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Our padded, zippered laptop sleeve with handle. Use on its own or secured to our messenger bags with nylon and Velcro lashing points. Guaranteed for life.

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Review by DSolomon

I have a 17" version of this sleeve for my old MacBook Pro and a 13" version for my new one. I've never had a problem in 6 years with the old one and 2 years with this new one. The case is still just fine after my laptop fell off the roof of my car at 30 mph yesterday. Not so much the laptop.


Great for travel

Review by Insolentstorm

I use this for my iPad Pro (the big one) which is embarrassingly huge but I bought it to replace my MacBook. The case is just slightly bigger than the iPad Pro but it works for me because I also store my work iPad mini in the case. I'm a flight attendant and I can attest to the quality; it's durable. It's great for traveling, however, I do wish on the back of the case it had a strap to go over my suitcase handle.


Dissapointed, tho it does function as advertised.

Review by Soul Music

Good zipper and stitching but i had to go back to my old laptop sleeve. This design is very thin and has no storage pocket for power cable or other computer related items. I would really like to see a padded handle. The current handle is just a strip of nylon that is quite skinny and uncomfortable when the bag is heavy with power supply and hard drive stuffed in same sleeve with computer. The zipper goes around the entire sleeve rather than just one end(easier and safer storage). inside zipper seems are not padded so computer corners rub against back of abrasive zipper material. Again, very very thinly padded overall. If your looking to protect a $1,000 computer, keep looking. Good aesthetic exterior. Made in America, affordable. Honestly still going back to old $20 Chinese. BUY OTHER CHROME STUFF THO!


Love it!

Review by O.

Solid, quality and best looking laptop sleeve. Excellent cushioning, love the handles and love that the corners have elastic bands to secure to top corners of the screen and bottom corners of the keyboard, so when you unzip it and open the laptop, it stays attached (doesn't flip over).


Nice Protection

Review by Bryan

I ordered this on a whim, but has turned out to be great. I does the job and looks slick. I would buy this one out of the other products out there...Chrome Gear is great, so get the best.


Works Great, fits perfectly

Review by Jared

Sleeve fits my 13 Macbook perfectly, even with the hard shell on it. Seems to be holding up really well after about 6 months of use.


So awesome if you're a clutz, like me.

Review by Michelle B

This laptop bag protects my laptop from, well, me. I am a clutz and run into walls and tables a lot. This bag keeps the laptop safe with its nice cushion-y cover. I like it a lot.


great great great and awsome

Review by gabe

just got this case I have had many different case for my laptop from incase to timbuk2 this is the best i have had protects and looks good and perfect for my METROPOLIS bags



Review by TJ

This is just what I needed: thin, low profile and attractive. best laptop sleeve I could have hoped for. only problem is it's kind of a pain in the ass to secure it inside the messenger bag, you gotta pry around those velcro straps to loop around the strap on the sleeve itself, but it's not that big of a deal (unless I'm doing it wrong all together, the pictures don't really show it well). on my 15" mbp when it's open it doesn't actually securely fit the top and stay there but that's also a minor complaint, along with the elastic giving out a bit after a while. anyway i'm just sperging about these minor issues, just buy the damn thing, it rocks!


GREAT LAPTOP SLEEVE!!! works perfectly with my 13" macbook pro and couldn't ask for a better sleeve to go along with my citizen messenger bag!

Review by Ricky

GREAT LAPTOP SLEEVE!! different colors would be nice but overall its great



Review by Jordon

as I type this, my 13" macbook pro is in this case. Its tough, stylish, well constructed and overall great. my only problem is that it could overheat the macbook and the design does dictate it should stay in the case, so I unno. Overall awesome.


Excellent for any occasion

Review by Alli

As a student, this is the PERFECT carrying case. It fits neatly in my Citizen bag, as well as a stand-alone. I have taken my laptop with me to places I would normally not take it, since previous sleeves haven't done the job. It fits my 15" MacBook Pro, with a bit of wiggle room. I even had a lawyer borrow my computer and complement the efficient case.

My only complaint is that the inside collects dog hair like no other. But I willingly trade the AWESOMELY DESIGNED and efficient case for a few extra minutes cleaning off dog hair.


LOVE IT! And it's TSA Compatible

Review by Stephanie

I love, love, love this laptop sleeve. I’ve been all over the place the last 18 months and I still have several more trips planned for the remainder of the year and my favorite thing about it is how easy it is to slip out of my bag (usually a Chrome Soma) and toss into a bin for the TSA screeners. It fits my 15.4” PC perfectly, and since I’m definitely downsizing to a smaller and lighter laptop soon I’ll definitely get another one.


Fell in love with CHROME

Review by Rethi

Absolutely love the laptop bag!! It is snug, fits my mac well. Easy to carry all over the place, fits my Citizen well and keeps my mac well protected and clean. Another fantastic product!



Review by Suzanne

I use this product everyday for work and travel. It fits beautifully over my Vaio, and very easy to use in the airport for security. Another great product. And by the way, did I mention on all of my reviews, the durability, and QA/QC that you guys do on every product--Fab!


Cool and useful

Review by Jason

I just got mine today and it is awesome. Not only does it look nice, it's very useful.


Update on Hooking into Messenger

Review by Steve

So I found my issue. My older Citizen does not have velcro loops on the inside. But along with this I grabbed a new "Night" Citizen and as I peered inside. There are two integrated velcro loops inside the Citizen that fight straight through the Loops on the Laptop Sleeve.

So FYI to all buying this for older Citizens. You are not crazy :) But the sleeve is nice so thumbs up!


Awesome sleeve except for one thing.

Review by Darrin Webster

Ive had this sleeve for about 5 or 6 months now. Its awesome.. it survived hundreds of trips to and from a buck of places around the bay and it still looks new with the exception of a broken zipper. I believe I was handling my bag a little rough that and that he zipper broke off as I put my bag down on bart or something like that. I was expecting it to be able to handle something like that but i guess not. The one zipper thats still in tact works perfectly though.. if your thinking bout buy I suggest that you do. ESPECIALLY IF YOU A MAC.


decent sleeve, didn't meet my expectations.

Review by ANDY

I got this sleeve with my citizen messenger bag (which I love), hoping to make it a permanent fixture in the bag. The problem is that a laptop fits much nicer and less awkwardly directly against your back, which defeats the whole purpose of why I purchased this velcro loop compatible sleeve.


Beware of sizing issues

Review by Jonathan

For those with a sizable 15.4" PC, the 15.4" sleeve will not work. I have a Dell precision and had to return my sleeve as it just won't fit.

It was a pretty nice though, seemed well made. I am considering trying the 17" sleeve.


Laptop Sleeve Review

Review by Kelsey

The laptop sleeve is a great addition to any Chrome bag, especially my London Series Citizen because it integrates right in! I love that my laptop doesn't slide around in my crowded bag. Since it hooks in the top, it also keeps unwanted pressure off the screen. There are the straps on the corner of the sleeve as well, which is great for keeping the laptop safe from scratches if I have it on a messy coffee shop table or somethng like that, too!


Great with MBP Retina

Review by Steven

This thing is great, keeps still in my Citizen. My only complaint is that if you want it for the new retina MBP, it is a tad bit loose, but nothing that seems too dangerous.


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