my destination I can leave everything in my main bag and just use this as a perfect day to day travel bag. I love it! Do should you!


A Waterproof bag that isnt Waterproof

Review by Scott

If you are looking for a waterproof bag that isn’t waterproof, then I suggest you buy this bag. If not stay away because your gear will get wet. Unlike other waterproof bags on the market that offer an inner silicone coating or reinforced vinyl lining this bag only offers taped seams. Whether its 15 minutes in the rain or 10 seconds submerged in a puddle you end up with damp or wet items.

Now if you aren’t looking for something that is waterproof this bag is actually quite nice. I love the design – it mimics a dry bag with its roll top design but also resembles the classic backpack. The bag is ultra lightweight and can fit a ton of gear. However I don’t see the value in paying $110 for a bag being advertised as waterproof when it isn’t.

I view Chrome Bags as a well respected company offering a solid line up of bombproof bags. The Orlov, Pawn, or Ivan are true waterproof bags with the inner lining I would expect from a bag being advertised as waterproof. So with that being said I am truly disappointed that Chrome would release this subpar bag under the Chrome name. Oh and it’s also Made In China!!


Fits Great on larger heads!

Review by Rob

For a 7 5/8 hat size like myself, i was relieved that this fit great, right out of the box. No weird cap shape on my big noggin like you get with other snap backs! Can't wait to order more when the cool colors back in stock (sorry don't like mets colors).


Good design, but NOT waterproof.

Review by WoHop

Why is this bag advertised as being waterproof, when it is clearly not? The design is cool, the functionality is good - but it is not waterproof at all. At best, it is water-resistant. 10 minutes in the rain and the inside WILL get wet.


Not waterproof

Review by Matt

20 minutes in a light rain and papers inside were wet. Pretty disappointing as the girl in the sf store pitched it to me as a dry bag.

On the positive side it looks great when reasonably full. Empty is less attractive since it has no shape. But it's super light so that is the trade off. It also holds a lot more than it looks like it should be able to.

Very packable, which makes it great for traveling. As long as wherever you are going doesn't involve water.


nice, serves its purpose great

Review by alan

This bag is hella packable and light. It is the perfect day bag and if the items are light, it fits a whole lot. I can throw in a jacket, pants, lunch, books, bike lock, and maybe a few 12" records against my back. It can fit even more than that too. The light weight has the obvious trade-off of it being shapeless (not as attractive) when it is empty, but hey chrome is all about functionality and so am I. When you pack it even a little, it looks a lot better for those who care. Some of the minor things i would change: all the adjustable straps are way too long and flap around a lot (not a big deal, just annoying, and can be home-remedied), and the sternum straps are not removable if you don't need em for the occasion. One other thing is make sure you have a little utility pouch type thing to keep all your small cargo in order b/c there is not a small pocket in the bag (I appreciate this because it is meant to be a lightweight bag). in general, this bag is great and you barely notice it on your back.


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